Brit Hume Slams Hillary Clinton’s Job Performance

The case that Hillary Clinton has been a “great” secretary of state is “exceedingly weak,” Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume argued on Sunday.

According to Hume, there’s nothing exceptional in the list of accomplishments Mrs. Clinton’s proponents use to tout her four years as America’s top diplomat.

“I think those examples you cited would add up to a case for her competence,” Hume said during this weekend’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” after host Chris Wallace laid out a list of Clinton’s alleged accomplishments.

“They do not add up to a case for greatness. After all, the groundwork on Burma had been done by the previous administration and the administration properly followed through on it. You look across the world now at the major issues. Are Arabs and Israelis closer to peace? How about Iran and North Korea and their nuclear programs: Have they been halted or seriously set back?”

“Has the ‘reset’ with Russia, which she so famously introduced with the photo-op in Moscow with the reset button, has that led to a new and more cooperative relationship?” he continued.
“Is there a ‘Clinton Doctrine’ that we can identify that she has articulated and formed as secretary of state? Are there major treaties that she has undertaken and negotiated through to a successful conclusion? I think the answer to all those questions is that she has not. And those are the kinds of things that might mark her as a great secretary of state.”

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  • Weak?? can you say nonexistent??? Can not say much about Powell(military race card player) or Rice either (pro-abortion and anti-Israel). Where is George Shultz when you need him.

  • barto

    I don’t think i ever disagree with Brit and certainly don’t on this assessment of Hillary Clinton’s job performance and/or accomplishments.

  • Jed54

    She needs to definately retire.. stay home and service Bill…

    • Greg

      I wouldn’t even wish that on Bill

  • hongryhawg

    Another empty suit presented to us as greatness to pave the way for another incompetent administration in 2016. The democrats plan to double down on the first black president with the first woman president. Again, it will be all show and no substance. Woe is us, again.

    • lonestarlet

      Hillary isn’t an empty suit, but it’s filled with stinks to high heaven. But, WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?

  • DouglasDauntless

    Hillery Clinton is a true Communist and a Traitor to the USA.

    • Any claim of greatness on the part of the Clintons has GOT to come from a Public Relations group that has NO use for morality, logic, honesty or integrity.
      Woe to those who call good BAD and bad GOOD. And that is exactly what we are getting from AP and LSM. Now watch as God wrecks havoc on these evil people.

      • DouglasDauntless

        I hope so

  • billconner

    Look when you have a paper president and secretary of state that folds at any resistence from oversea’s what do you really expect the liberals approach to foreign matters has never worked,these tin foil dictators only know one thing strenght and backing up what you say,Reagan understand this and the rest of the world did as well most people when it comes down to it don’t want war but the simple truth everyone seems to ignore is the world knows Liberals and know they pose no threat because the frist thing they want to do is reduce the military which weakens the whole nation,The world hasn’t changed there are still evil rulers they may have changed there tactics a little but still evil,there’s a even worse mess in the mideast than there every was.Trade agreements has done nothing but made our economy weak,Liberals and progressive’s have always killed job promotion you can’t demonize companys and free markets go against the principles of the founding of free markets and expect them to act positive companys has to make profit its simple if you worked and by the time you paid your bills gas back and forth and food on the table to break even?no you like a little extra to spend on toys or whatever or maybe save,now as a person starting a company you need money after you take care of that then you have to make money so you can carry it back like you do every week,to home and pay bills then hopefully you’ll start getting some of your investment back and hire people each house is like a mini business you have goals and you have to watch your spending you invest in house’s, cars,kids etc……companys generally know how money works and and take risk’s with there own money or investors.Government on the other hand makes no product so have no profit you put your money in with no returns expect for protection which is the roll of Government to protect the american people by the constitution the only taxes to be collected are for the military.now the more you feed it the bigger it grows untill it consumes everything our debt now is consuming alot but every new program the government add makes it grow to where that program you maybe enjoy now well how long you think you’ll be able to keep that because the debt before to long will comsume that and the government will require more and more til there’s no military,no social security no food stamps the government is scrabbleing now and these debt ceiling rise’s are hints to bigger problems comeing and america you best wake up on and by the way i’m part of the people who is below the poverty line and dropped out of high school and understand this better than the college educated nut jobs running this country

  • Cameron Triplett Sr

    Too many of these twits in politics today, especially from obama on down, are more concerned about their “legacy” than about actually accomplishing something good.

  • Brit Hume is da man! This administration strains rotator cuffs slapping themselves on the back for any small fete, and of course surrounded by little children for the photo op, but that is the only thing they are good at. It’s a lot of ‘I’ did this, or ‘I’ did that, but very little in the accomplishment department, other than putting the onerous yoke of ObamaCare around the necks of our children and grandchildren. What has anyone in this administration ever done that has affected the country or the economy in a positive way? If anyone in the entire Obama administration goes down in history for anything, it will be the grandeose attempts at hindering the civil rights protective quality of the constitution and the obvious attempts to illegally legislate from the White House. The only thing HillBill is really good at is taking one for the team, and then expecting us all to forget her stupidity. Every swinging dick (and dickless) one of these Obama sycophantic fools in DC are a waste of air. As much as I loath abortion on demand, I would gladly turn a blind eye to any of their liberal mother’s attempts at retroactively doing the deed. It’s just too bad Bammy’s mama died too soon to take advanage of such a deal.

  • foxxybey

    She deserves all that is said about her and Hume is right, she is just a puppet of a islamist dictator in the White House.

  • upchuck47

    The Clinton’s have gotten away with Proverbial “murder sine Bill was elected President. The Clinton years in Washington were marked by scandal after scandal without being held accountable.

    We had a tech bubble which Bill had Nothing to do with but got credit for. Of course,”slick Willy” took the credit but never the accountability for his numerous Constitutional and Civil crimes.

    It’s a statement on what has been happening in America since L.B.J,Vietnam,Kent State,Chicago,the rise of unfettered terrorism,Somalia,and of course being found accountable for lying to Congress.

    Hillary and the “travel Scandal”,Hillary and Bill with White Water,Hillary supposedly investing $1000 in commodities and getting $100,000 profit? Never mind that Tyson foods is one of the largest commodity traders in the world and just happens to be an Arkansas company.

    Hillary became the Senator from N.Y. but wait! she never lived there kind of Obamaesque.The country and the world picked up great speed on it’s way to evisceration with Bill and Hillary at the helm and proved that crime”does pay in America.

    All of this was an accelerator to the cesspool America has become. Talk about outrage,The Clinton’s told the truth about Obama(one of the few times they ever have) but,Hill was running for President and did a complete 360 as did Bill which America somehow never speaks about which is why we are thisclose to tyranny!

    One needn’t be a Rhodes Scholar to vomit over what these people did(are doing) to America!Fast and Furious,Benghazi,Iran,the failure of America here and abroad!

    The supposedly bankrupt Clinton’s(legal fees) and the Friends of Bill?

    A mansion,an office paid by us,and a net worth of $100 million+? Not on a Presidents salary,not in less than a decade.

    We are bankrupt,our freedoms stolen,our money stolen,23 million unemployed,millions who Don’t count because they quit looking or gave up,millions underemployed,tyranny,Constitutional and ethical evisceration of this country?

    Sure,all of these narcissists,megalomaniacs,ideologues have done a wonderful job if the goal was to destry America,destroy the American people!

  • In visiting 119 countries in her time as SecState the only things she has accomplished is rack up a lot of frequent flyer miles (or she would have if she were flying commercial) and staying from her primary job, administering the Dept. of State. After her “resetting” Russia Putin became more beligerent than ever. Most of the countries she visited collectively don’t add up to the GDP or population of California (of course they don’t have that state’s debt either).

  • disqus_mkb6SrJCkd

    Hillary Clinton is a vile, treacherous woman. She is capable of pushing buttons and getting the weak men of this country to do whatever she wants and that to me shows that there is no man out there to grow a pair and stand up to her Communist decisions she has made. With the Benghazi incident now buried in Barak Obama’s backyard, she gets a free pass once again. Not even 60 Minutes would corner her and Obama for their wrongdoings and now once again…..they’ve gotten away with murder, deceit, and lawlessness.

  • How dare mr. hume insult the next President of the United States.

  • lonestarlet

    JEB Bush’s announcement of her “award” was a stunning example of the words in the English language that have been over-used to the point of meaninglessness: extraordinary, awesome, dedicated, great, exceptional, brilliant, and…well you get the point. But she’s been around for such a long time, someone was feeling obligated to give her an award, deserved or not. This is right up there with the Nobel prizes awarded to Algore and Obama. They are nothing but cheap un-newsworthy items now.

    She already has her legacy, like it or not. Let’s hope the low income voters are able to recall some of these events before they vote for her in 2016: Bengahzi,White Water, White House travel office, never has lived in NY where she served as senator, deplaning in Bosnia with Chelsea in tow under a barrage of enemy sniper fire (if you believe this, you shouldn’t be allowed to vote), and more lies that I just don’t want to list right now.

    May she never set foot in the Oval Office again.