Eric Holder: We Will Go After Gun Traffickers…

Attorney General Eric Holder said today that the government will consider “imposing tough penalties on gun traffickers who help funnel weapons to dangerous criminals” while talking about gun control to U.S. mayors.
ERIC HOLDER:  And to consider a series of new federal laws imposing tough penalties on gun traffickers who help funnel weapons to dangerous criminals.
Anyone remember Operation Fast and Furious?
See Holder’s comments in video below

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  • Ya rite! the biggest gun runner in the country!

  • Theonethatknows

    I totally agree that the maximun penalty (death) should be imposed on anyone caught running arms to criminals. I believe Obama and Holder should be held up (or hung up) as examples that this will not be tolerated! The sooner the better!

    • I agree. Hang Obastard and Holder from a tree on the white house lawn like the good old days when traitors were dealt with swiftly, and with extreme prejudice!

    • dax

      very well thought out. I wholeheartedly agree. Oh, by the way, those DC bastards always exempt themselves from the rules you and I have to live by, so they can make those asinine statements and walk away.

  • Liberal hypocrisy knows no bounds!

  • Bohica

    Of anybody in the Country to make that statement, I can not think of anybody less qualified to do so.

    • richard

      No it is funny he IS the most qualified about funneing guns to the hands of dangerous criminals, he helped funnel what 1700 illegal guns into the hands of some of the most dangerous international criminals in the world and in another country yet. He and everyone else involved i fast and furious need to be handed over to the Mexican government to stand trial for all the death caused in that country.

  • Marine68

    Death to the Gun Runners and their minions, that support Drug dealers and overseas Terror organizations by providing them with Guns or the means to procure them.

  • kumbayah

    Holder IS a gun trafficker! And it got innocent people killed! This man is himself a criminal!

  • So is he gonna go after himself, and obummer first. Remember “Fast and Furious”.

  • cottagemist

    This really is Oxymoron..Eric Holder, DOJ,and Etc, not only were trafficking,and selling firearms,but across borders..into Mexico, our border guards,thousands were murdered by criminals,drug cartels..FAST N FURIOUS..then refused to give Congress the supoenad evidentiary paper trails ..which eould prove their criminality.What bravado of bullcrap…Quilty.

  • So, just why hasn’t this Corrupt Petty Bureaucrat been arrested, and jailed for life as he is a low life just like his boss.

  • Robert

    Errant Hadless, Be careful of what you wish for, wasn’t Fast & Furious a gun running plan devised by you and this administration???

  • I’m sure that will work as well as they do against drug traffickers. All banning certain kinds of guns will do is open up new business opportunities for the drug cartels that already have a distribution network.

    • rivahmitch

      I assume you’re including the ATF network that Holder himself set up?

  • Do as I say not as I do. What a hypocrite.

  • Chris Smith

    Does this mean he’ll hold his office accountable?

    • HappyClinger

      No. It means he’ll fool us dumb knuckle-dragging flyover country hicks into thinking he’s on the case, hopefully long enough for them to get their army outfitted.

  • Jumper82

    Boy what a DA and I do not mean District Attorney. Holder needs to start with himself.

  • Brian

    Holder should be tried and found guilty of treason and we all know what the penalty of treason is

    • either death by public hanging, or being shot unceremoniously on the white house lawn Like Jefferson would have wanted

  • Saltporkdoc

    The only thing dumber than him saying that is anyone so full of the kool-aid that they actually believe anything the Commiecrats from Washington have to say (fellow idiots like the media talking heads and propagandists)!
    Welcome to Amerika [sic] !

  • Douglas

    Isn’t it ironic that Mr. Gun Runner in Fast/Furious suggest he is going after Gun Runners…good maybe he could begin by turning himself in to the local police department. 2500 AK-47’s and AR-15’s into Mexico, and reports suggest about another 1500 made its way out of Florida into South America..so I guess what Holder is stating “We Don’t Want To See Any Of Those Guns They Shipped To Central and South America sold back to any American Drug Dealers”. But chances are they won’t go after the real criminals like Drug Dealers, or Cartels (that drug war is the longest running war in the history of the World), so Holder will go after Honest Americans they are trying to turn into Criminals by violating our Constitutional Rights!

  • jbp

    IS Holder going to go after himself?

    • Every once in a while when a dog chases his tail he will catch it. Hope this is one of those times.

      • SkipSC

        Like a dog chasing a car or his tail, Holder wouldn’t know what to do with it if he caught it. Probably play with it.

    • Gunslinger

      He’s been trying to catch himself for years and he keeps getting away.

  • tmac

    You can’t be serious……Holder??? This scourge of society speaking on gun trafficking??
    This guy needs to just go home and thank God he is allowed to live!

  • The Bee Guy

    Guess we better get him in court, finjd his guilt, and hang him, for trafficing guns to our enemies. Ropes have been the traditional method of execution of murderers, and those guilty of treason for hundreds of years. Takes the guilt from the so called assault weapons. Of course If he can truly prove he is innocent, then send him down the river, where he can do no more harm.

  • mrsgunnut10

    This is probably going to be the “BEST JOKE” of 2013. I wonder if he is going to start with the United States Federal Judicial Departments (Holders own Scandel) the Fast and Furious Debacle ?? Start cleaning your own House Holder, BEFORE , you start messing with All of American Gun Owner’s. TSgt., USAF Retired.

  • Pawpaw

    Is he going to go after himself?

  • RhettButler1

    Can you believe these people? Lie, deceive, steal and promote each other. This is the legacy of Democrats.

  • haroldson

    the head gun runner who caused a young agent to get kilied, makes a statement, that shows his stupidity, he should be ashamed to be seen in public, He should be in prison right now

  • coastx

    How can people be this stupid! HOW!

  • haroldson

    that is worse the the Biden remark, needing more laws cause we don’t have the time to enforce the ones we have, Duh Joe more work does not mean faster work

  • reggiec

    OK Eric prosecute yourself then:
    As a retired law enforcement officer here is my take:
    The most basic reason that Holder, Obama and the “Dims” are fighting full disclosure of “Fast and Furious “ involvement by high placed officials in the Obama administration and others is the following:
    Fact #1. The people that started the program and then allowed it to continue knew at that time that the majority of the guns were going to end up in the hands of drug cartels or their members on both sides of the border.
    Fact #2. According to testimony by whistle blowers; no effort was made to track the weapons purposely. In fact when complaints were made about the lack of tracking efforts, agents were ordered to “stand down”.
    Fact #3. These same people knew that these guns would be used to kill people. They also knew that some of the people killed would be innocents. This is what happens when you help criminals get guns. Especially vicious criminals in the drug cartels who knowingly and purposely use terror to promote their activities without any regard as to innocent victims.
    If you believe that fact 1, Fact 2 and Fact 3 above are true, then:
    Those involved should be arrested, indicted and then tried for being knowing and active participants in promoting terrorism against citizens of both Mexico and the United States. They are in fact accessories to mass murder. Holder should not just be held in contempt of Congress; a special prosecutor should be appointed by Congress to begin indictments for criminal charges against Holder and any others who put this Fast and Furious in place and facilitated its implementation.
    The elements of a crime are “unity of act and intent” F&F meets that criteria. The intent was to put firearms into the hands of narcoterrorists and then continue that program after guns began turning up at crime scenes to support more gun control regulations. The act was “walking the guns” and telling gun shops to keep selling to the straw buyers even after they began to question the sales encouraged by the ATF. If the president was aware and allowed this program it is not a misdemeanor, it is a massive series of high crimes. It now seems that Obama was complicit. How else can he invoke “executive privilege”?
    The obstruction by the present administration is in fact a concerted effort to close and lock any door that opens to the truth and to weld shut the manholes covering the cesspool that is being exposed. “We” are out to get the truth and if that “gets” Holder and Obama; so be it.

  • Buck

    This has got to be the joke of the century , the CZAR of firearm trafficking in America is going to go after the gun traffickers ! Absolutely mindboggling . IMPEACH , IMPEACH , IMPEACH , etc: etc : etc: He murdered Brian Terry by supplying drug cartels with guns , and the administration murdered FOUR in Benghazi just to deliver SAMS to Al Quida , ( that was the whole reason for going into Libya ) .

  • NamVet

    Holder you and hussein obama should be the first ones prosecuted you hypocrite A$$!

  • CEO’ s of gun running Holder and Bama need to turn themselves in to be tried for gun running to killers in a foriegn country. Gonna crack down on gun runners. Are you kidding me. You can’t make this stuff up. Haaaallloooooooheeee!

  • pysco

    What is Holder going to arrest Obama and Himself. Holder and Obama should be indited for Fast and Furious, and Benghazi ….In both cases, guns were run by the governemt to either criminals or enemys of the United States. And in both cases Americans lost their lives…And, now these two hypocrites are attempting to confiscate arms from honest citizens, who haven’t committed ant crimes, unlike them.

  • I guess he will go after himself and the DOJ. Holder should be removed from office!

  • junkmailbin

    the first traffickers to make an example of is himself, his staff, all supervisors envolved, and of course barry the gay arab.

  • Kent2012

    in what century eric von holder, minister of justice and gun sales?

  • I will give you two names to start with. Eric Holder and Barry Soetoro. Already proven guilty and complicit in murder.

  • CelticGyrl

    Start with the face in your bathroom mirror each morning Mr. Holder! Hypocrit and traitor!

  • Jake Green

    Eric Holder should put himself in handcuffs and frog march his ass to a cell. He and his boss Obama have blood on their hands after walking firearms into the hands of the Mexican Drug Cartels.

  • billconner

    When is Mr Holder going to hold himself accountable for fast and furious?after all it did happen under his watch,and how about the black panthers with the night sticks?imtimidating votes or the union members beating up a black conservative guy haven’t heard anything about any of that going to court or charges and less not forget medicare fraud haven’t seen the 500 hundred billion Obama pulled out it for Obamacare in any courts either maybe a few but not anywhere near the amount of that so called fraud if it was known why can’t they find it?it was a ploe to robb seniors of there insurance so please who is pulling who’s leg here

  • Madogdriver

    So, tougher gun running laws means holder will spend even more time in jail! Perfect!!

  • Rick

    Then why isn’t he in jail for what he did?

    • HappyClinger

      Good question for your Congress critter.

  • Home grown American terrorist spewing Nobama vomit on American citizens.

  • Gunslinger

    Why do I feel like I just got lectured about abstinence from a porn star?

  • He has about as much right to make that statement as Kim Kardashian has about saving yourself until marriage…

  • HappyClinger

    What a joke. Meanwhile, he’s in contempt of Congress for stonewalling them on Fast and Furious.

  • Mark

    He can start by arresting himself and his President. They both, along with many others, should be under the jail!!!

  • WilliamSpires

    The only thing I have to say is, ” Why is Eric Holder not in jail ?

  • Mayo

    Really? Then his outfit owes the American one HUGE pile of money!!!

    • Mayo

      I meant to say…..THE AMERICAN PEOPLE….

  • Joseph B Campbell

    He is the gun trafficker. How could someone involved in Fast and Furious be anything but evil.

  • LonnaB

    Are you going to arrest yourself and Obama, Holder? Huh? Are you? (Didn’t think so)

  • I think these people like Holder and Obama are completely insane or they have told the same lie over and over, An now believe it as truth. Holder, put the cuffs on yourself, walk to the nearest jail, admit your treasonous action, name the mastermind along with all the co-conspirators involved and provide the sealed documents.

  • Really… Bring it!!

    oh I thought talking about himself because I am sure that’s the identical thing he did with the mexicans that crossed our border illegally… he gave them military rifles, huh? I don’t get it… does walk the walk and talk the talk not register with him? Practice what you preach?

  • Really… Bring it!!

    Is he talking about the gun traffickers that r crossing our borders then?

  • Had enough

    Maybe, just look in the mirror.

  • ReaperHD

    Then holder and bama need to turn themselves in for thr murder of border guard Terry, with the Fast and Furious gun trafficing and all the mexican citizens who were killed with the weapons they turned over to the drug cartells.

  • SkipSC

    #1 on the list for prosecution is HIMSELF. Yeah, right!

    • Devasahayam

      Should have checked further down — you beat me to it! 🙂

  • Cincinnatus

    Does that mean he is resigning to voluntarily report for the jail time he and his boss have coming for Fast and Furious? He and Obama are by far the biggest illegal gun traffickers in the country – arming the Mexican Cartels with fully auto-weapons that even contain the “hated” pistol grip. I believe we need full background checks for politicians. If they could not hold a Top Secret Compartmentalized Information Security Clearance they have no business in the White House, or anywhere else in our government. If they are out to violate our Constitution they should be barred from ever holding office.

  • He doesn’t want to compete with anyone.

  • unclebarry

    Obuma needs to turn himself in along with Holder & his Dept. of Jokesters.

  • Devasahayam

    Isn’t Hoodlum the biggest gun-trafficker?!

  • 2War Abn Vet

    If holder wants to see a major gun trafficker, he could just look in the mirror.

  • scratchinmyass

    Do these people actually smell what it is they are shoveling? The stench from where I am sitting is enough to gag a magot! Every one and anyone with the least bit of common sense knows what Fast and Furious was really about. Especially the parents of the brave boarder patrol agent who died at the hands of this racist idiot, “in my opinion.” Worse yet, not one person in Washington has the balls to do anything about this travesty of justice. Can anyone say benghazi…? The Muslim Mafia is hard at work!

  • Randall Christian

    First place to start looking is in his own back yard.

  • Then he should be like a dog chasing his own tail!

  • DaHeat

    Who is going to arrest Eric Holder for gun trafficking?!…

  • Algernon Sidney

    Gee, it he does that, he’s going to have to arrest and prosecute HIMSELF first!

  • Squaredeal

    Holder is the biggest gun trafficker in the U.S., he should be in prison with his mentor, Obama

  • dempseycoleman

    Well illhe put on a pair and back into Congress and give himself UP?

  • Deb_B

    Can we say HYPOCRITE?

  • 2duane

    Just make sure you look in your own office – it “Should” be easy to find a person that wanted to assist in illegal gun trafficking. Try using a mirror, that may help.

  • MrsVL

    Start with yourself, Mr. Holder! Talk is CHEAP!! We know he is guilty as he hides behind Obama’s skirt, and Obama cries ‘Executive Order’ so no one knows he’s guilty. I bet Obama is guilty, too. Can’t we impeach this liar in Chief??!! I just wish ONE PERSON would come forward and blow the whistle on all this corruption; but I bet they’d be found dead like Andrew Breitbart. I think he got too close to something.


  • dax

    wasn’t the United States and Eric Holder trafficing in weapons in the fast and furious operation? hypocrisy is rampant in DC and the WH. the thought of these idiots almost melts your brain.

  • James Crawford

    Holder can’t even do that in-house! All he’s going to do is abuse power.

  • Moose

    If Holder is going after gun traffickers be better start with his own ATF first.

  • spyderdalton

    The sociopaths have taken over the asylum…

  • George

    Well, it should be easy to get the top dog in traffickers, all he has to do is arrest himself, than arrest Obama. Those are to two tops dogs here.

  • Oops

    Um was he not the top guy trafficking guns to the Cartel? Hmm? But King Obama gave him a pass with an executive order? Well if that is just not calling the kettle black!!!

  • Oops

    So if we are still at war on drugs, and those are outlawed this mean we are going to be be safer from the druggies breaking in houses to steel guns?? Is cocain still illegal ? Cuz there is a lot of it in many cities… But the law says we can’t do it, own it. Posses it…. Kind sounds the same to me?

  • Chris

    He don’t have to leave his office to start! A lot of the folks in the administration are bailing out I guess there is safety hiding behind executive power.

  • jd1958

    Let’s watch, Eric Holder is going to arrest himself!!!!!!!

  • fuzzy

    so he’s going to prosecute himself????

  • JimR

    He couldn’t catch his own ass without Obummer’s help

  • I bet he won’t arrest himself and the other government agencies involved in fast and furious!

  • So when bwill he be arresting himself? And putting obama up on charges?

  • dschumac

    Does any lawyer know if one CAN prosecute HIMSELF? Holder, to make his comments stick HAS TO.

  • Does that include going after himself?

  • Ihatelibs

    and we will go after holder

  • Lorraine E

    So who is going to be arrested first? I remember the DOJ and their Fast & Furious gun trafficers funneling weapons to dangerous criminals in Mexico. Is the DOJ going to arrest themselves first?

  • jenniewalsh

    I thought that he was the gun trafficker. This sounds like George W. Bush after 911 saying he was going after the terrorists.

  • hongryhawg

    I don’t know who is the bigger hypocrite, these people or the people who voted for another 4 years of the criminality. I’m serious. I really don’t know. It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic.

  • hongryhawg

    I don’t know who is the bigger hypocrite, these people or the people who voted for another 4 years of the criminality. I’m serious. I really don’t know. It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic.

  • Jaime Cancio

    Does this mean the arrest and conviction of Obama is near? And does this mean Eric Holder will turn himself in so justice may be served? Hypocrites all and evading the law and justice. And just where is the world court charging Obama, Eric Holder, et.al., with crimes against humanity and murder? Some 4,000 plus Mexicans now killed by arms linked to ‘Fast and Furious’ and four Americans killed also. It looks like it is alright to murder Mexicans as long as they vote.

  • Jack

    So wait a minute .You are telling me that our govermen.They are going in bad areas,where there are gangs and drug dealers.As well as people that sell guns illegal from the black market . The people likely to used them in crime.So our goverment (and the media that they control ) are going to .Put them away if they sell there gun to anybody that can buy the gun off of them. I am laughing on this one ha ha ha .When was the last time you saw any leader or even the media.Get upset at the gangs,drug dealers and the people that sell the guns from the ,illegal black market . Do some bs speech on why they need guns and they need to have there guns remove from themselfs.Has anybody seen that. I payed any goverment leader we have today ,just to go in these areas and asked for these peoples guns to be taken away.Just to make them look stupid . Or I have never seen any member of the media not even asking any of these people.If they should turn there guns in.Have you. So please attorney general get off of your nice secure neighborhood.With your own guards that have guns.Please for one time show you got some common sense and with homeland security ( more like Homeland joke security) go in bad areas of this country.You really arrest these people for selling there guns .I like to see that. I think I did .Sorry it was people that are citizens that have guns that have done nothing wrong .Oh my they got a picture of our founding fathers.That is threat to this country.They may do harm.But yes please don’t arrest the people that are going to used guns to killed people.That may get you a promotion in goverment .Stupid brains does help you in this communist leader,s goverment

  • Wrightclick

    Does this mean he is going to arrest himself? I’d pay to see that.

  • Rosie46

    Holder should be the first one arrested and prosecuted. They hypcrosy of him announcing this is beyond belief. How many deaths did he cause with the gun trafficking to the drug cartels into Mexico that was aided and abetted by the DOJ.

  • Moose

    He better start with himself and his ATF employees. Fast & Furious is the biggest gun trafficing deal ever.

  • Put The Cuffs On Yourself Eric …

  • Yes Mr E Trafficker Holder, we will consider your proposals when we, the US People, let you out of PRISON, in say 50 years!!

  • stonecamp

    Mr. Holder: You should know how to deal with gun trafficking, you have had a lot of experience!

  • You and Obama will be the first ones arrested you assmaggot…..

  • Herbert

    Eric Holder: We Will Go After Gun Traffickers…like Walmart and Gander Mountain and Sears and all those evil Anglo/Euro cesspits of obsolete values.

    Read more: http://janmorganmedia.com/2013/01/eric-holder-we-will-go-after-gun-traffickers/#ixzz2Iqr6oVyw

  • buckofama2010

    The only ones trafficking in guns is him and his worthless pile of excrement boss ovomit

  • So Eric Holder is going after gun trafficers, so when does he plan to arrest himself, Obama, and the other guilty parties in Fast and Furious, or do different rules apply to buttheads.

  • Sagebrush6

    Eric’s going to jail, Eric’s going to jail. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

  • jhowa

    but eric, you are the countries biggest gun trafficer.

  • Mike

    Mr. Holder should be brought to task for his illegal gun running! He loosed more illegal weapons to drug lords and criminals than any gun show loophole,etc…the feds are the ones we need to bring to justice. I believe the 20 F-16 fighters and the 200 Abram tanks the Prez. and congress are sending to Egypt and the Muslim regime pose a much greater threat to innocent people than any guns owned by law abiding American citizens, what a sick joke. Lets stop the double standards of our Government, they are for everyone and everything anti-American and pro everything America stands for! They are a bunch of hypocrites bent on destroying this great nation “USA all the way”!