Nation’s Largest Gun Store Calls for Revolt

The nation’s biggest arms store, Charlotte, N.C.’s Hyatt Gun Shop, is calling on gun owners to revolt against President Obama’s new gun control move, warning that Washington has its eyes on trashing the Second Amendment and stealing gun rights.

Hyatt has turned part of its retail webpage over to the plea for action: “Whining to other gun owners and giving up on dialogue with your representatives in Congress is how you GIVE AWAY your gun rights! Remember to contact your representative and senator TODAY and keep contacting them. We cannot stress this enough!”

Owner Larry Hyatt told Secrets, “People are outraged. They hate the government. I don’t think we’ve seen this much divisiveness since the Civil War.

Read more at: The Washington Examiner

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  • Jim Misc

    meanwhile, Larry Hyatt is price gouging

    • HappyClinger

      Cite your sources for your claims, please. Make the case. Convince me.

      • Happy if you’re too stupid to see what’s been happening for the last four years then you’ll never be convinced…ugly’s skin deep, but stupid is to the bone.

    • Pilot43

      My guess is that no one is being forced to buy from Larry. I would pay a premium if I could find any .223 ammo

      • The Great Ricardo

        For me, it’s 30-06 for my Springfield 03A3. It maybe old, but it’s reliable and shoots very strait.

        • James Vetzel

          Try Ohio Ordnance Works for .30-06 (Korean, 1970’s Brass case, Boxer Primer)

    • BlkTalon

      Everyone is so what

      • DirtyWhiteBoy8

        I got a thousand 7.62×39 rounds I’ll let go of for $600 . Lol ! Come get um !

        • James Vetzel

          Don’t brag about how much of what you have, everybody reads these things (including the Feds and they can find out who and where you are, Remember, “I’m from the Gov’t, and I’m here to help you”).

  • Ed

    It is recorded history, any civilization disarmed is soon taken over and suppressed, subjected to genecide, torture, loss of fund and property, etc., by those who took the arms. Spain conquering Azteca-Mexico, hitler in Germany, the Bolchevicks in Russia,Japanese Empire…
    Our Founding Father were victims of suppression. This is why ‘the separation of powers’ in our government are stresed as indicated in the Constitution. Brilliant!

    Now, bozo is undermining all Constitutional mandates, our sovergn rights a American Citizens, with crap he makes up.

    Now is the time for impeachment and indictment of bozo and charges made on all his cronies.

    Call Rep. Steven Stockman and support his motion for impeachment. 1-202-225-1555.

    Call the Committee of the Judiciary. 1-202-225-395. They can get on bozo for all infractions, failure to uphold the ‘oath of Office’, fiscal irresponsability (increasing deficit, supporting despots-muslum bros, taking campaign from unlawful donors-mulsum bros), treason (as mentioned), ID falsification, tax fraud, conspiring with the enemy (as mentioned)… and the list goes on and on.

    We need to get to work now, before the blood spills, before RED DAWN!

    Ed, a Patriot just like you.

  • I know someone has to have far better resources than I do…so if that person is on this site please do some research and contact Jan about this.
    June 28th, 1902 Efficeincy of Militia Act. This states that the President has no authority to to call the state National Guards to serve outside their state’s bordrs and has no authority to call for the National Guard to be employed for warfare outside of the United States. To do so is a violation of the constitution and an empeachable offense. President Taft wanted to, but was warned not to. President Wilson did and was warned he could face empeachment proceedings even though it was during WWI (1917). I believe it also says that this can not be repealed without violateing Bills of Attainder and expost facto laws…anotheer Constitutional violation. It may be under 28USC. Section 3002 (15). It has been removed from the Library of Congress except as a file card with no information ….it existed, but why has it “vanished” only recently?? Article 1, Sec 9, Clause 3 may be another reference.

    • JBROpinion

      That does not seem to be the case at all. Do a quick web search for “Militia Act” or “Dick Act” and you’ll see that the National Guard units / state militias are expressly dual reservists under the Army Reserves. During the Civil Rights movement, it was common for state governors to call their Guard units into duty, only to have the President “promote” them to federal / Army status and usurp the governors’ authority.

    • ed

      i first saw that article on this site

  • madmex

    What I have been saying also! Gun owners need to harp on thier reps in both the house and senate! Let them know that we mean bussiness! Trying to trash the 2nd amendment as well as the constitution is an treasonuos act! And dipwad along with his idiots should be prosecuted and either imprisoned or exiled for life! If it comes down to another civil war then so be it!!!

  • David

    Gun, ammo and accessory retailers and manufacturers need to stop selling to any law enforcement agency in the State of New York any equipment not allowed to be sold to civilians. Cant have a 17 round mag for your Glock 17, LEO’s cannot either. Cant have an AR, dont sell to the cops. Apply this down the line to any state that restricts the citizens access to any equipment. I would continue to hold full auto and sawed off weapons as illegal. I was thinking that the loss of business is already 90% and LEO purchases cannot be 10%. Shooting sports business are already impacted, the additional loss for sale to LEO groups is next to nothing. FYI: 34 year LEO, held every rank including Chief.

    • sheriffnola

      David check this out !

      Marlin Firearms is already closing its doors! They are doing it to us, America !

      This needs to be spread to all gun owners and sportsmen/women.

      We cannot rely on the media to inform us of these types of matters.
      Something You May Not Know That Is Happening …

      Who is buying companies, manufacturing guns???

      For the last several years a company called The Freedom Group has been buying up gun and ammunition
      manufacturers. Some of the companies are Bushmaster, Marlin, Remington, DPMS, Dakota Arms and H&R.

      Some people worry that this Freedom Group is going to control most of the firearms companies in the United States .

      If you control the manufacturers you can decide to stop selling to civilians.

      What a perfect way to control guns. Now if you do some digging you will see that The Freedom Group is owned by a company called Cerberus Capital Management. Guess who controls Cerberus???

      GEORGE SOROS, Obama’s chief financier!!

      He wants to restrict or ban all civilian guns. Please pass this on to all your freedom loving friends. This needs to come out. Why have we not heard about this in the “mainstream” media? I would think this would be BIG news.

      (Soros also owns Progressive Insurance). If you don’t know who George Soros is, you need to do some Research.

      He backed Obama with millions of dollars and Obama is a puppet on a string controlled by Soros.

      Send this to every gun owner you know

      “To conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens”

      ~ Adolph Hitler, 1933

      • CsfhVwrbi

        This is a false rumor. Marlin was bought up by Remington and Soros has no control over Freedom Group but Dan Quayle does and he is pro 2nd Amendment last I looked.

  • Just saying, What would Obama, the Congress and Senate do if 2nd Amendment advocates had a million man march and we came to Washington carrying our weapons as we gathered for a day of honoring our Constitution and the Founding Fathers? 4th of July would be a nice day wouldn’t it?

    • We shoulda marched on Washington when he first went around Congress to pass an executive order. Now things have to get ugly cause we sat on our illustrious asses while he danced his way into his socialist heaven…

      • Nobama should have been prosecuted many years ago.

  • Paul the Patriot

    This is all against Obamas’ 2008 campaign speech where he said “I am not in any way out to take away firearms from law abiding citizens”.

    It’s time to make the tyrant eat some crow and be put in his place or be put out on the curb on Pennsylvania Ave..

    I have been saying all along that he is a puppet with a big mouth and an ego bigger still. He has been race baiting since February of last year, massaged the hippies for sympathy, bought the illegals with amnesty and the ghettos with free cell phones, gave the gay and lesbian community a false sense of belonging with an empty promise that he had no intention of fulfilling. Last January he signed the NDAA sections 1031 and 1032 basically making all citizens of the United States potential terrorists, then he signed the NDRP (executive order) which gave home absolute authority to seize your property and anything else he deems appropriate in the event of martial law. Well he is not far from provoking the American people from giving him a reason to invoke such…….. but there is a flaw in his plan, he has yet to see the tenacious fortitude of our patriots, and when it is awakened he will realize what Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto meant in his quote after bombing Pearl Harbor, and I quote “I believe we have just awoken a sleeping giant”.

    Let him do what he wishes, because he will do it anyway……. blood will spill, but the citizens of our great nation WILL prevail, and the tyrant in the White House will be made an example of.

    Hats off to you Jan my friend, glad your site is doing well ;0).

  • Ralph Moyer

    Mr. Ricky Weaver
    Please research “The Dick Act”. You will certainly be enlightened for most of what someone thinks is actually in the Act, sorry, it just is not so. The Dick Act is the whole basis for repeated “Tours of Forces” in Iraq and Afghanistan.


  • You either support the Constitution or you don’t! There isn’t anyplace for sheep in America as we face Tyranny!

    If nothing else,the Constitution was written to LIMIT government! The right to bear arms is second because of it’s importance to a free people! This country was founded,built by millions of Leagal immigrants who risked everything to escape tyranny!

    They came with No money,No language,No place to live,No jobs,not knowing what they would find! They came with their children,they came with a dream,the American Dream turned Nightmare for most! We have “inalienable rights,we are/were a nation of opportunity and Freedom and asked for Nothing more!

    America was born out of Revolution against exactly what we face today! The Constitution offers “executive order,recess appointments,reconciliation Only if America faces an imminent crisis and Congress cannot convene.

    That has Never happened and surely is Not happening today! Checks and balances was designed to give three branches og government the power to “check” one another yet our system has failed! The extremists,the thugs,the corrupt have been promulgating Control,power,riches for themselves as the system devolved. 6 decades of L.B.J.,Nixon,Carter,Clinton and a not very smart Bush family enabled a Cancer. The Cancer has metastasized the last few decades to stage 4. That is,the final stage when life ends!

    We live longer(so far) but our quality of life,family,discipline,”fear” Of G-D,the failure of “men and Women”to honor the millions who worked,fought and sometimes died to Protect a system,a way of life,a future for themselves and their children has been eviscerated!

    Two Presidents face articles of impeachment found Guilty! One President and a presidential candidate “murdered” with No accountability,war after war,failed Domestic and Foreign policy,entitlements we could not afford,a devolving economy and Obama!

    Socialized health care,redistribution of income and services,Social Security and Medicare,trillions of taxpayer money stolen from the “Lock Box” that Never was!

    We have the Right to protect ourselves,our families,our property,our country Period! Those who have betrayed their oath,the Constitution want us defenseless,unable to protect ourselves from “enemies,criminals,but mostly the Government itself.

    “Live Free Or Die”

    • Funny thing is, the leftist morons that voted for him actually think he’s going to gratify them for putting him back in office and as it says in the Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion. They’re fooling themselves cause they too are nothing but goyim…or cattle. And such is how the government sees us…time to march…let these aholes know we will not sit down while he ruins our country especially seeing he is a foreigner like Piers and needs to take his socialist ass back to where he was born…Kenya!! Time to march ladies and gentlemen…let’s see him arrest several thousand people all at once…ain’t gonna happen…

  • I really implore all to go here and view this and then you’ll see just how low these jackoffs will stoop to take our guns awaye…seriously…go view this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wx9GxXYKx_8&feature=youtu.be&bpctr=1358353330

  • NOTHING that President Obama is proposing is unconstitutional. The Supreme Court has already found that Congress can set limits for gun ownership. And there is already precedent for banning assault style weapons. If you truly believe in the Constitution then you know that the Supreme Court has the final word on defining what is or isn’t constitutional.

    • Nobama is unconstitutional. An illegal alien can not be president, and YOU don’t know what your talking about.


      Supreme Court Justices can be removed too, according to the Constitution….Did you know that? I’m a Constitutionalist, so if you don’t believe that, look it up. I will not spoon feed you…

    • CHinOhio

      You are an ignorant, blind, eyes shut d-bag. Obama should be up on charges for treason, along with his dumbass lapdog Biden. You will be one of the first to perish, you and those like you. That’s okay though – an unnatural thinning of the herd wouldn’t hurt this country one bit. And all of the thug gang-bangers with their handguns can be taken out from a distance where they couldn’t come close to people that are smart enough to have sufficient items to protect themselves.

    • BigUgly666

      The “supreme court” is charged with upholding the Constitution, as written, not “interpreting” it for their own purpose – The Constitution is plainly written for a reason – “in order for a “law” to actually “BE LAW”, It must be clearly understandable by the common man, otherwise, it is someone’s “opinion” that he is expect to obey and not the “LAW” itself.

      Further – Obama, himself, is “unConstitutional” by virtue of never having met the terms, required under the Constitution, that he prove his eligibility as a “natural born Citizen” – this, he has never done.

    • jim johnson

      You are wrong John. The people that pay there salary has the final word. It just take people a little longer to get started. American can only be pushed so far before they fight back.

  • The gun fanatics are threatening civil war and wish to impose a rule by rifle instead of law. Tell your representatives not to knuckle under to these threats of violence. Any person calling for unlawful, violent actions against the Union MUST be disarmed now.

    • Good luck. All we want is the 2nd Amendment enforced.

    • BigUgly666

      You LIE, Wilbur.
      We WANT “Rule of Law” – have you ever bothered to actually READ the Constitution and the other Organic Laws of this nation?
      Just because someone “passes a bill” DOES NOT MAKE IT “LAW” – There is a difference between “legal” and “lawful”. Any “law” repugnant to the Constitution is NOT A LAW and need not be obeyed.

    • jim johnson

      Wish you had said that back in 1862. Then there was the boston tea party. Dont forget about King Mountain, NC. It appear that every time the USA get a nut job in office the people take back control.

  • I am reading the rules regarding posting and it says…they will not tolerate less, discourties, etc…yet I am reading some of the posts and some of you people are accusing the President of the United States of…falsifying documents (birth certificate, even though the highest court of our country, the Supreme Court stated that his birth certificate is TRUE). You are accusing the President of the United States of conspiring with terrorists…which IF it were true would be treason. You are calling the President of the United States a liar because in your minds..not actually anywhere in the recommendations, only in your minds, you are claiming that he wants to come and take your guns. No where in any of the 23 mandates does it state..anywhere..that he proposes taking ANY of your legally acquired guns in your possession!
    If you would actually READ aaaaall 23 proposals…you would FIND that he wants to bring back, yes! Bring Back!!, laws that state from this time forward..FROM THIS DATE FORWARD to enforce restrictions of purchasing assault type weapons and ammo clips of more than 10-12 bullets!! It also very very clearly states…he does NOT want to take anybodys guns that they own now legally!!! He does not want to take your guns!!!
    And several of you people are calling the President of your United States…a bozo.
    Really?! A bozo?! Yet, you are the ones who have not read, it seems to me you have not read..past the headlines. And you call him a bozo. Really?! Read all 23 of the proposals that the Vice President and the coalition put together for the President to present to Congress. Because..the citizens of the United States demanded the President and Congress DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE MASS SHOOTINGS. The citizens demanded something be done. The Government did something. And Now…the citizens don’t like what the Government did about what the citizens demanded the Government do. And you people cashel H I M the bozo?

    • GUEST


    • Steve j

      So when he does the bait and switch, when he pulls a rabbit out of the hat that gets to ride a new assault weapons ban, banning most of the rest of the firearms, will you be around to apologize ?will you step up and cry foul? Or will you just shrug and say “meh” and fade into the background?

    • 1. Obama HAS committed treason by conspiring with the Muslim Brotherhood, an enemy of the US and Islamic dictatorship. In their charter, they list the United States as an enemy. Obama invites them to the White House and the public still doesn’t know what was said. He also just gave them F-16 fighter jets and Abrams tanks. Supplying an enemy with weapons of war.
      2. We are not idiots. We HAVE read them. Of course he isn’t going to just ban guns outright. You have to read between the lines. It’s gradually going to happen. These harsher background checks are just a disguise for gun registration. And history tells us gun confiscation ALWAYS comes next. If you don’t believe it can happen here, you are totally naive.

      3. “Assault” rifle ban is ridiculous. Just because they look “scary and military”. SEMI-AUTOMATIC RIFLES fire one bullet per trigger pull. Reality check: Criminals and mass shooters will find a way to get their guns, no matter what gun control laws are enacted. SOME citizens demanded something done. Most citizens know gun control never works!

    • CHinOhio

      You are too dumb to be stealing oxygen. I would guess that everyone that you are calling out read “aaaaalll” 23 executive orders well before you knew they existed. I know I did. You want to do something about mass shootings? Get rid of “Gun-Free Zones”, you ignorant ditzy blonde.

    • James Vetzel

      It’s only a start down that slippery slope of firearms confiscation.

    • BigUgly666

      ” the Supreme Court stated that his birth certificate is TRUE ”

      The “supreme court” has refused to hear any of the case brought forth – they have never made any determination – However, Sheriff Arpaio and more than 2 dozen other have investigated these “documents” and have found them blatantly fraudulent.

    • jim johnson

      He also said he would cut the budget in half. Spending 6 trillion is not cutting the budget in half. This just one of the many lies he has stated. He issued ordered that is illegal. He has not sent a budget to congress, maybe he too dumb to figure out how to daoa budget. He has spent billions of taypayer monies playing golf and vactaions.. He has not worked a full year for the people who pays his salary. It would take over 3 hours of typing just to cover all his lies.

    • jim johnson

      He also said he would cut the budget in half. Spending 6 trillion is not cutting the budget in half. This just one of the many lies he has stated. He issued ordered that is illegal. He has not sent a budget to congress, maybe he too dumb to figure out how to daoa budget. He has spent billions of taypayer monies playing golf and vactaions.. He has not worked a full year for the people who pays his salary. It would take over 3 hours of typing just to cover all his lies.

  • On a good right wing talk show…IN LIB HELL.Portland, Oregon, a caller said it was time to cancel the 2nd amendment…..I nearly had a wreck in my car.

  • Cookie


    Read up and verify your information… No indication Soros is tied to any of this.

    • BigUgly666

      I trust “snopes” just about as much as I trust “Huffpo”.

  • jenniewalsh

    Gun supplies are being cut off to gun stores! Another tactic of the globalist Satanists.
    Make the following videos VIRAL!

    Alex Jones and many others are doing the best they can to alert the American people to the
    evils that are going on in America’s government by the Satanists who are
    holding MANY positions of power, authority, leadership, ownership and
    governmental positions at every level.
    If anyone thinks that secret
    members of the globalist New World Order, international
    bankster-gangster, organized Satanic crime syndicate are not in
    congress, the presidency and America’s judicial system, think again.

    The Satanic globalist organized crime syndicate is
    responsible for killing
    those 20 children and the six faculty members. They know that killing
    children will create a general outcry against guns. The Satanists have
    killed millions of children around the world to have an excuse to disarm
    good people.
    Evil people want
    to disarm the American people so that they will be the ONLY ones to
    have weapons. I want to have a weapon AT LEAST as fast and as powerful
    that the bad guys have.

    Sandy Hook massacre—the REAL CAUSE
    The Sandy Hook massacre is the work of the globalist Satanic organized
    crime syndicate, the wicked, who want to be the only ones to own high
    power weapons so that everyone else is defenseless against them. They
    use MIND CONTROL drugs, indoctrination, hypnosis and MIND CONTROL
    devices on the young and naive’ who come under their control and
    domination. The shooter was as much as victim of them as the others who
    died. The organized
    Satanic criminals pick out those people who are
    somewhat loners and “different” somewhat “misfits” and indoctrinate,
    hypnotize, drug them and implant mind control devices in their heads or
    necks to be under their control to use them in their crimes. The
    Satanists will do anything to disarm GOOD
    If high power, automatic weapons are taken away from the
    good guys, they will be defenseless against the bad guys who will ALWAYS
    This horrible massacre would look like nothing compared
    to the bloody slaughter of innocent men, women and children if the GOOD
    people lose their 2nd amendment weapon rights to protect themselves from
    the EVIL organized crime syndicate, the globalist gun grabbers who seek
    to tyrannize America and the entire planet under a ONE WORLD,
    Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao and how the people of those
    nations and
    MANY other nations suffered terribly and died because they had no way to
    protect themselves from tyranny and the tyrants. There is PLENTY OF
    EVIDENCE that Obama and his Satanic criminal cronies have totalitarian
    dictatorship in mind for America.
    If the teachers, principle and school guards had had weapons and sharpshooter
    training, the shooter could have been stopped.
    It is most likely
    that a secret servant of Satan did the “autopsy” on the shooter. It is
    most likely that the shooter had a mind control device implanted in his
    head. This evil event was orchestrated and conducted from beginning to
    end by the secret organized servants of Satan.
    The police respond within minutes, but SECONDS count in stopping massacres and other crimes.
    know that the precious children and teachers are in a lovely, glorious,
    beautiful and very happy place. I pray for strength and comfort for
    that they left behind. I know I would suffer terribly in losing
    any of my children.
    Pray for Divine Protection and Divine Guidance
    daily for your families, friends and loved ones! There is a tremendous
    battle between good and evil being waged on planet earth and the evil
    enemies are EXTREMELY deceptive and stealthy. They know that the murders
    of innocent
    children and their teachers will arouse a general outcry for “gun
    control” and that is EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT. The EVIL ONES are
    responsible for the murders of millions of children around the world; it
    is one of their most effective tactics in disarming GOOD people, their
    intended slaves and victims.
    I would like to have a gun at least as
    powerful and fast as any bad guy(s) who would try to harm me or my
    family. Again, the BAD GUYS will ALWAYS HAVE GUNS. The BAD GUYS WANT TO
    chambers, razor wire fences, watch towers, railroad tracks are ready
    and waiting for anyone who opposes the one world Satanic New World Order
    globalist United Nations’ Agenda 21 for a one world totalitarian
    military police-state dictatorship.

  • jenniewalsh

    Here is a BIG CLUE to the method of operation behind the Sandy Hook and all the other massacres._______ brasschecktv.com/videos/out-there-1/the-scariest-mind-control-drug-in-the-world.html _____Those shooters (patsies) were under the control of the Satanic organized crime globalist gun grabbers who have murdered millions of children around the world as a ploy to disarm the citizens.