When Wolves Attacked Children… No Villagers Gave Up Their GUNS


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History of Wolves – Schoolhouse Attack in 1847

This is a true story. In 1847, a small schoolhouse in the wild west town of Stockton, California was attacked by a rabid band of wolves. Many children and the school teacher were brutally killed.

The villagers were distraught with grief. Upon learning of this tragedy, the president of the United States immediately called for a ban on all guns within the nation and this small town.

What is true about this story, is that no American history book ever recorded such an event… until now.

You see, murderers and the criminally insane are wolves. The only logical response to their criminal, evil deeds, is to more completely arm school teachers and villagers to defend innocent school children and themselves from these wild animals.

It is completely illogical and, in fact, insane, to act to further disarm the villagers so the wolves are free to roam, terrorize and kill more villagers.

If you are buying the emotional, illogical response to human tragedy by siding with suggestions that law-abiding citizens should be further disarmed, you either think there are no wolves, or allowing wolves to roam more freely among our young, our families, our villages, is a good idea.

In response to our POTUS and politico’s emotive, insane suggestions that we should allow the wolves to run freely among us, I say, not on my watch.

I will stand firmly to properly defend the schoolhouse and our precious children and families by properly arming and training our teachers and the villagers to fulfill our founder’s intention behind our 2nd Amendment — to repel both State and criminal wolves from our schoolhouses and homes so we may be a free people and thrive.

My wish for the children, for my grand-children, is we as a nation will recover some sanity and provide the proper protection they need from the wolves. This is for you, Wyatt and Brookelyn. I love you.

D. M. Chaney (C) 2012

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  • Dane

    There are 3 kinds of people. Wolfs, sheep and sheep dogs. We need more sheep dogs.

  • Charles Piper

    want everyone to remember a fact . During the Rodney King riots , the
    police were afraid to go down into the parts of the city where the
    blacks were burning down buildings , were afraid to go protect peoples
    property . The only properties that were not burned down was the
    property of the Koreans , they protected their property with “assault”
    weapons (really a misnomer as they were semi automatic weapons ) , not
    the kind that the military uses . Those Koreans were on their roofs with
    semi automatic rifles and protected their property … anyone that can
    not understand the implications from that fact is blind to reality.

    • Charles, we’re being lied to again by our elected officials. They’re again telling us we live in a “democracy”. Personally, I’ve grown to hate the word “democracy”. We don’t live in one, and we never did. Yet, today, the public school system teaches kids that we DO live in a “democracy”, and our rights can be snatched away if your congress critter is ordered to do so by a “majority” of “constituents”—you know, fans of Brittney Spears, or Lady GaGa—people who find the Kardashians and
      Justin Bieber “interesting”. People whose knowledge of history/politics/world
      events/the US Constitution is limited to what they learn about these subjects
      as they watch “Dancing with the Stars”.

      Although the Constitution (we live in
      a Constitutional republic) forbids any “representative” “voting” away
      or taking away any of our God-given rights, the walking dead who comprise a
      majority of the electorate have been sufficiently “dumbed down” to the point of
      not realizing this. And, thanks to this public school educated demographic, one
      by one, every one of our rights that might work to tie the hands of a tyrannical government, will continue to be “voted” away, until one day, the only right we have left is the right to cringe and grovel at the feet of any jackbooted government thugs who smash down our doors in the middle of the night to “ask a few questions”.

      The most immediate problem we now have on the horizon is Republican representatives discussing closing the “gun show loophole” . This is a complete misnomer—there’s no such thing! A “loophole” in a law is a flaw in the wording that enables a creative “interpretation” which permits breaking the law in some unanticipated way.

      When the Brady Bill was being negotiated in both houses of congress, a proviso was added to the bill specifically exempting the transfer of privately owned firearms to eligible buyers from the requirement of a pre-purchase background check. The reason for this is simple.

      Private individuals are given no access to the NICS background check system and would be unable to perform the necessary investigation into the potential buyer’s history.

      Though it IS true that such a transfer could be performed by a licensed gun dealer, the law cannot force the licensed dealer to do the background check for a private buyer, nor, if he does perform the background check for the private buyer, could he be required to do it for free. In fact, he could charge WHATEVER he wanted. The holder of the firearms license isn’t in business to lose money by helping a private gun owner compete with him by selling his used rifle for $100 less than a new one that the gunshop has in stock. All the licensed dealer has to do is price his background check fee high enough to drive up the cost of the privately
      owned rifle until it’s more expensive than a new one. Then, the buyer would simply abandon the private seller, and buy the new one from the gun shop.

      Private owners of guns would find themselves unable to sell their
      weapons to anyone but a licensed dealer, and dealers would be under no obligation to pay fair market value, they could pay as little as they wanted, and the seller would have no choice but to sell their $1000 rifle for pennies on the dollar, or turn it into the local police for free.

      If the government really wanted to address this issue—and I’m not
      suggesting that they should– all they’d have to do is grant private sellers access
      to the NICS system. Because the seller—licensed or not—doesn’t see any
      confidential information, or learn the details surrounding the rejection of a
      buyer, there’s no good reason for denying access to the NICS system to private
      sellers. The federal government simply doesn’t want to. The truth is, the
      government isn’t really concerned about guns “falling into wrong hands”, it’s
      only concerned with exercising greater control over access to guns by ANYBODY
      but government.

  • Pearl MS, October 1997, Asst Principle with a gun stops school shooter before he can kill anymore. There are other examples, this one just came to mind.

  • To ensure this is clear (some have believed the 1847 Wolves” Story in spite of my note in the story that it was not): “The ‘true story’ is that it never happened — until today.” In other words, no U.S. president ever asked Americans to disarm when threatened. Until now.. as our POTUS is asking our elected representatives to create more laws (in addition to the 30,000 on the books) to restrict use of firearms for law-abiding citizens as a result of our children being attacked by a madman. The “1847 Wolves” story is fictitious to illustrate the point. Thanks.

  • IMO

    Wrong. If guns were banned for everyone, normal people and wolves alike, noone would have to worry that the guy next door is a potential psycho with a rifle ready to shoot. It doesn’t make sense at all that people should buy MORE guns to protect themselves from other guns. It makes a lot more sense that if no one has guns then no one needs them. This guy wouldn’t have been able to kill 20 children if he didn’t have a rifle. Those kids would still be alive today. Would you risk having your children Wyatt and Brookelyn in this same position? Would you rather the principal had a gun and PERHAPS be successful at defending your kids against an armed psycho, or would you rather neither the principal neither the psycho had access to said guns? Which is safer, seriously? A guy comes to a store to buy a gun and you know nothing of his past and his intentions, or the kid you have at home that could sneak out with your rifle and kill a bunch of innocent children.

    • IMO, what then do you say about the killings in the UK, of innocents with guns, there are NO legal firearms other than shotguns in the UK. What about in China where there is total gun control and the murders just switch to using knives and create the same kind of havoc. Exactly HOW does disarming honest and law abiding citizens do anything other than provide more helpless targets?

    • Disarming law-abiding citizens is not the solution. No facts support the premise to do so.

    • and just how do you propose getting guns of the hands of the criminals who already have them? By definition, a criminal does not obey the law.

      • Stop being so logical. Shame on you! Don’t confuse anti-gun people with logic and facts.

    • “If guns were banned for everyone, normal people and wolves alike, noone would have to worry…” Wolves are criminals and you just expect them to follow the law, not steal, or smuggle in guns? Outlaw guns and only criminals will have guns. How do you people not get this??

      • But don’t you under stand laws work. Murder is illegal do you see people getting killed? Drugs are illegal and nobody uses or has them right?

    • IMO is right! If all guns were banned then nobody would have
      them. If you make it illegal to have manufacture or import guns they will disappear
      just like those same laws did for illegal drugs. Oh wait. Shit never mind.

    • IMO, what an assinine argument, just substitute gun or rifle with knife, axe, car, pipewrench or corkscrew and your argument is null and void. In a free sociaity all these items are availiable for personal consumption and all will kill. Children have been killed in schools ALL OVER THE WORLD by dynamite, axes, bats and knives yet the only hardware that all you lefties and scardy cats can only complain about is guns. Your lame thesis is a “by the book” party line excuse to take the only real protection away from the American people and reduce us to euro trash or worse.

    • Wayne

      All you have to do to dispel your illogical thinking is to look at historical accounts. The year following the gun ban in Australia, violent crime increased 42.6% Crimes with guns increased while those without guns were nothing but victims in the eyes of those assailants. Even if Everyone had no guns, the bigger, younger, stronger would be able to victimize the young, weak, frail, old, and women. Aussie rapes went up three times what they are in the USA when guns were outlawed. Go take your false logic elsewhere.

  • marineh2ominer

    Obamass and his pack of rabid wolves would like nothing better than to render all Americans helpless during the coming economic collapse they are calling the fiscal cliff , which is afterall , their goal .

    • Guest

      Agree. The wolves are at the door and attempting to knock it down. American’s who value our individual liberties and founding principles will not allow the wolves to knock it down. I assume from your handle you are a Marine? Semper Fi and thank you for your service.

    • Agree. The wolves are at the door and attempting to knock it down. Americans who value our individual liberties and founding principles will not allow the wolves to knock it down. I assume from your handle you are a Marine? Semper Fi and thank you for your service.

  • George Rauton

    IMO, in my opinion, you arguement is completey illogical! how is the ban on drugs working? how should we defend ourselves from attackers with other weapons? how should we defend ourselves from a tyrannical government? The number one God given right we have is self defense! period!

    • Whose argument, George? I think you are referring to IMO’s statement? As the article states, :”It is completely illogical and, in fact, insane, to act to further disarm the villagers so the wolves are free to roam, terrorize and kill more villagers.” The solution is not disarming law-abiding citizens. No facts support any attempt to disarm citizens or to abandon our 2nd amendment. Recent court cases have upheld the 2nd amendment, and recently, the right to concealed carry. I think we’re on the same page.

  • Here is one example of many, just this week an off-duty sheriff prevents mass shooting. “Guns prevent an estimated 2.5 million crimes a year, or 6,849 per day” (Gary Kleck, Criminologist, Florida State Univ). Where is the media in reporting these cases? As always, they are parroting the approved State narrative… “disarm American citizens”.


  • WBHobbs

    To IMO and others who lawbreakers will turn in their guns if another law is added to the 30,000 existing gun rules… Let’s just make it against the law to shoot people. It would be simpler.





    The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t know anything about.

    Definition of stupid:

    These are all staged events for an agenda of nationwide GUN CONTROL!!!

    Newtown school shooting story already being changed by the media to eliminate eyewitness reports of a second shooter.

    Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/038352_school_shooting_lone_gunman_media_cover-up.html#ixzz2FVUgmsCE

    Colorado was a staged event, whoever it was he had help, witnesses
    reported shots fired by more than one person, and gas canisters came
    from different directions. Media said only one shooter!!!

    Sikh temple Witness: (((4 Men))) Dressed in Black Opened Fire on Congregation MEDIA REPORTS ONLY ONE SHOOTER!!!

    the same day as the Aurora massacre, Rocky Vista University College of
    Osteopathic Medicine was holding an identical drill that simulated a
    shooter in a movie theater. JUST LIKE ON 9/11 THERE WAS SIMULATION GOING

    2nd shooter in Batman Massacre Ignored.

    A swat captain on AJ, said there were a hundred feds there before they got there (LOCAL POLICE) from only a couple miles away.
    The government needed a motive to pass the UN treaty on small arms (take away your guns).

    Was this guy another pasty, if so, how did they do it.

    with a powerful drug called Scopolamine (aka “The Devil’s Breath”) It’s
    a substance so intense it renders a person incapable of exercising free

    drug is odorless and tasteless and can simply be blown in the face of
    someone on the street. Scopolamine completely blocks the formation of
    memories, and unlike most date-rape drugs, it is virtually impossible
    for victims to ever identify their aggressors.

    “You’re like a complete zombie following the people giving you orders.” – Scopolamine victim.

    ancient times, the drug was given to the mistresses of dead Colombian
    leaders — they were told to enter their master’s grave, where they were
    buried alive.” – British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology.

    a patient (of U.S. date-rape drugs) is under hypnosis, he or she
    usually recalls what happened. But with Scopolamine, this isn’t possible
    because the memory was never recorded.” – Dr. Camilo Uribe, world’s
    leading expert on Scopolamine.

    a medical point of view, it’s the perfect substance for criminal acts
    because the victim won’t remember anything, and therefore, won’t report
    anything.” – Dr. Miriam Gutierez, Faculty of Medicine, National
    University of Columbia.

    Sikh temple:
    was a ‘hit’ on Arm Kaleka’s (witness) father. Arm Kaleka is the
    Director of Steven Greer’s (The Disclosure Project) documentary
    “Sirius”, exposing the illuminati & their connection to keeping the
    ET presence classified; and it’s about the end of their reign. Kaleka
    was warned and threatened to stop this movie from coming out. He refused
    and moved forward. The black ops hit the target, taking MORE to cover
    it up.

  • According to The Virginia Model for Student Threat
    Assessment Key finding number 10 says that despite prompt law enforcement responses,
    most attacks were stopped by means other than law enforcement intervention and
    most were brief in duration. What do you think that means anti-gun geniuses?

  • Korean_Vet

    “Paper-Laws” & “Paper-Bullets” have never stopped even one “Terrorist or Madman Killer”-!
    However–given a “Equal-Chance”–Both Concealed & Visual Weapons have Stopped Many
    would be ” Macho-Killers” with a “Lead-Bullet” that “Ends–with a happier-ending”-! A
    “40 cal or 45 cal” in a Victims’s hand–is much more likely to save their life–that a “phone in
    their hand–talking to a Policeman”–50 blocks away–who’s too far away to “Save your Life”-!

  • The desire, or more correctly, the need Americans feel they must be able to posses a gun, runs deep, very deep. Obama and all of his minions, most who already hold carry permits, will never be able to take away our 2nd amendment rights. Oh sure, some will try, but they will all fail. You don’t spit into the wind, you don’t tug on Superman’s cape, you don’t pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger and you don’t mess around with the 2nd amendment.

  • The Watchman

    Mr. Chaney, This nations most dangerous rabid wolf has just been re-elected to his place as leader of the pack. I pray that with your leadership in and amongst your peers in the Silicon Valley they will come to their Liberal senses, and vote for people of our like mindedness, before they are all forced to succumb to Obama’s tyranny.

  • Seymour Kleerley

    What a lame article! Nice logic. How about making it MUCH harder for they wolves to get automatic weapons of mass destruction.

  • Ed Arredondo

    Mr. Chaney, regarding your atricle, “When Wolves Attacked Children, ….No Villagers Gave Up their Guns”. I liked it on fb but was accused of spreading propaganda. So I would like to know if this REALLY happened. And if so, where can I find a referance.

  • Patriot41

    If you truly wish to protect our children from the wolves, then you need to start, by cleaning out the radical wolves who control our educational system, because they are just as dangerous as the rabies predators that you are referring too.