The Real Reason Behind Gun Registration


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  • It has to end here, folks. This year, we have to do what we’ve not done before: ENFORCE the Constitution. It’s imperative that we become more well-trained with our firearms, but it’s much more important — and effective — to start using our bigger guns.

    Watch the video, join up, and spread the word! What Jan talks about every day? It has to lead to ACTION, or we’re truly finished. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=904Gid8qpKw

    • K

      Well said “David”. It’s foolish (IMO) to hope the gun grabbing won’t get very far as it stands right now. Hope is a great thing but, right now it’s time to act.
      “We the People” Must stand our ground or all will be lost.
      The American people must fight like our lives and our families lives will end if we don’t win.
      What is going on is unlike anything that has happened in America since the American Revolution.
      A Second American Revolution may be inevitable and necessary to beat the tyranny of this Administration.
      Perhaps they want a fight because, they believe they will win but, that doesn’t mean they will. Remember, even though they have bigger firepower, they are still few and we are Many.


      I don’t want to fight like this but, I will Not be a slave to anyone and I will Not give-up my Guns and therefore; “I Will Die On My Feet, Before I Beg On My Knees”!!!


  • I’m already screwed then, and every legal owner in MA is as well. Every gun we purchase is registered with the Dept of Public Safety by the dealers. We get a copy, the dealer gets a copy and the state gets a copy, that’s on top of the instant background check. But I understand why nobody wants it. The only way I fall off the radar is by selling everything I have and moving to a state that has no licensing or registration.

    • Ameican Patriot Nation

      They have been ‘infriging’ for a long , long time….

    • I’m with ya! Born here love the area and our seasons, Hate the moonbat liberal governemnt here, GOTTA get the hell out of Mass!

    • but if you sell to someone else they wont know. buy for someone else and get someone else to buy for you. screw up their database.

  • Greg Maupin

    My dad use to say this years ago.

  • Michael Barnett

    Welcome to Nazi America!!!!

  • Robby777

    Gun registration is the first step to confiscation. just ask the aussies and the brits. “Let’s be reasonable – we want to know where the guns are- it’s for your own good… Then comes piece by piece confiscation. Of course criminals will be the first in line to obey the law…

  • vcs

    When the government is afraid of its citizens with FIREARMS –Then its time for the citizens to be afraid of the government !!!