All Gun Owners: Call to Action


About the author: Becky is a conservative citizen activist who grew up in the 1980's Reagan era. During that time it was not unusual for American's to hear a great deal about the Cold War and to be concerned about the possibility of a nuclear war. When the Cold War ended, American entered an era of peace and prosperi ... [read 's FULL BIO]

Unless you have been spending a lot of time deep in the jungles of South America unable to access the outside world, you are aware of the growing push from the liberal, socialist left to severely restrict our second amendment rights. Sadly, for the first time since the 1860’s, we are standing on the precipice of national division that threatens to plunge us into a civil war. Yes, I am aware that a certain faction will call me a conspiracy theorist. But, as the saying goes, it isn’t a theory if they are really coming after you.

I suppose if there is any good news since Obama was elected, it is that gun and ammunition sales have gone through the roof. I am grateful that many Americans saw through the rhetoric and anticipated the Obama gun grab we are now seeing come to fruition. In a recent article posted on Examiner.com, John Lott, the “gun guy”, recalls his days at the University of Chicago School of Law, where a young Barack Obama showed his disdain for anyone who had the audacity to own guns and think it was okay. Any of us who did some research when this newbie came onto the political scene could see it coming. From the communist influence that was so much a part of his early years, to Dreams From My Father, to the radical associations he sought out in college and after, it was clear that Obama was a believer in the Communist Manifesto and the rampant social injustice he saw in the America he despised.

Now, we are standing at the crossroads. Turn to the left and you will be led down the path of socialism, which can only and inevitably lead to total communist rule. Turn to the right and we can reclaim the America we knew and still love. No longer can we afford to complain and do nothing. Tens of millions of Americans are expressing concern, fear, and anger at the rampant injustice of liberal logic. It’s time to turn that concern into action.

What can you do? You can support the organizations that are fighting for all of us. The first one to go to is Oathkeepers.org. You don’t even have to be a military member or veteran. You can join as an associate member. But it is vital that they have the numbers to back them up as they wage this battle. It is also vital to reflect on the oath our military members and peace officers take so that they are reminded that some orders are unlawful, and that their oath is to the Constitution, not the president.

Then, if you have not done so already, please join the NRA. I’ve heard from a few people who gave reasons for leaving the NRA. Maybe they supported something you did not. Whatever the reason, the NRA is in Washington DC fighting the good fight. Congress has failed us. The only thing they seem to understand is strength in numbers. The more of us who are members backing the NRA, the more success they will have in blocking this massive abuse of the Constitution.

Beyond that, I implore you to do four things; study and know the Constitution and Bill of Rights and teach your children the same, read up on world history, including some of the writings of the founding fathers, and stock up on guns and ammunition while you still can. And finally, pray for this nation. Pray that we reverse the tide of communism, a godless and God forsaken ideology, pray that we will turn back to God before He turns us over to our own evil machinations, and pray that we can preserve the Constitution without having to wage a civil war. May God bless the United States of America.

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  • Dave Miedema

    Next paycheck, I join the NRA! I don’t own a gun myself, but I support the right of anyone who wants to own one (or several) to be able to lawfully do so.

    • Wayne_1958

      Dave, Thank you for being a Constitution and Bill of Rights supporter. Even though you don’t own a firearm yourself those of us that do appreciate your support ! Thanks again.

      • Todd Forfreedom

        I second that statement. We need more like Dave. Good job

        • This writer is so gung ho for the NRA. He should take a look at a faithful, moral and ethical organization, the NAGR. National Association of Gun Rights. They are superior in their stand if not in numbers.

          • Todd Forfreedom

            Al, I think you are are correct on the NRA, this is why I am not a member. I think NRA was at one point just like NAGR. I have been looking into joining them and still yet afraid they will to turn just like NRA.

    • MeMikeT

      Thanks David. It is uplifting to know there are people who are not interested in guns personally, but understand the importance of our Constitution, specifically the 2nd amendment.

    • BigDog1702

      Thank you for joining the NRA, I’m a life menber and a Marine Vet

    • Thanks David!

  • I left the NRA several years ago because all they seemed to be doing was constantly ask for more money. I’m reconsidering now due to what Obama and his minions are trying to do to our 2nd amendment rights. But I was also wondering about the National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR). Does anyone know anything about them and if they are worthy of membership? I’m still trying to decide which I want to join.

    • jdangiel

      Join the NAGR. Unlike the NRA, they never gave money to Harry Reid, and unlike the NRA, they didn’t initially run and hide after Sandy Hook. They are even more rabid about 2nd amendment rights than the NRA.

      • shavager

        jdaniel–NRA did NOT “HIDE” after Sandy Hook, they chose silence in respect for those families who suffered from that massacre. The NRA–is a ONE–issue organization, as long as a politician supported the 2nd Amendment fervently–they would donate money and support for their campaigns. JUST NAME ME–ONE COURT CASE THE NAGR HAS FOUGHT ON BEHALF OF THE SECOND AMENDMENT AND THE CITIZENS? The NRA SPENDS MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS IN STATE/FEDERAL COURTS PROTECTING THE SECOND AMENDMENT–all Dudley Brown and NAGR does is SIT BACK AND CRITICIZE THE NRA TO GAIN MEMBERSHIP DUES–they DO NOT SPEND MILLIONS IN COURTS FIGHTING 2nd Amendment cases. The “Castle Doctrine”, “Stand Your Ground” law, “Concealed Carry” laws, “National Reciprocity”–recognizing Concealed Carry laws across states nationally–ARE ALL NRA PROGRAMS either already instituted or in the works–from NRA legislative operations–WITHOUT HELP from NAGR. As a matter of FACT–just NAME SOME ACCOMPLISHMENTS of the NAGR.

        • justamused

          I gave up my NRA membership when I called to ask about a NRA Board member/politician from Iowa who was foaming at the mouth about gun control! I got a smarmy, smart mouthed young lady in the NRA-ILA office who began to scream at me! I merely asked how to help get rid of this leftist in disguise. This young lady in the ILA needs to be sent packing! Of course that won’t happen and the NRA will NEVER get another penny from ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • shavager

            Justamused–would YOU move out of your house or neighborhood because you found a RAT? NO, you’d take steps to GET RID OF THE RAT! You should’ve talked to someone OVER HER HEAD and let them know the attitude of the person you talked to–that’s SMALLNESS in thinking when YOU let this person TALK FOR YOU! You should’ve got her name, filed a complaint with someone higher up–I can’t STAND John McCain or that two-faced Lindsey Graham in the GOP, but I don’t give up on the party just because those two morons are in the party. I don’t give up a few “blue-dawg” democrats in my are just because DemocRATS at the national level are CORRUPT and OWNED by George Soros and the marxist leftwing ideology. What’s the old saying “you can’t see the ‘forest’ for the trees? You have to see a bigger picture of what the NRA’s total vision is–the BIGGEST 2nd Amendment organization, with the deepest pockets and membership–and BIGGEST expenses for fighting for those rights. P.S. I’ve been a registered democrat voter for over 35 years–but I don’t support them in national elections any more.

      • Rattlerjake

        The NRA has been around since 1871, the NAGR has only been around since 2001. The NRA has done way more than the NAGR just in my life time and it’s members are the NRA.

        • davienne

          that may be true.. but the NAGR is the conservative alternative for the NRA….. Its just like AARP have been around for forever and AMAC has only been around since 2010 it is the conservative alternative to AARP… what im saying is that i support the conservative org before i support the commiecrats in every circumstances…

    • they too are great in fighting for our rights. they have been involved in several large cases like the hellercase.

    • davienne

      i left the NRA because they were supporting harry reid and the democrat party… i only support organizations that support the conservative party…i oppose my money going to the DNC which i dont support

      • shavager

        Davienne–just as with jdaniel–the NRA is a ONE ISSUE organization–they are NOT out there fighting FOR OR AGAINST abortion, immigration, balanced budgets, etc…they FIGHT ON BEHALF OF THE 2nd Amendment, PERIOD. Harry Reid had been a consistent supporter of the 2nd Amendment, no matter what his political ideology is–so the NRA supported him ONLY because of his support for GUN RIGHTS–but in the changing world–as I’ve already told them myself–they will soon have to make their stand on POLITICAL IDEOLOGY–since the DemocRATS in DC and a few RINO’s DO NOT have conservative views nor support 2nd Amendment in their agendas–and it’s become a bigger problem than just GUN RIGHTS.

        • davienne

          i have never gave to the democratic party and i didnt like the idea they took my fee to fund a group i dispise … PERIOD..
          and to sale their soul to the devil, because they wanted a gun range in NV, they lost my respect for them… now they are fighting because they have been targeted by the democratic regime…

    • coastx

      Do GOA. NAGR is Okay, because it’s an improvement over the NRA, but the GOA is a much stronger gun lobbying entity. NRA supports liberalism. With that in mind, Jan, why are you redirecting to the NARA? If we’re fighting liberalism and you are asking for a commitment and stronger investment in the DCBR, why redirect to a liberal entity?

    • MontieR

      NAGR is a great organisation fighting for the same thin as the NRA our freedom, yes they are a worthy adversary to the anti gunners.

    • CyclingFoodmanPA

      I would recomend joining the NRA, GOA, 2nd Amendment Foundation, NAGR, and JPFO (Jews for the Preservation of Fire Arms Ownership). No, I am not Jewish, however, if you go to the site for JPFO and listen to the Rabbi speak, they make the NRA look wimpy. Ironic how many Jews vote Democrat and are for disarming people when over 40 million of their own were slaughtered at the hands of Hitler. Obviously the stupid ones in the United States don’t remember history and are dumbed down by the liberal media.
      I am already an NRA member, but joined all the others after the tragedy in CT because I knew the morons on the left would lead an all out assault on our 2nd Amendment Rights.
      Also, if your area permits, get a concealed carry permit. I am working on EVERYONE in my area getting one by going door to door.
      Molon Labe!

    • shavager

      Shorty Stuff–I had that same sentiment a few years (about 15 years ago) back, wondered why every two weeks I would get more mail asking for donations—I CALLED them, I was SURPRISED by their answer–IF YOU didn’t get mailings from them and other members were–would YOU not wonder what was going on-maybe YOU weren’t as important as others? They depended on donations, NOT JUST MEMBERSHIP FEES! Also had NO IDEA of the AMOUNT OF DOLLARS THEY WERE SPENDING NATIONWIDE FIGHTING WITH LAWSUITS IN STATE/FEDERAL COURTS FOR THE SECOND AMENDMENT–YOU KNOW WHAT I DID?—I BECAME A LIFE MEMBER, BENEFACTOR, PATRON, ENDOWMENT MEMBER AND A MEMBER OF THEIR JAMES MADISON BRIGADE!

    • John Smithson

      I belong to both, Ive made 1000s of friends in the NRA, mostly Vets, OATH KEEPERS, which Im a member of, Militia which Im a member of, Constitutional Sheriff’s Posse,member of this, many Tea Party groups,member also, This holds true for the NAGR. Pay your dues & be done. Get to the range w/ some of these folks. Jdangiel- Right after Sandi Hook, the NRA went to DC & held their ground, the NRA volunteered to stand guard in schools, The NRA has sponcered pro gun & pro 2nd Amendment rallies recently. A giant media advertizing blitz is going on for pro 2nd amendment. Yes some mistakes have been made, however you & I are not perfect. God Bless

  • Joe Lettieri

    I dont trust or believe anything that our Gov.says or does anymore.We need major changes ,starting with the traitor at the top !!!

  • manfromthemountain

    I am a life member of the NRA and I still believe that they are the most powerful of the pro-gun groups.

  • Spyder Dalton
    • Spyder Dalton

      watch this video and you will be convinced this country is being taken over…

  • marineh2ominer

    I am an NRA member , I am also in contact with several other organizations fighting the growing red menace now reaching out from our very own capital and government . They are , as we speak , training the TSA and Homeland security to shoot average Americans , or desensitizing them as they call it . ANY AMERICAN THAT IS NOT A GUN OWNER NEEDS TO BECOME ONE , AND LEARN HOW TO USE THEM ASAP !

  • John Adams

    We need more people to wake up, our country is going in a downward spiral fast, we are being stripped of our freedoms that our founding fathers shed blood and tears for. Our part is to defend it, hopefully it doesn’t take having to bare arms against a tyrannical government again to sustain our freedom.

  • Stealth

    Life member of the NRA- an HONORABLE TRULY PATRIOTIC organization!

  • J R

    To those that want to join an organization that supports your gun rights I urge to take the time to check out “GUN OWNERS of AMERICA” (GOA). They are an organization that was formed solely for the purpose of fighting for your 2nd Amendment rights. It is an organization that has had great success fighting Washington for more than 30 years.

    The NRA was not formed for this purpose. They were formed in partnership with the government to teach the shooting skills found to be lacking in the recruits for military service. Although they act in favor of the 2nd Amendments rights, their actions aren’t always as clear. They supported the gun control act of 1968 and the instant background checks which is the precursor for the problems we are having today.

    I do belong to the NRA, but the two organizations I support the most as a member is the “National Association for Gun Rights” (NAGR) in which Rand Paul is an active supporter and even more so I support GOA as the protector of my rights.

    My purpose is not to discourage NRA membership but to promote both NAGR and GOA as they are very active in the fight for our rights and your membership and support would be to the benefit of us all.

    • coastx

      Yes, 2nd that! GOA is real, NRA is phony and nearly sold us down the river a few months ago. JAN, WHY?

    • Becky Kress

      Thank you for the information. I will check both out. I am a member of various pro second amendment advocacy groups and will be happy to join these at the recommendation of so many patriots.

      Jan did not recommend the NRA, I did. I have, as stated in the article, heard these complaints before. I let my NRA membership lapse after the Harry Reid incident. I am a strong social conservative. However, if the 2A succumbs to the liberal madness currently being perpetrated none of our other rights will matter. The NRA is supporting our rights in this and they are spending a great deal of money to do so. They have the organization in place and trust me when I tell you that numbers talk in DC. I will continue to support the NRA but I will also gladly support the GOA and NAGR, especially if the NAGR is supported by Rand Paul.

      We’re all on the same team folks.

  • coastx

    This will be the one and ONLY opportunity you will ever have to see this. Copy, print and make a poster for the world to see what I am about to show you, and do it pretty quick. It’s not going to last. The NRA is a Fed confab. Here’s your proof:

    NRA, November 17, 1871 (9)

    Posse Comitatus, June 18, 1878 (13); 9 (NRA)+ 13 PC)= additive sum 13

    Fed, December 23, 1913 (13); 9 (NRA)+ 13= additive sum 13

    42Y1M6D= additive sum 13

    Why would the NRA be numerically lined up on the Fed? HAHAHA FOOLS! No militia!

    This is their own code. The numbers in brackets are additive sums. Redirect to GOA. The NRA is going to sell you out.

  • Tailgunner

    Who can afford to buy these weapons, only the very rich, give a m31 tank and all the ammo it will carry i’ll be happier than a pig in sh..

  • I agree with you Becky. The only change I would make is praying to God the Father first, then the rest. I am a six time loser according to the government. I am a military vet, law enforcement retiree, NRA member, tea party member, conservative, and most damning, Chirstian. It breaks my heart to think I may have to eventually do something to perserve our precious freedoms. I have worn the American flag on my shoulder for most of my adult life, and have nothing but respect and loyality to our flag and the people of this great country. God Bless the United States of America.

    • Becky Kress

      God bless you Arthur. I share your convictions brother. You are a six time winner in my book.

  • shavager

    I’m a LIFE, Benefactor, Patron, Endowment member of the NRA as well as a member of the NRA James Madison Brigade–NO ORGANIZATION IN THE U.S. has SPENT as much money OR ACCOMPLISHED as many PRO-2nd Amendment wins as the NRA–“Castle doctrine”, “Stand Your Ground” law, “Concealed Carry” were all WINS accomplished by the NRA, “National Reciprocity”–forcing states to recognize ALL Conceal carry permits nationwide–is another goal NRA proposed–but blocked in Senate by two GOP Senators. I’m also a LIFE member of the Citizens Committee For the Right to Keep and Bear Arms/Second Amendment Foundation–Alan Gottlieb is an active proponent for Second Amendment Rights–as well as the Gun Owners of America–but I repeat–NO OTHER ORG has spent as much TIME, MONEY, and ENERGY fighting for the 2nd Amendment as the NRA. Heller v Chicago, Emerson v U.S., McDonald v Chicago, won a suit against mayor Ray Nagin and New Orleans over confiscated weapons, SUING ATF over border state gun laws,Shepard v Madigan in Illinois, won case in NYC over frivolous lawsuits against gun manufacturers over criminal’s use of guns,etc–all across this nation the NRA is involved in protection the 2nd Amendment in states and at federal levels.

  • We all know what is coming…and we all know what IT IS….!!! Civil War II, see the coming attraction, and the blood running red in the streets…thanks to Obama productions and his Communist producers…soon to be on the big screen in you neck of the woods….along with drones and hell fire missile…!!!

  • I wouldn’t push the ‘godless heathens’ message too hard. A great number of gun owners and gun rights supporters have non-JudeoChristian belief systems. If you really want to reduce your support by kicking out agnostics like myself, then you’re just as bad as the liberals.

    • Who tried to push you out? Liberals get offended when Christians speak of their faith. No one told you to believe. Are you offended that we do?

  • I belong to the NRA and Oath Keepers as well as the American Legion. I will not give up my God given 2nd Amendment Rights and will fight to the death if necessary to maintain the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

  • Ranchman

    And yet, if a Civil War does erupt, I pray that I am on the side that represents all that is good and righteous in this country. I will stand on the Constitution and accept nothing less than from those I will fight with. I am no “Rambo” but, I will do my part to the best of my ability. May I suggest all Patriots join one more organization? Your local State Defense Force. It is a Constitutionally sanctioned organization, with deep, long held traditions in this country. If you live in Oklahoma, check out http://www.okdf.weebly.com. Like I said, if something happens along the lines of physically standing against tyranny in this country, you want to be on the side of what’s right. The Oklahoma Defense Force is just that.

  • Jim

    I belong to both NRA and NAGR. I support anyone who supports and is in defense of the Constitution. Today, the rights of Americans are under attack as never before in history. The POTUS seems to think that his election was to emperor and not president. We need to band together; embrace our similarities, recognize and have respect each others differences and for God’s sake, pray. If we don’t stand together, we will surely fall apart.

  • joe

    ALSO – join Gun Owners of America!!!!

  • Free on-line constitution and bill of rights courses which are excellent. Go to http://www.hillsdale.edu. I’ve taken and completed 3 of the courses. There will be the 4th course starting next week. People! Sign up!

  • I upgraded to a life member of the NRA as a result of gun control (their goal is to ban guns) attempts by those on the left.

  • rightwingnut

    If you live in NC; Join the GRNC. They are what the NRA should be.

  • scout_recon19d

    All you idiots sowing and perpetuating this infantile BS between the NAGR and NRA are part of the problem, not the solution. Both organizations and their members are SUPPOSED to be on the same side.