Breaking: School Shooting

DEVELOPING: Lone Star College, located in north Houston, was put on lock down Tuesday after reports of several people being shot and injured on campus, MyFoxHouston.com reported.
A federal law enforcement official told Fox News that one person is in custody and it is unclear if another suspect is on the run. Police are, however, searching the nearby countryside for a second shooter.
Paramedics are on the scene and are treating several victims. Students could be seen being led out of the sprawling campus with their hands on their heads. Police SWAT teams were searching the campus.
Details of the events leading to the shooting is unclear, but reports indicate that the shooting stemmed from an earlier argument.

An emergency alert was sent to students advising them and faculty to take immediate shelter and not to enter the campus until notified further. Other local school were also placed on lock down.
The community college is a two-year school with about 28,000 students. The school is located just outside the George H.W. Bush International Airport.

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    • Chicot

      That looks very suspicious. Everyone I talked to today, that was the first thing out of their mouths, “is this another made up deal by the feds to further their agenda”.

      • Shagnasty1

        These aren’t made up deals but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we ever learned they were orchestrated by the government using drugged up simpletons as shooters.

    • Philip Zepp

      I think all these shootings are set up by the Obama administration

    • okdlm

      Probably the baker since Texas is the most pro “bun” state in America!

    • Shagnasty1

      The brother who pulled the trigger. His reason; somebody bumped him.

  • unclebob

    Yet another example of the need for everyone over the age of 18 to be armed.

  • We have to make school campuses gun free zones!!! Wait a minute….

  • Concerned

    Yes Al, this sure does make you think. Well at least those of us who haven’t drank the koolaid and still have a mind to anyway.

  • probably a OBAMA supporter like the rest of the nuts out there.

  • traitorhater

    CNN covered this as if it were a 20 person massacre instead of three wounded. We had 4 killed here in a car accident and not a word from them.

    • Bryan

      And absolutely nothing about the daily shootings in Chicago, ILLINOIS.

  • Steve j

    Just fri kin wonderful. Every time someone pops a paper bag in a school it’s gonna make the national news. Much less this sheet.
    The thing is, we will never get the chance to jettison these ridiculous “gun free zone” laws. They will NEVER allow that to happen, because if it did it would prove once and for all that gun control is a red herring. There is too much data, too many years of abject failure on record for gun control. Allowing teachers to be armed and not restricting citizens to be armed in all these places would undeniably confirm without an ounce of doubt that gun control is a leftist progressive scam.
    Hate to sound tinfoil hattish, but they would have NOTHING to lose using a false flag incident or two to keep fanning the fire. Public opinion is a fickle and flighty thing. And the general public has the attention span of a ferret on crack, and a memory span that matches.
    My guess would be that you’ll see more of this. Be it real or imagined, there will be unprecedented news coverage whether its the popped bag or the real thing. It won’t matter if it was found to be nothing at a later time, what will matter will be the first impression and the first report. That will be what shapes an opinion in the drooling herd.

    I have heard many people state that they will risk the liability of CC in a prohibited zone. I can’t say that I condemn them for risking a misdemeanor (depending on location, I guess ), because one more of these incidences will be the end of it all. The second and all the others. Aside from that, the first incident was too abhorrent to stand for. And all the ones in between.
    When does one say that “I will not stand by and do nothing regardless of the consequences”?
    Someone should have been armed at every one of these abominations, and I know people that have said in the future, they will never be the one who who says “I should have been armed”.

  • whisperatnight

    I live North of this area, and it is located in a bad area…Greenspoint NE Houston.

  • whisperatnight

    If you don’t have gun in this area, then you should get one. It is that bad.

  • Doctor_Bill

    Not that it will matter much to those intent on making gun owners the new whipping boys of the nation but:

    Latest news is that this was Joe Thug and Fred Hoodlum settling a personal difference of opinion, not (as the salivating masses over at NBCABCCBSCNNPBS hoped) some psychopath bent on mass murder. Both were carrying illegally obtained handguns (not rifles or select-fire rifles) and neither had a concealed carry permit. While this situation could be called “any-Tuesday-in-Chicago-Detroit-LA-or-DC” it will be treated as ANOTHER EPISODE OF OUT OF CONTROL GUN VIOLENCE by our duly elected officials and the old school media.

    Of course, these are facts and as we well know, facts no longer matter in America.

    • BDnSC

      Let me guess, both had prior rap sheets and a liberal judge went easy on them.
      Probably transplants from New Orleans too.

  • kimi

    people this is not strange. this is a ghetto part of town, please do not be alarmed. anyone that still lives here cannot deny it. it was just two thugs shooting each other. But on the brighter side..dianne sawyer made it sound like a mass shooting.

  • American

    The point here is a person with criminal intent decided to use a gun to cause bodily harm and or death to inocent law abiding citizens. Unfortunately, no one on campus is or was allowed to defend themselves. Punishment for this crime should be incarceration unless someone dies, then the death penalty should apply. NOT the broad removal of constitutional rights for all people. Let’s stop the ill defined zero tolerance which paints us all as criminals. There are laws already in place to deal with scum like this, and we wouldn’t have to spend tens of millions to define and inforce new ones which cause added hardship on honest citizens. Although if crime didn’t pay for politicians there wouldn’t be any.

  • Ranchman

    Why would janmorganmedia.com have an advertisement to sign the petition for Obama’s gun control? It’s right there under the article above. I clicked on it to see where it went and I couldn’t believe it!

  • It is not possible that this school had a shooting. We all know schools are gun free zones and criminals follow the law… Liberals are idiots.

  • Joe

    How much is reality, and how much is hipe from the press? After you hear one and turn to another station/paper, it has be”gun” to esculate like I heard, he said, she said… and by the time it really is there, what was the question??? It is the person, not the gun that is the problem. If you used it correctly and for the purpose it is for, like hunting animals,, then it is being used properly. and not on a rampage.

  • oh sure a safe zone. put up a gun free zone signs. the only one it keeps safe is the mental ill person who is going off. oh the criminal who knows will be safe. or the person with a grudge against someone.