Facebook Censorship and Bias

Jan Morgan

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I am now in facebook timeout. Censored for posting and promoting an article about liberalism from the website, “Patriot Update”… I am blocked for two days from sharing any links to any articles or websites.
I will not even be allowed to share this link with a post unless I put the link in a comment below the post.

There was a time just a few months ago when my three facebook pages actually reached the 350 thousand people who friended and subscribed to my pages. My posts generated 10 to 15 thousand responses each time.

Today, there are filters attached to my url’s that say “ref/hi, sec/hi” and as a result, I am lucky if a couple of hundred people even see my posts come down the newsfeed.
In fact, I receive comments on my walls and in my private messages from people who thought I had left facebook. They say they never see my posts in the feed anymore and literally have to come to my pages to see what I am up to.

I have complained repeatedly to facebook about the filters and requested justification for such censorship when I am not seeing the same kind of filters on pages owned and presenting the liberal and socialist agenda.
Over the past year, facebook has blocked me from my own page for days at a time, suspended my account when I had 125 thousand friends and subscribers (I and many others raised a huge stink about this one until fbook finally reinstated my page and all the people)
Facebook has deleted my posts, harrassed my commenters by threatening them with messages that if they post inappropriate comments they will be disciplined)

My posts are always professionally written, contain no threats, and no hate speech. There is no justification for this disciplinary action other than censorship.
While I am being censored for promoting the Conservative position, there are pages that have remained on facebook for over a year that clearly promote HATE SPEECH. These pages remain in spite of repeated complaints of hate speech. By the way, if you post something against Islam and the facebook team sees it, you will be blocked from posting as a disciplinary action and your post will be deleted. It is a double standard. Its only considered hate speech if it is against Islam… all other “religions” are free game.

Here are a few page devoted to true “hate speech” that remain unfiltered and undisciplined by facebook.

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  • Liberals have forced crap in our faces for years under the guise of free speech telling us we are censoring them if they cannot say/do what they want, no matter how offensive. Now, they will be the first to use censorship against those that disagree with them. They are cowards that must use bully tactics to “win” … unfortunately they don’t understand, there aren’t supposed to be any winners as that creates losers, free speech is to make everyone winners but they have bastardized the meaning for their own gain and created a class warfare that is more serious and more insidious than the class warfare they started when they coined the term middle class. Anyone else remember not that long ago, it was working class which included everyone but the top 2%. But we had to get rid of the word working as it was hate speech to our welfare state I guess .. sigh. But that’s another topic.

  • Yet they don’t dare insult Islam, because they are cowards.

  • HorseTeethSam

    This is no longer our country, and we (conservatives, gun owners, Christians) are not-so-subtly being shown the door. Soon, there will be no door, only the point of a bayonet and a room with odd showerheads in it for us. Wait and see.

  • james thorn

    I wish someone would start a facebook type place for conservatives.

    • dalek1967

      If anyone does, I’ll join. I don’t mind censoring some things but if you are, it has to be balanced, If you are going to allow liberals to post what they want, then conservatives should be able to do the same thing. Basically, make one rule and apply it to all. If you are not going to apply it to all, then don’t have the rule.

    • Tonya Franklin

      We did and Jan Morgan is already a member! http://www.teapartycommunity.com We are officially launching the site in a couple of weeks but open for business now. All Tea Party, Patriots, Conservatives, 9-12 groups etc….are invited to join! We finally have a place to work together. I am the General Site Manager and you won’t be punished for trying to save our country!

  • At the bottom, of this page there is an ad from the pccc to move barney (i love) franks to the upper house.

    • Barbarella

      that’s funny, that’s what I always called barney too! what a toilet he is.

  • I’ll be posting it on my pages Jan 😉

    • dalek1967

      I just did too. Heck, sometimes I go a couple days without being on facebook anyway. If they start blocking me, I’ll go back to myspace. lol

  • Andrew Abraham

    I would suggest getting on Google+. I have never yet had a warning for my posts wich are every bit as politically incorrect and hard hitting as your own. Whats More I will be quite willing to freely share as many articles and posts as I can

  • Barbarella

    We no longer live in the country that we think we do… how sad. You are incredible, I was blown away by your work on the gestapo tactics of the IRS storming offices and confiscating computers, phones, files etc. Keep up the Good work!

  • Place those posts on teapartyconservatives.com, Jan! We don’t see nearly enough of you there!!!

  • Facebook is in Obama’s back pocket. Just like Microsoft, and most of the tech companies. Got to stay buddy buddy with Obama or he send his henchman Holder after you.

  • I would be glad to post this on my facebook page if I get a link without the content on the bottom. I really don’t want that kind of language on my page.

  • We witnessed not long ago following the Benghazi coverup, Obama’s goal of taking away our First Amendment rights. How many times did Obama say that those who offend Islam have no place in a free society? Obama wants the same censorship of our free speech just as we see taking place now in many European countries. Speak the truth about Islam and your arrested. Once Obama disarms us, our First Amendment is no longer viable.

  • Jan, The Facebook censors are located in the Middle East. Guess what the predominant religion is where they are located? They have specific guideline published that you might want to find, out on the internet. Ones that were never meant to be seen by Americans. The ones on the internet were photocopied and turned into a PDF file. Continued good luck with your site, and keep hitting at ’em. Hard.

    I’ll keep watching for you on my FB Wall.

    • CHinOhio

      Don’t doubt it, but how do you know where the FB censors are located? Source?

  • The same thing happened to me after I shared some posts that would offend the closed minded liberal mindset. Yet wwe still use this service even though they are against us.

  • paul

    read the posting policy it is an untruth obamas speach writter must have wrote it
    if facebook or any other type of posting web site can not treat everyone the same the
    WE THE PEOPLE should stop using them there is life after face book

  • CommonSense

    We need a Conservative-Patriotic site instead of FaceBook. All in Favor? or Know of one?

  • I just tried to post this page to my Facebook page and was blocked.

  • whackajig

    Surprise, the liberwhiners are upset when the same tactic used by Huffpuss are used on them. Pity.

  • Everyone’s newsfeed has been restricted to some degree, starting several weeks ago.

  • John Smithson

    Jan I know youre no quitter, you also know Ive been banned many times for the same reason, been blocked & deleted many times, Im no quitter. Someway/Somehow we’ll win this. Looks bleak now but sunny days are coming. I know youre a Christian as I am, God is on our side, whoever is against us will fail. SEEING OUR COUNTRY Being torn apart is tearing me apart. My start being a political activest goes back to 1973 fighting abortion now 60 million little babies have been murdered, this many yrs Im still fighting, I cant give up #1 God wont let me. In 1993 I fought for more border security. The war on this is not lost. As a Militia Ive been 4 times now deployed to the border. More drugs, illegals, muslum terrorists are coming over to the US than ever. W/ fast & furious/ Brian Terry’s death 1000s have been killed now, both sides of the border. Hamas, Hezbulla, Islamic Jihad, muslum brotherhood are here, theyre not here for fun & games, Theyve threatened our schools, power grids, water supplies etc, just a matter of time. With all of this I wont give up, God wont let me. I have a wonderful wife, 5 kids & 9 grandkids. I wont see them lose the freedoms & liberties I grew up with which our founding fathers & God gave us. God bless Jan & God Bless America