Any Question About this Vet’s Take on Obama? :)


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  • george m

    Well Put!

  • Karen In Texas

    Really like the shirt because it says it all!

  • skyhawk

    Yeah I have a question, where did you get that shirt?

  • vanguard7

    I want to know where I can get one also.

  • J Mac

    Love it

  • I’d love to have a bunch, they would sell like hotcakes around here.

  • LD

    That’s good. This is better:

    Obama is a con. He’s psychotic, and his psychosis is prevalent in well reasoned lying which he is using to double cross Americans via trauma bond and constitutionally unlawful rendition.


    I’d like to buy quite a few, and send one to obammy.

  • Alex M

    None of them is true, but what the heck, free speech is precious.

    • 5061304072

      Alex M … I could show you conclusive proof of every one of those listed on that vet’s shirt. You would have to promise, however, that you would admit, after seeing proof, you were wrong.

      • Alex M

        Hopefully we share the same, equally rigorous concept of a proof, capable of withstanding critical examination, and differentiable from hearsay. It will be interesting to discover your proofs.

        • KennethDeWitJr

          Go KISS his ASS!

          • Alex M

            Whilst I appreciate the offer, I’m afraid you’re not my type.

      • Alex M

        That’s been 4 days, and the ‘proofs’ seem as distant as ever. I guess they weren’t that ‘conclusive’ after all.

  • He has the Right Stuff. So to speak.

  • I wonder how long until Obama declares himself King.

    • Alex M

      Think of the advantages. He could tax the Brits, deny them representation, see how they like it. Payback in spades. It has a certain attraction, you know. You could be on to a winner here.

  • The Salt of the Earth and a Great American!…

  • Chris

    Love it! Jan have you been keeping an eye on Colorado and those bs laws that are headed for the senate now? All 4 gun control measures passed, looks like Magpul will be pulling out of Colorado.

    • It doesn’t look like they have passed the Senate yet though! Let’s hope and pray for Colorado that they don’t!

      • shunts

        God helps those that help themselves.. not only should you pray … but you need to get on that phone and call the people in charge untill they are sick of hearing from you and then if they dont stop the bill call them everyday and let them know what stupid [email protected]#’s they are…. we have let up on calling these people…..they dont read emails or bloggs or facebook or tweets but they cant get away from that RINGING PHONE !!!!!

  • He forgot “a thief, stealing from the american people”


  • pointman49

    I’m a Viet Nam Vet, I don’t like the bastard either. His white grandfather was a B-17 Bomber crewman over Germany in WW2. Obviously this bastard offspring didn’t inherit any patriotism from His mothers Dad. He would rather honor a drunken whore-monger than a real man.