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A Texas lawmaker says he plans to file the Firearms Protection Act, which would make any federal laws that may be passed by Congress or imposed by Presidential order which would ban or restrict ownership of semi-automatic firearms or limit the size of gun magazines illegal in the state, 1200 WOAI news reports.

Republican Rep. Steve Toth sayshis measure also calls for felony criminal charges to be filed against any federal official who tries to enforce the rule in the state.

“If a federal official comes into the state of Texas to enforce the federal executive order, that person is subject to criminal prosecution,” Toth told 1200 WOAI’s Joe Pags Tuesday. ┬áHe says his bill would make attempting to enforce a federal gun ban in Texas punishable by a $50,000 fine and up to five years in prison.

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  • Pass it, Texas!

  • Texas may need another law, which allows citizens to make citizens arrests of federal agents, in order to enforce this law.

    • Jeff

      In the state of Texas, it is lawful to make a citizens arrest if the offense is a state jail felony or greater…so if it passes as a felony offense, there would be no need for a separate law.

  • Nice to see Texas take this stand. Executive orders are getting out of control.

  • Ah-ha! Yet another Congressman with a pair! (That’s *two* so far by my count…) Here in Delaware we need to get our dead-on-their-asses legislators to act in a similar fashion, instead of following the Fuhrer as it said they would in this morning’s paper.

    • richard

      It would never happen in DE, remenber your former senator is the current junior assistant fuhrer

  • Zepp

    I can’t wait til states start seceding!

    • secession is cowardice. This is our country, not theirs and I will not secede or be part of secession. Do you give up and walk away when a fight comes your way? They brought this fight to the American people and they will soon get a huge “bitch slap” for doing so.

    • They already tried that once; didn’t work out so well…

      • What didn’t work so well, secession? How many did the Confederates kill in action,eh? My great grandfather was a Confederate soldier, better think again.BTW, was career miliotary and 3 wars too. I’m qualified.

    • The states do not need to secede. They need to secede DC. lock it up as the US Funny Farm.

  • Than you Texas, and Arizona and any others who are tire of our Presidential Impostor.

  • Phlash19Delta

    Does anybody else remember when High Treason was still punishable, let alone punished by the death penalty? Obama Bin Laden, the terrorist-in-chief, his sow baboon wife and ALL their scum cronies (not to mention Draft Dodger Billy C. & his bitch wife) would have been hanged ages ago if such crimes were still prosecuted.

  • Doesn’t federal law trump state law, thereby rendering such a law invalid?

    • Hmm I thinks it’s the 14th admendment about nullification. But yeah the states do have the means to do just that. There was a Sheriff in Nye County Nevada that took on the BLM and kicked them off private land.

    • svartalf

      The 10th Amendment basically takes any authority of this nature (since it’s NOT interstate commerce we’re talking about here…) and throws the Federal level authority out the window. Quite simply, if it’s not enumerated as a power over the States in the Constitution, they CAN do this. Not to mention that the Supreme Court’s already said that they can under many circumstances- this being one of them.

  • Good for Texas! Obama’s signing Executive Orders needs to end. There is no King in this United States of America, yet….

  • Texas, Wyoming, and any other state that passes such a law, stand for the American People. God, I live in a Great State.

  • Threatening to submit the bill is one thing. Getting Joe Straus to put it to a vote is another. I don’t trust the RINO Straus.

  • Dcb4God

    I say get it done fast

  • Allen Girl

    Big talk! All the federal government has to do is cut off all federal funding and then cut off military contracts to businesses headquartered here. This state would buckle in 48 hours.

    • svartalf

      Depends on whether they would have the Military sign off on that- this stuff, it’s VERY much Unconstitutional…and most of them know and have said that they’ve taken an Oath to defend this Nation against enemies foreign AND domestic.

    • Wanna bet? I take it you have never been to Texas,eh? They have oil, they have other industries, and lots of military bases to draw from. Forgot about the oil,eh?BTW, I am career military and 3 wars. We know how to git’er done.

    • whackajig

      Texas only receives just slightly more in federal aid than Texans pay in federal income tax. If ovomit should cut off the aid, guess what? It’s a wash.

    • You might want to actually do research on that. Texas pays more into the Federal Government than we actually get back, and as far as the military and such…….Texas will be more than able to make it on it’s own without government assistance.

  • God Bless Texas! Maybe Mississippi will follow suit, I certainly hope so!

  • wiessej

    If it is a law passed by Congress, guess what stupid Texans – you will have NOTHING to say about it. Arrest someone for enforcing it? IDIOT Texas lawmaker.

    • I suggest you actually research before making remarks, so they don’t reflect on you as an “Idiot”!

  • GabbieZee

    Let’s hope more states take this brave and bold step to protect their citizens’ rights!

  • Hemlock

    All states need to stand on the 10th Amendment on this and send the President the vertical shocker!!!

  • Any state which doesn’t want Executive Orders (which are not laws, by the way) enforced by the feds should just leave the federal agent swinging from a rope off of a high branch. OsamaBama and congress will get the point after having to go cut down a few of their agents.

    • whackajig

      Why is it that you use caps for ovomit’s name? Caps denote respect and honor. I doubt you have that for ovomit or his crew.

      • I do not know about others BUT when I use CAPS it is because I can not underline words.

  • I would not want to be a fed. officer on texas soil, in process of making such arest, because I could see the naborhood with alot of nabors surounding them and possably hanging them from the nearest tree, whats left of the officers. Or if they are merciful, making them by force giving up there weapons and handing them other to locate law enforcement. I know one thing, Poeple in Texas ,need to start forming local groups, to keep there fellow nabors from getting arested by one of those Feds. Enfact every state and local city who like Texas, should take same action, and have naborhood watch for such federal officers, so people are not cought off guard and get arested by one of those fed. officer.

  • richard

    Well we in Texas are not the first to put a law like this in front of our legislature, and this article did not mention the fact that ANY other law enforcement official in this state that attempts to enforce these laws will also be subject to the same law.

  • whackajig

    Hooray for Texas, at least someone has a pair of onions.

  • Alberto

    Texas we all respect you for being who you really are a true Texan anda real American.. We are all behind you.. now you have to control illegal mexicans coming through your borders.