What Other Than Freedom? Control and Tyranny


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David Friedman said, “Underlying most arguments against the free-market is a lack of belief in freedom itself.”

Let’s take it a step further than a simple act of disbelief in freedom. It is, in fact, more a simple desire to either control the market, or suppress it for political or economic gain, or both. I vote both.

Centrally planned markets can only fail given their inability to perform economic calculation. The only way the anti-thesis to free markets work, therefore, is via tyrannical control and subsidization, by definition.

Who is controlling and subsidizing? Why? For what end game? Herein lies the reason for collectivist schemes, not the advertised “social justice” and other Marxian utopian benefits.

Do you understand, then, that any and all attempts to sell you the promised benefits of anything other than free markets, is about control and tyranny? Or, do you still really believe that others care more about your well-being than their own potential for gain? Fairy dust a possibility, as well?

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  • John Brashear

    When are Americans going to DEMAND Congress remove obama for failing to be a “Natural Born” US Citizen?, the 1875 US Supreme court ruled “Parents” must BOTH (Plural) be US Citizens at the time the child is born, obamas father was NEVER a US Citizen….not EVER