American Police State- 24/7 Surveillance in the Skies


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We are already aware of the degree to which every move we make today — be it on the Internet, financial transactions, on our property, and even every physical movement we make and anywhere we go — is traceable and soon to be archived to the level of what coffee we drink daily, in massive government data centers.

Yet, adding the ability of the State to monitor us or whole neighborhoods on a 24/7, silent and unseen basis from the sky, takes the police state surveillance capability to a whole new level.

Given this, many of us who understand the fine line between liberty and tyranny, or the potential for tyranny and the need to protect our liberties against real and potential threats, are very alarmed at this potential.

Of course, the State always promises discreet and appropriate use. Yet, how many times have current surveillance methods been abused?

Additionally, with the ever increasing encroachment of the State into our lives, their erosion of our natural rights and liberties (Patriot Act, NDAA, attempts at SOPA/CISPA, and use of drones, in this case, for active pursuit and possible physical interdiction — use of weapons from drones against private citizens without due process, etc.), in general, who is to say that within 5 – 10 years the stage will not be set for complete tyrannical use of these tools by the State, depending upon the prevailing ideology and regime in power?

The only way we can protect our liberties, now and into the future, for both personal and commercial reasons, is to restrict the use of some technologies — many developed for military purposes on foreign battlefields only. Some cities are doing just this, such as Charlottesville, Virginia, which has become the first American city to ban the use of drones.(1)

Rarely, if ever, do I quote the ACLU, but, if there were to be a time, it would be this, “…routine aerial surveillance would profoundly change the character of public life in America. Rules must be put in place to ensure that we can enjoy the benefits of this new technology without bringing us closer to a ‘surveillance society’ in which our every move is monitored, tracked, recorded, and scrutinized by the government. Drone manufacturers are also considering offering police the option of arming these remote-controlled aircraft with (nonlethal for now) weapons like rubber bullets, Tasers, and tear gas. Read the ACLU’s full report on domestic drones here. “(1)

Finally, to those who say, “Well, they haven’t used them YET for civilian monitoring and interdiction, so, relax!” First, how do you know, they haven’t? Do we know all the government is doing? No. Second, and most important, the only time we are able to forestall tyranny, is before it becomes complete. Crying after the fact only indicates idiocy of the American people.

This is especially true in America, the only nation in history where it is “we the people” who gave the government its power and charter. It is we the people, therefore, who must manage and monitor the power of the State, and check it when it becomes too great. If we fail in this required duty, we deserve drones in our backyards and the shackles of the State on our families and progeny.

Wake up and protest the potential for tyranny — don’t wait until it is too late.

D.M. Chaney (C) 2013 “Thoughts on Liberty”

(1) Digital Journal

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  • mh snider

    Jan, What are your thoughts on getting into a gun fight with the police when you you know that you are in the right? Just wondering because you know as well as I do that is where we are headed, sooner than later.


      Yes…pray tell.

  • foxxybey

    Every street corner, in the sky and soon on the highways, won’t be able to hide even in a cave somewhere, they have heat seeking tech that can tell if human life is in the cave, soon the 666 and can’t buy or sell without it but, if you take it to get by for a while it will get the person into a hot climate for eternity?


      Mr. Collins, this is not and should not be the America I grew up in.
      It is absolutely/completely unrecognizable. Do you share my feelings, Sir?

  • The Bee Guy

    anyone know how to build giant laser to run on solar power. bet that would put a drones eyes out in a hurry! Guess I just am to low tech for words, still know how to set points in an engine, but the computer, beyond typewriter level, is a mystery to me. Ask about the soil, and raising plants or improving health, “That I am intersted in. Health through traditional healthy diets, and not the unhealthy diet of our current media either… Better do a little Bible Study, the things predicted are becoming clearer, as the puzzle pieces are coming together faster each week. That puzzle is nearing completion. You will see the whole picture, very soon.

  • GSP

    Depending on how high the drone flies, I can take it out with my VZ24. Like shooting trap. While the gubbermint buys thousands of .40 caliber rounds, who will be behind the pistol? Obama and his minions better think twice on who will back who.

  • Just for the H311 of it. Those drones better fly high because I am posting my property as a NO FLY ZONE for Drones.
    Doubt it means much but its fun to do.

  • I have never liked the ACLU but this may just push me to join.

    • please don’t- this may be one redeeming quality out of the 99.9% of crap they do wrong

  • Centurian2010

    The next generation of surveillance is already here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=od6kWBjh4Kc

  • Now Obama is treating us like we are the enemy. This violates our Consitution rights under the 1 st Amendment.

  • patriotic citizen

    He is afraid, very afraid, He knows that most Americans have and own guns, and he will not hesitate to fire upon us, we can only pray that our military and sherrifs departments will fight along side of us.

  • Who do we contact to collect the bounty on everyone of these we shoot down ?
    One Nation Under God !!!

  • Billy Mitchell

    Depending on how high up the drones are, me and my Cessna 150 should be able to fly one down, and shoot it out of the sky with a 12 gage using 1 ounce rifled slugs as ammo. Should be a lot of fun. Unless F18’s are out protecting the drones. Then it won’t be fun at all.

  • guess I’ll practice up on my skeet shooting…..

  • Anthony

    The next step is RFID, once the American dollar collapses they will offer up a new form of currency and start re-educating the population.

    All money and identification will be on a computer chip embedded in your skin that can be monitored and controlled remotely. Wait and see it will happen in your lifetime.