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Wild Bill takes on the issue of Patriots being mistreated by cops…

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  • BigUgly666

    So – the hundred or more dollars that one must fork over in order to obtain a CCW?
    It is unlawful for “them” to charge you for the “permit” that they say you must have before exercising your RIGHTS
    It is unlawful for “them” to require a “permit” to exercise your RIGHTS.

    Why are WE THE PEOPLE still putting up with our SERVANTS ordering us around like “they” are the MASTERS and not WE THE PEOPLE.

  • The girly-men of AMERIKA have become geldings – how tragic! This nation never would have come into existence with the cowards that we now have! Damn, sheeple, it’s way past time to start manning up to this communist regime!

  • Patriot-Research

    We the People Army are about to march and they know it….because they about to march on US…!!!

    • coastx

      You got THAT correct!

  • Johnwirts

    The federal government has been overstepping its bounds for a long time, their worst offense is making up laws and then not enforcing them. Then they cite a problem their law was supposed to address but didn’t due to no enforcement and propose yet another law they will not fund to allow enforcement. The solution examine all laws and see what funding is being spent on enforcement,if little or no funding is available repeal or revoke, that law until the laws that are left are funded for enforcement. No new bill should be passed until this is complete. Then any new bill should have to identify where funding for the bill is coming from, and each and every amendment should have to explain its relationship to the basic bill if any, and where its funding is coming from, then and then only can we start to get our country back!

    • coastx

      … HAHAHA

      No one will SYG 1st through 4th, no one.

  • coastx

    Conservatism is a liberalism coefficient. It is an economic application of G7E/IP25. It’s the same city state entity, just is bears a different fiscal budget. It’s a nation breaker.

    If you can get your ego under control and ask for this information, you might just become enlightened to the point where you can actually reach people with your message. But you won’t ask. You risk looking stupid of you do this. Conservatism AND liberalism are a single party parliamentary entity, the organization named above, and their catalyst is NCDG5 (Obama’s FORWARD), NRDP embedded. Very powerful.

    Constitutionalists have a catalyst, too. They just have to be educated to recognize it. People don’t want this information right now. They believe they are going to be able to moralize normalcy, and the lesson here if they are unwilling to think they are going to pay a damning price for blowing this opportunity on a blissful moment flogging the dolphin watching Taylor Swift prance around on stage wearing her chiffon party dress and drinking diet coke. Not happening. You know this. I know this. People are bringing this on themselves.

    The constitutional build is is a very simple application. As powerful as G7E, but it’s not up for grabs in a pop culture that once it temporarily routs this adversary people will go right back to the lifestyle that got them in this mess in the first place. They don’t sustain. They will NOT sustain. That CAN’T. They’ve been bred stupid via the black mass. They don’t understand this. YOU don’t understand this. You’re too fixated on your marketing scheme to adapt if you DID understand this.

    You are wasting your time.

  • coastx would you contact me in a private message?

    • LD

      Give me a disposable address.

  • Just a thought…I sure agree with this, but if we don’t obtain a permit, we are not allowed to protest/rally at our state capitol or anywhere else! Our asses get hauled off to jail!