The Line in the Sand – Choose Which Side


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There is a clear line in the sand, regardless our recognition of it, awareness of it, or willingness to deal with it. It is just there. Over time, we either move towards one side or the other. However, we must choose which side we’re going to stand on when there are those who attempt to push us from Liberty to Tyranny. Regardless one’s willingness to confront times when this does occur… it has happened, will happen again, and is happening now.

Fortunately, there still is a strong majority in America who stand ready to defend Liberty — as our ancestors, grand-parents and parents did.

If you are not clear on what it means to defend Liberty, what the core concepts of Liberty mean, or what the opposite of Liberty means, Tyranny, this little graphic may help.

Let’s just say that what we’ve had in America for over 237 years is a miracle of human history. No country in history of mankind was structured as America was structured… to acknowledge that our rights were natural, inalienable, and not granted by the State or man, rather, they were granted by the God. This means the State cannot take them away.

Our Constitution was designed by our brilliant founders, to ensure this was defined clearly so that no tyrant, or group of tyrants, could ever take our liberties.

Yet, sadly, there are a few ways tyrants can take our liberties. First, by convincing those who often do not understand these important concepts (as our founders said we all must) to accept a promised bounty from the State, in lieu of hard work, individual responsibility, and self-reliance. And secondly, by allowing those with special interests, be they corporate, union, military, or any other group, to continually shape policy and legislation away from individual liberty and free-markets, towards their best interests — cronyism — further eroding our nation until it is only the carcass of its former glory.

Today, there are many who would rather give up their liberty, become slaves to the State, so they can live off of the toil of others. And there are many businesses and special interests who will sacrifice our freedoms and risk our Republic, for the shot at wealth, power and control. Yet, they are all buying into a mirage.

First, in reality, the State and those in power are most often driven by greed and self-fulfillment, not charity and others fulfillment. This, is a reality of life and human history. Even historically when there may have been the rare “benevolent dictator”, it usually did not take long before power lust consumed those around them and eventually the governance model moved from benevolence to tyrannical control. So what starts as a promise of utopia — no risk, security, guarantees, etc. — ends in disaster and despair as the inevitable collectivist “house of cards” comes tumbling down. And it always will.

The second mirage is that of the benefits of cronyism. Although corporations and other entities may, for a time, reap the reward to their corruption, over time the results of one-sided market and industry controls, union strong-arming, military industrial complex expansion, and or any other interference and control of intended free-markets, will result in mal-investment, industry dysfunction, and ultimately unpredictable correction. The mirage fades and all must deal with reality.

Today, we’re reaping the whirlwind of both individual and organizational abuse of our founder’s gift of individual liberty and the resulting free-exchange which always leads to great prosperity. Without individual and organizational responsibility and integrity, all systems eventually fail.

It is up to us, therefore — those willing to work, those willing to take personal responsibility for individual and organizational choices, those willing to make good, integrous decisions from a position of strength with an eye not only towards our present, but towards our nation’s future, and those who understand the value of liberty and the dangers and death that result from State tyranny — to sound this warning and help others see this clear line in the sand.

Hopefully you will stand on the side of liberty. However, make no mistake, there are millions clearly on the side of right, and of liberty, who will stand.

Support Liberty. Fight Tyranny. Stand on the Right Side.

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  • Well put.

  • Brian

    I’ve found that standing behind the line in the sand lets the other side kick the dirt away push you back and make another line .In New Hampshire the granite state we say stand behind the line in the granite they cant push you back and make another line it’s there in the granite

    • boccagalupe

      Problem with that line in the granite, is that the granite is BLUE!

  • Brian

    by the way I’m on the side my forefathers were on, the side of FREEDOM

  • Brett

    I have already had the discussion with my wife that I will fight for Liberty. I have grand kids and it is my duty to pass on the same semblance of Liberty I have enjoyed to them. We cannot let Liberty slip away on our watch. Since this Liberty was a gift from God, I believe we will be held accountable if we don’t protect it.

  • Tobie

    The line was drawn in the sand 4 years ago and people continue to make the same WRONG choices. You would think that people would learn from their mistakes and not continue to make the same ones, this includes re-electing government officials. Take back your rights, impeach the current administration, and get someone in the white house that will take care of the people not try to pull a ” Hitler ” on them. They are saying that the NRA was wrong for using Obama’s children in a commercial stating a fact but then he turns around and uses children from the school shooting to announce his New Gun Policy’s. The Attorney General wants to keep the Scandal of the “Fast and Furious” case out of the public’s view because then that would make the Current Administration Liable for being a part of it. How about we make them accountable and be an accessory to the crime if it could have been prevented by a law abiding concealed to carry citizen for every crime that is committed in the future. My next question is how can you outlaw a gun because it looks scary? Have you ever looked down the barrel of a gun, have you had that same gun shooting at you? I am a Veteran and I certainly can say that any gun pointed at you is scary especially if it is shooting at you no matter what it looks like. The Bottom Line is the Current Administration isn’t smart enough to make these laws nor do they have the right to take away our rights when they don’t put enough thought into how to stop these problems in the future without affecting the rights of Law Abiding Citizens.

  • Anyone believing the “gubmint” is benevolent and has your best interests at heart are suffering from a mental disorder (liberals). I would venture to say, if we delve into the background of mass killers, we’ll find the majority are liberal, or from liberal backgrounds…the latest (Newtown) and one two blocks from me (Thurston HS in Springfield, OR) were surely that. Parents wanting to “bond” with their mentally ill children as “buddies” rather than parenting.

  • AmericanWarrior

    I have served my country when service was not popular, but I volunteered to serve nevertheless. I have grandchildren too, and my wife and I have decided that WE will fight for liberty so that something close to what we have known in our lives will be passed on to those grandchildren and all future generations. The line in the sand has been there for some time and it is now time that we make a firm stand to defend the liberties our forefathers established and passed on. There is NO rail ridding. A stand MUST be made now!

    Semper Fidelis

    • AmericanWarrior, I think our military coming home have been well educated fighting tyrants and tyrannical regimes on foreign soil will recognize it at home. The 2nd Amendment has kept the USA from being invaded by Our enemies because we are armed..

      Semper Fidelis

      • medic2003

        Sadly some will do as the masters say. We can only hope that we can count on the majority to honor their oaths and protect theirs and our liberty.

      • that is so true, but the Libs will not even think about saying it,

      • buckshotga

        As a brother and fellow Marine Veteran I stand with you shoulder to shoulder. The uniform hangs in the closet but the oath resides in the heart and there it will stay. SEMPER FI … FOREVER!!

        • Wayne_1958

          I was not a marine but USN and will stand shoulder to shoulder with you my brothers !

  • coastx

    By FNCS analysis, HR226 (113)= 875 Third (113) Avenue in New York City.

  • Buck

    Please allow me to give you a clue as to where I stand , I absolutely DESPISE progressives , liberals , socialists , communists , fascists , Islamists AND anti-capitalists . Americans qualify as the total OPPOSITE of all that I despise . IMPEACHMENT IS NOW THE ONLY CHOICE !!!

    • Buck, not impeachment but charged with treason

    • corky

      How do you empeach a King?

      • DOC224

        With a noose!

      • WhitesRight

        I was born and raised with the rights our Forefathers bestowed on us and I will die with all these rights!!! As to what to do with the traitors in our White House—Tar and Feather with a Noose at the end of the road.The ass in our White House is not an American!!! But he is a TRAITOR to us True Americans.There should be a way to deport him and his entire family and the rest of those double brown nosed bastards doing his bidding.I can not imagine a punishment to severe to throw at these traitorous people.

  • Fourth ID

    There is no choice for me.I took an oath 46 years ago and there is no expiration date and I’m glad there wasn’t!


    I am, and will always be on the side of Liberty. I will fight against this tyrannical guvment that is now destroying our country, and will die if necessary defending it “Give me liberty or give me death!”

  • corky

    Semper Fi brothers. I too will stand up and fight for this country. I did it once and will do it again.

  • TexRancher

    The 2nd amendent is NOT negotiable! If Obama really wanted to show that he is a loyal AMERICAN, one way would be for him to take back the 850,000 M1 Carbines and M1 Garand rifles from S. Korea. These now are historic weapons as well as useful hunting guns.
    They should no longer be the feared military weapons as the weapons of war have progressed substantially since WWII so he hs no reason to fear these guns being in the hands of loyal AMERICANS! (If he’s honest)

  • bless2live

    Freedom must be a wonderful thing as us Americans have always had it since our founding fathers wove it into law! Anything short of the United States of America Constitution would not be Freedom! Those Amendments of the United States of America Constitution are just as worthy today for us Americans as the day that our founding fathers signed then into law! Fighting for ones freedoms is just as natural as breathing. Americans have been breathing freedom since our conception thanks to our founding fathers Constitution of the United States of America and God! God Bless our Soldiers! God Bless the USA!

  • dave

    You all sound scary to me. I pray to God ours is a nation inspired not by hate filled zealouts…..but educated people of sound mind and emotional stability. Our country is changing folks….like it or not. Founding fathers would be sickened by hate spewing people like you. You’re ways are outdated anyways. So long and. Good riddance.

    • MadAsHellJack

      Sorry Dave but your response is the typical liberal BS. Our Founding Fathers pledged their sacred honor and their lives for liberty ad freedom, just as we here are doing today. Our ways are not outdated by one second. The words written by our Founding Fathers stand today just as they stood over 200+ years ago. America is the greatest nation in recorded history because of those Founding Fathers and their belief God and the Constitution they wrote. You have it wrong as we are not hate filled zealots but true American Patriots. What are you? A Patriot or a mindless government led sheep?

    • Your an idiot and don’t come to my door when it all falls apart looking for a handout

  • MadAsHellJack

    As a Vietnam Vet and Oath Keeper I stand by my oath to the Constitution and this great nation. I stand behind our Founding Fathers and their Christian-Judeo beliefs and my belief in the one true God. I pledge my Honor to defend those beliefs.

  • Janet


  • rjwturner

    I saw the blurb that holder will go after the gun runners. Is he for real??? This man should be tarred and feathered and run out of this country. I, as well as many veterans, have served my country long many years ago. Every liberal, socialist, communist, democrat should have to serve in our military before they even begin to think about running for a political office; and then only after they had visited every graveyard that have row upon row of white crosses that show them what our freedom has cost. Our freedoms have “NEVER” come without the cost of American blood. If obama can’t get a grip on that fact, he needs to step aside, willingly or otherwise and let a qualified veteran take the reins of our country. What he is doing is flat out treasonest and he should be tried before a military tribunal.

  • Lacywild

    I have been on this earth for 57 years and never seen the likes of the way things are now. I will fight for LIBERTY, tooth and nail. My children and grandchildren deserve to live in America the way it was meant to be. Yes, we have to change with the times, but we don’t have to change our values and be denied our God given rights. And we don’t have to except a government that is totally against what America stands for.

    • very good my friend, I too am 56 and will not look the other way, We can not lose the best country that ever there was on this earth,Nothing is perfect no country no person but this is still the best country on the planet for what it stands for, For over 200 yrs.

  • Algernon Sidney

    One of the places you can begin is to stop supporting this travesty of a gov’t is with your tax dollars. Do NOT fund the beast. Keep your money where you mouth is and support your family first. 31 years now I’ve been fighting this fight. Read Title 26, Chapter 24, Section 3401, paragraph (c) Employee. Find out if you are or ever have been one. There is s good chance that you have NOT! Section 3402(p)(3), and read it VERY carefully, understanding that “Words Have Meaning” as so eloquently pointed out by Bill Clinton, “Well, that depends on what the meaning of the word “is” is.” In this case you should be on the lookout for the word “agree”. And then, from there, to begin to realize the FULL extent of the deception, go to
    26 C.F.R. § 31.3402(p)-1 Voluntary withholding agreements. and read it an weep. Pay special attention to words like “may”, “desires”, “agree” and “agreement” and “may terminate”. And then, realize that this is just the barest tip of the tip of the tip of the tip of the iceberg! I am one of the few Americans who has ever read the whole thing. And, when I did, I found I wasn’t the droid they were looking for. Make your stand, stop giving them the proceeds of the sweat of your brow and arm yourself and train to know how to use. Do NOT take my word on the above citations. Do your own research so you can OWN your knowledge. NEVER depend on the word of anyone else because You and You alone will reap the consequences if you decide to beard the beast.

  • NINJA10R KLR650

    The GOP is nothing at all anymore if it doesn’t get off it’s ASS and fight like an American fighting the Nazi’s of WWII on this one.

    I mean every word of that.
    If you Men and Women have a shred of Conservatism left in you, you will attach your teeth onto the leftist zealots and not let go until they are lifeless on this issue first!

    Those of you who do not fight, but sit idly and watch the world go round seal your fate by leaving the fighting to We The People, and the blood will lie on your hands as well as on the hands of the Socialist/Marxist faux administration.

  • Maynard

    I’m a retired MSG, US Army, 23 yhrs. I love very strongly our Constitution, Bill of Rights, our Republic and country. I wrote on the iternet that Biden was a farce and a killer for supporrting abortion which has taken the lives of millions of babies. The panic for gun controls he and other party members and the news media created after the Newtown shooting, was nothing more than an explortation of a horrible incidednt, but no more so than the more horrific abortion killings. Why doesn’t he and Obama gather children around the presidednt and sign a bill outlawing abortions with a penalrty of death. Come on you stupid liberal clowns, jump on the band wagon… you too ACLU, Supreme Court, and churches; what holes to all of you have your heads in? ` Maynarfd Merrell. Don’t Tread On Our Constitution any more!

  • I stand with Jesus Christ and President Obama, both good men. How can some of you say you love your country and yet hate over half of the people that live here? This is truly one of the most hate-filled corners of the internet.

    • MadAsHellJack

      It’s interesting that you use the name of Jesus Christ and Obama in the same sentence. Jesus Christ stands at the right hand of Almighty God, and Obama stands at the right hand of Lucifer.

    • Then LEAVE! ????? Seriously John! That’s like saying you hate the smell of Bleu Cheese, but go to the market to sample it! Another perfect example of a brain-washed Obama puppet! Here’s YOUR sign John!

      • This site is like a bad car wreck. Part of me doesn’t want to see the “carnage” while the other part is morbidly curious. Also I feel I have to stand up against hatred and tyranny where ever it is found. Evil will flourish where good men do nothing.

        • boccagalupe

          A bad car wreck?? Yes, you’re the casualty.

        • Bud

          Still smokeing dope?

    • boccagalupe

      John Phillips,… go soak your head! You cite opposites.

  • Larry

    We stand now because there may never be another chance to stand proud and free!

  • James Maxwell

    When I jointed the USAF like any other person who joined I took an oath to protect and defend my nation from enemies both foreign and domestic. I have nevers waivered and will never do so. My guns are part and partial in that oath. God bless America .

  • dosage

    I am a former military man that fought for freedom before and have no problem doing so again we as voters should get rid of all those that take the oath of office and pay it only lip service. We need term limits a reduction of salaries, term limits and the use of law to bring charges against this that harm our republic and the use of the treason charge should be applied at home as all as in he spy arena.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    It appears – and I believe – that the Obama Administration has been deliberately
    pushing us toward rebellion by continually flouting the Constitution, and ruling through executive order and oppressive regulation.

    I cannot imagine what good he thinks would come of it; I can only presume he expects to emerge victorious, and that some sort of Marxist Utopia to arise from the ashes.

    But, in any event, if it’s a war against the American people he wants, I’m certain he’ll get it.

  • they even knew back then if you dont care or become brain washed you will lose your freedom, Its not to taken for granted, like so many people do. what a shame this could cost us our country.

  • Bobwojo48

    Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death, Patrick Henry, St. John’s Church, March 23, 1775.

    Took a lot of Courage to say those words,

  • Jeff 1-503rd IN

    Me and my family have talked and prayed. I just got out of the service a few years ago. I never thought I would see this in our country. I will fight for liberty and the Constitution if it happens. I would think the politicians would take the temperature of the social climate and understand that they are sitting on a revolt. They seem to act like the Red coats did before the revolution, unknowing and uncaring. Thinking that they are in full control.

  • brabbie2002

    I have told my children I will fight for my liberty and theirs. If I die, I die, but I won’t have to live like some chicken livered, yellow backed turtle afraid to go outside for fear of my own government.

  • ramesaz

    A great statesman once said: “If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.” (Winston Churchill)
    In one way or another we have engaged in this fight all of our lives. It is a fight between good and evil. It would appear we have been slowly losing the battle, mostly because we have not recognized what the fight was really all about. Some of us have been victorious and still adhere to the bright side, but many of us have fallen to the dark side. Call it what you will, it is fight between the armies of Christ vs. the armies of Satan. I truly believe we are in the area where Churchill says “you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival” if not in the final stage. I am 81 years old but I will stand and fight to my last drop of blood. I will fight because I know in the end Christ will reign again and all will be well. I eagerly await that day.

  • VietVet

    AmericanWarrior, I call you Brother, Simper Fi. I as a fellow Marine and Veteran of that war, I also joined to serve my country and took the Oath to protect and serve the Constitution. I Proudly Stand With You and all Patriots against the imposter and his corrupt government..

  • 17_tparty_patriot76

    If you can …go to Tea Party Command and view video titled ” Can you guess who I am? It will make your hair stand up !!!!!

  • there is no choice for me either i to took that oath in 68 and it still stands and always will for me as long as i am alive.

  • bhudda

    It’s very maddening to watch what we built be destroyed by the sick ,lame and lazy .As for the blacks they seem to being headed back to slavery as they want a structured live ,some one to feed them ,clothe them and lodge them without any effort on their part .In the end the government goes broke and they lose as they are not prepared to fend for themselves .The blacks and other minorities will definately do the work no one else wants but they are electing to do so now .

  • Algernon Sidney

    It’s only been 36 years since I took the oath. It is still Fresh In My Mind as thought it was Yesterday. I cannot find an expiration date on mine either. May God Bless You and Yours.

  • Concerned Patriot

    I wonder what Jan Morgan’s position is on the mainstream media telling us what the government dictates to them, as opposed to the truth about “false flag” events such as the one in Oklahoma City in 1995 that persuaded americans to allow their due process rights to be abolished by the AEDPA? I also wonder if she’ll be so gracious as to answer my question.

  • Thank you for all the positive comments and for everyone who is taking a stand, stopping the negotiating with “progressives”, and making sure everyone in their sphere of influence knows they are on the side of Liberty. For those of you who want to see the full graphic… here is the link, below, as its not showing up completely here, for some reason. Keep up the fight… we’re much stronger and more dominant than is apparent given MSM propaganda and censoring of all things conservative and liberty oriented. We simply need to focus on these most important Liberty principles that are common to most of us… noted in the graphic, and stop focusing on what divides us. For those who wish to “debate” — there is no debate, hence the point of the “line in the sand”. Pick a side, or define yourself as the enemy of Liberty. Again, thank you for all the comments. Here is the graphic:


  • jkdriss

    I solemnly swore to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. Twice. If they did not expect us that took this oath to take it seriously perhaps they should not have made us take it. Of course seeing the loyalty to this oath by the crooked politicians we see destroying what we hold dear, it is easy to understand why they assume we wouldn’t. They project their own traitorous desire for wealth and power on to society as a whole and because they cant stand to look at themselves for what they have become they assume, mistakenly so, that we all share their less than admirable qualities.

  • jenniewalsh

    Give me liberty or give me death. I do NOT want to live in the Satanic hell-hole that the Satanic liberal globalist New World Order gun grabbers are planning for America and the entire planet.

  • JohnM

    USN 1985-1989. The oath to defend and preserve the United States Constitution has no expiration date and never will. I took that oath back on February 25, 1985 and I have upheld that oath since then and always will until my last day on this God’s Green Earth.

  • Bill_in_Tulsa

    Constitution wins…

  • A little history. Approx. 10% of the population was actively involved in our Revolutionary War with King George. The other 90 was either sympathetic to British or many just scared and sat back to wait to see what would happen. There is a much greater number of active Americans who want freedom under our Republic rather than a Socialist Democracy or worse under these arrogant, Aristocracy wantabes. We need to remind everyone that we are great because of the kind of government that was created and the freedoms it protected not because of any one leader we have had. Don’t fall for the line that “I’ll give you what you want if you vote for me”. Every Government that has done it collapses under the financial burden and tyranny/dictatorships or worse follow. SAVE THE REPUBLIC! that’s my side of the line in the sand!