44 Gun Companies Stop Sales to Law Enforcement in Anti-2nd Amendment States!

Jan Morgan

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If you are about to purchase a new gun, I suggest you make your purchase from those companies that are putting it all on the line to take a stand for our 2nd Amendment.
Law Enforcement agencies make up a large portion of sales for firearms companies so this could result in heavy financial losses for those companies who have decided to stop selling to police.

The list of companies that have stopped selling firearms and ammunition to law enforcement agencies in states that are restricting the Second Amendment has more than doubled since Wednesday and is more than five times larger than just one week ago. There are 44 companies on this list, with more being added as they make their decision public.
Here are the additions since last Wednesday:

Barrett Firearms
Exile Machine
Tier One Arms
Bravo Company USA
Primary Weapons Systems
Crusader Weaponry
Top Gun Supply
Kiss Tactical
Clark Fork Tactical
OFA Tactical
One Source Tactical
Templar Tactical Arms
Old Grouch’s Military Surplus
Big Horn Armory
Midway USA
Rocky Top Tactical
Badger Peak
Controlled Chaos Arms
SRT Arms
Norton Firearms
Citizen Arms
Evolution Weaponry
Doublestar Corp
JCW Industries
Huntertown Arms

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  • Ammunition manufacturers need to adopt the same practice! Honor current contracts, but then don’t fill any other orders from governments, (state, local, etc.), who are restricting rights of law-abiding citizens.

    • Dave

      Also suppliers and manufacturers of optics, tactical accessories, reloading equipment, bullets, powder, cleaning supplies, and any other product related to firearms and shooting. Cancel all current contracts, as the gov’t has no problem cancelling a contract when they are “offended”.

    • Charlie

      Personally don’t think contracts should be honored. Think the contracts ought to go in the way Sam Walton started Walmart cancel contracts to fill orders elsewhere. Elsewhere would be “WE THE P[EOPLE” . Just a thought ………..

    • Except for the over a billion shells DHS has ordered. Put theirs on back order to serve the real patriots first. The john Q public of these United States Of America.

    • Son_of_Taz

      Not just restricting rights, but restricting our ability to obtain ammo. The Feds (DHS) are said to have contracted to purchase more than 1 billion rounds, mostly 9mm. That can’t be good.

    • DHS already has more ammunition for their “personal defence weapons” than the military expends in five years.

    • Have you consider liability of lawsuits for breach of contract by the governments?

  • MVP

    Thanks Jan for your unending persistence in bringing us cutting edge news and information!

  • Paul

    I will support in the future purchases…Thanks for the list..

  • For those that know their history, one year before Abraham Lincoln fired the first shot of the war, he moved ALL gun manufacturing to the Northern States and gave them 3 mil in treasury savings, the money should have been divided among all the states, but he didn’t and that was one of many Constitutional Amendments he broke, lets see what Obamanation offers the current manufactures to maintain production in the in those states that support the Democratic machine….?

    • GO

      Lincoln was inaugurated March 4, 1861. The Civil War started April 12, 1861. So, how was Lincoln able to move the gun manufacturing a year before the first shots were fired?

      • The Bee Guy

        Lol.Love historians who forget the dates. So Who was it that was in office before Lincoln… Nah, no clues!

      • Lincoln was the lawyer for the RR company who funded his campaign, as their lawyer he scammed people out of their land for the RR company, so with all the power he had BEFORE AND AFTER the swearing in of the Presidency he had know problem getting things done to his design. People the whole idea behind my bring in history is because Obama has referenced himself with Lincoln and the changes Obamanation are making WILL abolish States Rights, just similarities between the two, not a discussion on the War Between The States, the never was a civil war

    • Poster

      OK, I’m a 2nd Amendment supporter and I applaud these companies for choosing not to sell to anti-2nd Amendment governments. But I fail to see how these points (RE: Lincoln) violated the Constitution. From a strategic standpoint it was a brilliant move. And the first shot of the Civil War was fired by the Confederate Navy when they fired on Ft. Sumpter.

    • Poster

      Almost forgot…Lincoln was a Republican moderate.

  • This list keeps growing. Spikes Tactical is on board too. They are a manufacturer of top quality AR type rifles.

  • marineh2ominer

    I hope they realize that the entire thrust of all this anti-2nd amendment activities is coming from the federal government , and they all boycott them as well , by not selling them anything , including weapons , ammunition , accessories , and even parts for what they already have .

    • Billie
      Marineh2ominerYeah!!I will vote for that; glad someone brought that to the for-front.

    • they’d probably just buy back all the weapons they sold or gave away to mexico and other countries…

      • Clint

        This regime would probably nationalize the weapons companies if it could not get the weapons the regime wants.

        • foxtrap

          It would,too. That’s exactly what Hugo Chavez did.

        • Well they would still have to have someone to operate the Equipment.

          • Clint

            Yes, they (the administration) would need to dive off into an area of service they are totally unfamiliar with. When anyone gets rid of those who have the experience, they then must face the facts of their incompetance. They must then fill the gaps with people who are unfamiliar with the eqipment and trust that they can be trained in short order. Operating the equipment, whether at sea or on land, is a job for the experienced and the unsung heros, of which we have so many. The unfortunate thing is, this administration sees Christians and Veterans as the enemy.

    • GIGator

      They would, simply, transfer weapons from the military to federal agencies. The military has enough firearms stockpiled to fulfill the need of every federal agency, many, many times over. Obama will probably do the same for the states affected in this campaign. It will be even better for those states, because they will get them for free.

  • JT

    Good except: Obama is not saying to ban guns. Let’s stick to the facts, okay?

    • Landplanner1

      JT, some would believe otherwise. The termite thesis (continually nibbling away at the edges), or frog in the pan … starting with “really scary guns” (which are less powerful than a standard deer rifle), then when another so many gun killings happen you’ve already got the momentum of making ‘certain’ guns and ammunition illegal with the support of the voter base that got him elected to begin with.

    • Obama may not be saying it but people in his administration are planning and working towards that goal. You have to be blind and deaf or intentionally ignorant not to see and hear what the Democratic party is attempting. We must not allow any more restrictions to the Second Amendment.

    • Clint

      If you believe this is not about confiscation of and banning of all weapons, you don’t understand dictators.

    • Doc

      And Obama said he wasn’t for socialized medicine either. Read his history. He hates guns. He loves Alinsky and socialism. He wants to disarm America. Anyone who thinks he doesn’t has his head in the sand.

    • Not now J T but one step at a time.. That will be in his next term, when they find out it will not help at all..

    • Sorry that you are so naive to believe anything that comes out of his mouth. He starts like this and ends like that trust him not.

    • jt what pray tell is he saying then he wants a ban on semi automatics with large capacity clips / magazines what would you call that forgot your sipping kool aid call back when you wake up from the drug induced trip your on

  • JT

    Also: Where are these companies located, so we are able to patronize them?

    • prlgrl

      Most have an online presence and will ship.

  • Alan

    Boise tactical is on board as well

  • I applaud them. And if any manufactures want to leave those states the southern states Alabama,Mississippi,Georgia,and Texas will be glade for you to set up shop.

  • traitorhater

    Where are the “big name” companies of firearms and ammunition on the list? Apparently they’re bed buddies of obama. I’ll go with a company on this list instead.

  • Which states are being affected? Does anyone know?

    • Poster

      Off the top of my head I’m thinking California, New Jersey, New York, Colorado, and possibly Illinois.

  • Walter Bazner

    Boycott all the companies that don’t stand up against Obama’s gun grab. We could do this with oil companies to! People tend to forget the Boston Tea Party in Bostn Harbor and the irish potato rebellion in Ireland. This government is ours not the politicians, let’s take it back before it’s too late

    • The Bee Guy

      Are trying to get the farmers to withhold all shipments of food for one week each month til the cities cave. Would increase milk prices big time, so at least for dairy, no loss, likely gain.

  • How about we also boycott Ebay? They won’t allow the sale of perfectly legal rifle magazines.

  • pysco

    I think thar manufactures need to do their homework, our local sheriff said they would not enforce any federal gun bans, I would trade with them……But never anything to DHS (Obama’s Private Army)….

    • Doc

      I concur; but remember trust but verify. Virtually every police and sheriff department in the country is beholden to the Obama administration. They get money, political support and guns from the federal government. Do you really believe they will bite the hand that feeds them? I have my doubts.

      • i believe the locals will side with the citizens their famalies live there too

      • GIGator

        Every Sheriff in the state of Florida has signed an agreement that they will not enforce any law that violates the 2nd Amendment and they are very serious.

  • Gary B.

    Where is the ‘complete list’ so far? Thinking about buying a Remington 700 really soon, are they on this list?

    • Gary B.

      Just found a list of ’73’ companies on board! If this link will appear here, you can check them all out, so far!

    • Glenn

      Don t expect Remington or any of it’s companies to join. Since soros bought them last year

  • There are only 26 companies on that list. I really wanted to see a complete listing. Cheaper than Dirt had been on a prior list, and yes I know about their Sandy Hook related stupidity. Where are the rest of the companies ?

  • What would help is if munitions manufactures would stop supplying government agencies with .223 and .40 caliber ammunition and sell it to individuals at the same price. I would bet they wouldn’t lose any business or money. There are plenty of citizens that would buy in large quantities if it was available. Stop the sales of ammunition to the US government. It will make everyone more safe.

  • Landplanner1

    How does this list compare to the total number of companies selling/bidding?

    How do these companies prevent third parties from buying merchandise to then bid on Government contracts? If true it could be a well meaning but superficial gesture. I hope it’s not true.

  • verncba

    I do believe it is up to 54 or 56 now.

  • Good point Will Marsee….

  • Robert Buck Jackson

    Where is the complete list?

  • johnhorse

    I have and will continue to buy only from the Ammunition manufacturers that have refused to sell to local state and federal government or anyone that want’s to restrict OUR SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS.I hope ALL the manufacturers follow suite.

  • Rey

    These companies have my support and I applaud them. Enough is enough! What’s good for them is good for us their patron customers!

  • Doc

    I don’t claim to be responsible but I did contribute by writing every manufacturer I could find a letter (better than emails) and asked them to refuse to sell to any state or agency that was offensive to the Second Amendment. I urge all of you to continue to do the same. Just fire up your browser and search for gun, or ammo, or gun accessory manufacturer listings and you will find hundreds; many you didn’t know existed. I was delighted to find many new sources for my ammo and gun needs. Hope you do too!

  • Good for these companies, the government in the U.S. already has enough ammo to go to war with the honest citizens who want to keep there God given rights.

  • Nightmare

    Good for them screw traitor Obama and his loser supporters.

  • We should put these traitors out of business.

    • David Carte

      Bite Me!!!!! They are not traitor but PATRIOTS

  • Lloyd

    I am still waiting for the top dogs to add their companies to the list. S&W,glock, H&R,Marlin, Colt, Remington, Mossberg, Mauser, Walther, Browning Thompson, Springfield,Dan Wesson, and a few others, need to add their names to that list. Of these who manufacture ammo and the other major manufacturers of ammo need to add theirnames to the list. When they do, the government at each level will get the message. Until then, if you can at all, start buying as much ammo, and as many guns as possible. Just in case the establishment wants to try and force everyone to give up their guns. And I am not talking about legislative enforcement.Also, if they are going to stop sales, or boycot, go all the way, and forget about contracts. In the end, it won’t make a difference. We will still have to stand by our patriot freinds, as they are standing by us.
    Keep up the good work Jan. This info is vital to everyone who supports the constitution. Keep us informed as long as you can. Thanks.

  • Bruce

    If u people think this is only obama ur mistaken its all the political est

  • Bud

    It looks like the anti-gun folks are pulling-out all the stops, and they are looking for any excuse to downplay and ridicule law-abiding gun owners, and trample on the U.S. Constitution.
    Indeed, the “See, I told you so” mentality runs rampant in the liberal camp.

    Although the anti-gun folks are notorious for stretching the truth and fabricating stories, more than ever before, this is the time to remain cool, calm, and collected, and not give the liberals verbal “ammunition” to use in their favor.

  • Maybe if they refuse to sell to law enforcement these stupid gun laws will be dropped. It will be a cold day in HE%% before I give up my guns and I think a lot of other people feel the same way. How would the government like to have a million plus gun owners turn on them and run them out of our country. This is the USA and it’s supposed to be the land of the free. We are to uphold our constitution like our forefathers . Back off Obama and take Cumo with you.

  • nick

    its up to 67 now

  • sandy

    “Thank you” to all these company that have the backbone to stand up to our out of control government. “Thank you” for taking a stand for our 2nd amendment rights.We cannot afford to bury our heads in the sand anymore.

  • Son_of_Taz

    This list of companies came to me from a friend. Seems fairly complete: http://www.thepoliceloophole.com/

  • ladyride

    I Will gladly support any company that is willing to support my 2nd amendment rights. Thank you for the lists. If they are willing to stand for me I will stand for them. They will need our financial support with the loss of contracts.If other companies are not willing to take a stand, They are not worthy of our financial support.

  • GIGator

    They would, simply, transfer weapons from the military to federal agencies. The military has enough firearms stockpiled to fulfill the need of every federal agency, many, many times over. Obama will probably do the same for the states affected in this campaign. It will be even better for those states, because they will get them for free. Our only real hope is that local law enforcement officials agree not to enforce any law that violates the 2nd Amendment. Every Sheriff, in the state of Florida, has signed such agreement.

  • All those companies should move to Texas. We have ports, rail, major airports, tax breaks, and a good labor force. Fairly nice weather [better than up north]Good political atmosphere. What’s not to like????

  • comando1962

    What know one here is talking about is the Arms and ammunition (AK-47/Ak-74 in 7.62 X 39 / 5.45 X 39) can be shipped from venezuela. Hugo Chavez has all the AK’s that this administration could ever want and he is a commie dictator that congratulated obama when he won the election and hugo is the dictator obama wants to be.

  • manuel a

    too bad they didnt do that before dhs tsa ect got thier millions of rounds allready i hope they keep it up cause the surpream court ruled that the polcie dont have to protect us so its up to us to protect ourselfs and they and other people want to take that right from us. if they dont want to protect themselfs fine call a police officer but dont take mine and others right to protect ourselfes, if you want to be a slave then go ahead but there are other who wont be a slave.