Fighting Against the “Assault Weapon” Ban Legislation

Jan Morgan

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If you understand the significance of the 2nd Amendment and its importance to maintaining liberty in America, here is your chance to put teeth to your position at no personal expense except a few moments of your time.

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January XX, 2013

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Senator XXXXX:

My wife and I are constituents in your district (optional – who have voted for you consistently.)

Today for the first time we call for your swift and dedicated action as our elected representative. The so called “assault weapon” ban legislation as proposed by Senator Feinstein’s is a gross abuse of the American public’s rights as enumerated under the U.S. Constitution. As you well know, the US Constitution provides every American protection from government abuse under the Bill of Rights. The Constitution does not provide for merely a Bill of Needs – As such, the U.S. Government has no right to limit our rights based on its interpretation of our needs.

Further, the proposed Firearm Ban provides for the uncompensated seizure of private property by banning the inheritance or transfer of legally purchased and processed firearms to family members. It thus requires upon the death of the owner that those guns be surrendered to the government. This is yet, another abridgment of our Constitutional rights against unlawful seizure. Let us remember that from the adoption of the Constitution until the National Firearms Act of 1934, the intent of our founders was clear and unchallenged – the right to bear arms was the second most fundamental right we possess as Americans, and is specially designed to protect against the tyranny of our Government. The red-herring and false arguments of the Anti-Gun ownership leaders fall flat in face of the fact that not one founding father acted to modify the 2nd Amendment or limit the ownership of firearms to only state chartered militia members, even after such periods as the Whiskey Rebellion and the Civil War. Their intent is clear and ratified by their actions.

Also, the U.S. Supreme court has already ruled in Haynes v. United States against the forced federal registration of firearms as a violation of the Constitution. Yet, we see the willing disregard for well settled law and trampling our Constitutional rights by Senator Feinstein and the supporters of her efforts to violate the rights of every American. The Ban also ignores and would violate the rulings of Heller v The District of Columbia and McDonald v. Chicago the most recent Supreme Courts cases related to the 2nd Amendment. While, additional arguments and facts are available to defeat every element of the Gun Ban bill basis, the fundamental element of our rights, as established in the Bill of Rights, reduces the proposed ban and its seizure of property to an intolerable affront of our rights as enumerated by the U.S. Constitution.

The only true cause of the recent tragedies has been ignored and untreated mental health issues. Firearms, like the automobiles used to drive to the site of the crimes, were only tools used … not the cause of the actions. Let us address the true cause of these crimes – the lack of mental health treatment because of invented privacy laws which impede the identification and treatment of these persons. We call upon you as our elected representative to ensure the proposed Ban in its entirety is blocked or defeated. We also call for the mental health laws of this country to be modified to ensure that those in need get the treatment they require, and the public is protected from their untreated violent natures.



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  • markymark65

    If we had a real loyal opposition they would be calling for the arrest of Harry Reid, Obama, Diane Frankenstein et al ( the usual suspects) for high treason, but will you hear it? not a chance we are screwed!

  • James

    I just watched a video on youtube where Ted Nugent calls out Piers Morgan. It is about time we get more people on these liberal poison talk shows to put them down and prove them wrong.

    As far as our government wanting to finger print gun owners. That is just a way to be able to keep track of us who own firearms and know where we are at so they know who to get the guns from first. Anf they will havr to kill me and my entire family before that ever happens. And I hope that there are others out here that will still stand when I am gone.

    • kdauksch

      I am RIGHT BESIDE you my FRIEND!!!!!!!!

    • If I am not right beside you, I’ll certainly be on your six!!!

    • Here too. I’ll cover the 9.

    • Mike11C

      I swore an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies, foreign AND domestic”. I’m in!

  • Bullet

    To me gun control means “one shot=one kill”. If anyone tries to take my guns away I’d love to show them a little gun control. The 2nd amendment was written to give us the right to bear arms not just to protect ourselves from each other, but from a tyrannical government as well. This government we have now is on the verge of that description now. We have lost so many freedoms in the past few years. When will it stop? Let them come for my guns and I can assure you I will make sure I don’t lose that freedom, at least not without a good fight.

    • Okay. For everyone’s peace of mind. When, and if, this actually happens. I know enough military and police and they all take an oath to uphold and protect the Constitution of The United States of America. They are serious about this oath and will not let these politicians order them to break that oath. If this shit hits the fan, all weapons will point to Moordoor on the Potomic and they will be wetting their collective pants when that happens.

  • ExNoZtoTheY

    should also write them and ask they stop the false flag ops designed to chisel away our rights.

  • marineh2ominer

    IF ” assault weapons ” are EVER banned , or even restricted , then I say every person ever assaulted , without means of self-defense , should be able to sue every person and the family and descendents of every person named on that legislation . Because these weapons can be used to PREVENT assault as well as they can be used to COMMIT assault .. Think about it !!