Gun Map Newspaper Suffers Circulation Freefall

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Buried at the bottom of a New York Times piece might be the real reason to explain why New York’s  Journal News did something as sensationally stupid as publishing the names and addresses of over 30,000 legal gun owners living in two New York counties.

In just five years, the Journal News’ Monday through Friday circulation rate has plummeted almost 40%, “from 111,536 in September 2007 to 68,850 in September 2012.”

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  • Buck

    To ANYONE still buying the rag , you are a completely hopeless lunatic .

  • Oopsie poopsie, karma karma!

  • daytripr

    Lousy paper..go frickin bankrupt already…douche bags

    • ExNoZtoTheY

      can’t comment on being a lousy paper, never seen it.

      But I agree with the douche bag part. Here’s the newspaper staff’s info, since… you know, it is ok to post people’s private info and addresses.


    • Zepp

      They will before long, but our government will probably bail them out on our tax dollars.

  • so Because they have circulation problems they post those names?WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP! I would sue the newspaper till they cried uncle,i would be unmercialess.I would fix them where they NEVER PRINTED OR SOLD ANOTHER WORD EVER…

    • jcwink

      That’s a hazard of living in New York!

  • While they may have freedom of the press, that does not allow them to put people in danger by their actions. I agree, they should be sued, and they should be fined for publicizing private information about people without their consent. Notice they weren’t particularly happy about THEIR names and addresses being published. Another blatant attempt by the liberals in order to attack conservatives. This time, literally.

  • Harry Truman

    Bite your nose ,spite your face. Hope they go out of business. YAY.

  • It was legal because of FOIA, not right but legal.
    They did it because they are going down the crapper.
    Right where they belong.

  • veteran soldier

    Little does the press know, after we are disarmed, then the press loses all of its rights as well. The press is so stupid, they have never seen any history lessons, and are unable to either read truth, or are so arrogant to think they will be immune to a communist regiem, with muslim religious zelots running things. all they have to do is look at what goes on in all other countrys, but their stupidity holds no bounds, and their arrogance is only second to obama.

  • The Source

    Most Gannett outlets are liberal bias. They’ve been suffering losses over the last 5 years. Letting many go. The CEO & board members get good bonus pay. Even if their employees have to take furloughs and not get any pay raises. And a 5 cent pay raise really makes the world go around….not! Jan, you should do some background work on them. See how many support the Marxist in Chief.

  • Alohajonny

    Well hopefully that will continue

  • All the media has to do is take a look at what happened in Cuba , Fidel said the revolution is over . There is no need for you o have guns anymore. They turned them in and the killing and purging began. The media went in step at the beginning then said hey wait this wrong and then Fidel came for them. There weren’t any armed citizens to protect them.

  • Larry Knight

    I hope that they have to go out of business! And just because it may have been legalfor
    them to obtain this info and post it does not mean that it was the right thing to do.

  • John O

    If I were NOT a gun owner in NYC I would sue the paper. Criminals can now find a victim, read the list to make sure they don’t have a gun, then rob them with impunity.

  • John O

    Sorry that’s unclear. If I was a resident of NYC and was not on the gun owners list….

  • Cynyster

    Perhaps the readership is dropping due to the liberal bias. Or the fact that true journalism has been squashed out. Show me a paper that actually covers local news? Most get even the most local news from the huge outlets. “to save money” most just subscribe to a service and have not produced an actual product in years.

  • doug bloom

    Who gave the news paper this information ? I would think this would be privileged information with the sheriffs dept.

  • Wonder what NYT would think if we published names and pics of guys with AIDS, wouldn’t want to be picked up by them inadvertedly at a bar or social gathering.?