Biden: President Will Act On Gun Control.. There are Executive Orders

Jan Morgan

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Vice President Joe Biden hinted today that President Obama is considering an executive order on guns, although he didn’t specify what it would be.

“The President is going to act, there are executive orders, executive action that can be taken. We haven’t decided what that is yet.┬áBut we’re compiling it all with the help of the Attorney General and all the rest of the cabinet members as well as legislative action, we believe is required,” said Biden.

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  • Diarrhea Mouth hints at a lot of things though I am not surprised the administration is exploring what they could get away with via exec orders (which should not even exist I may add)

    • Are you saying that our esteemed VP is floating a trial balloon Phil?

  • david

    Our communist government about to begin

    • Our communist government is trying to take total control with the taking of our guns Dave. We need to stop this bs now. Tell others of this attack on our freedoms. If the second amendment falls, the rest will surely follow quickly.

      • Conservativesniper

        Best thing to do Wayne is to ask the sherriff in your county if he intends to enforce a gun ban law.If the answer is yes, MOVE.

        • I agree Conservativesniper, and I did and he doesn’t because he is like most true law enforcement and military people, he holds his oath sacred and will defend it accordingly.

  • Tea time is over kiddies… We need a REVOLUTION!

  • silverdutchman

    This POS is driving us closer and closer to a revolution. Our forefathers would have already been shooting. Obummer has crossed the line way too many times already. What does it take to provoke the American People into action? The Jews kept compromising their right until they turned themselves into lambs for the slaughter. Are we going to do the same?

    • No Dutchman, we are not going to be the lambs heading to slaughter. As the mighty Americans that we are, we give the weak and stupid a chance to redeem themselves before we put they into the looney bins.

  • silverdutchman

    Do they think the American People will actually comply with the views of a complicent criminal organization such as the Department of Justice, what a farce. Holder is one of the worst offenders and he is simply a lapdog for Obummer.

  • Southern Gentleman

    While te right to keep and bear arms may not be infringed., the right to ammunition will BE. Just wait.

    • learn to reload;;;; NOW and stock up

    • why? don’t you know how to make your own ammo?

  • spwnosatan
  • spawnofsatan
  • Intrinsic

    Watering the tree of Liberty is getting closer and closer, my friends!

    • Crying tears of sadness for what may come. I pray it is not neccesary.

  • mytwocents

    Tell comrade Obama he isn’t leader for life yet and get rid of him and all his cronies before it’s too late.

  • ATexasGirl10

    I seem to remember that this administration are the ones who supplied guns for Fast and Furious and possible tyo our enemies in Syria. Now guns are bad and citizens shouldn’t be allowed to have guns. I believe I’ve also heard this before when I was very small say 1939?

  • S#&+ for brains wants a revolution so he can call in the Unholy Nastiteations,,plus 6000 Russian troops on the US,,CONGRESS it is time for YOU to take a stand…liberals beware !!

  • Neil

    We are being pushed to CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE! Lets tell the POSPOTUS to bite us as we will not obey your illegal edicts!

  • Ok mr Resident..you draw first blood…then we will show you what this country is made of

    • Lets not rush it my friend. We will get there if first blood is drawn. Lets pray that this doesn’t happen and a basic solution can be worked out before hand.

  • Executive orders CANNOT override the Constitution, can they? If they can, then what good is our constitution?

    • I agree. Obummer is not a king, nor a dictator. He just happens to be the pres of the us and with that has very limited powers by the constitution. If he abuses what limited power he has, the congress,by that same constitution, should impeach and imprison him for acts of treason, which he has already commited on a number of instances. I think we all should just go there and fire the lot of them, dump all laws and services and start from scratch again. At this point its such a fustercluck it needs to be reset like we do with computers.

      • Conservativesniper

        Never gonna happen. The House may impeach, but the Senate will NEVER convict.

        • CS(conservativesniper) is a bit long, hope you don’t mind if I shorten it to CS for replys.

        • Your right CS. The senate won’t convict until we make the balance of the senate more tea party than liberal party.

    • Obama has already committed treason dozens of times, and unconstitutional acts. So yes, he can use unconstitutional executive orders if he doesn’t give a damn about the Constitution. Who is going to stop him? Certainly not Eric Holder. Democrats in Congress follow Obama like blind sheep. Republicans in Congress are either lazy RINOs or too few in number. The federal government is just too corrupt.

  • FU Bite Me!!!!

  • MaX

    I don’t take my orders from some SOB catamite such as this!

  • George

    an executive order in truyh, isn’t worth the paper it maybe written on.

  • Buck

    YES , there ARE executive orders , there are ALSO prisons , as well as BAD things that happen to BAD people . EVERYONE that voted to re-elect the communist IMAM is a BAD person . Everyone !

  • Harry Truman

    NO executive order supers our constitution. PERIOD. Just have plenty of ammo. You will be shooting Obomaites,something like the sodomites in the Bible(EVIL).

    • I don’t want to shoot a cop Harry, and I won’t if I can tell him or her anything of importance before they try to take my weapon. Believe me Harry, the police and the military don’t want this either. They would have to break their sworn oath of protecting the constitution from all enemies, both foreign and DOMESTIC!!!!!!!!

    • It’s their chosen job to protect the people and the Constitution from all enemies. I know, I was a soldier and did take that oath, and even though I’m not a soldier now, that oath remains with me and I will protect this country until my dying breath from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. I’m sure my brothers and sisters will say the same thing. WE WILL NOT BEND OVER AND TAKE IT FROM A TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT HELLBENT ON THE DESTRUCTION OF THIS GREAT COUNTRY THAT HAS SAVED MOST OF THE WORLD FROM TYRANNY. Must be a bunch of dumbasses if they thought we would.

  • Zepp

    That’ll go over like a turd in the punch bowl. I’m simply amazed how these brainless liberals still think this is the answer to gun violence. More kids are killed in school buses every year than were killed in the Newtown, Connecticut shooting. Civil War is coming if they try this.

    • Zepp, no need to rush anything at this point. Nothing has happened yet and we still have most of the police and military on our side. This isn’t going to happen in this era because most of the populace isn’t brainwashed enough yet. Everyone needs to get on Beck’s bandwagon and get into THE BLAZE TV for the sake of everything we hold dear. Check out theblaze.com and subscribe if you want to make a difference in the hearts and souls of others not as informed as you are. It will make a difference.

  • By order of the American people your fired get the hell out.

  • They will have to pry my RPG out of my cold dead hands.

  • Conservativesniper

    Does anybody take “Plugs” Biden seriously? I wish someone would put his gaffe mach, er… I mean his mouth ‘back in chains’.

  • traitorhater

    Why is it that I have never heard of a president bypassing congress to pass a bill? obama is getting in the habit of doing it. I can find nothing in the Constitution that states that a president can do such a thing. Why have a congress since our king can bypass them on a law? We have a dictator and congress seems to be OK with it. I do not believe obama can legally do this.

  • No action will be taken in THIS house other than making sure everything I own is full of ammo and sighted in.