Chris Rock on Gun Control: “Do What Obama, the ‘dad’ of America Says”

Jan Morgan

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Celebrities never cease to amaze me with their desire to get involved in areas of government that they clearly do not have the mental capacity to comprehend.
Why is it that most celebrities live life in a clueless bubble? How is it that they somehow escaped the history education most of the rest of America received about our Constitutional Republic? Why is it they want to live under a communist or socialist dictatorship? Chris Rock is just the latest in a line of celebrities who opened their mouths and inserted both feet to the extent of gagging.

On Capitol Hill, actor Chris Rock said that Americans should listen to the father of the country, President Obama, and support his call for gun control.

“I am just here to support the president of the United States. President of the United States is our boss, but he is also, you know, the president and the first lady are kind of like the mom and the dad of the country,” Rock said at an event sponsored by the Mayors Against Illegal Guns and The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

“And when your dad says something, you listen, and when you don’t it usually bites you in the ass later on. So, I’m here to support the president.”


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  • charles souther

    baroke is more of a mother- while mooch is a hulk sasquatch moron enabled by greed–both liars.

  • tom

    The President reports to we, the people. Not the other way around. The Federal government has less power granted to it than your local and state government. We, the people are the ones that have granted power to the government. Over the years, government run schools have gotten people to think that it is the other way around.

    • EXACTLY..

      • violater1

        Right you are! Or in a phrase Right On!

      • Rattlerjake

        Chris Rock is the product of a crow crapping on a rock and the sun hatching it.

        • Just like his daddy and mommy of America. Obama is not worthy to stand in the shadow of George Washington, the Father of Our Country,

    • Bum

      But when people think it’s the other way around, sadly, it is the other way around because we (not me) let them get away with so much. It’s snowballing before our eyes. If “we the people” don’t do something right now, it’s all over. I’m ready to live free or die fighting for freedom. As Capt. Parker shouted to his men, “stand your ground men. Do not fire
      unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here!”, let us be ready to stand our ground if it comes to that. B*****ds!

      • Bum, you and I get it! The party is over, you want freedom, then your gonna’ have to earn it as our forefathers had to – risk dying for it! I’m more than ready to stop this new Hitler, Mslim-Marxist jihadist, NWO-ist puppet ! Why can’t the shheeple see the truth? Well, there is a start, two of “US”.

        • I took an oath when I joined the Army to protect and defend The Constitution of The United States. That oath did not end when I got out of the Army!!! I also stand with you.

          • Randy G

            Correct me IF I am wrong, but aren’t ALL new citizens suppose to swear loyalty to the Constitution. Wouldn’t that nullify any who won’t?

      • RockinRD76

        Well said, sir.

      • Sagebrush6

        The only people that agree with obama are those with their hands out. The ” i want something for nothing” crowd.

    • I love my country

      Face it, Chris Rock doesnt’ know his or ‘we the people’s, Constitution of the United States. Each of us has had only one dad and no one else. I am near speechless over this kind of sick following. I could go on and on and on.

    • Nacho Daddy

      They have been declaring power that never was theirs to begin with.
      It’s way past time to put them back in their place and stick to protecting the border and our constitution which are two of the original jobs of the feds. They have been doing nothing but the opposite of what we pay them to do.

  • Typical liberal, anyone in the government is their daddy, yet they don’t want to be associated with being dependent!

    • violater1

      Fact is most all of them do not know who their daddy is! They could have just as easily been a statistic of abortion after a night or 2 of a drug use good time one night stand!

  • meeee

    Thanks to your posting policy I am not able to speak my mind freely I guess, so I’ll save my comments

  • I think all the Demand a Plan celebs should take a healthy dose of “Shut the Hell Up!”

    • Sandra Lee Smith

      I disagree; they should be allowed to speak, RIGHT after eveyone dons their hearing/mind protection! They have a right to speak, but there’s NO “right to be heard” guaranteed anyone! Neither in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, nor the Bible, and I doubt it’s in Vattel’s Natural Laws, for that matter!

      • @Sandra ….Youre hearing me !!!!!

      • OldDocBen

        Well said but also speak with your wallets. Boycott their movies and we won’t have to listen to them.

        • Sandra Lee Smith

          I do that too!

        • Aristophanes

          That is exactly what I do!!

    • Louman

      I agree with you 100%

    • Hollywood types are not real people.

      • Randy G

        they are after all, pretenders, & in this case pretending they know what they are talking about. Africans started slavery. Obama just wants to re-instute it here.

  • azchapter

    Chris rock has it wrong, the president works for the people of these United
    States of America!

    • it is so obvious that without a script in thier face they are total baffoons.

  • Please don’t tell me that Chris Rock is that ignorant to truly say that. The Obamas are like our mom and dad…PLEASE!!!! He just lost me as a follower. He is truly STUPID!!!!!!! He is part ofd the 47% I guess. Hope he has good insurance!!!!!

  • I am not sure if I am buying this, they must have been audtioning for acting parts in an upcoming movie designed to make them look as stupid as possible…. no one is that ignorant.

    • Wrong Dan Those in Hollywood have been that STUPID for many years I think they nust have been the first ones to dring the LIBs Fresh Squeezed Koolaid

  • Greg

    My “Boss” is the guy that signs my paycheck. Not the guy who takes it from me and gives it to to lazy Liberal Moochers!

  • When
    these celebrities live in a world where they don’t themselves have
    armed security guards and live in homes surrounded by 10′ high walls and
    with security gates, only then will I listen to a word they have to say
    about gun control.

  • Stupid is as stupid says.

  • Sandra Lee Smith

    He’s not MY “Daddy” either; my parents are both long dead, and buried; so I’m NOT in the market for a new set at my age and he wouldn’t qualify anyway!

  • Chris Rockhead Kiss My Arse!

  • Mark Alford

    If Barack and Michelle are my parents, I’m running away from home.

    • If they ARE my parents i’m suing them for not providing me with a better education.

    • violater1

      In shame no doubt!? With posdible name change to follow! LOL!

  • LJK64

    I’m sorry, pardon my language but, he is an ass!

    • Don’t be sorry. Ass is also the name of a donkey, the mascot of the Democratic Party. It also means, according to the dictionary, a stupid, foolish or stubborn person.

    • violater1

      Would the word hole also be appropriate used with yourr choice of words for which you are absolutely pardoned as well as right! GOOD AND TO THE POINT POST ON YOUR PART!

  • rey

    Chris rock is a perfect example of an idiot!


    My boss is a Jewish Carpenter.

    • violater1

      Amen to thay Socrates!

    • Aristophanes


  • Chief47

    Yeah, right! If we listed to “daddy” Obummer, it will come back to bite all of us in the *ss! Chris Rock needs to stick to comedy, where he can drop the “F” bomb every other word and have liberals laugh at him like the jerk that he is.

  • DR H

    NO DIFFERENT from “Jim Carey” (Bruce Almighty, Liar,Liar,..etc,) stating yesterday that “anyone who buys an assault rifle after Sandy Hook doesn’t have a soul worth saving”…. I USED to like he and CR both, but now my eyes are WIDE OPEN & aware of the liberal left. I will now boycott ALL these alleged “stars” movies, videos, music, etc. Ignore them and they’ll go away. Liberal politicians: Vote Them OUT of Office! Ignore them and they’ll go away. 😉

  • Ma Duce

    Look at the firearms industry in the United States. It is huge! It would take an act of God to close every gun shop, manufacturer, accessory outlet, ammunition manufacturer, spare parts, antique pistol and rifle shows, actions, collectors. etc. and the list goes on. Good luck Obama, and as Chuck Heston said “Out of my cold, dead hands….” It is our heritage, birthright and history that allows the 2nd amendment to function and thrive in this environment. And if you want proof, go to Arizona and see how much gun crime, Florida, in fact every state that has voted in a CCW permit, the gun crimes have dwindled to nothing.

    • Bum

      Not really. One flick of the pen and they’d all cave in and close up shop.

      • Nope they just go underground.

      • Chaplain Jack

        You really think it’s that easy? As a servant of the people, he has no legal right to even try.
        Besides, right now we are making it easy to stand our ground by people running scared and buying up ammunition like they’re never going to make it again. Now stores like Academy Sports and Outdoors are limiting their ammo customers to 1 box per caliber of the most used calibers like .38 cal., 9MM, .203’s and many more. I am planning on buying some shotgun shells and dare anyone to try to take them away from me.

      • really, who do you thinks make these guns the government, they cant even make their own ammo,or grow their own food…without the skilled working americans our country is just another country. 50% of this pouplation works for the government and a third of that 50% are on welfare…that means 50% is utterly useless towards any productiveness in this country..they will starve without the other 50% that believe in our rights and the rights of others….i can think of only one reason why i need govt. in my life and that is to protect our shores from foriegn invaders,not to protect us from each other. We handle that part just fine

  • Unlike Chris Rock, I know who my daddy is. The position is filled and in any case, these days it is mostly ceremonial.

  • raymond

    My daddy is white not a nappy haired moron…

  • Chris Rock tells the whole nation that he is totally ignorant of how our government is designed to work! His speech has done nothing except portray him as someone who blindly wants Big Government to take care of him; is his hand out, too? Jan Morgan is correct; he can go live in a Socialist (communistic) country and he won’t have to think for himself. Meanwhile, back in the States, the Godly, patriotic, more-than-a-few people are trying to plug the holes in the liberty dike which Obama keeps trying to destroy.

  • BOYcott crybaby chris rock,,

    • violater1

      Who the hell is he!??

  • Incredulous_one

    My Dad is NOT a LIAR – and his Dad wasn’t a liar either. Therefore, B.Hussein can not be MY dad and certainly is not my Dad’s dad. Wonder if Chris Knot-head knows who his real daddy is? Five’ll getcha ten…

    • My dad was born in Attica, NY. I know he is a citizen. I cannot say with 100% certainty that our “president’ was.

  • nocommiesallowed

    message to chris rock, go screw yourself!!! commie obami ain’t my daddy, and his wife sure ain’t my mommy!! and, I’M THE BOSS, the American taxpayer, he works for me and is supposed to do what I tell HIM!!!!

  • billconner

    Thats the problem now people miss the point of the constitution the founders understood power corrupts they just had gotten out from under one ruler so they forged the constitution to elimianate one person dictating to all the dems and the repubs need to get back to the constitution and we wouldn’t have the problems we do

  • BigUgly666

    Gee! I guess if Obama had had a son, he would have looked just like Chris Rock.

    Msg to Chris Rock – please, go have unlawful carnal knowledge of your self.

    • KenNamvet

      obammy said it him self “if I had a son he would be like travon martin” a pot smokin crack head. shot while preying on the local citizens

      • violater1

        Bravo Ken and thanks for serving! Your memory is good also of the ni99ar guote! That stupid jackass probably forgot he said it and would deny it! Every word that crosses his lips are lies! He is the epitamy of am old Platters

  • Chaplain Jack

    I only have two fathers, my birth father that died when he was only 45 years old, I was just 16.
    My other father is My Father In Heaven. He is the Father of all who accept Jesus as Christ The Lord.
    If Chris Rock and all the other poor liberal hollywood make-believe people(they only pretend to be smart, famous, super people), want to claim a make believe president as their father, so be it. I’ll continue to pray to my real Father that this country will see a revival like no other to bring this country back to the GREAT NATION UNDER GOD.

  • Hoodoo H

    Hey Chris…Pull your head out of the sand you stupid F–k!!

  • AmericanWarrior

    I don’t think Rock would know his “daddy” if he bit him on his ass. The hollywood types generally live in the pretend world they work in, so how else do you expect them to act? Few have the sense to live in reality and those you can count on (i.e. Clint Eastwood and John Voight). If we would stop spending our hard earned money on watching these pinheads, rainbow included, maybe they would have to find real work. Then again, maybe they would just live off of society and continue to be a dumb freeloader.

    Semper Fidelis

  • Russell

    He gets a few bucks in his pocket and that makes him smart!! These actors need some one to tell them what to say to make any money so they can (PLAY) a person on screen! Rocky you can’t do either so shut the F^^K up!!!

  • BigUgly666

    If he were my father, I might have to consider patricide.

  • Glenn

    All liberals need to be thrown out of the country.

  • Jason

    Sorry Chris Rock, but the President is not the boss. He works for us.

  • NavyVet

    The President is a servant of the people just like every other government employee, He is not my boss. I do not work for him. He works for me!

  • Zepp

    Wish I could say what I really think of this idiot

  • Because Chris Rock don’t know who his daddy is .Don’t mean the rest of us don’t . Chris can call him daddy but I won’t . This man is acting more like a Dictator than a leader of Americans.

  • roystoll2

    Chris- Does your Daddy know that you can’t say anything without swearing? I know who my father is and I promise you he is not that idiot.

  • The presidentis not my boss he is my elected representative and is not doing that job !


    What a flipin IDIOT !

  • The last time I looked at our Consitution .It started out “We The People” ,Not I’m Your Daddy”. Obama has forgot who really writes his check.Along with most Politicians.

  • Bruce Feher

    If Obama and his HO are my mom and dad, that makes me black, right? Where do I go to get all the free stuff then? FYI, I am a true minority, a white Christian, blond hair, blue eyes AND left handed!

  • He is such a f*cking idiot. I wouldn’t do anything Chris Rock says to do. He thinks he is funny … FAIL!

  • Patriot 4 Freedom

    ,The More the Hypocrisy of Celebs like Mr Rock is put out there the better.. Their sinking their own boat.. Remember The acts Adolf Hitler committed were legal.. Martin Luther King

  • Amen!!! This world has gotten so warped!!! When GOD says honor they mother and father, he is NOT talking about our president and we do not live in a communist country..yet!!!

  • Hey Chris! Just to let you know, the President is the people’s employee! We pay his salary, for all his vacations, his food, his clothes, EVERYTHING! The last thing he is is the boss or father of the country. If that were the case he would have NEVER been elected, and if such a miracle would have happened, I’d be one of the FIRST ones in the long lone of people LEAVING this country. This is a DEMOCRACY, not dictatorship or monarchy.

    • OldDocBen

      Actually we are a representative republic.

  • halfbreed

    What do they teach kids now a day’s. The Government works for us We the People.

  • I used to sort of respect Chris Rock. Not any more, he’s a moron. He may not know who his father is but most people do, and it isn’t Barock Hussein O’bama.

  • Ron

    Chis Rock can kiss my dogs ass. douche bag. Hide in your little world little man.

  • Buck Neked

    Who the hell is this idiot. He does have the right to speak, but we have the right to not listen to idiot slobberings. What a fool!

  • Thank you all for posting! You are BRILLIANT.. if made me feel good to read the comments – I agree 100% with each of you. The ‘Unjust States of Obama’ CAN NOT exist… we MUST preserve The ‘United States of America’.

  • Everett

    Do any of these fools ever take the time to learn about the issues, or do they just do what their master tells them to do? Clueless does not even begin to describe these idiots. What little respect that I have had for these fools is long gone. Like folks in the past, they do just what their master tells them to do or say. Truly a sad lot of fools.

  • Joe Lettieri

    This guys IQ cant be any larger than a worms.

  • Mit

    Chris Rock should remember that black slaves in the 1800’s were not
    allowed to have guns. Why? So their masters could control them. Obama is
    not my Daddy or my master. It was because of guns and the Civil War
    that those black slaves were given their freedom. I find that the
    majority of celebrities are the dumbest form of American. I guess drama
    school is not that hard to graduate from.

  • freedom

    they are only 534 people we are many why should we listen to communists ,we have fought communism all over the world and now we have them in our white house and our gov.

  • coastx

    Chris Rock and Occult Propaganda

    PHASE I: Seduction

    Stage I/lie

    PHASE II: Degenerative Cascade

    Stage II/double cross
    stage III/trauma bond via shock and awe sorties
    Stage IV/rendition


    I’m just here to support the president.

    The president is the… dad of the country.
    It bites you on the ass when you don’t listen to him.
    I’m here to support the president.


    Chris Rock is making himself into a role model in a character role of antihero. He’s alleging to have some meaningful affiliation with Barack Obama that frame bridges to a family relationship with the invocation that if you do not obey him you will be punished. Ultimately, he’s promotionally identified with Barack Obama only and believes YOU should be, too, at least superficially.

    You have to remember, Chris Rock lives outside reality and in that state of mind believes fantasy is somehow an enhancement of life. I see the Twilight Zone in his behavior, so I have NO problem laughing out loud at his proposition…


    As usual, Chris Rock has convinced me his true calling is that of a comedian, nothing more, and since he’s put himself into a situation which he knows is deeper than his paedomorphic and narcissistic level of knowledge, I will NEVER patronize another one of his products. He’s a liar, and he’s institutionalized on lying and the degenerative cascade which ensues…


    I know people aren’t this extreme and will giggle, laugh and buy his next movie, which is the problem with liberalism. People don’t do accountability on the lie, and the liar thus flourishes in a degenerative cascade in perpetuity.

  • AJ

    If it looks like an idiot and talks like and idiot……..Guess what it’s an idiot!!………Cris Rock should certainly not be able to purchase a gun, as all Liberals shouldn’t. Liberalism is indeed a mental disorder.

  • DJ bailey

    Hey Chris Rock go and study your history and read the Constituion! We the people and not the one who is in charge!
    I just want to know did y’all liberals have that same belief when Bush was our President?

  • LonnaB

    Another thing, Chris baby – Obama is NOT our boss! We are his. Get an education!!

  • hop165

    Obey the
    “BOSS” I thought he worked for us! And besides my dad died in 2001. And he’s probably Rollin over.

  • KenNamvet

    I never liked this crack head. Never watched any movie he has been in. He is an idiot. I would like to say more but it would make me appear a racist, or brought up wrong.

  • Even though I did not hire him, obamanation is our employee not our boss and the sooner those morons get that through their thick skulls the better off we will be.

  • I doubt he even knows who his daddy is. If we are looking at political fathers it would be George Washington. Stupidity has reached epidemic proportions.

  • Tim

    If they were my mom and dad I’d jump off the top of Mount Rushmore.

  • Dmdja

    Chris rock is indeed funny but a know nothing moron. Obama is not our daddy but maybe his. And after reading what he said recently I believe he should at least complete high school history

  • pysco

    Obama’s not much of a father figure, everybody knows he’s a liar, And. tell me Chris what has your daddy done for the black community, unemployment for young black male is at 60%……

    • violater1

      Typical black daddy does not provide for his family, lets the white folks provide for them while he uses drugs and has sex creating more fatherless children for welfare and food stamp program to support! That about describes obama and his followers LEACHES ON SOCIETY ABOUT 90% OF THEM!

  • When EXACTLY did Obama become my “boss”? I am a veteran, but it has been well over 20 years since the POTUS had ANYTHING close to a “boss” relationship with me. Since I am now (and have been for a while) a tax-paying citizen, I think Chris Rock may have a gross misunderstanding that the boss/employee relationship actually swings in my favor now.

  • I doubt if Chris even knows who his mama is . He is at best a ghetto comic whose racist humor doesnt ring with the middle class!

  • Is chris rock saying we have two muthas.

  • Sorry Jan. I am unable to watch the video. I do not wish to hear this guy. If he wants to be sheared and slaughtered he is entitled. I refuse to be.

  • violater1

    I will give the same message as above he is not my or in any way Americas daddy! He is however like you an enigma from a black hole of space! He should have imploded on himself just as you should pull your head out of your waste of human existance ass and we will hope that you will self destruct!

  • OldDocBen

    The “father” of the country. Gag! Puke! This idiot probably hasn’t read the Constitution or any of the writings of the founding fathers most likely because he can’t read. As is typical of the poorly educated and blindingly ignorant idiots of Hollywood they pass on the diatribe they are handed in a script. Sadly the youth of today actually idolize them and that could well be the undoing of liberty. Please America, fight back. Tell these idiots what we think of them by boycotting their mostly terrible movies.

  • don dali

    Not my boss, daddy or anything else.

  • ColoradoB

    I think King Obama should let Chris Rock speak at every anti-gun engagement, just makes people realize what idiots we are dealing with. Tony Bennet? Really? I wonder if he has ever been to Conneticut?

  • The President is our employee. We gave his the chance, unfortunately, to try to better our country. He is not our parent in any regard.

  • Chris is totally wrong. Obama is not even supposed to act like anyones boss or daddy. He has no experience in anything. He’s even incompetent to run our country. The chief executive of our country’s job is to execute the will of the people, not his own will. Can you imagine where we would be if we simply let him do what he wanted with no resistance.


    What Planet is that clown from?

  • Richard

    Message to Chris, pull your head out of your ass and starty to act like a human being, just because u think obama is your daddy, doesn’t mean we all should make him our daddy, Rockhead u should try and find where your brains r before lecturing the American people that we need to obey our master, obama is a spineless jellyfish with no guts to stand up to anyone, the obama’s r not my daddy and mommy,nor do they have the guts to be my parents, so idiot shut up and crawl back into that hole u just crawled out of.

  • KEN

    I think I need to renew my thinking on looking/buying his movies???????

  • I beg to differ: WE INDEED LIVE UNDER A COMMUNIST REGIME, only the sheeple don’t get it! 1776…1776…1776!

  • All the Hollywood LIBS’s are the reason I have saved a good deal of money, on movie tickets I will not buy. They are completely out of touch with reality, yet think that because they are famous (they think) that the rest of America should fall in line behind them. When we (those with a brain) refuse to follow them they turn like all LIB’s to personal attacks and retoric with “0” facts

  • ezekiel22

    Chris you need to go back to civics class. The president is our employee and a temporary one at that. It is that type of thinking that you are exhibiting that has helped get this country as messed up as it is. As a temp Obama is not a dictator so what he says does not necessarily go.
    Now all we need is for these Hollywood types to get together and pay their fair share instead of investing offshore don’t you think?

  • The Father of our Nation is George Washington, not the half white trailer trash in the White House.

  • Bduncan

    Chris rock has not supported a president before I call that racism and the other guy that rambled on bout guns has no Idea what an assault weapon is it is fully automatic. And the boy never fired his ar

  • dangerouspatriot

    These people continually show their stupidity and cluelessness about guns, assault weapons, ammo magazines, etc. obama and his wife mommie and daddie of our country???? How freaking childish and naive this imbecile chris rock is. Tell you what chris rock, stick that baby sucker back into your mouth and go sit in the corner till we’re ready to hear something worht our while to hear. Celebrities need to keep their mouths shut when it comes to serious discussions about the Constitution, it would save us and them alot of wasted time.

  • Yes Tom, the last I heard is that we the people are the keepers of the Constitution. The President is an elected official who works for us. Mr. Obama sees himself as King and all powerful; he thinks he can do anything he wants, even send drones into the sky to kill citizens.

    We cannot stand idly by and allow him to threaten Americans with drones. We must follow the state of Virginia and reject Obama’s over-reach of authority. He cannot take our gun rights and cannot kill American citizens without due process. We should all be outraged. Chris Rock is totally unaware about what his “daddy” is doing!

  • WES

    dumb butt stupid rock,,,if i ever see u on the street u better run,,,i will knock ur teeth down ur stupid lieing throat,,,ur not only ignorant,,ur blind foolish and completely stupid,,,,,,,,God is the Father of this great nation,,,,,,ur daddy obamitler is satans child

    Chris Rock and the other Kenyan born Muslim’s Useful Idiots should either stay in the make believe world of Hollywood or go live in Fantasy Land at Disney World for they don’t know how to live in the real world.

  • He’s not my dad, Chris. My dad was born in America, did not believe in killing babies and believed in the Constitution. He also believed in living by the rules. Obama thinks he can make up his own rules as he goes.

  • Conservativesniper

    Chris Rock is obviously trying to stay relevant, like piers morgan. But, I understand his point of view. Since so many people are dependent upon the government, they may look at soetoro as daddy. When dat gummint check quits coming in, that will precipitate the ‘zombie apocalypse’.

  • ya know, for a comedian, he’s not very funny…

  • Oh, and how he gets paid in the thousand, if not millions to PLAY roles waving a gun around!

  • there are a couple jackasses that wont get another red cent of my hard earned money for their piss poor entertainment

  • Mr C

    Chris you need a daddy ? I’ll be you’r Hukleberry 🙂

  • Running to the Right!

    Wrong Chris! Obama should be working for every American, but not working, seems to be synonymous with some people in the US population……..Hmmm! What a shame we have one of those people evidently taking up “squatters rights” in the White House. There’s a change coming, nevertheless we have to endure ’til the end, but it couldn’t come soon enough! Father God, please give us all the strength to ride the tide.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    I must ask everyone to sit down and take a deep breath before reading my post. It will be something liberals will not understand, and will regard as blasphemous Nevertheless, here goes – Presidents are elected to serve the people; not to rule them.

  • No barrack you can’t have it

    Come try to get my glock with the 33 round clip in it. I dare you

  • greger100

    What a simpleton Rock is…Never thought he was funny anyway, until now.

  • rock is a total nitwit

  • Sadly Obama has been coddled by those old 1960 denizens of whom some should be behind bars. He thinks the presidency is all about him and his ego has been so overblown that he doesn’t know the first thing about leadership. He came from street organizing to the
    Illionois state house to the U.S. Senate in record time. So in his own deluded mind he actually bellieve in that narcissistic mind that he is royalty, but like all self centered despots his fall from power will send him into a state of misery and despair.

  • Fischenbach

    Chris has had too much of the Obama Koolaid….

  • seano

    It’s sad that Tony Bennett is at the same podium as Chris Rock, who doesn’t have a brain in his head. I thought Tony was smarter than that. It would be nice if more Hollywood types came out in public and supported the 2nd Amendment. I say before you go to see any of their movies, do a little research to see if they are anti-gun or not, then if they are, boycott their movies.

  • truthbetold59

    I promise that I won’t use racism, vulgarity& profanity ,like Mr. Rock uses( per the posting policy but I’m still trying to figure out what he meant when he said that Barack Obama and his wife are the mom and dad of our country. Obviously, Chris must have been brought up in a dysfunctional and abusive family . The arrogance and narcissism of these celebrities is truly mind numbing (let me throw in ignorance) If you were to to mention “Constitutional Republic” to Mr. Rock ,he would probably think you where talking about a new rap artist .
    It’s amazing to me how these “special people ” are removed from reality and the everyday struggles of the “average” American citizen . They have there body guards and security that most us can’t afford and then lecture us about guns and gun control,……God help us and our country.

  • Guess Chris Rock is still confused who his Daddy simply because he cannot find the original Birth Certificate.

  • Chris Rock is obviously more stupid than anyone can be by accident.

  • Charlie

    He is not my boss, or my dad. Refer to Tom’s remark for he is stateing the truth.

  • Rockin RD76

    Chris Rock just has a way of showing his total ignorance of life overall. OB works for us; we don’t work for him. He is not my daddy; I am HIS boss. Sadly, neither Chris or Barrack get that – and they probably never will.

  • 99magna

    It’s sad to see someone try to influence people to think like this. This is so Castro/Chavez like I’m surprised Shawn Penn wasn’t there to share the microhone. I am a dad, a granddad, PaPa, etc. I don’t need some slick gangster punk politician to be a paternal guide for me and mine. This hand puppet for George Soros is a symptom of a severely distorted education system that we parents need to regain control of or we will lose this nation within this generation.

  • Gary Giersdorf

    Jan, you said the exact thing basically I posted to my wall proudly tonight about this….. and my quote:

    “He may be our president, but he ain’t my dad…. and excuse me…

    This smacks of favoritism due to race, in my opinion.

    Race, creed and color of a person make no one a God or a dad, mom, or
    an idol. This “worship” of Obama as more than an elected official and
    SERVANT of the people is sickening, no matter what color he would be.”

    Rock on Jan..Stokes County loves you!

  • I don’t think they were saying George and Laura Bush were our momma and pappa when they were in charge.

  • Impeach the terrorist from the White House, along with his cronies, no severance, no expense account, no library, no jet, and they leave everything behind, all campaign donations, to be used to pay down the debt they created with his 100+ EO’s, and their compliance… A Chris Rock movie just came on the TV, please excuse me while I change the channel… BANNED

  • What an utter, utter maggot.

  • I have news for that little Black Racist Chris Rock, that half black, half white low life,Homosexual Muslim may be his daddy but sure could never be mine! Chris rock does his best work when he has his sleep overs with Obama!

  • reggiec

    Liberalism is founded upon the ideology of the restricted development of people. The “normal” progression in human development is complete dependency on parents as a baby then as time and life experience grows the individual needs less and less direct supervision and protection. Individualism and responsibility gradually take the place of dependency until the person can go out on their own and becomes a productive, self-supporting individual. Liberalism attempts to stifle this progression and replace the parent with the state. Supporting Liberalism is in many respects, like being a cow and being pro leather.

  • These are truly the most incredibly stupid comments I have ever seen come out of anybody’s mouth.

  • If they were “Mom and Dad” I’m praying to become an orphan.

  • I don’t support any person or business that I know supports communism. Or as you simpletons need to be told. “Redistribution”

  • Dave

    Chris Rock is an idiot just like his daddy!

  • Chris Rock is an IDIOT and just an actor. Who give a flying [email protected]#$ what he thinks and mostly what he says, it doesnt matter what his daddy (PUKE) says he has his head so far up O’S bachside that he will do or say whatever he is told..What a joke, and useless American,

  • Get a clue Chris Rock, you are the worst kind of fool for making this statement, you have NO CLUE

  • Aristophanes

    Wow, this guy just is beyond stupid. His IQ is not even in the double digits. When I became an adult, I would listen to my dad’s advice and then make my own decision. I did not always do what my dad said. Oh h*ll, I did not always do what my dad said when I was a kid!!! And, I certainly do not look at obozo and his wife as my mom and dad!! My parents were not the greatest; but, compared to barry and moochelle, they were awesome!!! These hollyweird types need to go back to what they used to do – make movies and do what they try to pass off as comedy!! I, personally, do not think chris rock is funny – he is a loud, obnoxious piece of crap!!

  • Stokes

    Chris Rock just became “Another Pinhead!”–Hollywood will “rule”–as long as “We the People”–continue to support their antics…..see their movies..listen to their rhetoric,,,etc!! Maybe it’s time to knock them down —quite a few notches……stay @ home…spend some quality time w/ your families…..read a nook (oops..sorry..book…lol)–or do something productive for yourself or family….& (while I’m on my perch)….sorry “Sports Gods”–we spend wayyyyy…..too much Time & $$$$$$$ kissing your Butts…also!! Actors–Sports figures…Congress & Senate &( several other types—NEVER mentioned by Obama or the Media..& …How come the Wall Street Protesters NEVER mention these guys??? What about Their Incomes?? What about their Fame & Fortunes?? What a perverted Society…..only the “Famous” or “Talented Sports Figures” -or those w the ultimate “Power” get the true cash rewards & bonuses…..the real Heroes…our Servicemen ,Police, Fire, Teachers, Nurses, etc….(may) ..get a big “pat on the back!” Whew…thanks Jan…I needed that!! And as a final note…….People….Do Not…let your “Hired” Representatives –take away your rights in this Great Country!! Stand up to them & insist that they uphold & defend the Constitution & Your Rights!! Help us keep our Constitution in tact & if they disagree…..Fire Them !!! Plain & simple!

  • Chris Rock has the right name “Rock” between his ears. The SOB he praises is a traitor to the country along with the Progressive Czar Administration that all should be hung side- by- side with the Rhinos who also want world order government. Chris Rock stupid is unchangeable and you are a poster child for stupidity.

  • Sagebrush6

    Great articles. Keep them coming, Jan.

  • Karen Smith

    Mr. Rock, first, you just lost me as a fan. Second, and definitely more important: an assault rifle was not used in Newtown. It was in the vehicle, but it was not used. Four handguns were used. Get your story straight before you start to preach to me. And by the way, Obama is not my Daddy!

  • RolloverRiderPGR

    Seeings how you have appeared in movies that the main story line was violent sometime extremely so violent that guns and other weapons were used and this crap flows from the blowhole under your nose?

    Ok Cris, maybe your moron agent can explain this to you, I refuse to watch anything that has your name on it! Sorry Jackie, Arnold, Bruce and others but ya lost a few dollars by having this idiot on your coat tails.

  • elvira175

    “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.”
    We came to this country for freedom of religion, live the way we want and not have our right to bare arms taken from us. Our forefathers fought for our rights and it is our responcibilty to stand up for and demand they not be given, or taken away again. Gun control only takes the guns awy from the law abiding citizens, it won’t effect the criminals. Now, the govt. is posting locations of gun holders so it makes it easier for the criminals find the houses that have weapons. How stupid is that.

  • Justa Friend

    Let’s face the reality of ALL of these comments!
    NONE will be seen by Chris Rock (Everybody Hates Chris), or Barrack Obama (Everybody Hates Obama)! That, in itself, makes the situation sadder, as, when we voice our opinions HERE, the only one’s that TRULY hear us are US! Yep, that’s it! At least on Facebook, etc.
    So, PLEASE get up off of your Patriotic behinds, and get involved in the REAL world, and make a statement! Your Family, Your Children, Your Friends, and Your Country DESPERATELY need you!

  • Go to Hell Chris !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • oldMarine

    Jan, Thank you for the cogent statement on Chris Rocks inability to pontificate on political matters. Our society imagines that celebrity equates to intelligence. Have known otherwise for years, but a middle class worker can’t gain the attention of coworkers who consider “Dance with the Stars” or programs of that ilk as educational TV.
    Again, “Thank you”.

  • WAIT. The “president” is our boss??????The last time I checked, he was paid with tax payer dollars. Doesn’t that make US, his boss?? Chris Rock, quit doing drugs

  • Lloyd

    lI am not a defeatest, although I often feel like it these days. But I have noticed that because of the complacency the people have shown over the last several decades,we have allowed big government to take over where the people should be active. Laws have been made that should never have reached the table, and practices have been allowed that gave our officials the idea that they are boss. Now the people are waking up, but it seems that our officials have grown an arrogance that places earmuffs over their ears, and blinders over their eyes. Politicians are giving themselves raises, judges making assumptions instead of judgments, and so called presidents making decrees like they are king, or emporer. Legislation iis proving to be ignored and useless, the Constitution is being treated more like a piece of paper in the bathroom. People voice their opinions and hold protests and rallies, but with no apparent effect. So now the big question needs to be asked and answered. When does the useless talk and legislation end, and the more serious and physical efforts to reestablish the Constitution and the republic begin?

  • First, he isn’t my dad, second, get off whatever drug you are on because buddy, you look stoned out of your mind. Third, as Tom said below in the comments, the President does what WE TELL HIM not the other way around, and he had damn well better get congressional approval before he starts changing the constitution, or we might as well just turn the flag upside down and call ourselves a dictatorship instead of a free country. This country has a LOT of problems, and it’s high time that someone stepped up and did something about it. You keep going down the road that you are, and the only people that will have guns will be the criminals and the military. I say that because even the police are now being restricted in some areas as to how much ammo they can carry in a clip of their gun just like any other citizen is, that’s just plain WRONG. The police should not be restricted on what kind of weapon they carry or how much ammo they have in a clip. How the hell are they supposed to protect the public if they too have to worry about “well do I have 7 rounds in my gun or 10 or 15? Obama, WAKE UP, Feinstein, WAKE THE HELL UP. you are preventing your own police forces from being able to do their jobs effectively and it just isn’t safe. You think that the criminals care what restrictions you make on weapons?? Hell no. THEY ARE LAUGHING AT YOU, because you are too blind or stupid to realize that you are giving them free rein, to do as they please, nearly unopposed. I only hope that you Mr President and you Mrs. Feinstein will actually SEE this post and wake up. Bring me to Washington to speak to you about it, I dare ya because I will tell you to your face that you are screwing this country up!

  • Well I guess since my last message was removed because of some violation about caps or a few minor and I mean minor cuss words, that i really do not belong here I am just telling it like it is, and the admins here don’t like it, even though it is about the way the country is being destroyed by the current regime, which they themselves know is happening. If we can’t tell it like it is, then none of us belong here because the meaning will get lost in candied over words that don’t mean crap to our governmwnt or the people running this here board. good day.

  • Justme

    If “ABE” Obama wants to be a strong president, he should stop trying to start another Civil War, and try to stop one of the real reasons for all the violence in this country…I suggest he watch the movie “Clear and Present Danger”, with Harrison Ford, and follow suit. He may say he can’t invade another nation in pursuit of these people, but we did it with bin laden…Got the bastard too…Another uplifting show was NCIS-“The Spider and the Fly”…
    I realise these movies are only fantasies….So was “Destination Moon” in the late 40s.

  • Chris Rock is really just a dumb big mouth. “OUR BOSS?” Chris, maybe you ought to learn how to read and read the Constitution. “WE ARE HIS BOSS YOU MORON!”

  • Hollywood seems to me, possibly due to lack of attention I pay to it, to be a culture based on reputation. On enhancing your own and bolstering those who might improve your own. Where it is important who you are seen with, whose clothes you are seen wearing, whose party you are seen at all for the purpose of determining whose movie you might be seen in. I don’t think that with the amount of effort put into this type of thinking, that it would be easy for step out of that frame of mind and use the reasoning they might have employed before attaining such a high degree of public recognition. Further, being surrounded by persons whose intent is to keep them happy, how often are they faced with disagreement, opposition or reasoned debate? I submit that the average celebrity has difficulty, or lacks the discipline to recognize this, to escape from it in order to think differently for a time. If my theory stands, it may explain why we so frequently hear the Hollywood elite extolling the virtues of a single individual, or berating their opponents, rather than discussing the merits of a general philosophy or political stance in careful consideration and deliberate logic. Moreover, education and academic accomplishments are often the alternative to seeking fame and fortune as a model or actor/actress. Hence, the well formed, researched and supported arguments of the best of us, are found as an exception in Hollywood rather than the rule. While my opinion may be admittedly ill informed, it seems to explain why Chris Rock and his fellows seem to believe in the leadership capacities of an individual, of an elite class and of someone who may very well enhance their own image if they are known to affiliate with them.

  • Jerry

    Foul mouthed little man!

  • feoliocifoico

    It is a shame that Chris and the stars do live in a different world than we do. They have some power over people that like them. They are so uninformed and live in a make believe world. I do not want to use the word stupid but uneducated.

  • Yes, President Obama works for us. And a majority of Americans think he is doing a great job.

  • Brendan Burger

    Obama gave guns to the Mexican cartel and got innocent people killed, including Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry; RIP. Why would we
    listen to Obama? Obama needs to be impeached and brought to justice for murder. Who needs enemies with a “so called” leader like

  • This just in…Chris Rock is an Idiot!