Lynching Black Rifles!


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  • Drugs and the war on crime is much easier than collecting loaded weapons fighting a tyrannical government. Anyone selling drugs to children. raping.molesting.kidnapping or killing a child ..shot the day after trial. Drug lords, pushers and mules caught distributing, selling or crossing the border, urban or in the city shot at the point of sale POS.

    I’ll keep my guns because the law sets idle and truly inapt with revolving doors for criminals.

    • Even easier would be to abolish prohibition (we know it didn’t work in the past and is not working now) which would destroy most of the gang acivity.

      • a_browning

        Well, then it would be like we have with alcohol. We have wet counties and dry counties. With illicit drugs, it could be high counties and low counties. Then we need government agencies to regulate the distribution, production, retail of drugs. How much more government can we take? As it is the BATFE has been known to act like jack boot thugs.

  • Bub

    Addresing real problems like a bloated govmint and a Muslime president should be top priority.

  • In Louisiana we have our own laws and we support our gun rights. It is against the Louisiana Constitution to limit or take guns & ammo from the citizens of this great state. Our sheriffs have already stated they will not take any guns or ammo from the citizens period. They had rather give up their jobs than to follow federal gun grab.

    • Following your State Constitution. Every state has a Constitution granting its citizens the right to defend themslves.

    • old Marine

      Weapons were confiscated after katrina,

  • CHinOhio

    I like a lot of Wild Bill’s stuff, but this was garbage. I am hoping this was meant as a satirical piece. Not worthy og being on your page, Jan.

    • CHinOhio

      Not worthy “of”…

    • Oh come on, I’m allowed to have some fun.

  • Joseph B Campbell

    Well, Bill you are right about priorities not being correct. The racism thing is still a bit of a stretch.

  • Lloyd

    Well Bill, I don’t know the stats of what you’re talking about, but I do know that it is illegal to take guns from law abiding legal citizens, no matter who they are.. And of course that is useing common sense about known violent criminals and “mentally disturbed”.
    It’s really strange though, that you should mention the point about the blacks changing parties to follow the very party that wanted to keep them enslaved. I’ve mentioned twice in past comments that very same fact. I’m a bit relieved that I’m not the only one that came to that realization. Of course O doesn’t give a rats behind about race. He will enslave any race if it will suit his agenda. He’s been cutting the throats of blacks from the time he was first inaugurated. Then when it was reelection time he just threw a lot of sweet talk their way to coax them into voting for him again, and once reinaugurated started up where he left off.How quickly people forgot Gomer Pyle’s most famous words. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

  • Lloyd

    As an after thought to my previous comment. If the government wants to take guns from someone, why don’t they take them from anyone entering from another country, and use a custom practiced by so many other cultures? That same practice has and is still used by many of our past and present citizens. When you are in my house by invitation, you are under my protection, so you need no weapons. And stand by it, and defend them even to the death.. But if they enter uninvited, “Beware”.

  • Rattlerjake

    No problem, Paint them camoufage, then it is no longer a black rifle.

  • jpressman

    Is this a parody?

  • Well i have already told many people we need to Paint all the SCARY Black Guns a Hello Kitty Pink Paint job, i personally like a American Flag motif.

  • A week, or so ago, someone did some research and posted the results; it appears that ALL mass shootings and school massacres that have taken place, since (and including) Columbine, in 1999, have been committed by liberal democrats, or the children of liberal democrats. If we “really want” gun safety, all liberal democrats should be banned from having any weapons; better still, let’s just ban ALL liberal democrats!

  • Frustrated

    You idiots, the government is not “taking our guns”. They are simply attempting to make it more difficult for troubled folk to get their hands on the wrong guns. Smaller magazines and background checks, that’s it!! P.S. – this was the most idiotic video I’ve EVER seen

    • okdlm

      And if you believe that, then you must believe Obama is an American citizen and we already know that is not true and soon the SCOTUS will rule on that.

  • brabbie2002

    Isn’t it amazing that the libtards blame the gun for shooting people and not the nut jobs that are behind the trigger. Funny – none of my weapons have ever attacked me! Must be treating them right. I have, however, had a small ladder take me for a ride because I didn’t lock its struts in place, but I consider myself to blame on that one. Why can’t the government take the blame for turning loose all the people that were in the psych wards so they could enjoy our freedoms, also? Why, because they know their little personal human experiment has been a vast failure! Check out the homeless – sure, there are a few out there that were what my generation called bums, but a lot of them are psychological misfits, crackheads, pot smokers with few brain cells left and the new meth users. If you want to handle the mass murder issue, start with getting the people that need supervised medications back into institutions, get the drug users off welfare and medicaid so they can’t afford their “delights” and make it the death penalty for people caught pushing illegal drugs.
    Then get in there and actually help a parent that is afraid of their own child because of psychosis or whatever instead of “red-taping” their hands and leaving them to wonder when that child will pick up a weapon and kill not only the parents but anyone else they can find. Then go after the gaming, movie and TV industries with their “blow up everything and everyone die” attitudes and games.

    • fideux

      How about the government taking some of the blame for so many people walking the streets with Obama Bucks in their pockets and nothing to have do to get them. Maybe if these folks were forced into some kind of work program, at least they would be off the street for 8 hours a day and probably in bed asleep for a good portion of the rest of the day (night). Our government needs to refocus on the root of the problem; social programs and unemployment!

  • disqus_l4edbQ1NL6

    IF the federal government would enforce the laws already in black and white(that means already written in the books) that would be a good use for our tax dollars. our legislators are not working for we the people-they are working for themselves-as in selfish interests-votes-their own retirements….too long they have been getting away with this. they all are doing unconstitional action by taking such a large income-by being wined and dined by special interest groups etc etc etc. instead of doing their jobs. they take an oath when voted into office by affirming to support the American people and the constitution….yet they do not. the proof is in there has not been a budget approved in over 4 years…our economy is going to tank…the usa is going to fall from within. the signs are all around.

  • Obama uses the old standby cliche “if we can save just one life” to push for gun control while he continues to support live birth abortions (murder) to the tune of 3,700 children a day. His Fast and Furious operation is costing thousands of lives in Mexico and the number of soldiers killed in Afghanistan has doubled since he took over. Does anyone see the ineptness of this tool? The hypocracy runs so deep in the Democratic Party it’s hard to understand why anyone would support them.

  • Mong00se

    Black rifle, white rifle, pink, green – What’s the difference? If you enter my home “uninvited”, the only thing you’ll notice is the size of the barrel opening that’s pointed at you. Why is it that the gun “control” zealots can’t abide by simple facts. 1) Chicago. IL and Washington D.C. have the strictest gun “control” measures on the books in the US. 2) Chicago. IL and Washington D.C. have the HIGHEST MURDER RATES in the US. 3) When you “take away” the defensive weapons of law abiding citizens the only ones left with guns are the criminally inclined. After all, they don’t follow the laws, do they? Use the existing laws (there are thousands already) and put the criminals where they belong – in a grave, not in a prison with my tax dollars. Believe me, if a bad person threatens me, my family, my friends, or even YOU (assuming I’m there with you) with imminent mortal danger, I (and millions like me) will do my best to assure the taxpayers they will not spend a single dime to house and feed that slime. 4) If you can’t see that “GUN-FREE ZONES” have not protected anyone over the years, then you need to stay comfortably under that rock. ‘Nuff Said!