Illinois Gun Ban On Hold

Gun banners in Illinois were dealt a temporary set back when a bill containing gun-banning language was put on the back burner in these waning days of the legislature’s lame duck session.
Anti-gun agitators placed a gun banning amendment on another bill, SB2899, in hopes that the Senate would vote on it on Sunday. But it was not to be. The Senate didn’t even bring the bill for a vote.

The Illinois House also pushed back any move to take up an assault weapons ban. House Judiciary Committee Chair Elaine Nekritz (D, 57th District) made the announcement Sunday afternoon.
The House bills are HB815 and HB1263.
Illinois Democrats have a super majority in Illinois, but even still have some trouble passing the extreme measures under consideration. If passed, the several Illinois bills would become some of the strictest gun laws in the country. Already, Illinois is the only state in the Union that has no concealed carry law for its law-abiding citizens.
The extreme gun ban — laws repeatedly struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court and other federal courts — have not prevented the City of Chicago from being the murder capital of the country.
Anti-gun advocates will renew their efforts when the next session begins next week.

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  • capa760

    This President, and Congress, should NOT BE THE ONES to change our US Constitution, Bill of Rights, Amendments, US Dept of Immigration Laws, and term limits for the Senate, House, and the Supreme Court, if we want to, The legal American Citizens,not the Amnesty travesty, should be the voters who would vote on any changes as a majority, to our Founding Documents of the United States of America. It is too easy for a Marxist to sneak into America and sabotage our Freedom, disguised as a
    Democrat, practicing a takeover. Our Republic has no allegiance to the United Nations AGENDA 21-One World takeover Government, Let’s Keep it That Way. A FreeRepublic