Civilization Jihad- School Recites Pledge in Arabic: “One Nation Under Allah”

A Colorado high school principal is defending his decision to allow students from a cultural club to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic — and denied that it was attempt to push an Islamic agenda.
Tom Lopez, the principal at Rocky Mountain High School in Fort Collins, told Fox News he has received a number of telephone calls and emails from outraged parents – but he stands by his decision.

“These students love this country,” he said. “They were not being un-American in trying to do this. They believed they were accentuating the meaning of the words as spoken regularly in English.”
The school recites the Pledge of Allegiance once a week and on Monday a member of the Cultural Arms Club led the student body in the Arabic version of the pledge.

The club seeks to “destroy the barriers, embrace the cultures” that exist within the high school.
Danielle Clark, communications director of the Poudre School District, said they understand why parents are upset.

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  • Herbert

    LAUSD has long had a policy of displaying the flag of Mexico higher than the US flag and prohibiting the pledge as infringing on diversity. Ex Mexican President Fox proudly proclaimed on a visit to his subjects in an LA public school, that ‘Every Mexican has a right to a free education in the United States.’

    • Tina Cheng

      Ex Mexican President Fox ” You need Mexican labor, we accept jobs that not Even Blacks will take….” What a statesman!! how do you feel about that? Hahahahaha!

  • do the say the pledge in English during each week also?

    • disgustedbythisignorance

      Yes. The cultural arms club does it sometimes, like Spanish a few weeks ago and French before that.

  • Theonethatknows

    Time to close this school! Home schooling is the answer!

    • Sagebrush6

      No! Elimination of teachers like this is the answer. To even consider something like this should be considered treasonist.

    • And elimination of the principal!

    • Christian Joe

      I’m not barking against home schooling. Let me make that perfectly clear. However, use the tools the Liberals use against Christianity. The ACLU would scream bloody murder if is was, one nation under Jesus. To them, it endorses Christianity. Point out that Allah is the Arabic proper name of god, that is used specifically in the worship of Islam. If they had said the pledge as, one nation under ilâha, which is the generic name for god, then it is akin to saying, one nation under God.

      The way they are saying the pledge now, it specifies the Arabic god of Islam, which can be argued as endorsing the religion of Islam.

      CALL THE ACLU and explain the difference between ilâha and Allah. Then if they will pick it up, you use the power of the ACLU to shut them up!

  • Rosie46

    This nation was not established under Allah, it was established under God and the principles of the Bible – this principal should read his history, unless that has been changed by this administration. If they want to pledge allegiance to a nation established under Allah, go back to their home country — if it was so great, why did they leave?

    • Sadly, most Founding Fathers were not Christians. We were founded with certain rights granted to you by YOUR creator, whomever that may be. Sadly, those RIGHTS are being systematically taken away. I am not sure I have an issue with people pledging allegience to our flag in their language, HOWEVER to recite OUR Pledge of Allegience and change the wording is somewhat sacreligious.

      • reggiec

        “most Founding Fathers were not Christians” Source please! Making a blanket statement like that requires some vetting.

        • disgustedbythisignorance

          Making a blanket statement like “This nation was established under the principles of the Bible” needs some vetting.

      • Dwayne Duncan

        Unfortunately, in Arabic, the word for GOD is ALLAH. Technically the words weren’t changed, but “interpreted”. When you interpret a word it can change the meaning. “Hard Drive” in Arabic, translates as “Machine inside the Machine”. At least they are trying to “Pledge their Allegiance” to the Flag of The United States. Some schools don’t do that much anymore.

        • Madelynn

          So if they were reading from the Bible in pig Latin you’d say “at least they’re reading from the Bible?”

        • Christian Joe

          The Arabic word for god is not Allah, which is a great misconception. Allah is a proper name, and not the generic name for god. The generic name for god in Arabic is ‘ilah. In like manner, the generic English word for God, is God. In German it is Gott, in Hebrew it is El. You have heard the phrase, there is no god but Allah… In Arabic, it is: lâ ilâha illâ allah. This is broken down into lâ (no, not, none, neither) ilâha (a god, deity) illâ (but, except) allâh.
          If Allah was the generic term for god, as you said it was, it would have used Allah twice in the phrase: lâ allah illâ allah. Another phrase is used, lâ ilâha illâ anâ, which means, there is no god but I. Please note the use of ilâha, the generic name of god which can also mean deity, whereas the proper name for the Arabic god, Allah, is not present.

          I too had thought as you, until I heard it explained. Then I looked it up to see if what I had heard were true. It was.

          There are a good many proper names of God in Christianity/Judaism, a few of them are, Jehovah, El Shaddai and Elohim. These names have very definite meanings, such as Jehovah, which is an acrostic. The name is broken down to give, the One who was, who is, and will be, which when combined signifies the Eternal God, of eternity past and eternity future.

          There is a very significant difference in using a proper name verses a generic name. I am a man, which is my generic title. It gives either an entire specie, such as mankind, or my gender as a male. My proper name is Joe, which when coupled with my last name, points to a very specific individual.

      • There were 238 delegates who were considered “Founding Fathers”, not all signed the Declar. of Indpend, Articles of Confederation or the Constitution. 88 (54.7%) were Espiscapalian; 30 (18.6%) were Presbyterian; 27 (16.8%) were Congregationalists; 7 (4.3%) were Quakers; 6 (3.7%) were Dutch/German Reform; 5 (3.1%) Lutheran; 3 (1.9%) Catholic; and several other Huguenots, Unitarians, Methodists, and Calvinists. If those weren’t Christians, what were they?

        • wmartin46

          Excellent point. By the way, where did you find this information?

      • You are very mistaken about the Founding Fathers not being Christian. The all read and believed the Bible. They used Judeo-Christian principles in writing the Constitution. Here’s just one quote to prove my point:

        “It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religions, but on the gospel of Jesus Christ. For this very reason peoples of other faiths have been afforded asylum, prosperity, and
        freedom of worship here.” Patrick Henry, Ratifier of the U.S. Constitution

        • ltneid

          I have two points about your post. The first is that Patrick Henry led a coalition in the Virginia assembly not to ratify the Constitution. He felt that the document gave too much power to the central government that he felt should be reserve for the states. His side was defeated 89 to 79 votes and Virginia ratified the Constitution without Henry’s help.

          The second is that this is not a quote from Patrick Henry. It is from an article in a 1954 The Virginian. The article quoted from his will where his final bequeath to his family was the Christian Religion and the author of the article wrote what you have attributed to Henry.

          You are correct that Patrick Henry was a Christian, but everything else is wrong.

      • Madelynn

        Our founding fathers had a STRONG faith in GOD or they would not have included him in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. I’m not sure why you say they were not Christians. They sure weren’t atheists.

      • David Barton/WallBuilders go here and learn your history!

      • Christian Joe

        Not all of the founding fathers were Christians, but some most certainly were, George Washington as an example. Even Thomas Jefferson, who many claim was a deist, had a booklet of Bible of verses he liked. None of the founding fathers were of any eastern religion. They used one book, the Bible, to take an oath on.

      • shavager

        I concur with DeMarie Ingraham, Patrick–YOU would be advised to research our Founding Fathers some more instead listening to this anti-American, anti-Christian drivel that’s being spewed on the left. They would have you think Jefferson was not a believer in religion–they never tell you he TAUGHT Bible School at the White House.

    • Our nation was founded under the principles of The Enlightenment. Most of the founding fathers were Christian, as was the government of King George. The colonial delegates who wrote the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution understood the importance of separation of church and state. The Pledge of Allegiance was written by a socialist Baptist minister, adopted by Congress in 1942, the phrase “Under God” was added in 1954. Perhaps if the Arabic students had removed the “Under Allah” part it wouldn’t have been so bad?

      • Rosie46

        Was that why church services were held in the Capitol Building for a number of years?

        In a message dated 1/30/2013 3:33:10 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, [email protected] writes:


        Liam McCumber wrote, in response to Rosie46:
        Our nation was founded under the principles of The Enlightenment. Most of the founding fathers were Christian, as was the government of King George. The colonial delegates who wrote the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution understood the importance of separation of church and state. The Pledge of Allegiance was written by a socialist Baptist minister, adopted by Congress in 1942, the phrase “Under God” was added in 1954. Perhaps if the Arabic students had removed the “Under Allah” part it wouldn’t have been so bad?

        _User’s website_ (http://www.facebook.com/liam.mccumber)
        _Link to comment_ (http://redirect.disqus.com/url?url=http://janmorganmedia.com/2013/01/civilization-jihad-school-recites-pledge-in-arabic-one-nation-u nder-allah/#comment-783872341:rcnSFGuYp6l7NEoxirpilAKh8fc&imp=f182e950-1e59- 4ce9-827f-4b817bc722be&zone=notifications.clicks&forum=janmorganmedia&thread =1055607259)

    • okdlm

      Reading history is going to provide little help since the Dems have been re-writing history to suit their agenda for years!

  • Joe Lettieri

    Some more Mexican BS.Your either legal or your not legal.If you are not legal you are supposed to go to JAIL.What is so hard to understand?

    • Sagebrush6

      Ever try to explain something to a liberal? It’s like talking Greek in Singapor.

      • conservative

        This would get you caned in Singapore.

    • disgustedbythisignorance

      What does this have to do with the above article?

    • Dwayne Duncan

      You do realize that our Constitution guaranties “Inalienable Rights” to all “Men”. If “men” means “Humans” then it guaranties those rights to illegals as well. Go read it again.

      • Actually, the Constitution states that our Creator endows us with inalienable rights, among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The Constitution is designed to create boundaries that provide for the most freedom to the most people and its provisions only cover Citizens of the United States. Too bad we don’t have a President and Congress that recognizes God or our inalienable rights He grants.

        If we go to Mexico, we do not have the same rights in that country as citizens of Mexico. To be fair, we should give illegal aliens the same rights that their countries have for non-citizens. In Mexico, a non-citizen is jailed for coming into the country without documentation. In Mexico, a non-citizen must use forms in Spanish, not English or another language. They also aren’t allowed to have a job.

        In Iran, if you cross the border without permission, there is a good chance you will get life in prison or you may be beheaded or hanged. You also don’t have rights to worship the Creator that gave us our inalienable rights.

        In North Korea, you had better have a bullet proof vest if you cross their border.

  • Chief47

    Seems like there are far more idiots in Colorado than California every hoped for.

  • Tommy Kissner

    If they are gonna be in AMERICA, do it our way!!!!!! Doing things our way is what has even made it possible for immigrants to even be here to start with!!! PERIOD!!!!! Or just leave!!!!!

  • barto

    This is called indoctrination! Wake up Americans and smell the Islamist Muslim BS that Obama and his minions are spreading. They want control of your kids AND it looks like the Dems are pulling out all stops to have 50%+ of the people in the U.S., legal or illegal, dependent on the Government (WE) whereas they can continue the takeover of our country from within!

    • reggiec

      If you allow a camel to get his nose into your tent; you will soon have it as a roommate.

      • wayne74467

        Might be time for another Crusade, if there are knights still living. I would only hope that if this happens they do a more thourgh job of getting rid of all the vermin.

  • One flag one country and one pledge in English. You don’t like that go back to where you came and take that ass principal with you. Russell L. Smith USMC VET RVN

    • agbjr

      Thank you, Sir, for your service to the Constitution and OUR Republic.

    • Yes, one flag, one country and one pledge in English–that’s the way it’s supposed to be. But I can understand if they’re in a cultural club and they’re trying out different languages while IN the club. But they need to realize that having people say the Pledge in their native tongue defeats the purpose of being an American. If people who immigrate here are NOT going to learn English, assimilate to the American culture, it doesn’t matter how long they live here, they’re NOT truly Americans as they choose to stick to their homeland’s culture. The students need to learn that multiculturalism DOES NOT work for a country, so they need to realize that the lines of culture will not be erased.

    • Christian Joe

      Saying the pledge in Arabic is bad, true. The REAL issue here is saying one nation under Allah. That is a real problem. It is indoctrination into Islam, and that IS against the Constitution. Doing this is an establishment of religion, because the god of Islam is Allah. The word Allah is the specific name for their god, and not the generic Arabic word that means god. The generic Arabic word for god is ‘ilah. In English it is God, in German it is Gott, in Hebrew it is El. In Christianity/Judaism, God has many specific names, such as Elohim, Jehovah, El Shaddai. So when they say one nation under Allah, it is an endorsement of Islam and the and the god of Islam.

      • Donnie Buchanan

        Islam is more an ideaology than a religion and is based on many principles that are outlawed in this country. They look for the 12th Imam to come and a study will show that he equates to the one we call the anti-christ. This pledge to allah is just plain wrong and all who refuse to assimilate our customs and beliefs should leave this country. NO EXCEPTIONS.

        • Christian Joe

          Don, I have to burst your bubble. Bill “I know everything” O’Reily keeps saying the Christian philosophy. Then again, old Billy says that the Bible is nothing more than an allegory – WRONG! When you worship a god by any name, it is a religion. Philosophy comes from the Greek words, philos (love) sophia (wisdom), or love of wisdom.
          You are right about the 12th Imam as the anti-christ, but did you know that according to their beliefs, Jesus, whom they call Isa, is to return. They believe that Jesus was not crucified, but was taken directly up to heaven. They believe Judas Iscariot was crucified. I mention this, because the Isa they are looking for arrives sometime after the 12th Imam, and we see this Isa as the false prophet of Revelation.

          • Gordon

            Jesus was crucified as “the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world”. His sinless blood has made salvation possible. If he was not crucified, there would be no hope for anyone to be saved!

          • Christian Joe

            Gordon, you are absolutely correct. Salvation depends on the Blood of Jesus, the slain Lamb of God, who was sacrificed for our sins. I am a Christian, and as one, I accept no other god, than the God of the Bible, and salvation is strictly though faith in Jesus.
            If you notice, everywhere I mention any god, other than the God of the Bible, I use a lower case g, as in god. If I am referring to the God of the Bible, I use an upper case G, meaning that He is the only and true God.
            However, I was referring to Islamic belief. You have to remember though, that Islam accepts Isa (Jesus) as a prophet, and nothing more. Their religion does not accept Jesus as the Son of God. Their belief is, their is no god but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet, which elevates him above Jesus.

        • So why is it allowed. Freedom of religion is the law. Freedom of idealogy should not be allowed. If they love Islam, why did they not stay in their own country, instead of invading our USA that believes in GOD. I would never give them a “Smart” award. They are a bunch of uneducated radicals.

          • Von, make no mistake, Islam is absolutely dedicated to taking over the globe for Allah. There will be nothing but terrorist war when they believe their numbers in the USA are sufficient. They have no love for America; they are here for that purpose. Obama is Muslim, and his policiies will smooth the way for these people. They will not go back to “their country”; their mission is here.

    • Alex Adams

      Thank you Russell God Bless you are a hero thank you SEMPER FI!!!!!

    • donewest

      Amen, My Brother in Arms.

      Don E. West
      Sgt. USAF
      1976 -1982

    • Not to mention ONE God! God (Yahweh) is NOT the same as Allah, no matter who tries to say otherwise.
      I fully agree with you, sir.

    • Garrett Hanawalt

      Absolutely right, Mr. Smith. Garrett N. Hanawalt, USMC – currently serving in Afghanistan.

    • okdlm

      You betcha. Donnie Meaders, USAF Vet of 14 years of service with pride! Thank you to all the active and veteran men and women of the uniformed service.

  • Kioga

    One more nail of infection in the coffin of American Core Values and a Christian founded Nation !

  • agbjr

    Another sonofabitch Marxist hiding behind his degrees as an “educator”. The people of Fort Collins, Colorado, pay this fifth columnist’s salary so they should demand the school board fire him … and then fire the school board.

  • We cannot get professional singers to do Our National Anthem correctly so this is really no surprise. This is how Americans are going to lose this country. Free crap for illegals and muslims held above christians. There is no such thing as equality. The other side wants it all.

  • NymRod

    “In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith, becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin.
    But, this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American… There can be no divided allegiance here.
    Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all.
    We have room but for one flag, the American flag…
    We have room but for one language, and that is the English language…
    And we have room for but one sole loyalty… and that is a loyalty to the American people.”

    – President Theodore Roosevelt

  • Joseph

    We are too tolerant of BS in this nation. Fire the teacher, burn anything in the school that smells like Islam. Save our children.

    • disgustedbythisignorance

      What does Islam smell like?

      • Madelynn

        Terror. The men are afraid of the punishment for not following the law, the women are afraid of the men, the children are afraid of the men. The world is afraid of the radical Islamist’s who preach and practice Jihad

        • disgustedbythisignorance

          Yes, RADICAL Islamists, which is a very small percentage of the Muslim population.

  • sting33

    This would never happen if we didn’t have an illegal president that is Muslim in all respects.

  • foxxybey

    The guy needs to be replaced with a real principal, needs to be replaced with a American and not a idiot like himself, if it would have been islamist calling him he would have bowed.

  • Jeanette Victoria

    Oh no is wasn’t a attempt to push an Islamic agenda. And I have a bridge I would like to sell you


    IF THESE KIDS CAN SPEAK the American language then there is NO EXCUSE why they can’t recite the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag….IN ENGLISH….without replacing GOD with “Allah”!
    Bottom Line: This so-called school “principal” is either un-American or INCOMPETENT; either of which is grounds for replacing him with someone a bit more informed on the Muslim’s intentions of claiming America for their moon-god, Allah!
    There are Fools, then there are Damned Fools, such as THIS “principal”!!!

  • foxxybey

    This idiot doesn’t realize they don’t want to to be American’s they want to take over for allah who is not God, God says this is my Son in whom I’m well pleased, allah says I have no sons, so can’t be the same God. That is one of the most insulting things done in a school.

  • DouglasDauntless

    Tom Lopez like all Latino’s is not for America even though he may be a citizen. Lopez is also like Obama and will do anything the Communist Manifesto tells him to do. DESTROY Tradition AND INSTILL THE NEW THINKING. Lopez should be fired and sent back to his mother Country, where there are all Latinos’ or better yet send him to the middle-east where he can be a true Muslim instead of trying to convert American Christina children to the Pagan, Killer Cult, of Islam! i am surprised that these high schoolers’ did not object to this pledge to Allah.That is one more problem with this multiculturalism, there is only one culture here in the good old USA and that is Americanism, For those who don’t like it leave this Country and try and get away with with this bull… in any other County in this world, your head will roll on the ground. Dismiss all the teachers and the Principal who think this is OK.

    • disgustedbythisignorance

      Wow. I don’t even know what to say to this. Pure bigotry against multiple groups.

  • jenniewalsh

    One nation under God……God goes by MANY names and He answers to them all. There is not enough information in this article to know the real motive of the action. I always pray for all people, nations and religions to be UNITED in the TRUTH about God and in OBEDIENCE to GOD’S TRUE LAWS. I pray for all the sons and daughters of God throughout the world to be united into one great body, mind, hand, heart, consciousness and feeling of Light, Love, Purity, Perfection and Divine Wisdom. I know that my prayers are being answered. Tune into Patricia Diane Cota-Robles’ radio show on Tuesdays at 1 PM Eastern Standard Time on bbc radio at EraOfPeace.org Things, despite outward appearances, are now looking very good for planet earth. Love conquers all.

  • KrisKringle

    The problem here is that this is a secular issue. “Allah” refers to the concept of “God” in Islam. What happened to the “separation of Church and State?” The word “GOD” is a universal word of understanding. A pagan worships a “god,” as does a “J.W.”, “Hindu,” “Shintoist, ” etc. There are several different concepts as to what “GOD” is or does, depending upon a person’s cultural background.
    This teacher should be corrected for changing our National Pledge to accomodate a specific group.

  • Sorry..but this is NOT the United States anymore…I would have pulled my kids out of the school and start home school…Good By USA….Fire the teacher and fire the principal!

  • “Just Saying”

    Unfortunately there are so many language differences in the US that maybe all that come here should asimilate and learn English as our first language and utilize it as first language. Then use their parents, or their native tongue as there second language. My grandparents came here form Italy and they would not use anything but English then around family and friends Italian. We are not divided as a nation until we expect our country and citizens to revert to another language to make those that have a different culture or language feel comfortable. One of our requirements of citizenship is to assimilate to America and by doing so you must learn english. Not visa versa! If they want to speak in Arabic tongue maybe they should reside in the MIddle East of Africa? We have been attacked by these cultures, continue to be attacked for our culture and religions, been fighting the “JIHAD” that is Muslim for centuries and we are America! Not the Middle East. Practice your culture, your religion but do not try to change our culture and way of life or our native language just because your parents feel you should speak this in our country. Can you imagine if we required this in the Middle EAst or tried to practice Christianity there? We are a free country!
    An English speaking country! Not to say we cannot learn but to live here you cannot change things to make it like your or their former residence or country. If they want the culture of those places so badly then they should just live there! Simple solution!
    “Just Saying”

  • James Maxwell

    This is strange they are praying to a false god not of their paticulare religious perference.
    They are not allowed to say prayers in school, read from the Bible but they can pray to a
    false god. How does he explain this. If they are Muslim I might understand this, but that
    woudl be like requireing a Muslim to pray to the Christian GOD all hades would break out.

    • disgustedbythisignorance

      Nobody was praying to anybody or anything.

      • James Maxwell

        Perhaps your name fits you exactly, If a reference to GOD is made or the
        statement “So help me GOD” is used it is presumed you are praying to GOD.
        As an of those who are anti relegion and hate the mere mention of GOD in

  • Old Curmudgeon

    Destroy the barriers? Easy…say it in English and it is “under God”..not Allah.

  • Ed

    Muslims must die or the world will never be peaceful.

    • disgustedbythisignorance

      This is a very disturbing comment.

  • First of all this guy needs to be fired then deported. Secondly English is the Language of this nation not arabic. Thirdly and perhaps most important Allah is a moon “god” of the Arabian pennisula. GOD is supreme ask a Egyptian Pharoh. The quarn is just a false “religion” that uses the first five books of the Bible for the profit of a merchant called Mooohamood. After all I did not read any thing in the Holy Bible about being a pedophile.

  • fideux

    It’s disgusting that if you are a minority, you can do as you please in this country; in fact are encouraged to do so, yet traditions of real Americans are being dismissed as racial, anti this group or that group and those of us that want to have god in our lives and the mention of god displayed are put down or threatened with legal action if we do so. What has become of America, the land of the free and where we used to have freedom of speech and expression. If you want to blame a particular group, start with lawyers that will whore themselves out to anyone with a buck, or a cause!

  • bill eggenburger

    That is taking it just too far. PC on steroids..I can’t believe it.

  • disgustedbythisignorance

    I’m a junior at this school, and I’d like to just say that some of these comments are completely asinine. The club has said the pledge in French, Spanish, and plan to do it in many other languages, so why is it only a big deal when said in Arabic? I thought it was really interesting to listen to.
    The goal of the club is to break down barriers and promote diversity, so what is with all this freak out and paranoia? The bottom line is racism and bigotry, and I’m completely appalled at what people are saying about our principal.
    America doesn’t have a national language, we don’t have a national religion, and we certainty don’t have a national race. Thinking we should have any of these is the DEFINITION of prejudice.
    They’re saying a pledge to America, so who cares what language it’s in? It’s the exact same meaning.

    • Madelynn

      Well “disgusted” The I think the problem may be that you kids don’t have a strong sense of respect for things that are representative of our country. You may not even realize the importance. And saying it in a language that worships another god, which is NOT our GOD and saying “Allah” instead of God shows that you don’t fully understand the Pledge or what it means. Pledging “one nation under Allah” is NOT the same as pledging “one nation under GOD” anymore than you could say “one nation under Hitler” and still mean the same thing.

      • disgustedbythisignorance

        I have a huge amount of respect for this country and the things that represent it. “Allah” simply means “God” in Arabic. And “one nation under God” does not necessarily refer to a Christian God.

    • Mr. Incredible

      Hogwash, When extremists of Islam have declared war on the U.S. I don’t think diversity is something they deserve until THEY demonstrate allegiance. Not you!

      • disgustedbythisignorance

        When EXTREMISTS of Islam. EXTREMISTS.
        Stop lumping people together; the majority of Muslims disagree completely with radical Islam factions.

  • rivahmitch

    Uh huh!!! One nation, under Sharia, with liberty and justice for all EXCEPT…………fill in the blank with your favorite (Christians, Jews, Hindus, Women, Homosexuals). Take your pick… Then lock and load.

  • GridRider

    If this school were to recite the Pledge in a different language each week such as Hebrew, or German, Chinese or Russian without prejudice it might be seen as a learning tool. Unfortunately, it appears they selected Arabic solely to provoke and ridicule.

    • disgustedbythisignorance

      They did. It was in Spanish a few weeks ago and French before that. It’s a learning tool throughout the whole year.

      • Madelynn

        You’re choosing the wrong thing to use. Recite something else.

        • disgustedbythisignorance


    • Tina Cheng

      Not at all– you appear to miss the “Allah” point- go to Saudi Arabia with a Christian bible- you will get the Death Penalty- most likey a public stonning-Fool!

  • GridRider

    Thousands of Americans have and are fighting and dying where Arabic is the language of the enemy. Terrorists daily voice their hatred for us in those languages. Would we tolerate this conduct if this were 1943 and this principal decided to recite the Pledge in German or Japanese; in Chinese in 1950, or in Vietnamese in 1969? And, if he did so, would he NOT expect push back from parents? No, I see this not as an attempt at unity, I see it as a provocation… or this Principal is seriously lacking in judgement.

    • disgustedbythisignorance

      Arabic is not spoken where “Americans are fighting and dying”. Where we currently are in combat, Afghanistan, the main languages are Pashto and Dari.

      • Madelynn

        Arabic is the language of Islam. Islam is the religion/law of the people who consider us Infidels who need to be wiped off the face of the earth. Islam is the culture that breeds and cultivates terrorists that kill EVERY other nation and religion and feel justified in doing so. Before you defend your romantization of Islam/Arabic, LEARN about their beliefs and practices from somewhere other than your liberal mind manipulating educators. Do your own searching for the truth and use your own common sense, not what’s presented to you as “politically correct”.

        • disgustedbythisignorance

          I should get my information and facts from paranoid angry bloggers instead of credible news sources and highly educated teachers?

  • barry

    lucky my kids are older…..they would never see a school today…..my catholic education was brainwashing enough……today the brainwashing is much worse…..

  • CQQL33

    Oh My Allah … What the hell are our leaders thinking ? This guy should have an education but he acts like he is ignorant. Why does everyone want to come to America…..could it be the American culture…… We speak English, we were a country founded on God and freedom not Allah and freedom. I you want to be in this country use the proper name, God and God only.
    What a joke, he should be removed from his position and sent to the street.

  • LibertarianBiker

    The U.S. pledge was devised by a socialist to cause children to have greater allegiance to the federal union than they do to their state.

  • God and Allah are different words for the same being.

    • Madelynn

      Wrong. You obviously haven’t read any of the Quaran. Our GOD NEVER justified killing everyone who did not worship him. Nor did he say it’s ok to lie to anyone not muslim, about anything. Nor would he ever allow the treatment of the people that their religion and obviously Allah not only allows but calls for. In fact I recently read that Al-Shafie, considered a founder of Islamic jurisprudence, wrote: “One may eat the flesh of
      a human body. It is not allowed to kill a Muslim nor a free non-Muslim
      under Muslim rule (because he is useful for the society), nor a prisoner
      because he belongs to other Muslims. But you may kill an enemy fighter
      or an adulterer and eat his body.”

      • disgustedbythisignorance

        Didn’t God commit genocide in the Bible? and infanticide… and allow slavery… and sexism…. and stone nonbelievers?

        • Madelynn

          In your enthusiasm to show us how sophisticated and knowledgeable and open minded you are, you’ve completely lost sight of the issue which you obviously don’t even understand. I’m not going to indulge you in a pissing contest. Start learning what you’re talking about and get off your arrogant high horse. And no, I did not suggest you take my word for anything. I told you to inform yourself through searching information, not listening to liberal educators. Just because someone is labeled an “educator” does NOT mean they are qualified or worthy of teaching. I won’t be responding to any more of your posts. Until you open your mind to facts, there’s no point in further discourse.

  • Hawkeye


  • first-moonies

    Certainly it’s an agenda. ‘allah’ is the ancient ‘moon god’ al-illah. No god at all actually. Our Pledge is to the One True God of Israel.

  • coastx

    Here’s the deal. Communities across the US are seeded with IP25
    provocateurs. When they present, such as this administrator has done,
    you have to rout them. Americans will argue with this monster with no
    progress on getting him under control. Their mission is in perpetuity.
    Yours is transient, which is why they are getting away with this.
    Americans have been taught not to SYG principled on the DCBR to the
    advantage of the occupation entity, which is British leadership. You
    haven’t figured this out, and when someone tells you, you go
    schizophreniform. That’s because you’ve being presented with reality
    but have been conditioned not to think. You have ideas, and you believe
    your ideas are going to do something magical to these monsters. Not
    happening. God is any two people who agree to follow a mutually agreed
    upon agenda. Good or bad in human terms, God is whatever agreement you
    have made, by default or otherwise. If you go along with these
    monsters, God has indeed presented in this macabre relationship. They
    know this. YOU do NOT. You don’t know this, because you’re naive.
    You’re naive because you prefer the helplessness of a child to taking
    responsibility. Liberals posture child-like to win your confidence,
    then they gut your lifestyle. You don’t understand this, because you
    think going long with this will reward you. It won’t, obviously, but
    you haven’t figured it out yet, because their God is your God, but you
    just aren’t getting it.

  • That’s totally anti-American. Parents should be outraged and remove their children from that school immediately! They are going to American Schools, they can sit there and just shut up or leave the room and let the American children Pledge Allegiance to the American Flag! Remove this anti-American Principal!

  • Madelynn

    The Pledge of Allegience is American, not muslim. It should be said in English out of respect for what it is. If you want to practice other languages find something else to recite. If this principal is ok with this, what else might he be “ok” with.

    • disgustedbythisignorance

      Someone can be both American and Muslim.

  • Ok, why was Amerika formed,eh.

  • Fred_K

    The muslims do not assimilate, and therefore we should not extend our hands in acceptance in to the American society. The muslims need to be sent back to where ever they came from. The islamic religion is not a religion, but a subversive government masquerading as a religion. All their mosques should be sprayed with pig dung, and the muslims should be exported on a ship with pigs. Their mohammed may not have even existed, and the god they worship is a pagan god from southern Arabia. The islamic allah is not the God of the Bible, and no amount of claim on their part can prove otherwise. The teacher, and the principal need to go live in an muslim run country like Iran or Egypt. Both of them should be fired. If I was one of the parents, I would fight for their dismissal.

  • k9maiden

    Yeah right! Islam, such a loving religion. Islam is an evil ideology. If this were my kid in that school I would lead the way to get this out of touch principal fired!!! This country is not based on Islam, and Islam has no place in our school system. ONE NATION UNDER GOD!!! What part of this doesn’t this principal understand.

  • richard

    iran and syria have room for idiots that want to pledge alligence to allah, go there and tae the principle. I can bet if my kid was in that school I would have been at the next school board meeting to see who needed to be spoken to like a dog.

  • I’m outta here.

    This thing is like a runaway freight train aimed at the heart of our values and freedoms. It seems we the people will have to stop. Where are our elected so called politicians? It seems boener and oconner are in and opium parlor. Some of what Rand Paul says is interesting, but he can’t do it alone. Things like this went on long before it was made public.

  • seaofteamerican

    If they can’t recite our Pledge Of allegiance in English they would not be able to follow orders in English militarily right? If you can’t sing our National Anthem in English then I would surmise that you should go no? Remember “One Nation Under God” who ever you deem that Creator to be. I would not expect them to cover my damn six would you comrades?

  • Lowell

    Having children pledge their allegiance to Allah instead of America was wrong enough not only to fire that person but pull their citizenship. This is totally unacceptable behavior.

  • I thought is was agenst the law to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in schools. You know that whole thing about seperation of church and state. I guess it is not a viliation sence allah is not GOD.

  • HB

    I truly think some of these so-called “Liberal Educators” and “Liberal Principals” should be taught that America guaranteed their right to free speech by our Veterans who gave the USA a blank check while serving and made sacrafices beyond comprehension. If they are to teach in America, they should teach AMERICAN Values and American culture!

  • Tomtom

    Ship this Muslim principal back to Egypt where he belongs and not in our school system!!!

  • Jack Gilley U.S. ArmyVet 1977

    Sounds like the principal is wanting to start another” Columbine” how stupid can he be…kick his ass out before something bad happens

  • Richard

    I think that principle should be fired, and the partents should be outraged, this is America, not egypt, or tran, where u talking in your own language, if this was a muslim school in iran, that teacher would be executed for treason to his country, Americans r getting soft and allowing the liberals to destroy this country, stand up and fight these liberal garbage bags and stop all this nonsense.

  • someone brave enough needs to go to dearborn michigan and recite in English ‘One Nation under God’ in their high school. We’d probably get stoned.

  • Mr. Incredible

    Let’s cut the tongues out those kids and show them the tolerance of Islam too.

  • Harold L Raymond III

    Any teacher or principal who encourages a student body to do anything that insults or otherwise degrades this free, Constitutional, Christian Republic should be shot….end of story.

  • combatvet

    “I Pledge Allegiance To The Flag Of The United States of America…..” no where does it say allah or islam. End of discusion, principle needs to be fired and feel free to move to the islamic country of his choice and see if e will be allowed to have the students there recite our Pledge of Allegiance.

  • Why did I move to Co..Facepalm

  • Gordon

    We are not worshiping the same god by different names at all, Allah is NOT Jehovah and Jehovah is not Allah. Jehovah is The Lord God, maker of Heaven and Earth! Allah is a pagan moon god. Islam is a johnny-come-lately religion that showed up around 500 years after Christ.

  • tazz89103

    OMG just keeps getting better and better, Can some do it in English and say god ??

  • Charlie

    WTF are this clowns doing in these government run schools. Have these clowns done way to many drugs and have become mentally lost? Actually think since these clowns are governement employees (our Employees) they need to be aressted for treason.

  • jb80538

    Wrong thing to do! Fire the principle.

  • Chuck

    This is America, an English-speaking nation. I believe the principal in his travels made a wrong turn and wound up in the U.S. instead of Saudi Arabia.

  • donewest

    Our Pledge of Allegiance is to OUR America. If you have something against it. Leave!

  • Making American students pledge their allegiance to OUR flag in our enemies’ language is an insult to all Americans….even the ones that are too stupid and left-leaning to know it.

  • psiEnergos

    Don’t get mad…Lets all make a trip to the mosque and recite one of their prayers on English. Only we won’t say ‘Allah’, we’ll say ‘Odin’. After all, they shouldn’t find it all offensive that we use the name of a god THEY don’t recognize when practicing in the spirit of their tradition? We’re here to break down barriers people!

  • Phere

    I’m totally outraged! If this principal feels he must deny he’s pushing Islamism, why would he feel he should explain/exclaim that he’s NOT doing that very thing? Islamism is the bane, the decline, the ruination of the civilized world. To integrate it into our young children’s teaching is to promote regression. Islamism has never contributed positivity to the human experience in it’s history. The entire movement is creating pandemonium, hatred, and immorality throughout the world. It’s Sharia concept is immoral, murderous, and goes completely against our constitution. It cannot exist in our country and it’s introduction into our schools is completely unlawful and immoral. The job of our educational system is not to embrace cultures, it is to teach. If he wants to honestly enlighten our youth he must do it on an even field. All cultures on all levels with no favoritism to one culture or another. Period. The pledge of allegiance was designed/written, for the United States of America, not Islam, not Mexico, not Africa, not China, Japan, or the USSR. To take it out of context is a form of plagiarism. Do your job, quit trying to rewrite our moral code, and teach something!

  • The phone number of this twisted mind liberal principal is 970 488-7005. Give him a jingle.

  • Fire this dope principal illegal alien & deport him to a muslim country.

  • Allen Runyon

    Why is it ok to say it in Arabic not in English? They are always saying that God can’t be in school, but Allah can. This is wrong on so many levels it’s not even funny. So sick of the double standard in this country about religion.

  • seth

    why in arabic? america is inviting the terrorist to destroy its own freedom. let the freedom ring. islam is trying tring to conquer the whole world under one command i.e allah. and califhat is what they all dream for. dont let them do what they want. america is a solid christian state and will be

  • Godisalive

    Multiculturism/Political Correctness is the downfall of this country. We throw God and Jesus out of Government, schools, Christmas, everything then replace them with “ALLAH”, that is a problem!!

  • Tina Cheng

    Did the elaborate on the wonderful availability of Women’s rights in Saudi Arabia or the lovely level of religious tolerance the Afghan Taliban had for the Budhist temples that were order destroyed in the Pre US Occupation? Teach everyone about the wonder tolerance of Allah! Bring in Armenian scholars too!

  • Lloyd

    OK, our constitution says freedom of speech and religion, but it does not give them the right to subvert or attempt to destroy the core beliefs this country was founded upon. If it were not for those core beliefs, they would not have the right to even utter the word allah. The majority of the U.S. believes in the word of God as written in the bible not in the koran. So if this is allowed what do you think would happen if a group of christians went into a muslim mosque or school and started teaching or praying on christian beliefs and principles. There would be a strong outcry and a reprimand on the christian group, and the group would be forcfully escorted from the premises by the police. What happened to the christians rights? They went out the window when a muslim liar was placed in the oval office. This an outrage, and a affront to U.S. patriots. If this is the goal of all muslims.Tthen any of them in this country should be rounded up and sent to the middle east muslim countries. But then they would be subjected to shariah laws, and would be punished because they left their homeland, or because they are U.S. citizens. The very same laws they want to force upon the U.S.citizenry. What do we do now? The so called desire for political correctness stands in the way of any action to stop the muslims from forcing their ideals on the christians, Catch 22, danged if we do and danged if we don’t.
    It is my contention that all of this is just another part of Islams war on christians. To deny this would be to lie. It has already been said by prominent muslim leaders that they want christians and Jews exterminated from the face of the earth. They want the U.S. destroyed. How many of them are here covertly to create division among our own people. Where do we draw the line? Personally, I think we have already crossed that point, and are standing right on the very edge of allowing our own destruction. It is time to fight back. No more turning the other cheek. If you turn the other cheek too many times, you will eventually go down, and they will be turning your cheeks for you. They have openly declared war on us do we just stand back and quietly let them walk in and destroy us. I hope not.

  • So I looked for your thought on the matter Jan, and found no statement, or opinion… Surely you would give your thoughts on this matter and make it public, wouldn’t you? So point me to your thought on this topic, and I will respond, and if no reply, I will surmise that there is no opinion, and this is…

  • I do believe that “any” one who resides in America, takes part in our schooling, takes money, grants and expects our protections, should become an American, otherwise they are a temporary citizen, with limited rights, and no tolerance… If they want to worship “their” god, they are free to do, but not at the creating policy as to the deleting of or redefining the God that America was founded under… As an American Bible reading Christian, I will “NOT” stand for a diluted, “common ground, let’s all believe all our religions together”, as this is “NOT WHAT AMERICA WAS FOUNDED ON”. Let the “other” faiths practice their faiths, even on our soil, but let NOT them change the faith America was founded on, “NEVER”.

  • This is BS, tell them this is our country, not theirs!!

  • sreynolds

    They don’t let us recite the correct version in public schools, why in hte hell would this be allowed. Libereals make me sick…..

  • Philip Zepp

    I hope this teacher is fired! If my child came home and told me this I would yank them out of the school.

  • All the Libtard talk about removing “God” from our schools and public offices…but when terrorists use the word “Allah” thats ok.

  • Mutley

    We are becoming a country divided. Islamism is slowly creeping into mainstream USA and now this Tom Lopez is allowing it into our education system. This is wrong. I will never pray to any God but the True God. Allah is not my God and I refuse to pray to him. If Mr. Lopez continues this practice, I suggest that the parents file a lawsuit on the grounds that saying the Pledge in Arabic and using the words “Under Allah” is offensive and is Praying to a God and since most find God offensive, they find Allah just as offensive.
    Robert J. Kay, USAF (1965-69), USN (1971-1983).

  • Jennifer M

    I can’t understand why America keeps bending over to make everyone but AMERICANS happy. Have a dang backbone! And the Freedom part is your allowed to keep your cultural & ways BUT good LORD don’t you dare ask us to convert, try, or change how our country is! ONE GOD .. Take it or leave

  • This principal should be fired for his unAmerican activities and made to say the Pledge of Allegiance 100 times in front of the whole school and the parents of those children. Then made to run a gauntlet of those parents before throwing him out of the Colorado school system for eternity and take his teaching credentials away from hom spo he cannot do this again in any school nation wide.

  • YES! Help to destroy the barriers between Americans and immigrants by HAVING THEM SPEAK ENGLISH in the USA. Encourage them to melt into the pot – NOT to perpetuate their old culture (the one they loved so much they LEFT IT) now that they are here.

  • Colorado….hhhmmmm…they are looking for a pot expert. Its being legalized there. That is why those politicians are making such wonderful decisions. Keep the people under the influence and keep them passive. They won’t be able to legally carry as they will need a doctor’s letter stating they are mentally stable. However, it would get the illegal stuff off the streets. Am not sure whether them growing their own is good/bad.

  • We ain’t seen anything yet b

  • Hogan

    What a politically correct absolute jerk this guy is. I’d like to meet him.

  • In america, weplede alegiance, IN ENGLISH!

  • Well I’ll bet the next mass shooting will be at this school whatcha think?

  • Chaplain Jack

    The Pledge of Allegiance is just that; pledging allegiance to the flag of America. The only religious connatation it has is when you say, One nation under God. Do the cultural students pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, or some other flag altogether?
    It doesn’t sit right with Americans to have someone mess with our culture, but think about it, Arabs or Americans, they are presumably pledging their allegiance to the United States Flag, right?

  • WHEN is enough, enough.

  • Keith J Gough, USAF veteran

    Are you kidding me!?! Is this a joke? Arabic???? You guys don’t want the kids to recite it in English, because it may offend somebody or their culture! I am fed.up with hurting someones feelings! My son is Korean-American…and he thinks they should recite the Allegiance! Stop trying to satisfy everyone in America! Start thinking of our fore fathers!! Dammit!!

  • Minner Mike

    this is pretty much B.S.. most schools dont say the pledge anymore.. Wheres the Frik’n ACLU stand on this one? Say it in english or dont say it at all..

  • I wonder if they flew the flag of Islamic Jihad during the recital?

  • james Price

    This is not acceptable and sets a very bad precedence. Why not just use the primary language of our country.. English.?

  • MrLakeburn

    There is only 1 creator!…Call it what you want. Peace2all.

  • Aussie

    So while America’s finest are dieing in Afghanistan the Obama loving Democrat financing, Teachers Union is demanding that American Children swear alligience to those who’s only purpose is to kill them their families and destroy their nation ?

    Eliminate government schooling NOW, after all, when was the last time you met a “Teacher” you could trust?

    If they knocked at your door one Sunday and you invited them in how long before you picked them up by the ear and threw them dowm the front steps after they told you the same Socialist Crap they tell your children every day in the classroom?

  • Dennis J. Psoras

    Having served my country three years during the Korean War , I stand at attention with my hand placed over my heart as the colors pass by . As I see our beautiful flag unfurl in the breeze my heart skips a beat . My eyes glisen , I shed a tear or two for the Red , White and Blue . God is my Captain , my leader and my savior . May this younger generation have an epiphany and come to their senses and support the greatest nation ever , now in it’s hour of peril . Many of our boys , then and now , never returned home . They sleep where they were slain , may their sacrifice not be in vain . God bless America . Dennis J. Psoras .

  • Curtis

    This is an outrage !! This is America if you don’t like OUR culture OUR beliefs and OUR GOD then go back where you came from ! This is one Nation under GOD !! This man should be fired !

  • disqus_Btj594bxuz

    Allah is satan! and there will never be a substation for GOD!

  • More nonsense from the Liberal Idiots in Colorado. The word Allah has been used since Babylonian times and was identified as Satan. So do I see this as a problem??? You betcha! A little education goes a long ways. Ignorance is not acceptable. And the road to hell is paved with good intentions!

  • Everything starts small and over time it is no longer SMALL.