Clinton Lashes Out Over Benghazi: “What Difference at This Point Does It Make”

Screen shot 2013-01-23 at 3.24.40 PMSecretary of State Hillary Clinton on Wednesday lashed out over the claim that the administration misled Americans about the nature of the Libya terror attack by asserting that it was the result of a protest, raising her voice during a Senate hearing and asking: “What difference, at this point, does it make?”
Clinton, in what may be her final set of testimony as secretary, pointedly challenged Republican Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson when he claimed the department could have “easily” determined what happened that night by interviewing staffers who were evacuated.
He was referring to the administration’s initial claim that the attack sprung out of a protest. It was later determined there was no protest on the ground in Benghazi. Diplomatic security agents said as much to the FBI during interviews on Sept. 14, despite administration claims to the contrary two days later. 
“That was a piece of information that could have been easily — easily — ascertained, within hours if not days,” Johnson said. 

“We were misled that there were supposedly protests and something sprang out of that. … The American people could have known that (there was no protest) within days, and they didn’t know that.” 
At that point, Clinton began to raise her voice.
“With all due respect, the fact is we had four dead Americans,” she said. 
“I understand,” Johnson said.
Clinton continued to speak, raising her voice and gesturing: “Was it because of a protest or is it because of guys out for a walk one night and they decide they go kill some Americans? 
“What difference, at this point, does it make?” 

Clinton, lowering her voice, then said it is the administration’s job to “figure out what happened” and prevent it from happening again.
Later in the testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Clinton acknowledged the administration did not have a “clear picture” of what happened in the immediate aftermath. She said perhaps officials didn’t do a good enough job explaining that they “didn’t have a clear picture.” 

But Clinton still said the motivations of the attackers, to this day, is not clear. “Even today there are questions being raised,” she said, referring to findings in the classified version of a recent report that she could not describe in detail. 

The Obama administration has also faced scrutiny about security requests that were denied in the months leading up to the attack. Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., top Republican on the Senate committee, lamented “the spiking of the ball and the thinking that when Usama bin Laden was gone that was the end of Al Qaeda.” 
“We know nothing could be further from the truth,” he said. 
Clinton appeared to agree that the terrorist threat is far from diminished, but said that she never saw the requests from the Libya team for more security.

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  • Liar.

  • freebirds

    Her lips move so guess what? Apple don’t fall far from the tree.
    Remember.. I did not have sex with that lady?
    It’s o.k. if your a Clinton. I bet they could get away with murder. Wait. They did.

  • And they want her to run for President in 2016. BS Don’t let this happen

  • There’s a special place in hell for skanks like her and her husband and this dictator in office…personally I think we should send em there.

    • Rattlerjake

      I got the rope!

    • SickoftheBS


  • doug schexnyader

    The difference is YOU and other dimdems lied for 2 weeks (on purpose) to the American people! Of course, Hillary of Rose Law “I don’t recall” fame is a known bold liar married to same.

  • CHinOhio

    Lying bitch. “What difference does it make now?” Gee – we just re-elected a man (term used very loosely) who would cover this up to further his bid to destroy our country. You, Hillary, who may decide to run for President in 2016 (please God, no!!!), can’t even read important information, sent to you well in advance of 4 Americans dying. You watched these fine Americans DIE live like it was a freaking video game. You aren’t fit to clean White House toilets, Mrs. Clinton. You were probably involved in people’s deaths even BEFORE your husband was elected President, ie Whitewater. What difference does it make when you have such little regard for life? Plenty, you ignorant wench – plenty. Go retire and leave OUR country alone, please.

    • Well from what I hear Obama misses his national security briefings that are held daily. Why should Clinton read her information. It is like leading from behind. LET SOMEONE else do the work. The true communist way!

  • Chief47

    The “difference it makes at this point”, Dumb*ss Hillary, is that the American people deserve who know whether the deaths of 4 Americans could have been prevented by a more vigilant Obummer administration and an inept Department of State. It also makes a huge difference “at this point”, whether or not both you and Obummer LIED to the American people.

    • How many believe her that it took 2 weeks to see the films from Benghazi. It this day and age of information over load. They can tell us in a few minuets what Al Roker did in his pants in the white house. But it take 2 weeks to see pictures from Benghazi. We see stuff the same day on you tube. And the white house and state department takes so long. They watched the raid on Osama. The attack took 7 hours what did happen during that time. I never heard that question asked. Or Secretary Clinton what party were you at, while this 7 hour attack happened. Where was anyone with the power to act, from the administration?

      • SickoftheBS

        Every country on this planet except the most technological Country (The USA) knew the whole story the night it happened. That is how inept our current regime is!

    • ThomNJ

      I’ll tell you what difference it makes – it’s the difference between the obvious obfuscation by Hillary and her ilk versus the likely fact that obama was practicing the rendition that he so adamantly opposed by George Bush. Nice work hillary, “guys out for a walk” versus “a movie protest”. How about instead a “jail break”? Is THAT what really took place? Is that why the attack and is that why Americans are dead? Yeah, you lying b-, it does make a difference.

  • barto

    Americans died and Clinton and other Obama’s people LIED!

  • Hernert

    Literally Hillary the Elitist rants in disgust, ‘What difference does Benghazi make now” — now that Obama has been enthroned as Emperor and the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are old tired elements of Anglo/Euro society that has no bearing on the modern world of The Obama. There is no past only a future of Obama, where “The future must not belong to those who defame the prophet (sic) of Islam.” President Obama’s vow to the UN General Assembly on 9/25/12 (full text at Whitehouse.gov)

  • madmemere

    Of course, what “anyone” on that committee, or hitlery, herself, will never discuss is the fact it was “planned kidnapping” of the Ambassador, so obama-soetoro could exchange him for the blind sheik (the WTC bomber in 1993), thereby gaining “favor” with his muslim brothers and appearing the “hero” to Americans, just prior to elections! That’s already been admitted, by an administration “insider”, when interviewed by Doug Hagmann, of Canada Free Press. Military experts have stated ” a stand down order comes from the top of the command chain” – -can you say “oval office”?? When that “illegal command” was not obeyed, obama-soetoro figured “dead men tell no tales”!
    None of them will “tell the American people”, that this was NOT an American consulate, nor a “mission”; it was a CIA STAGING AREA for the transfer of US AND Ghadafi weapons TO al-ansharia AND al-queda! Also attested to by the administration “insider”!

    And why doesn’t the committee ask her, more pointedly, “Why the second attack on Camp Bastian (Afghanistan) that took place on 9/14 – -3 days after Benghazi, was never mentioned, nor acknowledged by the White House, nor the lamestream media propaganda machine”?? NO ONE in the administration brought that up – -Marines DIED that day! Their bodies were, quietly, returned home – -NO national media coverage – -NO White House welcoming committee! WHY NOT? They were still too busy trying to cover their butts, over Benghazi and it didn’t “fit” their agenda! Oh, by the way, that attack was carried out by muslim terrorists, dressed in US military camouflage! This event was reported by both Glenn Beck and Michelle Malkin and a few other websites!

  • Jim

    If she tries to run in 2016, her opponent needs to just keep playing that over and over. “We had 4 dead Americans…what difference does it make.

  • John Smithson

    Hi Jan: Freebirds I remember White Water, Im not thru with that yet, murder. I remember a trip to columbia w/ hillary & the secret service, party time the secret service got some hookers, the problem many of the hookers were underage the secret service committed child rape & child molesting-Im not thru w/ this yet. DHS, FBI, DOJ holder, ATF, WH muslum o the illegal fraud, fast & furious Brian Terry’s Death-Im not thru w/ this. Benghazi another almost coverup-Im not letting this go. ETC ETC

  • Rosie46

    They do not want the full story to come out about what was going on Behghazi and what Chris Stevens was really doing there. The difference it makes is that there is a question of arms being transferred, a cover-up, and what the US was doing there — was it legal? Too many lies and too many Americans dead (yes, four is too many).

  • Charlie

    Americans died when there was no reason for help was just less than an hour away just bitting at the bit to kick some tail. There is a difference even at this point she is number three in power number two also knew when all that happened happened, number one also knew. Therefore fire all of these people and charge them with the murder of all that were killed at this embasy. What’s the difference now indeed, what a mental problem for sure.

  • “What difference … does it make at this point?” Sheeeeesh I would like to be able to say I am surprised she said that, but I am not surprised. And it tells me that SHE is the one at fault and knows it. Not only for the sloppy security but also for the attempted mis direction of trying to lay the blame on a film. What difference is the last cry of all who are at fault for something and are then trying to dodge the blame. On top of everything else as the Secretary of State she is in charge so the ultimate responsibility is hers. OMG and this thing thought she could be President? H___ she would have been worse than Obama. And that is real bad. Lord only knows what may be found if only that committee has the guts to dig, and that is what she is really afraid of is that they will keep on looking.

  • All I want to know is why they didn’t respond to the men asking for help.Why didn’t they send in our troops to rescue them.Why for 7 hours did those men have to fight alone and finally DIE because no one helped them……What tragedy to let our men die when they could have been rescued. THAT”S NOT THE AMERICAN WAY!!!!

    • SickoftheBS

      That’s not an American in the White House!

  • Annymous Patriot

    She is right, it does not matter WHY our citizens were killed and continuing to beat down that path plays right into their plans. It’s a distraction, a smoke screen. We all know they lied about it, who cares. The better question is why were our citizens unprotected and denied support and rescue in the FIRST PLACE!?!?!?! String her and her lying cohorts up for THAT little nugget.

  • Modin

    it was a planned attack by terrorists that the govt. armed and funded…. the target was a gunrunning operation run in bengazi by stevens which recovered weapons from the libyan army depots and transferred them to the brotherhood/al qaeda terrorists in syria via turkey. This was being done because soviet issued weapons are common and more importantly deniable. Anyone doubting this can simply refer to the afghanistan war with the soviets as an example of american proceedures. The op was carried out by jihadis who realized there was resistance to continuing the arming of their group in favor of others.
    The govt. had realtime intel about the situation on the ground and chose to deliberately deceive the public with this protest garbage. The response teams were prevented from intervening. The coverup was to conceal the gunrunning operation and the connectioins with known terrorists. All fingers point to complicity from both the WH and state.

    • Modin

      I would like to know where huma abedin was and what she was doing when this situation was going down…

    • That is pure Faux fiction.

  • thekeyman

    Drive all of them from office !

  • It also makes me want to ask did Hilly and Obama see that ambasador as some kind of Political threat to them?

  • vin

    hillery please run for president so you can waste all you money and lose

  • It was a suicide mission you had them on, Why, What other stuff were you guys into that you were diverting the American public from?

  • kc

    To each of you that follow Jan’s “load your gun..the government is coming after them” mentality, you are already bashing the next President of the United States come 2016. Hillary Clinton endured 7 hours of pounding from the GOP and still came out looking and acting like a leader should…and the kicker is…She did not have a gun on her, her intelligence, diplomacy and integrity did it for her. Start your comments if you must, but keep in mind that she will be the next POTUS…

    • SirKevin1231

      You make me sick to my stomach. I hope any and all pukes like yourself find a way to be in a stalled car on the tracks of a fast train which is 10 feet away.
      It’s people like yourself that have turned this once proud nation into the filthy degenerative state it is in now.

    • NOT on my Watch!

  • Ihatelibs

    Death to the Muslim

  • Lloyd

    What difference does it make? Oh lets see, are you guilty of complicity to murder? What about treason, derliction of duty, are you covering for someone else. You might as well be pleading the 5th. They are dead because of you and others failing to do, or refusing to your jobs. The families of the dead deserve to know if their loved ones were murdered or not. You have already been caught in lies so I think it is pretty obvious which.

  • Nothing but false and misleading statement from Hillary Clinton .Hillary and Obama need to be held accountable.

  • Terry C

    I watched a few minutes of this so called meeting and almost got sick. I had to change channels. All I saw was elected officials just gushing her praises. It’s no wonder these committees never get anything done. They spend all their time thanking whoever is in front of the committee and might, just might, get 1 question in.

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    4 Americans are dead because a stupid person, or persons, performed so far below JOB DESCRIPTION MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS to be eligible for immediate imprisonment for the murders.

    And she said “what difference does it make”?

    Long trip to the woodshed, and what happens in that woodshed stays in that woodshed.

  • azcharlie

    What difference does it make that all those kids in Sandy Hook were shot with an AR-15? There’s 20 kids dead! We’ve got bigger things to think about……

  • J. Brown

    If you don’t have integrity what did you bring to Washington? The administration promised transparency and to date we haven’t seen it, making them like the previous administrations they abhor.

  • ChuckColsonfan

    She didn’t say that when she helped go after Nixon for Watergate. Nobody died because of Watergate.

  • Old Curmudgeon

    Lies and more lies. That along with a not so well veiled request for more money. The Democrats’ answer to everything: throw money at the problem even if we don’t have the money to throw.

  • Jed54

    Like **** happens, get over it… Peoples lives don’t mean a thing.. this is where we are now. She needs to have something hit closer to home.. D.C. is full of these rodents..

  • Jaime Cancio

    What “difference does is make”? Well Hillary you managed to get four men killed in an ambush that was known to be planned four weeks prior to the actual attack. We would like to see that never happens again. All I saw today was the reading of pre-prepared scripted questions and answers and Democrats treating her as if she is the quilted cow, with her big rear end that seems appropriate. All I saw today was cheap dramatic theatrics and politicing. They did everything but venture over to her and kiss her rear end. And all I saw was the direct diversion from the issues and questions at hand by bringing up issues of the past and supposed future and at no time dealing with the Benghazia situation. And if you were really paying attention the news photographers and videographer are no longer treating her kind by using their skills to make her look old, haggarded and worn and you might even say presenting her as a hag. And I am being kind.
    Hillary has failed every American citizen. And the Benghazi situation is not the first time she has failed. I almost fell over in my seat when the Representative from Flordia did everything but kiss Hillary’s rear end giving praise for her being the Great American Statesperson. Tell the truth if I was ruler or king of another nation and Hillary showed up I would consider that an act of War.

  • shut up Hillary, u need to go DOWN with everyone else including Panetta and Obama.

  • “but said that she never saw the requests from the Libya team for more security.”.. I don’t believe that for 2 seconds. 🙁 That is really what matters. Whether or not, the administration knew that they were in trouble.

    • Yes, of course Hillary reads all of the 1,000,000 plus cables sent to the State Department.

      • She is the one in charge it IS her responsibility and you know that came in on the HIGHEST PRIORITY so it went straight to her from decoding. When Ambasadors ask for help they are to get it. No ifs, ands, or buts.

  • coastx

    Denial pathology, HER?

    … HAHAHA!

    Rhoda Penmark!

  • mrjjwa

    What a disgrace they should all be fired, their doing everything except there job ,too protect the USA. they do there political survivor thing instead of strengthening & protecting our own people. They died because you weren’t listening to them. NOW you are sending money & jets too people who HATE us Egypt, & they just got the license wrights to BUILD JETS FOR CHINA , So who’s technology are they using, & our jet Defence knowledge goes down the drain . How can Congress or the Senate let this new DISASTER happen???

  • George

    The difference it makes at this point is that the whole Benghaz issue was set up by Obama months before it happened to just kidnap the people at there so Obama could have them released just before the election. The first problem is, that it didn’t go quite as planned. The 2nd problem is that as all the top brass(Hilary and Barrack included) sat on there asses in Washington watching it all go down on live TV as broadcast live from the 2 dromes flying overhead and let these people get killed. Well, they didn’t do nothing, they ordered the marines that were about a mile away to stand down and not go in and help these people. Thus, they ordered them to be killed as they watched. This in my eyes is just plain murder and all involved should stand trial for that. I swear to protect the constutition and the citizens of the United States of America. By not upholding your oath of office, this now becomes a case for the act of treason.

    • Nothing you say is even close to the truth.

      • John you would refuse to see the truth if it bit you in the ***.

        • Well, I certainly wouldn’t believe anything from Fox News or MSNBC for that matter. Fox News lied about Benghazi and cons swallowed the lies “hook, line and sinker”.

  • R

    The difference Hillary is that the American people know they were lied to and they need to hear someone apologize for it. The difference is that someone needs to be pay a price for the lies. You would not know about all that because you were discovered and fired as a lying cheat all the way back after your participation in the Watergate investigation. I doubt you have changed your colors.

  • Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States if she chooses to run. And most likely another 2 term President. Republicans are scared to death and it shows.

    • Frankly I am not sure anyone would want to be the next President and have to pick up the mess that obama is going to leave. Because who ever it is that person is going to have to do things with the budget that NO ONE is going to like, and even that may not be enough. I can fore see the Democrats actually throwing the next election so that it is the Republicans who get the blame for trying to do what is going to have to be done, in order to just keep from drowning in a sea of red ink. Taxes will go sky high, Budgets will be slashed almost across the board, the entitlement programs will probable cease to exist (and I doubt that they would then be brought back) Riots will take place and absolute force will be required to put them down if possible. No I don’t think Hillary or any Democrat is going to want to walk into that. And that is what we are looking at if we just try to level off the debt and maybe start to take it down. The only other way is to cancel the debt. Which will destroy the dollars position as the world’s reserve currency and raise our cost of living higher then you may want to imagine. Oh and both will remove the US as the world’s Super Power. Obama has accomplished his mission of removing the US as a threat to the spread of Islam. And even if that wasn’t his nission he has still accompished it, that and the destruction of the Middle Class the true strength of this country, and he has potentially placed the Upper 10% of wealth in this country into a dangerous wealth destrying position that will greatly reduce their influence so that only the last 1% of super wealthy have any influence left.
      Oh and just one last side comment to the free loading takers out there who think obama is some sort of hero. I am very tired of you calling everyone a “Hater” just because they do not like what is happening or don’t agree with you. I can tell you this when this bubble explodes, and it well sooner than you think, you will be the first to be let down and will also be in the worst position of anyone. You will be the ones who riot trying to regain your freebies and instead will be left to starve by a government that never cared about you in the first place, and only used you to get what it wanted.

      • Have you thought about writing fiction? I think you may have a future there.

        • Don’t have to. The Truth is stranger and Better than any fiction. And if you believe in Obama then you are living in a world that is far more fiction than anyone could ever dream up in any nightmare,

  • With all her money and power, she looks and acts like an old hag.

    • This is a terrible picture here. I think Hillary looks great for her age.

      • Terrible all right it doesn’t show her fangs, but the rest of her personality stands out, But then she can’t use a mirror.

      • CHinOhio

        Pretty low standards you have there, John.

      • russeller

        if she were 94 you might b e right

  • Mom

    Hillary’s next job should be replacement for Chris Stephens ambassador to Libya.

    • Her next job should be NO job. Unless it is makinging plates in a state institution.

  • ReaperHD

    This regime from the top down has no problem killing Americans as long as it accomplishes it’s agenda to destroy the Constitution and the American People.

  • Al

    Just shows another PRICELESS side of the Clintons!! Arrogance & Incompetence—even though I think Hillary is a smart woman—SSOOOO calculating & manipulating…..sooooo… political !!! She is such a liar–just like most of the current administration…makes me sick!!

  • SickoftheBS

    The Difference is that the Administration of which you are part of once again lied to us the citizens and also cost the deaths of 4 more Americans. That is the Difference you are as worthless as the POS that currently occupies the WH and you now want to sit there.

  • Fred

    Hillary’s arrogance shows just like the Obama arrogance. SO WE LIED WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES THAT MAKE ! You should know and expect that from this administration. We have the right to lie to the American people. Obama gives us that right.
    We take advice from a professional liar. “Obama”

  • What’s the difference if you get shot in the head or have a heart attack. We just have to be sure it doesn’t happen again! WHAT???????????????????????

  • hates dematurds

    The old burned out prostitute is lieing again and her pimp boss is backing her up. Just another day in the dematurd, libtard land of washington. It is time to spay and neuter all libturds to stop the spread of libtard retardation.

  • Bill_in_Tulsa

    It matter because History Repeats It’s Self

  • Reading the transcript of her speech, I couldn’t help but notice she takes a veiled swipe at others before her (them), in her comment about “security lapses and threats going back as far as 1988.” At first, when I read it, I didn’t recognize more of their “it’s someone else’s fault” for everything in the world. But it really struck me with THE INCOMPETENCE OF THEM TO RECOGNIZE SERIOUS LAPSES & THREATS — and their inability to deal with new or present threats and lapses.
    They are no more able to recognize those security threats, than they are able to find and ‘prosecute those responsible’, nor are they willing to expose those — BECAUSE THEIR LOYALTIES ARE ELSEWHERE! Plain and simple, there it is. Hillary Clinton has drunk deeply the Kool-Aid of Obama, believing that he will be the next political star she can hitch her wagon to, and that by distancing herself from the Benghazi debacle she can whitewash her record so well, that in 2016 we’ll all remember her battle cry of — “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?!”

  • Ken

    Look, the Teflon crowd in DC thinks your stupid. Just accept what she says as the truth and get off her back.

  • John H

    Hill, neither of your scenarios happened. You KNOW that your man was in town to transfer weapons from Al Qaeda in Libya to Al Qaeda in Syria via Turkey. You KNOW that supplying arms to our enemies is TREASON. You are covering up, with the help of congress and the media. He got killed because the Libyans didn’t want to give up MANPAD missles, and Al Qaeda wanted a revenge 9/11 incident to commemorate Bin Laden’s death. And then you covered it up till the election was bought and paid for. What a cynical, cowardly woman. You should be ashamed, arrested and sent to prison.

  • foxxybey

    The queen from the land of oz probably wasn’t hurt at all, just a excuse to get her talking point from her handler obozo. If she was hurt, it was because she was drunk and fell out of her girls friends bed while having sex.

  • violator1

    Not only is she a lying ruthless cold hearted bitch! But she also is a witch and we all jnow what New Englanders used to do to witches! Guess we need to revive this punishment and enact it on her and her favorite wizard in chief! Awe would it not be nice to view her and her daddy obama burning in a nice hot bon fire! This too would be a prelude to their return to their favorite god satan!

  • russeller

    looks like the only thing left for hillary is suicide …. I wonder if Obama and Bill have planned that one out yet ?

  • NoMoreMarxistsInDC

    And this troll wants to be the next President of the United States??????

    She can’t even run her own Department of State, and she’s going to run the U.S. Government???–into the ground!!!!!

    I don’t think so. Hillary is a liar, a fraud, and was involved in having Vince Foster (who may have been her lover at one point) killed. They claim he committed suicide, but Hillary and Bill had him done in.

  • rob,d.

    Clinton and oboma watched this happen, and could have stopped it at anytime, and maybe it was a setup for browny points that went way wrong.> For once tell the truth white house!!!!!!!! (never happen)

  • Harrt Truman

    If I had done what is right those 4 Americans would still be alive,But we would not have elected Obama. That the reason I did what I did. saved his ass. So he told I could be the Next president. Just as soon as my Head gets better.

  • Well one difference is the guy whom was arrested on charges. Is he out on bail? Was he arrested mainly due to the video lie. I know there were other issues, but why did he get arrested after the excuse was born? If he had warrants, why wasn’t he already under arrest. To me this is one difference.

  • Tomtom

    She FAILED miserably as Sec of state. Then committed TREASON killing four GREAT Americans. She should not be allowed to hold public office ever again !!!

  • Attila

    Indeed! She was incompetent and tried to cover up with lies. She got away with it. At this point what difference does it make? Her lying co conspirator probably coached her for this nonsense.