Why I Would Never Use MY GUNS To Help Bob Beckel

Jan Morgan

About the author: Jan is a nationally recognized 2nd Amendment Advocate/Speaker/ NRA Certified Firearms Instructor/ Associated Press Award winning investigative journalist/ Owner/Editor JanMorganMedia.com, Sr. Editor/Patriot Update/ Independent Constitutional Conservative. She is closely aligned with the Republican/ ... [read 's FULL BIO]

Quote by Bob Beckel today on Fox News Program “The Five”

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  • I thought you have to be somewhat intellegent to be on FOX news. Apparently not!

  • American

    Beckel is an even bigger twit than Bob Costas….literally AND figuratively

    • He is and always HAS been a horse’s ass and a communist in the truest sense of the word! I can’t STAND him on the 5!

  • Bob B.

    You and those like you make a living in the name of the
    first amendment, why? Because is a right just as it is my right to enjoy the
    second amendment.

  • Shawn O’Loughlin

    What a douche-bag. How did this guy get on Fox News? I thought Fox was a (semi)conservative news organization, I guess it’s hard to find enough conservative “journalists” to fill even one news station.

    • Would you believe his BROTHER is a raging Conservative? YES! Think about THEIR Thanksgiving dinner table discussions! LOL

  • Chris Day

    I am not defending Bo’s politics nor do I agree with his views. I do however feel he has the right to his opinion as do all of us. I fought for that right and I would still to this day fight for his. If you want to stoop to the liberal name calling and wishing of harm to those that disagree with your ideas than I suggest you form your own party and leave the Constitution to those of us who understand it and have fought for it! Semper Fi. Thank you Jan.

    • bobsuruncle

      in conjection to that Chris,, I have right to label him a socialist pig that seeks to undermind the Constitution. 😉

      • t-bone

        You absolutely have that right! But I agree with Chris. Why would we stoop to their level of name calling. It just makes us look as moronic and uneducated as they do. We aren’t going to sway anyone to our cause by acting as they do. Lets beat them on the battlefield of ideas with civility! We all know the other side is incapable of civility. It is incumbent upon us to raise up new conservatives and attempt to sway liberals (not an easy task). Chris Thank You for your service! You protect the civil liberties of conservatives and liberals alike! That’s what make us great!

        • What? So we are to be civil to people who refuse to be civil to us??WHAT NONSENSE. I am tired of being called names and having my side saying take the High road.They call us all the names that Jan stated cause they can and get away with it. I say call them what they are Liberals are EVIL people. Stand up for what is right. That’s what I liked about Brietbart, he was in their face with Truth

    • Chris, exactly what name did I call Bob Beckel? I did not participate in any name calling of Beckel.
      Second, how have I wished him harm? I simply said I simply vowed to not use my guns to save his life.
      Is his life in jeopardy? Do you know something I don’t know?
      Have I said anything that infers he does not have the right to voice his opinion?
      I believe you are looking for an excuse to attack the messenger here. On the contrary, I bet you have not bothered to let him know you do not appreciate his position that removes your 2nd Amendment right to own guns.
      I also find it interesting that you attack me for standing up for our Constitution and even suggest I abandon it to those like yourself who truly understand it and have fought for it.
      Your comment is very strange and contradicting in its nature.

      • poorbroker

        Your last sentence says it all and is the reason we lost the election and have 4 more years of B.O. As for Beckel, he is the biggest name caller on FOX and also gets sensored often for cussing on air.

      • I love you, Jan! I got your 6! God bless you! 🙂

  • GM NY

    OK so the Boobs I mean Bobs are willing to live on their knees OK I’m sorry I would rather die on myfeet defending what is mine

    • I will stand right next to you! Fight to the end! 🙂

  • GhostVoterA

    I don’t necessarily agree with Bob Beckel, but before insulting him personally everyone should take a look at the work he did with Cal Thomas.

    • Bob Beckel does not think I should have the 2nd Amendment right to own a gun. That is enough for me to disregard him as credible.

  • I saw that and I feel exactly the same way Jan but this is typical liberal thinking

  • aparently bob knows nothing about the second amendment “his comment was burn all hand guns but keep a long gun for hunting” which has nothing to do with the second amendment,we have guns to protect against government tyranny

    • william

      Right on brother and we are moving ever closer to having to upholand defend the second amendment.

  • SuffolkMike

    What so-called progressives,(you know, people who truly believe they are far superior than you or i), like Beckel can’t absorb in their tiny heads is the 1st Amend. wouldn’t be possible without the 2nd. He’s one of the reasons i hardly watch Fox anymore. Every Lib on Fox is a useless waste of time.

  • joe

    If Beckel is not happy with Jefferson’s America maybe he should try out Castro’s communist Cuba. Tyrants love unarmed subjects.

  • william

    Hey BOB, I hope you are at the head of the line to take my guns. You won’t. Have to worry about the bullets because your going to more concerned how to get the barrel of my AK out of your ass.

    • William, you had better invest now in a longer bull barrel…it’s a BIG *ss your AK has to venture in to! LOL

  • Steve Elliott

    This guy is a moron. Let him spend a couple shifts at Detroit PD. graveyards

  • jimmie g

    fire his ass

    • No, it’s OK. 1st amendment + all. Let him display the true colors of the LEFT – he is a VERY good representation of their current thinking! Gives Andrea something to shoot at in their discussions on the 5! 🙂

  • Remember, Bob gets paid to raise your temps! Let it go, it’s his right to speak his mind but I really thought he was better educated. Guess I was wrong again…

  • poorbroker

    Even Fox News has these crazy liberals, Beckle, Combs, etc. It is the price we pay for Fair anb Balanced news coverage. Just think it is only twits like Beckle (and worse) at MSNBC!

  • Real American

    heckel and beckel dufus of all dufus’s,he actually thinks people care what he says!!

  • What a great job Beckel has. He gets paid to spew his worthless opinions. May I suggest if you are actually listening to this man you need to get a life. Turn him off and tune him out. Knowing he is a liberal fool why would you pay any attention to what he has to say?

  • WickerWare


  • KimC

    Being a widowed female and inching up on 60, it frightens me *%&#%{** to see our 2nd Amendment Rights being challenged openly by ignorant and arrogant television personalities. This is NOT the America I grew up in! When I hear people like Beckel and Costas make gut-wrenching pleas to destroy our Rights to own and bear arms, my skin crawls. Our right to free speech should remain intact, too, even though it is probably the MOST abused of all of our rights. Everybody has an opinion, and it’s truly sad that so many voice an “opinion” that just echos some idiot on TV’s personal rant. Seems the right to free speech has trumped our moral and ethical obligation to think for ourselves, and only speak the truth. It’s almost laughable that our Right to Free Speech isn’t under the level of attack as our 2nd Amendment of the Constitution.

  • BobinNC

    For the most part I turn off my TV every time Beckel comes on. I suggest boycotting ‘The Five’ until they get someone that can present a counter argument with some intellect
    and class. Guess what Beckel, we know you did drugs – you’ve told us over and over again every chance you get – yes, you’re the cool guy in the room because of it.
    Actually, he reminds me of the bully that dropped out of high school and then hung out at the high school so everyone could see how cool he was. Beckel =’s loser.