Gun Grabbers Miss the Point

As the gun-control debate rages, the left continues to miss the point or, more likely, chooses to ignore it. It is heartbreaking to see innocent children and adults murdered in acts of gun violence across our country, but, sadly, these incidents prove once again that evil exists in society. Liberals can say what they want. The truth is that those who use guns to express their frustration and unhappiness are deeply disturbed and evil resides in their hearts. Nothing else can explain why an individual would slaughter innocent people in cold blood, especially children. To blame gun violence on the guns rather than those who pulled the trigger makes as much sense as shutting down the New York subway system because the trains have killed people, abolishing baseball bats because someone was beaten with one, or taking away cars because of drunk drivers. Since stricter gun-control laws make no sense, the real motivation of the anti-gun lobby must be to disarm the opposition—literally.

Columbine High School survivor Craig Scott, who lost his sister and several close friends during the tragic shooting incident in April, 1999 has stated clearly what liberals do not want to admit: “What happens when you are a person that grows up today and at school you’re not taught about character, integrity or values…at school you are picked on and bullied and at school teachers care more about your test scores and your knowledge and your academic achievement than the condition of your heart,” Scott said. “And when we were concerned about the heart we were number one in the world in education as a first world nation. On the deepest level, these are spiritual problems that we are having in our country.”
In today’s society where we call the murder of innocent children by abortion “choice,” human life has lost its value. When our so-called leaders at the highest levels fight hard to protect a woman’s right to kill her unborn child for the sake of convenience, why are we surprised when evil people pick up a gun and start killing indiscriminately? In our schools we teach that abortion on demand is acceptable, and then we are shocked when a student picks up a gun and kills.

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  • K

    First and foremost, Sandy hook productions wasn’t about bad people, disturbed or evil people and I do NOT believe children were killed in this production (so-called-shooting) because, we have zero prove via bodies or body bags for that matter, but, we do have inconsistencies in every part of this production to the point of it being the worse production ever. Plus, we do have parents that are really actors, smiling and laughing after their child were supposedly killed (NOT).

    What this is REALLY ABOUT is; Control of “We the People” and to get that control going, the elite need to remove “us” of our protection (Guns).

    Sandy hook….fully exposed as fraud !!

    NEVER EVER Give-up your Guns because if you do, your already good as dead.

    I’ll Die On My Feet, Before I Live On My Knees!!!!!!!!

    If the 2nd Revolution or, Civil War starts, the ones that “We the People” should focus on taking out are the elite (and their Federal Reserve), that are behind all of it in the first place.

    All in my opinion.

    • Rattlerjake

      I spread this word every chance I get. It doesn’t add up. The day th incident happened and I saw the video with the “Bushmaster AR15” being removed from the trunk, I new it was a fraud. As a Special Ops ‘gun God’ it wasn’t hard to immediately see that the weapon wasn’t even an AR15 platform and the media was lying about it’s use when it never even left the trunk.

      This is much the same as a plane hitting the Pentagon. Are people so stupid or gullible that they will believe anything. How can an aircraft crash and leave no debris?

    • WOW!! You must be joking. My jaw has dropped to the floor. If you believe that you will swallow any story.

  • Robert

    Jan, Here is another point that is so liberal and is based on the “it feels good” so it must be good, condition that we are forced to accept by the fools in government. My child’s school policy is to stop all children from wearing hats to school because gangs use them to designate affiliation, rather than find the student who in fact is a gang member (hat or not) and remove them from the school. They insist that all the students refrain from wearing hats so they all “look” pure as the wind driven snow but can harass and intimidate the other children without repercussions. The way I see it, at least when they wore the hat the other students knew who they were and could stay in the safe crowd or at least use a different path to stay away from them. The way I see it, this must be the condition or misguided facts that the Obamaniacs have drawn from to initiate this latest gun grab. Because the FBI and crime data across the Nation doesn’t even come close to bolstering their conviction of firearms. Actually I am more surprised at anyone who still hold these idiots in high esteem, with all the stupid comments and misguided connections to crime and criminals.

  • Lorraine E

    Until the fame and glory which the evil people seek by murdering innocent, defenseless people, especially children, there will be no to end to the murders. Criminals Do Not obey the laws, they have always had guns and always will.
    If the murders were hung, dead or alive, by the neck in front of the courthouse for at least a, week, that would takego a long way in removing glory and fame that evil people seek. They know that the lame stream with the

  • GB.

    This sandy hook was just fuel for the fire. If you will remember before the election he had a meeting with Putin if Russia and he leaned over and told him if he got elected again it would be a lot easier. thinking that the microphones were turned off.

  • Lucki Candoff

    Sean’s article is right on! It is a spiritual battle, that plays on individuals hearts. Our society, has chosen to make laws that are suitable in their own eyes, such as Sean mentioned, and we see the results come through in the unrighteous actions of people.