Child Killers of America


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  • 90% of all these children have also been on drugs that have killed their classmates and teachers. Of course that is what the liberal “councilors” been pressing for the last 20 years. Not focus or disciple but drugs. No wonder our children are nuts.

    • Sandra Lee Smith

      You want to go after a serious killer of children, go after big Pharma and the auto industry! Both of those kill far more children than guns do!

    • Mike

      your exactly right about that. I accidrntally hit the flag this comment button, not knowing that it was the flag button, so please dissredard the flag. I agree with you 100%

  • Good message, but one government killing machine you did not mention. The FDA which allows poison drugs that kill not cure with profit markup in the 30,000 percent and more. Then, there is the toxic laced processed foods that make children sick both in mind and body. Just why is the FDA allowed to become rulers with no restraints. I will insert a quote for you to read: “THE THING THAT BUGS ME IS THAT PEOPLE THINK THE FDA IS PROTECTING THEM. IT ISN’T. THE FDA IS PROTECTING THE PROFITS OF THE CORPORATIONS THAT PAY US AND THE POLITICIANS!” Herbert Ley, M.D. Former FDA Commissioner. Did you take notice that the profits went to pay your Politician and of course the corrupt Petty Bureaucrats. I have written and personally brought this uncontrolled Agency to My Senators & Representative and only receive propaganda back with a request for money. In fact I think that Senators & Representatives are about useless as teats on a boar hog for they have turn all their powers over to Agencies like the FDA, EPA, TSA and on and on as the list is never ending. Face it we are being ruled and it is now the government for the government, by the government and of the government. So you can see that these Corrupt People have sold us out for their portion of the 30 pieces of blood stained silver. So, Comrades, just feed your child these poison drugs and eat your allowed poison toxic filled foods bend over with head low with backside up and enjoy the New Messiah’s shaft for Biden stated that he carries a big stick.

    • I go to Costa Rica often and eat like a pig and loose five pounds! could it be the fresh fish,chicken,beef (grass fed ),rice, beans fresh vegetables and fruit?

  • foxxybey

    Wild Bill hit the nail on the head and I back him a 100%. God Bless Him and the nation that rejected it’s God.

  • Sagebrush6

    What just happened in Connecticut is terrible, but it was not the
    “Worst School Massacre in History”, despite the claims of those who are trying
    to use it to disarm the American public. Neither horrible event could have been
    prevented by additional laws or governmental intrusion into the lives of honest
    citizens. An occasional lunatic act is simply the price one pays to live in a
    (relatively) free society……..

    The Worst School Massacre In American History Was ‘Gun-Free’ The worst mass-murder
    in a school in American history did not involve guns or shooters; it involved a
    bomb in an elementary school. It didn’t take place in Connecticut ; it took place in a rural community in Michigan called Bath. The perpetrator wasn’t a young man – he
    was 55 years old.

    And the attack did not occur this year or last year – or even this decade.

    The year was 1927.

    • violater1

      Sir great post but can you go one step furtherand find out if he like all of the others was also a democrat! I would appreciate a response!

      • Sagebrush6

        They didn’t keep records like that that far back that I can find.

        • violater1

          Thanks for the response anyway! Appreciate it brother!

  • Chef Robert

    The biggest killer of children and adults is the FDA. The FDA approves poison Drugs that kill not cure and then allows thousands of toxins to used in the processed food supply. Yet, will destroy real foods and harass people that produce healthy foods just to protect the giant food processor profit so that the Petty Bureaucrats and your Politician can be bought and that they are. So everyone out they feed your child these poison foods and force down their little throats the poison pills to make them ill in mind and body. Then bow low to the new Messiah with your head down really low and backside up to get the Shaft from the new Messiah for Put foot in mouth Biden stated ” the new messiah has a big stick”