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American Student Punished for Refusing to Recite Mexican Pledge

A Texas high school student has filed a federal lawsuit against her school and her teachers after she was punished for refusing to salute and recite the Mexican pledge of allegiance.

The Thomas More Law Center filed the suit on behalf of Brenda Brinsdon alleging the McAllen Independent School District violated the 15-year-old girl’s constitutional rights when she was forced to recite the Mexican pledge and sing the Mexican national anthem.

Brinsdon, who is the daughter of a Mexican immigrant and an American father, refused. She believed it was un-American to pledge a loyalty oath to another country.

Ironically, the school district has a policy that prohibits a school from compelling students to recite the American Pledge of Allegiance.

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David says:

This is what happens when you have a liberal socialist foreigner as president

David says:


AlgorithmicAnalyst says:

What is the point of pledging allegiance to a failed state?

Mike says:

Sadly we must agree Sen. Joe McCarthy was right!

Hammer5150 says:

This school is guilty of treason.

Marty says:

everyone should read a book called “The Harbinger” you’ll realize where all this is coming from! Our Country is lost because we as a nation have pulled away from God!

I think it is against the law for an America citizen to pledge allegiance to another country.
So maybe this teacher needs to go to jail for inciting insurrection.

Patriot says:

Don’t these kids have parents? Why haven’t the males in the community paid a late-night visit to those responsible and bestow upon them a two week vacation at their local hospital?

This crap must end one way or another. It’s a matter of survival!

well im surprised that their not making em sing the russian commie song in commie school these days.these liberal/commie/zioinist scum have got to go.better dead than red,or brown,or black,or yellow or any other non white scum.14/88 wpww

Incredulous_one says:

The real shame of this should be upon the parents and taxpayers in the schrool (sic) district where this happened. Every parent and every taxpayer need to become more involved in their local schrool districts to prevent this type of seditious behavior by district authorities. At a point in the not-too-distant past, these district officials would have been run out of town on a rail.

In response to this, I have sent the following letter to the district superintendent….

James Ponce, Ed. D., Superintendent of Schools
McAllen Independent School District, Texas

Dear Mr. Ponce,

I am highly disturbed and frankly pretty angry about the report of a
teacher in your district requiring American Students to recite a Mexican
Pledge of Allegiance… which of course would be treasonous. It is one
thing to study a subject as interesting as Mexican History and Culture,
but quite another to demand a student to make an oath of loyalty to a
foreign nation. There are millions of Hispanics in America both legally
and illegally. They are an integral and important member of American
Society and are appreciated for the diverse and colorful culture,
language, food, customs and dress that accompany them. There is nothing
wrong with studying other cultures as part of world history or Social
Studies. I personally speak fluent Spanish, have traveled much in
Mexico, love the people, food, culture, language and music. There is,
however, a very serious, troubling and illegal aspect to requiring any
American to pledge their allegiance to a foreign nation. Believe me
when I say that I do so with full knowledge and appreciation of what
your teacher was probably trying to convey but carelessly over-stepped
her bounds in doing so. I believe your teacher is completely off-base
and has unduly pressured her students, even humiliated and penalized one
of them for refusal to participate in an illegal and completely
inappropriate action within her classroom. She should be severely
censored while publicly apologizing to students, faculty, parents and
all Americans for doing so.

It is absolutely shameful and
disgraceful that in a nation which so many people dream to live in
because of her greatness, uniqueness, liberties and opportunities, we
are seeing a unprecedented assault by those who either ignorantly but
with good intentions, or blatantly with selfish, even evil intentions
are attempting denigrate our great nation and all the liberties for
which it stands. We are a REPUBLIC, a nation ruled not by a vocal
majority (a democracy) but by the Rule of Law… Constitutional Law,
which law is the highest law of our nation. The United States
Constitution has been the ensign and pattern by which so many other now
democratic nations have utilized as a design for their constitutions.
It is a legal contract between We the People of the various United
States and the Federal Government, which is the agent of the People.
The Constitution limits the powers of the Federal Government and
prevents it from illegally seizing and removing the guaranteed rights
and liberties provisioned within the Constitution from the We the

The Pledge of Allegiance is equally a contract, though a
verbal one, by the People of this nation determined to uphold the laws
of our nation, to honor and defend its’ Flag and Liberties against all
enemies foreign or domestic and to act as a community of citizens for
the common cause of Liberty for all. This is not just a nice little
poem written to give us warm fuzzy feelings while reciting it. It is a
contract. A promise. An Oath! Reciting a pledge of allegiance to any
other nation and flag is treason and sedition. It is illegal, immoral
and inappropriate! It does not matter where the students were born,
what race or nationality or color they may be. If they are Americans,
they must behave as Americans and pledge complete fidelity, loyalty and
honor in her defense, and a willingness to do their part as a member of
the American Community or Nation. This should be amply clear to you and
all other intelligent, educated men and women across the United States.
It is your duty, as an educator, as an American, to assist in
preserving our national ideals, our pride, honor, laws, liberties and
heritage for which millions of men and women have sacrificed, bled and
died so we could have the equal opportunities of Liberty and Success
according to our merits!

It is my hope that you will correct
your teacher, Reyna Santos, and instruct her more diligently in her
responsibilities as a teacher and as an American invested with the duty
of teaching our youth their Moral and Social obligations and legal
responsibilities as American Citizens which are due their country and
flag. As they say in your state “Don’t Mess With Texas!” Let me make it
amply clear… “Don’t Mess With America!” We the People are not going
to stand for nonsense and sedition in the classroom either through
ignorance or by clear intent, nor any attempts at denigrating our
beloved home and country. As I understand it, a lawsuit has been filed
against your district by the family of the girl who is being punished
for doing THE RIGHT THING. May I suggest kindly now that you do the
right thing and stop this nonsense and get back to teaching correct
principles of liberty and truth in your district. It will be greatly
appreciated, and can assure you it will make you come off the hero and
patriot to Americans all across the country with their eyes now fixed on
your response. I leave it to you do the right thing. Best wishes and
good luck!


Guy L. Stephenson

These teachings to our son’s and daughters to be UNPATRIOTIC to the country in which they live in “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” has got to stop and I hope this student wins her law suit at least three times over.

James Tabone says:

Probably more crap from a company called CSCOPE that the Texas Board of Education bought into that introduced students in Lumberton, Texas to wear Burqas to class! Thank goodness the Texas legislature is looking into this “liberal” california company’s educational programs. I understand that the company is going to be cancelled.

BUD Zees says:

I hope they sue the bastards into the ground. We need to start using this method of suing these people .That has always been there method .TURN THE TABLES ON THEM. FLOOD THE COURT SYSTEM WITH LAW SUITS. Sue the PEOPLE WHO DO THIS. MAKE IT PERSONAL. This is what the pigs who voted for these scum bags in WASHINGTON get. TREASON is the bi word that should be used. There is a war coming here get ready to defend our liberty before it is all gone.

olddew says:

My family moved to Texas when I was12 years old so i’ve been here 60 years. I have never seen nor heard of such bulls–t. Maybe about 2 or 3 thousand of us should pool our beer money & drive to McAllen and pickitt the school. THINK ANYONE WOULD NOTICE?

Woody says:

Honestly I think the parents should get together and organize send a message and pull all their kids out of that school until those type of teachers are removed and they come into agreement what their kids will be taught. They will be more effective if they unite. We need to keep an eye on our schools and their curriculum.

mb says:

Any American citizen who pledges allegiance to another country is a TRAITOR. That teacher should be arrested, tried for treason and put in federal prison forever.

[email protected] says:

Shut it DOWN!!!

dean obrien says:

this unbelievable were in the united states screw that mexican pledge let them little robots say our pledge of allegiance and make them speak american not make us learn spanish or whatever they jibber about put a chip in them all send them back home if they sneak back boom

patriotic citizen says:

Her dad has no nerve, or he would be demanding the firing of the teacher and principal. The citizens need to rise up and demand the school board fire them, and still sue the school and federal government, for allowing this to happen. Neither would I have allowed my child to attend that class again. The Spanish class is not supposed to be about pledging allegiance to Mexico, but learning to speak the language.

The Pledge of Allegiance

I pledge Allegiance to the flag
of the United States of America
and to the Republic for which it stands,
one nation under God, indivisible,
with Liberty and Justice for all

Paul Gani says:

I think my grand kids are afraid to come home and tell me half the crap
these teachers try to plug into them. They know that I would go down
there and create another headline to fuel the gun debate.

barto says:

Texas what happened to “Remember the Alamo”?

Danny says:

I can’t even imagine if this were one of my kids. I’m livid, and I don’t even know this girl. I will say that she has a better understanding of what it means to be an American than 90% of those in congress. Kudos to this brave young girl, and shame on this pathetic school!

They have a policy where they don’t compell students to recite the American Pledge of Allegiance but they punish you for refusing to recite the Mexican Pledge??? this is the UNITED STATES!!!!! Take your Mexican Pledge and go home!!!

Welcome to liberal America, every where thye go, society fails. History shows this and yet the lemmings just keep following, and unfortunately, voting.

When I taught school in North Carolina, we couldn’t even discipline the Mexicans for not standing during the Pledge of Allegiance. I didn’t think they should have to say the pledge when, obviously, it would be a lie, but showing disrespect should not have been tolerated, but the school district thought otherwise.

James Brown says:

The fellow travelers have taken over our society and we never objected. Know your neighbor moles?

Whackajig says:

It is a sign of the times, our teachers do not give a chit about America and they wish the students to feel the same way.


The teacher should have their credentials pulled and fired, along with the principal and possibly some school board members.

Chief47 says:

This student has finally done what thousands and students and parents across the nation need to do. If every student and his/her parents who ever had one of these zany decisions made against them by teachers or administrators would simply file a huge lawsuit against both the school board and the teacher or administrator personally, this nonsense would soon stop.



This is insane!!! I live here in the US and I will NEVER pledge the allegiance to nything other then the U.S.A….GOD HAVE MERCY ON OUR SOULS AND COUNTRY!!!

As it reads, with such little amount of background information behind and dealing with the lead in to this story, it doesn’t make any sense. There has to be a lot more to this than is being told. Now that being said I will also state I believe that the district is Wrong in its policy of no American Pledge of Allegiance. And I don’t care how many non- american students may be in the district. This is the United States of America and if they don’t like it they can go back where they came from. I will also state on the surface from what was reported the district was also wrong in this requirement for the Mexican Pledge; thats just fine in Mexico but it doesn’t hold North of the river.


A few years ago, the Brownsville, Texas school district almost lost its accreditation because of all the illegal aliens going to school there, where it is illegal to teach subjects in any language other than English! Most illegal aliens do not speak English! Why is the government spending huge amounts of money to print documents in languages other than English?! The official language of this country is English, and documents should only be printed in English! Can’t speak English, then get somebody, like an American citizen, to translate for you and learn English!…

I agree the Offical Language of this country should be English, but if I remember correctly we do NOT have an Official Language in this country; at least not one written into law and adobted as such. Now a long time ago there was a push made to adopt an offical language that was almost succesful but it was defeated but nothing was ever established as an Offical Language, so we went on speaking English, of course some of our “cousins” in Great Britian would debate that, instead of German.

CrustyOldGeezer says:

I’ll help by reciting the mexican preamble to their constitution.

“Attention KMart Shoppers”….

I’m sorry, but that’s all I remember now.

H-s Smith says:


vernabc says:


Pat says:

If the officials/leadership of this school and it’s district have such a damn love affair with Mexico, then get your asses out of Texas and move to Mexicali. Fricking low life, two faced, butt lipped bozos. I too like other veterans did not put our lives on the line for stupid, scum bag traitors to pledge allegiance to a foreign country. Get out and stay the hell out. I hope this young lady takes you to the cleaners!!!!!

RLM357 says:

What in all that’s holy is Texas doing to allow this? This is Amrerica and If you are here Honor Our Flag, Language, Customs and Constitution. Tha also means our Laws! OR Go back to where you ran from. I cannot fathom a proud State, as is Texas, allowing this ! This is grounds in my estimation, for REMOVAL of the Entire School Board. Absolutely Ludicrous! ~Rick Magee, FL A real Patriot !!!!

SPARKY says:

This is a case where the teachr and principal MUST be F I R E D !!!

Anthony Soro says:

No ones fault But ours…………………………We let it get this far, Now we have to deal with it.

Dodie1990 says:

Good for her. Why are Americans reciting the Mexican pledge of allegiance and saluting any flag but ours?

Anthony Soro says:

OMG Cant be happening, but If it is than its time to stand up for your country pepole, or we will lose it for ever……..

ArielMalek says:

Good for the student! Suits me fine! (pun intended)

senon garcia says:

What the hell is wrong with these people?

seaofteamerican says:

Last time I checked we are in the United States of America not the Country of Mexico. I’m a firm believer if you want to live here you have to recite our Pledge of Allegiance no one else’s and it would help if English was the first language as I had to abide by other Foreign cultures and laws as well as lingo abroad when I served in the USN. I say kudos to the student for actually taking a stand as an Individual and an American.

TF Wagner says:

I personally have been involved with some level of education as a student or instructor for 40+ years. I cannot imagine a teacher would require students to pledge allegiance to another country, let alone discipline a student for refusing. There’s something wrong & it is not the student. What bothers me, is that this is not the only school district where this type of behavior is going on. Yet, our children might offend someone if they recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America. I was taught to respect other cultures & traditions, be respectful during their national anthem but it was not appropriate to recite another countries pledge of allegiance or to sing their national anthem.

KenNamVet says:

If I was in Allen or that was my daughter I would be visiting a teacher and drag him or her to the river in toss them in ” tell them to swim back home and dont come back”.

Scott says:

McAllen is a county on the border, and you guessed it they all voted for the current Foreigner in Chief. I am very proud of this young Lady, for having the faith and conviction to appreciate this great country to an extent this president and his administration can and will never understand. She is the proud American, that this country is made of many different people with one cause, that of freedom and opportunity, not government rule and entitlements! Stick to your guns Miss, I’ll be writing my Congressmen on the morrow! God Bless!!

True Patriot says:

Can you say tar and feathers, or a local tall tree for these teachers.

rtennant says:

Well guess I would just have to tell them to K.M.A. you can recite it but I ain’t….

ramesaz says:

What is happening in Texas. Schools who make you pledge to Mexico, girls forced to wear Burquas. It seems every day I read something about someone in Texas who has suffered un-American ways. Has their school system gone completely to the dark side? I thought Texas was the strongest bastion against the leftists of this country, a hold-out that still believed in the American dream. I am beginning to wonder.

Benjamin Fox says:

I use to be a proud Marine and American and now I read this crap, hope this crud stops, we have a illegal president, and many illegals here who broke the law to get here and should be sent home and instead the nazi left is making our children pledge to a nation we aren’t, I’m madder then hell and hope they don’t get in my face or they will wish they were back where they came from, this is pure U.S.A. hate and if it doesn’t stop this great nation is gone and the nazi’s give it to their Hitler in the White House a Kenyian, SOB who doesn’t even know who his daddy was, a homosexual in the closet, a dictator who wants to be a god. I’m tired of the left and their nazi tactic’s because they are lazy, none educated bunch of brown shirt idiots who are drunk on the hand out cool-aid, you can leave at anytime you nazi idiots.

Bobby says:

I thought the people in Texas where all American

Doc says:

This is a form of the more radical brainwashing going on in our schools today. I wonder what the “Achieve Early College High School.” was named before it was changed to this. Probably something bad like ” Sam Houston High School” or some other “right wing” dead guy.

Are you tired of this crap yet? Does it make you fighting mad? Join your local Militia. Contact:[email protected]
I will help you get in contact with your local Militia in your state of residence.

Mike H says:

I don’t care what happens at his point! I’m sick and tired of this BS. This is America and I was raised on saying the pledge of Allegiance in school every morning. I hear that they allow it to be said In Arabic and Now you want punish a girl for what she believes in. I support her!!! Being a Veteran who has fought and also took an Oath for this country. I have followed several post on different issues. It is time to say enough is enough. You say the Pledge of allegiance to the flag is not allowed any more. Cut the Crap!!!!!!! I am an American that will fight for what is right!! You don’t like me? Don’t Care! Don’t punish our children for what they believe in. My kids will say the pledge when they get up and learn what is true!!!!!!!!

Our Forefathers made the Constitution for us to live by as the supreme law of the land. And that is what has been taught. Seems due to politics and other interference from different minorities we have gotten away from how things were meant to be. Seems to me, if you dont like the way we as Americans live and believe, pack your bags and hit the road! Enough said. Plain and simple, not meant to be mean just honest!

HappyG says:

Make no mistake, those who created the pos in our Oval Office have planned on instigating a civil uprising in this nation so they can get away with instituting martial law and suspending all future elections…It’s what Obama mentors Ayers, Rudd, Dorhn and others were schooled in back in their “Death to America” days…they never stopped hating America…they just infiltrated our school systems and poisoned generations of American children with the notion that the government owes them a living…

vernabc says:

I bet you got a stiffy when you posted that didn’t you?

lostproton says:

Listen to Red Skelton on the Pledge of Alligence: http://www.poofcat.com/july.html

Why hasn’t the teacher and all members higher up been fired from this school?

coastx says:

Liberal districts kowtowing to the federal plan to protect their fiscal budgets. Just drop the money and move on. You don’t need it.

ladyride says:

That is one brave young lady !! She stood up for what she thought was right. Now it is time for the attorneys to bring the school to task. If the students are not allowed to say the pledge of allegiance for the US then why are they permitted to pledge for Mexico ?? The last time I looked Texas was still a part of the US. This child obviously has more values &common sense than her teacher.

Sassy3000 says:

Those teachers sound like a bunch of sociopaths! Those parents need to either sue the heck out of that crack pot school OR pull their kids out!
Do those psychotic teachers secretly hope that Mexico will someday rule America?! UH, Sorry! NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! If those Psychotic Puke Teachers are so enamored of Mexico, then why don’t they move down there?


sorry about the spelling

hope this story was fact checked….there have been things put here that were exaderations. that makes the site sound foolish. liberals just eat that stuff up and shove it right down our throats

vernabc says:

“that makes the site sound foolish.”
Which story?

charlie says:

Agenda 21. if you don’t put the o sign on your forehead jihad will be on you

Donny Cotten says:

War is coming to America. A civil war that will make the first look like tame event.

MaX says:

Sue them and Pursue them at every corner and to every corner until they have no place to stand nor sit nor live!

Harry says:

Obama’s America what a place. Just think what it will be like 4 years from now.

Screw mexico and these treasonous teachers and school board members. May their immortal souls stink in hell forever! It is bad enough we have a treasonous dictator in the white house. Parents of Texas! Rise up and take your schools back, and if that rino governor of yours doesn’t intervene, then get rid of him too!

ron says:

fire that teacher and the principle nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

But is not the punishment for treason, death??

Rose Connolly says:

I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America!

We’ve got to get Marxists (all iterations of and cousins to) out of ALL government offices and staff positions! Better, would be to toss them from America’s shores!

jb80538 says:

This is the USA! WHy are we requiring our kids to recite the mexican pledge or sing their national anthem? he teacher NEEDS to be fired and the school needs to make sure this never happens again!

Haters of America are embedded into our education system. No way are all educators Liberals, but FAR TOO MANY are.

gizmo says:

GOOD GIRL!!! I’ll bet that her mom’s been a LEGAL immigrant, too! This is another example of the absurd brainlessness of this “postmodern” thought police. And this is in the fairly CONSERVATIVE Texas that elected Rick Perry! I know he doesn’t have anything to do with this, but the State elected him!

agbjr says:

As United States Citizens we acknowledge loyalty to but ONE nation, the United States. We proclaim our allegiance to the flag of but ONE nation, the United States. As far as so-called hyphenated ‘Americans’ are concerned read the words of President Theodore Roosevelt on receiving and accepting immigrants into the USA:

“In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American … There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag … We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language … and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”

Theodore Roosevelt 1907

DefenderofTruth says:

Full and complete agreement with you. Sure, I am proud of the fact that I have an interesting heritage – Cheyenne, Scottish, Irish & German. But above all things, I AM AN AMERICAN ! ! ! I have NEVER pledged allegiance to any other nation on earth except the United States of America. The ONLY allegiance I have that is above the U.S.A. is my allegiance to God, and to His heavenly kingdom. Yes, I will always cling to my Bible and my firearms.

verncba says:

“Ironically, the school district has a policy that prohibits a school from compelling students to recite the American Pledge of Allegiance.”

let me quote that again so it sinks in…

“Ironically, the school district has a policy that prohibits a school from compelling students to recite the American Pledge of Allegiance.”

one more time…

“Ironically, the school district has a policy that prohibits a school from compelling students to recite the American Pledge of Allegiance.”

PatRiot says:

If no recitation allowed,the school board should be charged with treason,tried & executed.All others would quickly then be back on the path to patriotism.As for the teacher who had her students pledge allegiance to a foreign country,just hang her as an example

Now that’s what I’m talking about!!

vernabc says:

How about one more time…

wdcraftr says:

So, where is Rick Perry on this?

verncba says:

Can someone tell me what country Texas is in again please?

vernabc says:

What? Are you tupud??? A mare ca!!!

My name is Keith says:

Somebody needs a good, solid punch in the face!!! This is AMERICA!!! Live it! Love it! Die it or get the HELL out!!!

Rob Macsi says:

The sad thing is, this (punishment) actually makes sense to some people. Frightening. Absolutely frightening. If we don’t start pushing back now, the America we knew wont exist in 10 years. http://www.rightwingsoup.com

bigB says:

Word has it, there is very little America as we knew it now.

Tan Orangu says:

Vigilanties need to awaken & do unto them as they would do unto us.Tie them to a cactus or tree all along the border,some new arrivals may change their mind.Time to toughen,Ropers.

coastx says:

You got that right, but here… even the militia is a party culture. WTF?

10 years? More like 10 months and the current rate of horse sht

Seems to me that Texans need to take it into their own hands to fix their schools. These anti-American teachers and school administrators need to be removed, forcibly if necessary.

There is but one punishment for treason and it should be swift.

Anthony Soro says:


Whackajig says:

ovomit has committed treason many times, how about we start the necktie party with him?

Chicot says:

Don’t forget the Unions and liberals who control the teachers and curriculum of what is taught in our schools. We need to do away with the Dept of Education and the unions in our schools and turn it back to the state and communities.

patriotic citizen says:

They may control the curriculum, but the citizens of each school district have the power to oust out the school board and demand the firing of any school personel, put pressure on them and threaten to vote them out, or file lawsuites for going against our constitution. Mexico or illegals from Mexico have no constitutional rights here in America

Chicot says:

Patroit, You cannot get enough citizens interested in their schools to check on what they are teaching or how they are doing it. But the firing of a teacher is almost impossible because of tenure and the unions. They will just transfer them to another area and close the book on any incident or action taken. If you don’t believe that illegals have more rights than an American citizen, just ask Obama and his administration. Just look what they did for all those 100 thousand plus prisioners in the last few days and why are they sending flyers into mexico making known all the benefits they could have just by coming here.

I hope she owns the school distict after this crap and all of those teachers get fired!

franktell says:

more of the same BS. “Nudging” the masses away from our values and rights.They teach the kids to accept the “new way”. Small steps until they get their way.

HappyG says:

It’s been a decades long transition thanks to the likes of Ayers, Dorhn, Rudd and others who never stopped their ‘Death to America’ ways…they just took it to our school systems.

American Woman says:

Why is this the only place this story appears??? It should be front page news on all major networks. That is part of the problem my friends.

It’s called the Lame Stream Media for a reason.

billygoat says:

The reason is that the main stream Media ABC-CBS–NBC–MSNBC–CNN-Etc goes against the liberal establishment.You Know, like Obummer and his crowd Obummer–Harry Reid–Nancy Pelosi Etc, own the media. TV and Newspapers. Don’t look for any bad news or the truth from them.

Roger Brock says:

I think the time has come that AMERICANS start taking back our country. In whatever way it may take.

HappyG says:

You won’t be alone Roger.

Ray says:

Count me in on that!

Anthony Soro says:

I have been saying that for over 4 yrs now, And now its here……….

In, let’s dance!!

DefenderofTruth says:

“They can take our lives, but they will never take our freedom”

Whackajig says:

Horse Hockey……………… we have already permitted a vast number of our freedoms to be removed.

Bruce Parker says:

I lived orth of there in Corpus Christi in the mid 80’s and my Friends of Mexican ancestry were usually quick to point out that They were Americans! Some of them could trace their families history in the US for several generations and they were Proud Americans!…

Yeah, but they were more than likely legal immigrants that went through naturalization and knew more history about America from required courses than our graduation college liberals. We are dealing with the population of invaders that came here with the purpose of taking back what they call theirs and doing everything possible to assimilate Americans to their customs. Muslims are gaining ground through Canada now. Indian reservations are sponsoring illegal aliens for more government subsidy numbers and no one can tell who is native or not anymore due to birth record maintenance on reservations.

I can’t tell the difference between illegal aliens of Hispanic origin and Native Indians myself except for height and weight of the women.

Whackajig says:

One difference is that not all of the native Americans are drunks

Curt Miles says:

Un Freakin Believable

Thaifighter79 says:

WTF??? This is insanity. Rules against our own country’s pledge of allegience and mandating our children to pledge to another country……29 years in service to this country and I would flip my lid if my kid was subjected to this.

2 years ago in California, 3-4 students were punished for having T-Shirts with the American flag on it during a Hispanic holiday in school with Mexico flags bannered all over the school.

Mike Henry says:

Shameful! And our citizens wonder why our country is in such a mess.

Anthony Soro says:

A lot of it comes from the schools, they have been brain washing our kids for yrs now, this is why we are in so much trouble, Plus its how Obumma got another 4 yrs. But there is a part of me thats says good for you America thats what you get for not standing up to these Lib’s and Socialist
scum, I don’t blame them I blame us for letting go this far.

Whackajig says:

You are correct Anthony………… America has morphed into a nation where more than half of the people are scumbags who only wish to take from the system without contributing.

Joanne Long says:

I took my kids out of public schools 15 years ago and home schooled and today they are well balanced and the government can’t pull the wool over their eyes as they can think and figure out for themselves what’s going on today.

Patriot says:

Good for you Joanne. People like you are the hope of the future!

Hoodoo H says:

Every d a m n one of those jerks have their flag flying on their cars, outside their homes, on their clothes…
I mean, WTF?!!!.. You live here and your Allegiance is to the US, not Mexico.
I am really pissed to read this! I served my Country, love it dearly, and I have to put up with this s–t!!??

Patriot says:

Don’t put up with it. Take them down one at a time. They’ll eventually get the message. Nothing lethal mind you, just a little friendly persuasion to impress upon them that this is America! Demoralize them whenever and wherever possible. Get aggressive. This is not their country!

beowulf32 says:

The kids that go to that school should take down the wetbacks flag and publicly burn the mexican flags i would. they Burn our`s and nothing is done . who the hell runs these schools they should be fired for bring in politic`s in school like that.

People who support Mexico but not the USA here in this country are TRAITORS to the USA. they should go down there to live. I bet they wouldn’t stay there 30 days.

StanB says:

They were also told to take them off, turn them inside out or go home, they, being Patriots, went home.

Patriot says:

The time is near.

Tammy Kyle says:

I remember that. Suddenly it seems being unpatriotic is the new ‘patriotic’. And we wonder WTF happened, SMDH.

Chicot says:

What the hl has happened to the state Texas. I lived in Texas while in the AF for 12+ years and back in those days the motto was Don’t Mess with Texas…guess that has changed to “Screw Texas, Viva La Mexico.” Don’t think I want to go back to Texas while it is in a state of denial of the constitution and forcing our children to hate American and love the 3rd world countries.

TomBombadil says:

Amen to that. I was thinking of moving to Ft. Worth but Texas sure seems to have changed a ton since I was last there. Lord, Florida looks positively conservative compared to what is happening in Texas lately

Don’t judge the rest of Texas by what happens in the Valley or the big liberal metropolitan ghettos. Texas is a big state and they are vastly outnumbered.

Donna, for now I’m not so sure for how long!!! We are not getting much help out of our school officials on stopping this kind of mess.. Our Goverment wants us divided…

DefenderofTruth says:

That my friend is exactly the point. It is the government that wants to divide everyone. It is a fact that divided we fall. What we must remember is the flip side of that saying, the thing the government fears, what obama fears, is the FACT that “United We Stand!”

amen and amen for that statement, you are absolutely right, our Gov’t does want us divided.

Whackajig says:

We have always been divided into two main groups ——-the makers and the takers. For most of our history, the parasitic takers were a small portion of our population. Now, however, we have allowed the blacks and mexicans to freely go on various forms of welfare to the point that the

Whackajig says:

Sorry, hit the wrong button. We have allowed the welfare rats who are government dependent to outnumber and out vote the “makers” ovomit wishes to legalize the mexican POS and make Puerto Rico a state, which will only add more liberal voters.

patriotic citizen says:

John perhaps its time to let the school board know that they will not be re-elected, and campaign to put in those people that will get things changed., good luck

Hoodoo H says:

Very true, though.
Birds of a feather flock together.

James Brown says:

Taking over is a slow, insidious process. Recall recently a small cell from the USSR was discovered in New England. They had live there for decades and went undetected, making small changes in the social fabric, unnoticed, by all.

KoreyAusTex says:

Look one school in the Valley, you definitely have no clue what you are talking about, do me a favor, stay where you are, we don’t need you!

TomBombadil says:

I was born and raised in Texas, so you don’t know what you are talking about.

McAllen is south of Nueces river…many in the Valley believe they are legitimately still part of Mexico. And with the unsecured borders they may be right.

I second that. I wanted to move back because of Colorado new gun laws they are trying to push but nope.

Whackajig says:

Do not allow a few incidents to distort the view. All of Texas is not mexican.

Chicot says:

Just give it time and it will be run by the californians and mexicans who are moving in and taking over. Someone said this happened in McAllen, well isn’t that part of Texas. Remember you give an inch and they want and will take a mile…

Mike H says:

You go that right!!! My Lid is off and still hasn’t come down!!!!!

TomBombadil says:

And again this is happening in Texas. Come on Texans. Unite and stop this insanity. I seem to read or see a new atrocity a day coming from Texas.

We the people cannot do a thing, we have no leader…

DefenderofTruth says:

we must never lose heart. One of the things that has historically made the U.S. Military one of if not the most effective fighting forces in the world is that, (unlike the soviets, the nazi’s and just about every other force we have encountered) Whereas the other nations military have trained and trusted only the leaders with knowledge of the battlefield, making it so that once you remove the officers, the lower ranking soldiers have no idea what to do. With the Corp and the Army primarily – even after the officers are incapacitated, or killed, the backbone of the Service is still able to fight, even though there may be no “defined” leader, we were always able to continue with the mission. Also, with small team tactics, every member was cross trained, so that no matter what, we could continue on mission.

My point is this: Each & every American is a potential leader. If we would but stand together, we can fight shoulder to shoulder, fight in a peaceful manner, and go to arms if & when that becomes necessary. We are AMERICANS ! ! ! Let us NEVER forget that fact. When a leader is needed, we as Americans will find him or her, standing right next to us! We will find that the needed leader has been there all the time.

Whackajig says:

Perhaps you are correct, but at the present time, those “leaders” are permitting America to dissolve.

patriotic citizen says:

They are only being permitted, because we are letting them, no offense intended, but we post our thoughts, but we do not act, we complain, but take no action, Most of us are well armed and are willing to fight, but we can ban together and take this country back, if 280 Texans could hold off 5000 Mexicans for several days, I several million American’s could take this country back.

Hoodoo H says:

…Another d a m n teacher who should be fired, tarred and feathered.

Stop_Confusing_Me_With_Facts says:

Thaifighter79, I served for 14 years and I was very patriotic. Do you still feel the same patriotism now that the highest office in the land–elected by a majority of Americans–is occupied by someone who hates America? Honestly, don’t you feel like your 29 years has been/is being squandered?

Bob Da Grouch says:

Right there with ya’ Thaifighter. Sounds like Texas needs to have an open season on school administrators around McAllen. Maybe the commies run the schools around there.

Alexander says:

This is just insane. Why on earth would a child in a US school recite a pledge of allegiance to a foreign country. This makes me sick. Especially since I am a 20 year veteran who fought for this country and see such abuses of liberals and their communist agendas. Nothing like taking the pride out of being an American.

traitorhater says:

These damn liberal, socialist teachers need their rears kicked to the country that they love, mexico. Now being a vet, I see why we are called a enemy by this administration. We are getting to be a stronger enemy with these socialist teachers.

billygoat says:

Of all the places these A–Holes could show up, they are in Texas !! Why haven’t they been thrown out!! Where’s Rick Perry, on vacation with Obummer?? If I were a Texan, I would be outraged, and my kids would be going to another school until this commie was gone!! I may also be encouraged to help the commie’s pack!! This is BULL Texas, stand up and fight.Remember the Alamo!!!

Chicot says:

Folks, history to the teachers and leaders of our country started the day they were born, they have no idea how this country was born, how and what thier ancestors went through to build and make this country strong so they could have a better life and a brighter future than they had. Now all they want to do is live day to day, never accomplish any thing to help the country or their children. They have no sense or responsibility nor respect for themselves nor the United States of America nor the constitution and freedoms of religion granted them. The don’t even respect God.

Why would they be required to dress up as Muslims to learn about Islam too? It’s happening all over. The anti-Christ subverted our judicial and congressional sessions and took over. Ruskies are proud.

K says:

Every one of these students’ parents should have their kids wear shirts with the American flag on them and wear a Christian Cross necklace.

And, if the teacher(s) or School administration try to kick them out of School, all the kids should ban together and resist while singing Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, the American Flag. And then, when the parents find out what happened, the parents should all go to the school together and raise hell until the media report on this anti-American outrage.

Chicot says:

If the media reported, you can bet it would be in a negative tone toward the parents and children, not even reaching for the truth of what was happening.

DefenderofTruth says:

True that the liberal media would not want to report the truth. However, we do have modern technology available to us. There is also the internet, wherein we have the means and the media that will go fully public. All we have to do is use our heads, stop being negative. Let us find the plan, plan the plan then work the plan. We can take America back, back to our roots, back to God, and back to real true FREEDOM!

“They can take our lives, but they will never take our freedom”