College Student Health Plan Covers Sex Changes


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Students at Brown University who want to change genders will now be covered under the school’s generous student health insurance plan.

Beginning in August, Brown’s student health insurance plan will pay for more than a dozen different sexual reassignment surgery procedures, including scrotoplasty, labiaplasty, clitoroplasty and placement of testicular prostheses, reports The Brown Daily Herald. The plan as currently configured will cover only students, not staff.

I am certain that the founders of Brown University, among them baptist ministers, members of the Church of England, and delegates to the Congress of the Federation, would be SO PROUD of the institution today, just knowing that the institution they began in 1764 is now in an excellent position to recruit all of those highly sought after gender-bender demographic.

No male can actually change into a female and vice versa. Ever see a he-she buying Kotex? Having a baby, a menstrual cycle, or breast feeding? Womb? What womb? … not much of a woman without one. And she-he’s? Do they actually believe that if an add-a-dick-to-me-ologist sews a dildo onto their crotch that they become a male? If a dildo doctor was to sew an elephant trunk onto their faces would they tell everyone they were elephants?

To the first-year student who says he is “currently morphying into a female.” Hellooooo? Anybody in there? ‘Morphing’ from one gender to another? When a caterpillar changes into a butterfly, that’s ‘morphing.’ If you cut your dick off, you are NOT morphing into a female. I’m assuming that at one point in history Brown University used to know that—BEFORE it morphed into a Marxist propaganda machine.

To the trustees and alumni supporters, hey … keep those endowments to Chaz Bono University coming. Better yet, why not fund a health insurance benefit for faculty only—making it mandatory for all the liberal elite professors and academicians to have both a penis AND a vagina? That way, they’ll be able to go ‘pleasure’ themselves.

I am reminded of the British limerick:

“A homo who lived in Khartoum
Took a lesbian up to his room,
And they argued all night
Over who had the right
To do what, and with what, and to whom.”

The moral of the story is: Don’t date anyone from Brown without reviewing their medical records which will, after all, be completely public knowledge under ObeymeCare.

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  • The term you are looking for, is “Eunich.” A Eunich is someone who has had his or her reproductive organs removed. They cannot breed. They are removing themselves from the gene pool. I, personally, think we should encourage all liberals to have their reproductive organs removed and to dress as ridiculously as they wish. In a generation or two, this will all sort itself out.

    • loriboxer


  • Of course this opens up a whole new business. With men you can slice, drill and put his nuts up on his chest. With a women you can slice up top remove to down below with a hose that inflates. Then of course the only job they could possible get is a rep for the DNC

  • Joan Elizabeth Barette

    First let me say, I am Conservative, I have a conceal carry permit, I Did not Vote for Obeyme, I am opposed to socialist medicine, I do not believe institutions should be forced to provide any service, And may offer those services which they feel they should or desire to, as to improve their standing and clientele.

    Now, I am going to say, that I am totally discussed by the ignorance people have shown here for transgender or gender struggling people. Transgender people are not the problem, Marxist Democrats are. Because you don’t understand something, you don’t have the right to condemn it or the person for their personal struggles in life. You feel similarly in your convictions as to the attacks conservatives feel are unjust by the left. Do not be one of them. No one chooses to be transgender, I know, I am one. I have struggled with this phenomenon for my entire life. Because of it I have succeeded in few places and have failed in many others. I believe that the ignorance shown here is part and parcel to most of the reasons I have not been as successful as I could be. Let me tell you, I am not asking and have never asked for anything more then my original medical insurance back (dropped because of the Obeyme Care regulations). And the hope that one day people will see that transgenderism is a real condition, that it can be treated to the benefit of the individual and society. Or at the very least the become understood as the the reasons necessary in the expression of ones place on the gender spectrum is understood. Though sex may be binary, gender is not, it is not a condition that should be forcibly imposed on a person male or female by ignorance and social norm. It is wrong to limit a persons potential, it is wrong for a person to force judgements on individuals.Your examples here are the reasons we as conservatives are loosing ground to a socialist mentality in a once free society.