Behind the Curtain: What Do We Fear?


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Why are the majority of Americans, and maybe even you, so easily fooled into thinking there is a Wizard of Oz, when we already greatly suspect or know the real power is… those behind the curtain?

Why do we target all of our anger and angst at the Wizard, when he is only the front man, the puppet? Not that this Wizard is not deserving of every bit of our anger, as he is, but he is only the result, not the cause.

Why do we not research and understand those who are behind the curtain?

Are we still afraid of the dark? Of what’s under the bed? The ghost in the closet?

Are we so petrified, that we cannot ask: Who are the forces at work behind our POTUS? What is their agenda?

Further, since it is clear this Wizard, this POTUS, his SENATE, his appointees and czars are NOT focused on the most important agenda — which is clearly ONLY recovering and rebuilding America — and he IS focusing our government on everything that will drive decline since he entered office*, what ideology, mindset, and motivators would drive this clearly errant agenda and actions?

And, to gain even more clarity, simply imagine yourself to be the President of the United States, and ask yourself:
Would I do these same things if I were in charge of recovering and rebuilding America after one of the largest financial crashes since the Great Depression?
What would I do differently with a goal of recovery?
Would I choose this time to expand government, as a solution, increasing costs and debt?
Would I, as a result of this expansion, demand an increase in taxes and regulations?
Would I start more wars, increasing costs and threats of expanded foreign entanglements?
Would I alienate our allies?
Would I cause Americans to be angry with one another and hate each other due to focusing on their differences?
Would I threaten America’s core founding principles?
Would I blame the horrific deaths of law-abiding citizen’s innocent children at the hands of madmen, on innocent law-abiding citizens (9 out of 10 of these madmen are on psychotropic medications), and thus penalize the law-abiding, while doing absolutely nothing whatsoever to stop madmen from continuing their crimes using whatever tools of mayhem they find?
Would I threaten to take away the only means of security law-abiding citizens have to defend against criminals, the criminally insane, or even State tyranny, which is guaranteed by their Constitution? Would I do this at a time when the threat of crimes from criminals, madmen, and the State is at its peak given economic uncertainty, joblessness, and chronic malady?
Would I stoke the embers of fear, uncertainty, doubt and danger for those already angry with the incompetence of our elected officials and the theft of Trillions of dollars in wealth from their retirements and futures, by threatening more and more State action that will only continue to erode their wealth and retirements?
Even one with the most basic of intellectual capacities is able to answer these questions with a resounding, “No! These actions would only deepen and expand our crisis!”

Yet, at what point, then — when the POTUS and his leadership are ONLY doing things obvious to the objective eye that are destructive to liberty, freedom, free-markets, and thus the American way of life — do we stop and say, “Is there any way these actions could be anything BUT intentionally destructive?”

And finally, ask yourself: Why would a POTUS do this? Who is driving his agenda? Who would stand to gain the most? What would they stand to gain with America’s fall?

Here is the key. If we cannot bring ourselves to move beyond anger directed towards this one figurehead puppet, we will fail. If we are not able to move beyond focus and anger towards any one individual in our government (who individually are not capable of pulling off the aforementioned without broad and powerful help), we will fail. If we are not able to see the big picture, vs. reacting to the resulting “issues” generated by their hands, we will fail. If we cannot remain objective, with clarity of focus, to do our own research and understand the real, factual cause and effect of our current condition and the systems at work behind the curtains which have led to this condition, we will not only be frustrated and angry we will be wholly ineffective in the battle to restore, rebuild, and sustain American exceptionalism.

Finally, while you are researching the aforementioned by studying real, factual history and founding principles**, confirm for yourself in your research that American exceptionalism can only ever be restored via: the restoration of the guarantee of individual liberty; the protection of this inalienable liberty granted by God via a sound Constitution and Constitutionally-aligned law; the resulting natural free-exchange of private property between private citizens that follows from true liberty; and finally, the resulting massive prosperity free-markets always generate when unleashed for all people, regardless of race, religion, or creed. It is critical you know these are the building blocks of liberty and truly sustainable prosperity.

When you ask these questions objectively of yourself and you do your own research, you will know what I know and we will be able to act together proactively, vs. reactively to issues or individuals, to remove the Wizard and those behind the curtain. And, you will say, “Hell no! Not on my watch! I will not allow those behind or in front of the curtains to destroy America. We will restore America to Her glory and ensure our children and grand-children have the same opportunities as our founder’s children — to live in freedom and to die proudly handing on that torch.”

* Reminders for those with short memories: bailouts; massive government expansion via healthcare legislation; malinvestment via government loans and guarantees; widespread cronyism; expanded military intervention; attacks on liberties — from speech, privacy, due process, and habeaus corpus, to self-defense and the right to bear arms; divisiveness; evasion and deception; aiding enemies; endless printing of fiat money; increasing deadly debt — all threatening our security, stability, liberty, and our Republic.

** Not via the mainstream media or government education, but via the original authors and those who crafted American freedom out of the chains of tyranny.

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  • Sandra Lee Smith

    I do know who’s behind the curtain, ALL the way to the top, and while I agree we should not lie down and simply allow this regime and those doing the directing to “roll over, or kill” us, at the same time, I also recognize that there is another plan unfolding; the 2 of which are “dovetailing” perfectly, albeit with exactly opposite outcomes intended and being worked out, so that I currently believe we should be thinking and acting as the men on Corregidor and Wake did from 8 December 1941 on! I believe it is our place to inform and prepare and to HOLD our positions, for the coming reinforcements!

    • coastx

      You need organization for that. Americans are too self willing to save them selves. Today’s culture will shoot form behind a duck blind in their front yard, their bullets falling on their neighbors with absolutely no conscience except self preservation. I went to a local militia meeting here a few months ago. They wanted all sorts of personal data on me all the while their little party of 25 lofted celebratory lap dancing, BBQ crazy, Remington lofting IDIOTS! THIS is America’s conscience, hardly the “Heaven and guns” colonials that were truly invested in preserving freedom and liberty. America’s become a land of perverts.

      • We need leaders, CoastX. Leaders who are willing to encourage, support, teach, their neighbor, their workers, their friends, and to be a light within their spheres of influence. Is this you? We can easily criticize the obvious, but can we lead? Thanks for your thoughts and keep up the real fight, starting with self, influence, and then wherever you are able.

        • coastx

          Thank you for your wonderful article, David. Lots of opportunity for though provoking dialogue. The thing is we’re behind schedule with SYG and team Obama has pushed their own ahead 9 years. People don’t want leadership, because they think they’re being manipulated, so they’re fighting it. They don’t have any desire whatsoever to stand up to this, and when and IF the dust settles in their favor on the spilled blood of patriots who DO SYG they’ll go right back to being as dumb bred now as they were 50 years ago. THIS is the nature of man. Calvin addressed this 500 years ago, Adam Weishaupt exploiting this some 200 years later with his Illuminati project, which is actually an application. People don;t like reality. War is reality. You fight. They’ll watch, and when it’s over they’ll go right back to their parties, hence militia lap dancing BBQs.

      • B.D. Cooper

        You are full of it my friend. You went to a local militia meeting? Yeah right! I don’t think so. I know tons of armed Americans that are nothing like you described. Nothing!!!! Go sell your fake, I know America crap some place else. You don’t know a damn thing!

        • coastx

          Trolls are disinformation. Norcal militia, my friend, and I have the records to prove it. Who I am is no secret. I’m one of the researchers on XI-U, Obama’s biggest nightmare. Go play with yourself.

      • Goengo

        You lump all Americans into one pile, Coast. Personally, I don’t think militias are the answer – not as they are now, at least. But neighbors working together instead of against each other is part of the answer. I agree that our culture today is far, far from what it should be, but not everyone is part of “today’s culture.” Surely you have neighbors or co-workers who can think for themselves and not result to name-calling – which only helps to achieve their purpose!

    • Thanks, Sandra. One key reason I wrote this piece, is I see 99% of the “conservative” (let me just say, non-collectivist) energy being focused on anger at Obama, or his administration cohorts — our “elected” reps, his appointees, and the many “issues” they generate. Yet, these are just the pawns in the game. I believe the majority, 99% of conservatives have no idea who “they” are. Soros is named often. A 5 pointer out of 10 possible points. Once we understand the real drivers, we will realize we need a wholesale change in America — our “mores” to every aspect of our society — to reverse our decline. The long road of “progressive” strategy and execution over the last 100 years plus, has eroded every aspect of American life and governance, to the point we are “ripe”. If we continue to waste our energies pointing at the Wizard, we will most surely fall. My rallying cry is to each take serious responsibility to know what is behind our decline, and to then self-assess and work within self, family, business, community, to eradicate their many influences, and restore foundational principles. I have written many times over the last three years as to the “who”, in bits and pieces and more (here and on Facebook blog). Yet, few want to really study. Few want to know the real drivers. We are a reactionary people. I may only reach the few leaders out there ready to be humble, ready to start really researching and learning. Ready to change themselves and their lives. If so, I realize that God only ever needs the “salt of the earth” as a pivot to recover and sustain a people. I am looking for the few. Thank you for your fight and comments.

  • coastx

    Oz political agenda= NCDG5/IP25, more commonly known as neopolitics AKA liberalism, although you’d be much better off knowing the details of the cipher. This is the application that are using to circumvent the DCBR. Their occult propaganda is charm offense on the double bind, and they make prolific use of trauma bond via shock and awe, Americans in the wings stupid now as they have ever been, because they have a grip ion the bait which has brought them to this future unwilling to release it. Dumb drunk animals.

  • Todd

    The international banking clan that runs the federal reserve and every central bank in almost every country in the world. They own our political leaders and media heads. They manipulate the masses with people like George Soros. They need to be stopped. They’re raping our country and making us slaves.

    • Agree they are very key players, but not the main driver. Banks are means to the end, they are not the driving motivational force, however. Who owns the banks? What is their driving ideology? What is the end game? Thanks again for your comments.

  • Todd

    The international banking clan that runs the federal reserve and every central bank in almost every country in the world. They own our political leaders and media heads. They manipulate the masses with people like George Soros. They need to be stopped. They’re raping our country and making us slaves. They make sure that our government is perpetually in debt and they collect billions in interest indefinitely. It’s a shadow world monarchy.

    • Thanks for the comment, Todd. As I’ve noted in several responses, yes, global central banks, are key. Keep researching, as well. Who else? What are their alliances? How do they operate in the U.S? What organizations do they use globally to impact political, economic, social and technological change? What is the real end game? How are our American political parties utilized? How is the media manipulated? How is the Hegelian Dialectic used to pit American against American to further their objectives? Are they communist, socialist, fascist, a hybrid? What roles to the “religions” of the world play? What is the U.N. role? Oxford Rhodes Scholarship role? Council on Foreign Relations, role? How is the GOP establishment being used? What role does the “Security and Prosperity Partnership” (Bush 2005) now “Security and Prosperity Initiative” (under Obama), play? These are a few more questions for which you may have the answers. Keep researching. Keep leading. We need leaders willing to challenge within their spheres of influence to stand up and fight encroachments upon our liberties, tooth and nail. Our Constitution and specific liberties, such as the 2nd Amendment, are the final roadblocks to erode American sovereignty. Thanks again, and have a wonderful weekend. Have faith and confidence in Truth.

    • coastx

      That would be city of London, and this is one of three entities in the Globalist city state confab. The second is DC/the US military. There is competition between the Vatican and the Mormon church for the the role of state religion favoring the LDS, which is why the Pope recently revealed highly secretive information regarding the birth of Christ. He correctly stated Christmas is a solar deity pagan holiday. It gets much worse. Islam is hopeful for recognition in the city state paradigm but is actually being walked off the planet by Mormon false flag engineering which is setting this religion up for democide. The Vatican knows what’s going on, and the Mormon church – thus a product of the Church of England – will assume supremacy as the official world religion in this macabre enterprise. Already a done deal. People argue with this, but it’s no use. LDS SOP is Amen-Ra Toth: philanthropy, black mass sacrifice and occult propaganda charm offensive and the double bind. All this and some genius idiot comes along and says, “Huh?”

  • Jack

    I think David is missing a big part in this .The bankers are the ones that are hiding and controling our Presidents since they killed kennedy in 1962 ,who made the mistake of having our goverment print there own money. What the movie Lincoln that was made by spielberg was that ,one of the reason why he was assassinated was because he wanted ,our goverment to print there own money .The bankers did not like that .The feds who are own by private banks that print our money.The bankers who are destroying this country .They are the ones that David should about it .This president the idiots that voted for him is bad for this country.He just a remote control robot by these bankers. Who don’t have a clue about this countrys histroy or freedoms.They are sick rich arrogant freaks.These are the people that David should worry more about and write about . Not to say he is wrong about this communist leader we now have.I just think David is missing a big part in this,why this countrys freedoms are being taken away from us.Trust me the next thing will be next is freedom of speech .It will be sayed that the suppose next flash flag attack ,will be sold to us the citizens .That because of what this person did either by shooting or a bomb.It was because he heard somebody talk about how bad our goverment is .That is why this person did this terrible act.So there for we must as a country to not ever let this happen again.Don’t kid yourself the bankers will be in hiding telling our leaders what to do and to act on not allowing us freedom of speech.That is who are the problem of this country a big problem

    • Jack, thank you for your comments. I didn’t state who I believe are behind the curtains. I am asking all to do their own research and to remain objective in this analysis, vs. in anger or misplaced focus on specific individuals, only. They are the side-show, the left-right shell game. I agree the central banks are key, however, there is a much broader coalition. Who else beyond the banks? Keep researching. 🙂 Thanks again.

  • ratcrud

    ya’ll talk about the banks being behind the problems…who controls the banks…if you dig real deep you’ll find China (which controls almost all of the debt in the U.S)., and 3 or 4 big money movers..1 of which is a Saudi Arabian oil sheik..

  • IMO. Its purely biblical prophesy coming to pass. The bankers politicos etc are all merely puppets to something, someone much more sinister.. Behold A Pale Horse…

    • Agree, Sam. Keep up the fight. Much truth to share…

  • Todd

    Shadow monarchy! Freemasons, Skull and Bones and people in other such groups are to the Rothchilds banking clan like Dukes, Counts, Barons and Knights are to a King and royal family. George Soros is like a high ranking royal subject doing the kings bidding with Obama under him. Don’t get caught up with racist crap because the Rothchilds are Jewish. They aren’t religious or pious so are like any other criminal family. Compare them to a huge organized crime family. That’s basically what royalty is anyways.

    • What unites these groups besides financial or political control?

      Agree re focus on race. It is a designed red-herring.

      Some good clues here, Todd. Hopefully others will add them to their research list.

  • Todd

    Leave race, ethnicity and religion out if it. Is there people who have been corrupted or have infiltrated many groups of influence? Yes. When you single out a race or religion as being a part if it, you become just another racist, anti religious hateful conspiracy theorist. You’re easily attacked and discredited and that sets us back. It’s nothing more than organized criminal elitism that has taken control because of our own greed, ignorance and arrogance. Humble ourselves and recognize what’s really going on.

    • To whom are you speaking, Todd. The article does not refer to same, nor have I. I agree, truth and liberty are available for all who seek and bear the burden of maintaining same. Confidence plus humility, the right keys. Agree.

  • The new world order sucks. They may be close to completing thier goal. However We The Peaple will put up a fight to keep and defend our freedoms.

  • Disvox

    I’ve often asked, who is really running things. It’s obviously not the people at the podiums. I’m not a CEO but perhaps you wouldn’t mind if I followed along and helped out where I can.

    • Disvox, please friend me or follow on facebook. http://facebook.com/david.chaney Thank you and keep up the fight for liberty and justice. PS – We can all be “CEOs of our role” in life. Lead with what we’ve been given, not with what we hope to get.

  • It is my belief that these parties that are Anti-Americans have been with with us even during the early Pre-Constitutions days that President Washington was referring to in his farewell speech. I believe they have become known as the Golden Circle which have died at the end of slavery but became revived as the Progressive movement as a means to build a system of putting people as a whole into boxes that they can control… Can’t have slaves but they can join the union and still be a slave to them.
    What will it take to get back to our founders ideas for this country… I’m afraid that half the people would lose their citizenship and leave this country of our in order to achieve this.
    Our founders fought a war against this type of threat for freedom and now , due to a number of naive leaders we are are the face of the same threat to our freedom.

    • Few realize pre-Revolution activity. This is an excellent area for people to research.

      One of the best history books on this era is “Conceived in Liberty”, by Murray Rothbard. It is a hefty 4 volume series… but a relatively easy read given its rich development of the 169 years from Jamestown to our founding. There were many loyalists to the Crown at that time, who worked to thwart Liberty and America’s founding. Some of these groups and individuals continued on after America’s founding.

      Thanks for your thoughts, Stephen.

  • Dempseycoleman

    Would be easy for an Educated People to straighten out in a few good
    reasoned Elections but with so many Uneducated Collage People with
    a vote that for all reason cancells out my Educated Vote this is how we
    end up only marching in time.

    • I would agree that it is more “low or wrong information” voters, vs. educated or not. With the massive amounts of mis-information spewed by our MSM, government schools (K-12 and upper level), and many relying upon same for their “political” information, most are massively uninformed, misinformed, and misled. Futher, it also requires that voters truly understand what is going on. Most are chasing their tails by getting hyper-focused upon each “issue” laid out in front of them, all the while the main “progressive” effort is moving forward unabated. Keep up the good work.

  • Todd

    Dave. I see a lot of the points that you are making. I read up some about the Helegian Dialectic. I’ve seen this at work for some time. From my point of view as a law enforcement officer, it’s just a larger form of what a thug or pimp does to get their mark to do what they want. Whether to prostitute themselves by pitting their mind against all the bad men out there or getting a kid to join a gang by pitting them against kids in a rival gang, it’s all the same just a much larger scale. I believe the old saying about the golden rule. Those with the gold make the rules. I see the banking clans putting those in power who they see fit. They set up whatever form of government in what area at what time that will serve them best. There has been a lot if wealth generated in the US and its time for them to reap. They use capitalists, socialists, communists or whatever as just mere tools or soldiers to manipulate people, economies and situations to their advantage and to suit their liking. Tell me what you think I’m missing or how I’m missing the mark?

    • Thanks, Todd, and for your comment.

      Interesting and effective analogy re gangs and HD.

      Clearly, banking and financial power is core. However, as noted, it is much broader and deeper.

      One reason I wrote this piece, is to get people doing their own research based on the questions in the article. Once one mentions names or institutions, many either stare in disbelief, deny it wholesale (sans any data to refute the facts, but simply out of hand), or attack reactively as “conspiracy theory”. Yet, when posed as a question, many will at least ponder it. And if they do choose to research it will be their own thinking and answers. That is key. These facts, data, and many good books are available for anyone to find. Yet, many either live in fear; or they live in denial.

      Finally, it is easy for many to simply accept top-level answers, such as, “its the banks”, etc., vs. digging in deeper and understanding the history, Why the banks? Which banks? When did this start? Who were the players then, who are they now? What organizations and institutions beyond the banks? Some are individual players, some are NGOs, some are international organizations, etc. HOW and WHY specifically are these many organizations and individuals targeting American sovereignty, liberties and core values?

      If we were to say today, “it’s the banks”, it then appears to be simply financial motive. However, financial motivations only are means, and are tangential. Without the banks, clearly none of this would be bankrolled.

      By knowing the players, their organizations, and their missions and purposes, we get much clearer on what is going on today in America, why it seems insane but it is perfectly logical. Finally, and since I do not know all that you know, nor have I seen anything you’ve said that is “wrong”, I am not to say you are “missing the mark”. However, I can say it is, as noted above, much broader, deeper, and for different purposes than simply financial, or even political, control.

      As far as use of any political ideology, astute observation. This is true. If you are interested in further dialog regarding this topic, follow me on facebook and private message me. Keep up the fight and thank you for your work as a peace officer. We need many peace officers to uphold our Constitution. I hope you’re also a member of Oathkeepers. Have a great weekend. Cheers!

  • Mutley

    Who is behind the curtain? Who is pulling the strings on the Puppet POTUS? That is easier than who screwed the pooch. It is none other than ……………………………………………
    The Muslim Brotherhood. They have control of this country. They are now grooming their next candidate for POTUS if their current puppet cannon change the Constitution or eliminate the 22nd Amendment and win himself a third term. I am sure they are not grooming Hillary, not Biden. They are grooming none other then Eric Holder. And since they already know how to rig an election, he will win in 2016 by at least 150 Electoral Votes.

    • Mutley, thanks for your comment. I would disagree this is “the” control behind Obama. A piece player in the global strategy, but not, by a long shot, the main drivers.

  • Goengo

    Thank you for your insightful article. I fear that too many younger Americans are not even aware of the changes in our society that have taken place. I am now “old-fashioned” because I still believe in our personal freedoms, our property rights, personal responsibility, Constitutional rights and responsibilities, and that society works best with the values and mores that were accepted when I was a child, or even beforehand. Insults and vulgarity are now “acceptable” means of disagreeing with someone. We accept things in terms of personal choices because we have “progressed” from those olden days when morals were valued by the majority of people.
    Obama speaks more and more frequently about the “collective” and how “together” we must move into the future. I realize that this is not about ideology, and that Obama is only the figurehead in this silent revolution, but feel that societal norms are changing so rapidly that we are speeding rapidly into this new world with so few even aware that it is happening. I do not see this as progress, but rather as stepping backward into a very dangerous world. But this time, America will not come to the rescue of other nations who have fallen prey to such evil. No, this time America seems to be leading the charge, and no other nation will emerge as a saviour.
    A recent article I read claims that “domestic terrorists” are those who fear the United Nations (and other criteria such as believing in the 2nd Amendment, property rights, etc). This study was done by none other than West Point Military Academy at the behest of the US Government. I was so stunned that I was temporarily paralyzed with fear.
    I have done much research over the years – something I learned to do many years ago as a school-aged child, at a time when history was taught and lessons were learned from the past. When every child knew what to do (however useless it was) in the event of a bomb from the enemy, instead of a school shooting. Learning never ends, and there is far more for me to do.
    But, beyond research and striving to understand how such a new world could come to pass, I know not what else to do. I have no idea how to protect myself and others – if that is even possible at this stage of the game.

    • Thank you, Goengo.

      Yes, students have been indoctrinated in “progressive”-think since the 60s, and, as a result, we’ve seen a complete societal breakdown (“progressive”, collectivist educational objectives began in 1850s via the now National Education Association (NEA). Alexis de Tocqueville, in “Democracy in America”, an extensive analysis of America’s Constitutional Republic in the early 1800s, captured the essence of why democracy worked in America, and failed elsewhere — the “mores” unique to the American people. In other words, he saw America failing should we lose our mores of that time. Herein lies our Achilles heel.

      What we can do is simple in concept, hard in commitment and follow-through. Yet, now is the time to commit and do, as we still have some liberty left.

      First, we seek truth and hold it up for all to see — part of this seeking is ensuring we have the truth, ourselves. Truly build sound understanding of the enemies of liberty — this is what this article is about. If we do not understand our enemy, he will defeat us.

      Second, we fight for truth and against anyone who attempts to suppress truth, in any way we are able in our worlds, with our resources, and in our time. Each of us is different in this regard but we must all do what we are able.

      Third, with our understanding of who is undermining America, and how they are doing it, we expose them at every turn. Expose by sharing truth. Expose by confronting lies. Don’t shy from the fight.

      Fourth, we do all of the above in our personal spheres of influence. Maybe for some, their only real sphere of influence is their family. So be it. For others, with broader reach, they share to a much broader audience.

      Finally, not to forget, we still need to fight also at the ballot box and make no mistake who wins… we need to prepare for 2014 and ensure a resounding victory, clean votes, and candidates who respect founding principles.

      We are fighting, first, a battle of ideas (and this is always true in liberty, this battle never ceases). The baby-boomer generation — of which I am a part — was lured by excess prosperity and distracted from what was really going on in our society. Now, we need to put our toys down and speak up. We need to take responsibility.

      Interestingly, there is still a majority of Americans who believe in our founding principles. They are being drowned out, however, by the activists for each cause, orchestrated by “community organizers” like Obama, funded by those behind the curtain. We need to step up our volume and speak truth. Loudly. Many, such as Jan Morgan, others and myself, are doing just this. Join the chorus by sharing these articles within your sphere of influence.

      Of course, let’s not forget what is most important — have faith. Liberty is granted by God, not the State. As such, it will also only be maintained in any client nation, by God. We fall or thrive based upon the “salt”, not the masses. Be a part of the “salt of the earth” who create a pivot of silent heroes and leaders to restore America. In the pre-Revolutionary colonies, the majority did not want to rebel from the Crown at first. Only a small handful. Then up to 25-30 percent. It is always a small, focused, loud, and effective minority that drives change.

      We want to be this minority, that leads the majority, to drive change to restoration, and to stop the small vocal and active minority that is driving change to global, collectivist tyranny.

      Thanks for your fight. Keep on, keeping on.

      • Goengo

        Thank you for your response, as well as the recommendation of the book. I will be certain to read it. I discovered this website only today, and since reading your column, I’ve been busy reading your other columns.
        I was aware that this progressive movement began in the 1960’s in the schools – I watched it happening before my eyes. And I was well aware of the progressive viewpoint of many of our earlier Presidents and Congressmen. However, I was ignorant of the fact that student indoctrination had occurred prior to the 1960’s. Thanks so much for the information.
        My faith is unshakeable, and in the last year and a half, I have been very active in helping to elect certain politicians that I feel have the right values and the right vision for America’s future, both nationally and in my State. I will continue to read and learn, and to speak the truth to my sphere of influence, however small.
        Thank you for your words of encouragement. It is easy to get discouraged understanding the size and wealth of the enemy, but if a small group of colonialists could bring about the independence of this Country with God’s help, certainly we can as well.

        • You’re welcome. Yes, study the origination of the NEA, John Dewey, etc. 1856, I believe. Good stuff. “Professing to be wise, they became fools”. Amen to God’s help. At the end of the day, once we’ve been through enough “life experience” we realize, in humility, that is really all there is, isn’t it?
          Have an awesome weekend.

          PS – Democracy by AdT, is 700 pages… so not light reading. But, good to poke around in. I’ll recommend some books after this article has been up for awhile. One right away that I would recommend, only 144 pages, is “Brotherhood of Darkness”, Monteith. Required reading.

  • Ghasem Yarahmadi
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  • The problem with doing research is this: You find too many crackpots with too many vague theories. I’m looking for someone who can provide definate answers. Give me names, positions, facts, not speculation. Then we will know what we’re up against and can get a plan on how to stop them and reclaim our liberties.

    • Steve, thanks for your comment. There will always be chaff with the wheat. Keep seeking truth. I’ve recommended several books and one can only validate the veracity of same via their own in-depth research. Any and all vectors of research is strewn with distractions, half-truths, lost-leaders, and vilification of the authors, by design. That is simply good strategy of the enemy. Finally, we must all “lead” within our spheres of influence to both prompt the search for truth, as well as, the sharing of it. I share information, sources, and the right questions to prompt the seeking of truth. Keep up the fight. Follow me on Facebook, if you wish, to continue the dialog. facebook.com/david.chaney

  • Well…you know what happens to people who openly talk about the cabal and point out the manipations to gain global dominance dont you?