Obama Watches as Conservative Dismantles His Record

Jan Morgan

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The President of the United States stares intently at the man at the podium, who is steadily, politely, and with the utmost class, dismantling every policy and everything he has stood for in his socialist political career.
I would give a million dollars for insight into the President’s thoughts as Dr. Benjamin Carson brought the house down with his politically INcorrect speech that was laced with more truth than anyone has ever had the guts to speak in the presence of the President of the United States.

Obama must have been squirming as the logic of Dr. Benjamin’s solutions generated enthusiastic applause from a crowd that is obviously fed up with politics as usual from both political parties.

Dr. Carson tactfully spoke of his disdain for political correctness, calling it a “dangerous” and “horrible thing.”
He shamed the government for the deficit and offered a simple, very logical solution. He also addressed our healthcare issues and ever so tactfully slammed the President’s “death squads” in Obamacare.

As one facebook friend stated, “Dr. Carson is the antithesis of Obama’s America. Obama and his ilk cannot fathom how someone can start with so little and rise to the top purely through hard work and dedication, without government assistance to thank for getting there.”

Watch this speech….. and tell me… if THIS MAN isn’t the kind of American we need representing the people, eliminating the bull, and bringing back ethics, logic, and common sense to government.

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  • Bob

    Awesome speaker!! Very good message as well!

  • sftballcoach

    around minute 22 it briefly appears as though Obama is falling asleep

    • Jerri

      just before that, it appears as though Obama is texting!

      • missed that..

      • Tom

        He was probably texting the good Doctor’s name onto his drone’s kill list…..

        • lmfao….lthough …literally not funny!

        • As he was being surgically disected without any anesthia except Dr Carson’s soothing voice

      • verncba

        “Joe, add this guy to “the list” *wink*wink*”

        • vernabc

          Do you have a brain?

          • verncba

            I notice when you have no argument you just type words to get something out there…

            you’re a sad person. Ever eat a 12 ga?

          • vernabc

            For a light snack, but I prefer 10 ga.

      • I noticed that Jerri. My eyes were glued to O, he looked a bit uncomfortable several times throughout that 27 minutes.

    • way to watch… lol

    • HappyG

      He was wishing he had his drone joystick.

  • Donna E Turner


  • Steve Johnson

    Thanks Jan for posting this as I had never heard of Dr. Carson before. I am sincerely impressed and agree, we need more like him!!

    • I had never heard of him either Steve. I certainly believe he will become a household name now.. Fox News is all over this one..

      • He is & has been for years,a household name in the mid atlantic area

      • Justin Penn

        There is a movie out about him called “Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story,” Check it out!

        • Gidget Cali

          Yes I watched the movie. Excellent movie. I would like to get this movie to see again. As I said before, I would vote for this man in a heart beat.

          • beowulf32

            the man did a good job by fronting obama out, but you dont really know him , we got to stop voting for people we really dont know, just because they say the right things, that go along with your core belief system. “”Dose not mean they really have the same core belief system you do. Thats the first thing a con man or some one that is good at running game, on the gallible will do, they will find out what make`s “you tick” and use that against you. Oh and by the way and i know this first hand 99,5%of blacks hate white people, so those of you that think your really friends with your black friends, id watch my back if i was you. The younger generation has been brain washed into believeing that whites are the evil doer`s so they are to trusting, and i hate to tell them because they wont listen but blacks are our enemies and they will always hate us. And this element of black people im talking anout are the mobs of blacks that are going out on lets get whitey night, and the reason i say this, is to tell you watch your back any where you go!

          • str8talk

            You are so ignorant. Not only is your grammar atrocious, but your views on race are disgusting.

          • beowulf32

            Its funny how other people are quick to point finger`s, when some one tells them the truth, about this little world they put up around them selve`s. To hide them selves, as to what is going on around them. The first thing they will say is, well i dont agree with this guy`s opinion, so he must be a “”bigot. And who the hell made you an english major professor here. any ways . he he lol and im proud of who i am are you?

          • Don August

            To answer your question, NO!, I am not proud or who you are, nor do I think very much of WHAT you are! You are merely an illiterate, biggoted fool! That’s not much to be proud of!

          • beowulf32

            Im proud to be a white man who will stick up for my own kind,you sound like one of them wimp`s that would turn his other cheek so he could be [email protected] slapped.

          • Erick Amthor

            “Pride comes before a fall.”

          • In the words of the Great Rush Limbaugh, “You sir, are a glittering jewel of colossal stupidity!” Add bigotry to that and OMG!!. There is just as much hatred going in all directions across racial lines. I mean, look at yourself for example. Carson has no dog in this fight other than he’s an American who wants what’s right for America. I doubt he’s going to get into politics and soil his career in such a way. Dude, trust me when I tell you (not that trusting is something you do alot of) you are not helping.

          • beowulf32

            That makes you a mind reader and i agree with this one black gentelman who talks like he has more sence then most people on this post and i put him on the .5 % that might be a good person. But i dont know him do you as a personal friend that you have known him most of your life. you know more then me then.

          • Saxxon

            You attribute the ignorance of a number of liberal brain washed blacks to all of them. That is a racist point of view. There are a good number of blacks who are real Americans, and know that competition and self reliance build better character for all Americans. I’ve seen more and more of them even with the tide of racially divided voting seen in the election.

            Don’t smear good Americans. Frankly Dr. Carson sound like an outstanding man with solid views and wisdom.

          • beowulf32

            You can know some one 20 years and never really know what`s going on in there head. And the .5 % of blacks need to start speaking up before its to late, and we end up in a civil war. Are government knows whats coming and there trying to hand cuff the hands of innocent people like they did in Kitrina. And the doc is right in all he said, it sould be what are Rep`s should be saying to, in impeacment proceedings.

          • Magnus Randall

            “Real American” –that sums up the kind of thinking I tell my students is applesauce.

          • WildcatsRanger

            Good God! I hope you don’t teach in the public school system because it is apparent you have no character. Dr. Carson’s BACK story is equally impressive.

          • Voting is a farce,a false sense of allowing the American people to have a choice. George W. Bush lost to Al Gore,he was put in place via fraud,Obama was guilty of voter Fraud in Ohio which was a major/swing state. The Electoral College Vote and the popular vote are both messed with.Obama would have beaten the Republicans poor choice/Mitt Romney without Fraud,too bad someone that wasn’t out to destroy America wasn’t on the Ballot. As far as Blacks it depends on where you are,I have plenty of black friends in Chicago,in Southern states Blacks hate whites.Muslims hate America and those that are considered Americans. I enjoyed your post,thank you.

          • A newspaper checked for several weeks concerning the Florida vote that you say Bush stole from Gore and they proved without a shadow of a doubt that Gore did lose. Main stream didn’t tell you that, did they?

          • Rattlerjake

            Colin Powell is the most notable example. Plays the conservative card for years and as soon as a black candidate appears, he immediately jumps ship. Carson, in his speech talks about PC, yet his apologetic attitude (“my intent is not to offend anyone”) while giving this speech was nothing more than PC. I’m tired of seeing these so-called black conservatives, all of a sudden coming to the front an saying what has been said over and over, by the rest of us. Where were they and their speeches 5 years ago when Obuthead first appeared? Nowhere! I have yet to find a video of a speech where he discusses Obuthead and his illegitimate presidency; On the other hand Larry Elder comes right out and calls Obuthead on everything and has done so since he appeared as a candidate. This Carson guy is like a Tiger Woods, whites and other races for years were the top golf pros, but as soon as a “black” one appears it’s like he’s the savior of golf! Whites in this country, especially conservatives, are the ones who are brainwashed.

          • beowulf32

            Not me im proud to be a free thinking conservative! I know where far and few between but there are a few of us that can think for our selve`s instead of just going along with the mass`es!

          • Your attitude toward Black Conservatives are questionable. A Black man cannot truly be Conservative ? If you spoke to me before O’s first election you would find that it would have been as conservative then as it is now. Powell changed sides so we all change sides ? You are generalizing and giving amunition to what Powell said when he stated that there was a vain of intolerence in the Republican Party. You might want to consider how you really feel about Black people ! Truth be told ,there is a segment of the Republican Party that looks down on Black Americans. I don’t like O only on the basis of his character. Why don’t you like him ?

          • Rattlerjake

            I don’t like him because he is a POS. You assume that I’m not black. From the start he didn’t meet the litmus test, and besides that he’s a democrat. You can read into my comments whatever you like, but the fact remains that very few of these black conservatives are true conservatives, even a lot of the whites that claim to be aren’t. I don’t even claim to be a conservative, I am a Constitutionalist. My point was that when Obuthead mysteriously appeared as a presidential candidate, where were all of these black conservatives and their outrage. Most of the people I know weren’t fooled for a minute,especially when NONE of his background was being released. But you want to make my comments a RACE thing, typical when there is any criticism towards blacks ……… figures!

          • beowulf32

            You are right the blacks are looking at the conservative movement like they did the democrats side, they have helped destroy what ever moral`s the libs ever had and have sucked them dry of resourses. Now they have there eye`s on the Repubs, and the illegal`s, there going to be the nail in are coffin, if we let it happen. People they are are enemies for life, they dont have the same core belief`s we have there just going to show you a smile and may even help you with some thing in life to get you comfortable, and they wont show you there true intent unless they 1.Have more numbers then we do. 2. Or some thing happens that brings them together to band against us, example the LA. riot`s, the black mob`s in all cities now and the knock out game. The illegal`s in LA are killing blacks and chasing them out of there own city, and there going to eventualy come are way in that manner too. What well the sheep do then cry that the illegal`s are bigots to, well not in the illegal`s mind they are just taling back there country we took from them.

          • WilcatsRanger

            Save your rhetoric for the Huffington Post.

          • beowulf32

            Dont like Huffington Post there to liberal for me like to lie alot and hide the truth.

          • Look at what the man has done throughout his life. What he has done in his past is the only indicator of future behavior. This tree has born good fruit, far more than can be said of past presidents in the last 20 years. If there was a crystal ball that predicted future behavior, America would be more prosperous than ever.

          • manta69

            While I do agree with your point that “we really don’t know” a candidate for any office (only way to come to close to knowing a candidate is to examine their past activities), I hate to be the one to tell you, but… you are a racist pig and an embarrassment to your kind and creed. There are just as many on both sides of the racial divide who aren’t trustworthy or have a genuine racist position (like you) of potential violence against another because of the color of their skin. Disgusting and disappointing in the worst possible way, and I’m glad I don’t know you.

          • beowulf32

            thank you may i have another. And my own kind died in ireland for freedom to just be able to come here, and died for the freedom`s you enjoy today. So in a sence i agree with you a little, for i to am disgusted to in the white men who have lost there way in this world. Im talking about where is their heart, their courage, you let a few blacks have power over you who hate you for your skin color, and on live tv tell the world that all they have to do is kill all the white babies, dont know if you seen that video where the new black panther`s was calling for the death of all white babies. Yea im ashamed of some of my kind for not having any B*lls to stand up for them selve`s. there afraid some one like you will call them a racist, makes me want to vomit.

          • tez

            More than anything (even a racist), you’re a coward. You’re so scared of your perception of what black people are thinking about you that you hate them for it. Your character is so poor and hopeless that you judge every person by the color of their skin and nothing else. This means that when you meet someone, you never take the time to actually get to know them. No wonder you say you can know someone for 20 years and not know what they’re thinking. Do yourself a favor and talk to people who are different than you — learn some new things. Get out of that prison where you’ve trapped yourself in your head or you’re going to live a sad life.

          • beowulf32

            Trust me when i say i dont give a dam about how someone thinks about me, and if we where alone in a dark ally with no witnesses, you would not be clling me a coward, you would be looking for the nearist phone to call 911 and we both know it, you would never see it coming. And yes i evaluate every one i meet in life, my training dictates that i evaluate there facial expression and body language in order to survive. So you see you dont really know who your talking to on the other side of the conversation so beware!

          • Just think of it this way beowulf32. If god decided to turn your skin black one day, but you are still white on the inside. How would you feel about your inner self? Any different?

          • beowulf32

            Im going to die in the next 5 to 15 years so it dose not matter anyways!

          • Erick Amthor

            Hope you resolve your inner turmoil before it is too late my friend.
            Ask the Lord of the universe for forgiveness and He will heal you.

          • freebirds

            Look.. I know the statistics of drop out. As well as gang bangers and who holds the markets in the jails and prisons. Yet this guy gas it together. He is talking about accountability and being responsible. How can you question that. He also is a man who loves Jesus and openly admits it. Unlike our current commander and chief. ” we are no longer a Christian nation” Muslim nut.

          • I’m a asian guy who had many black friends. They are still good friends of mines today. They’re not racist against anyone. As a matter of fact, I experience knowing some of the most friendliest black people in the military.

          • You and people who think like you are the problem. I don’t care if the President of the USA was lime green if he did his job. Be glad you have freedom of speech, otherwise you would definitely be delegated to death

          • Don August

            Are you positive that 99.5% of blacks really hate all white people? Have you ever considered the fact that they simply have a strong dislike for YOU? Perhaps a little self-evaluation is in order!

          • beowulf32

            yes they have told me them selves staight from the blacks mouth it came, they dont care they think white men are soft, and i agree the % of white men with heart and enough [email protected] to defend them selve`s has droped since the 70`s and 80`s.

        • I rented it today, the movie was awesome, a must see

        • Try Ovguide.com or Hulu for videos.

        • TJ

          Yes, great movie. However, you should know that it was made as a result of his book of the same title. He also has a book called Think Big. Both of those books are excellent and if you have children, you should seriously consider encouraging them to read his books. Not many people know about Dr. Ben Carson, but trust me, he’s not some new fad. I watched him deliver a similar speech in early 2008 on C-SPAN and was amazed at his ability to communicate and his wisdom on the issues. That’s when I started researching him and found his books.

      • Zepp

        Jan, this is the man who helped my little niece Hailey with the problems she had with her shunt in her head. He’s an amazing man!

      • Rattlerjake

        What bothers me is that there are whites, orientals, hispanics etc. that have been saying these things for years and no one listens, but now that a black man says it it makes news. The problem is socialism. Socialism is a disease that destroys nations. This country is under the impression that our voting is based on majority rules, but when a majority rules, the minority loses their rights. Presidential candidates run on promises of what they will or won’t do for the people, when they should be running on how well they will stand behind and back the Constitution; our vote is only to chose the best one to do so. The video “Grinding America Down” explains it in detail. Don’t let your ideology get in the way. Keep an open mind. http: //vimeo . com/52009124

        • Unfortunately it has more to do with US Constitutional law not being enforced then ideology . The problem is We The People have a person sitting in the White House going by the name of barack hussein obama who is using a stolen social security number , forged birth certificate and forged selective service registration card to prove he is a legal sitting US President . The US Congress has ignored US Constitutional law for what ever reason . Article 2 Section 1 Clause 5 of the US Constitution states as one of its provision in order for one to be US President one must be a Natural Born US Citizen . The fraud and usurper barack hussein obama is NOT a natural born US citizen and is therefore holding the office of US President illegally . We The People demand the US congress honor their oath to the US Constitution and remove this fraud and usurper barack hussein obama from office ASAP .

          • Rattlerjake

            Why are you preaching to me what I already know? When I mentioned ideology, it was in reference to the video, as many conservatives are non-religious and there are a lot of religious references. We really need to stop regurgitating the same old “he’s illegal”, “he’s a fraud”, etc. because we all know those facts, it’s obvious that the GOP is inept, and libturds could care less. What we need to do, like with this vid, is to educate everyone we can on WHY and HOW our country has become a cesspool of socialism, and give solutions to the problem. I, myself, believe that we will have another revolutionary war before the next presidential election, but in the event that we don’t, we “conservatives/Constitutionalists” need to get it together and replace the old establishment.

          • Obama was once known as Barry Soetoro,he took on his current name due to the meaning of his first and middle names.The reason,main reason the Constitution is ignored is that Obama and The Supreme Court no longer recognize it. Reasons=when it was written,no planes,no tanks,written for men from 2 centuries ago etc.. I consider the Constitution to be the law of the land,it will be pissed on from here on out/sickening.

          • Stupid thing,law or loophole states that a person born via C-section is not natural born/this is out of control.

          • Sandra Lee Smith

            Natural born, when referring to citizenship has NOTHING whatever to do with the manner of birth itself; it has to do with the geographical location and the citizenship of both parents. Where on Earth did anyone get the notion that a C-section birth disqualifies anyone???

          • I agree with you but both sides of the aisle belong to the same club. They won’t do a thing about it. BTW, the original birthers were the Clintons. Were they threatened? Who knows.

        • My friend, you have missed the point of all this. If Carson had whispered the word “socialism” even once during his speech it would have blown the entire effectiveness of the point he was conveying. Make no mistake, Carson was speaking directly to the issue of socialism in America and Obama knew he was being lectured and did not like it one bit. And as far as “whites, orientals, hispanics etc. that have been saying these things for years and no one listens”, It was the genius of timing and venue by which Carson made the biggest impact he possibly could have. Just listen to guys like Bob Beckel on “The Five” who thinks it was a “disgrace” for him to make these statements. Beckel and other libs like him are the perfect barometer for indicating when a Conservative is on target and doing damage to their agenda. In regards to “majority rule”, this country is not a Democracy, it’s a Republic. And as such the system is designed to protect the minority from the tyranny of majority rule, which I think it has done far better than that for which credit is given. What really IS happening is the majority right now is suffering under the tyranny of minority rule. This is due to activist liberal judges and the propaganda machine that is the liberal movement. That’s why we see a handful of people forcing the removal of all symbols of Christian faith from the public arena, against the will of the majority. That’s why we’ve seen the removal of prayer, the bible and the Ten Commandments from our schools, and of course the social ills that have resulted. That’s why we see people demonized for their belief that homosexuality is immoral. Just saying…

          • Rattlerjake

            No I think you missed my point. Carson, in his speech talks about PC, yet his apologetic attitude (“my intent is not to offend anyone”) while giving this speech was nothing more than PC. I’m tired of seeing these so-called black conservatives, all of a sudden coming to the front an saying what has been said over and over. Where were they and their speeches 5 years ago when Obuthead first appeared? Nowhere!

        • Patricia Sisson

          I understand what you are saying but we have to stop honoring as well as discounting ideas on the basis of the color of the speaker. Does the idea have merit and what are the drawbacks, that is what really matters. Dr. Carson is a success story so his life experience gives added interest to his ideas.

        • I agree with Keith; let’s keep labels out of the discussion to avoid the flame-throwing and diversion of topics. How do we “fix” healthcare? Dr. Carson was right on in his common sense solution: HSAs created at birth.
          As for health care, he began, “We need to have good health care for everybody, but we have to figure out efficient ways to do it.”
          Carson’s solution: “When a person is born, give him a birth certificate, an electronic medical record, and a health savings account (HSA) to which money can be contributed — pretax — from the time you’re born ’til the time you die.
          “When you die, you can pass it on to your family members, so that when you’re 85 years old and you’ve got six diseases, you’re not trying to spend up everything,” he added. “You’re happy to pass it on and there’s nobody talking about death panels.”
          He added: “For the people who are indigent who don’t have any money, we can make contributions to their HSA each month because we already have this huge pot of money. Instead of sending it to some bureaucracy, let’s put it in their HSAs. Now, they have some control over their own health care.”

          Let the free market rule pricing and let consumers make economic decisions on their own behalf. It’s the ONLY fair and straight-forward way to lower prices.

      • Ray

        I read about Dr Carson in Reader’s Digest over 30 yrs ago and have followed his career ever since. He is a great and decent man.

      • Thomas Cooper

        Jan, he is hardly exciting enough for Fox news and far too intelligent for their audience.

    • Gidget Cali

      I watched a movie on t.v. of his life. Excellent movie.


    • Say what??????????????

  • Josh

    I think he misunderstood the war of 1812

    • Josh

      As one who grew up in the Canadian educational system, it was America who wanted to expand territorially into Canada. I learned that America did not win the war, bt instead it was a truce.

      • Grandpa Greer

        Josh, Of course they are going to teach you that in Canada. We fought the British in the War of 1812. We won. We did lose a battle up in Canada during that war. It wasn’t to expand territory. It was to defeat an army sitting on or near our borders that was allied with our enemy. It didn’t work out like we wanted, so we left. Perhaps that is why Canadians think we didn’t win the war. England started it and attacked us at sea and on our shores. We beat them back and they left. The last battle was New Orleans where Andy Jackson and Jean Lafitte kicked their British Butts. They signed an agreement to end hostilities or a “truce” (if that makes the Brits seem less like losers to you, then fine). I call that a win. If we had started the war and gone over to England and attacked them over there and kicked their butts, they would have signed a surrender. Interesting fact…they signed the “truce” 2 weeks before the Battle of New Orleans started.

      • Josh, Josh, JOSH!

        The War of 1812 was not fought over Canadian issues, although the war
        eventually spilled over that border, because of the holdings England still had
        in the region, but the real spark that started it all was because England was
        pressing American sailors into service on British warships, and stifling
        American free trade elsewhere, freedom of movement on the open seas by American merchant ships to freely export American goods into Europe, Africa and other areas of British concern.

        Of course Canadian school books and teachers will put an emphasis on what
        happened to Canada during this war, as every culture tends to highlight it’s
        own importance in that telling of history, but don’t get the facts mixed
        up…what happened in Canada had very little to do with why the war started, it
        was just a place that had some of the battles of that war. just like anyplace
        that was nearby, like Caribbean Islands that were attacked, ships that were
        sunk off the British coast and so forth.
        Yes, the war was eventually settled by the Treaty of Ghent, brokered by the Russians and Belgians, but it definitely WAS won by the Americans, because it set the terms of how the war was to end, it returned all territory that both parties had acquired from the other during the conflict, and it set into international law and treaty the terms and conditions that prevented Great Britain from further pressings of America sailors, and it stopped the blockading of American shipping that Britain was charged with, and this blockade and pressing actions were the cause of the war. Most modern wars were settled by treaty, and just because it wasn’t a total victory with someone conquering another country’s lands does not mean someone didn’t win the conflict. The last area of major conflict, the Battle of New Orleans, was a definite rout, and if you look at the totality of the battles lost or won in 1814, you will see that Great Britain was on its heels in America in the end, and at great peril of losing your precious Canada to the USA as well.

        America was attacked by England because the USA was an upstart new country, and a threatening new economy, and an economy that was in direct competition with the English hegemony, and that threatened and embarrassed the British so much that they felt they needed to put a foot on the neck of those damned Americans. It didn’t work, and quite possibly, the War of 1812 is one of the biggest reasons that America became the world player in the 19th century that it did, and started the eventual downfall of the British Empire from what it formerly was, even before the American Revolution.

        These are the facts as they have been chronicled, events even recorded by the British themselves. It’s nice that you have such pride in your beloved Canadian history, but you should dig a bit deeper if you wish to speak or write with some authority on the subject. I am not merely speaking as a student of
        history, I also teach and tutor it at the high school and community college
        level. I know my stuff.

        You’re welcome.

      • Maynard

        America agreed to let the British have Canada. America had no interest in expanding. We could have told them to go home and kept Canada for ourselve. We could have told Mexico and Cuba the same thing, if we were interest in expanding. ~Don’t Tread On Me.

  • Tom

    Several rounds of applause during his speech, and not one movement from KOTUS.
    Standing ovation at the end for the Doctor, and KOTUS looks like he was in agony because he had to appear to be clapping, and standing at the same time. Take note who sat down FIRST!!

    • noted.. thanks for watching the video Tom.. please share this link with your friends.

    • Sandra Lee Smith

      Did you also note the several times the nose was thrust higher in the air, during the speech, especially when Dr Carson was speaking about our Flag still there? And the expression of sheer disgust as well? How DARE that man call himself an American, when he behaves like that about the symbols of our very nation itself! Dr Carson has the spirit that made this nation what it once was!

      • Gidget Cali

        yes I also saw barry with his head held high arrogantly. I was also surprised when michelle clapped during the speech and barry did not clap.

        • Sandra Lee Smith

          I was more surprised that she did, than that he didn’t. She may be a tad more socially correct than he is; not by much, mind you. I caught a really sour expression on her as well, before the camera panned in closer, and closed her out. Their disdain for America was all too evident. But then that scowl has been O’s more common expression at all things of late.

        • Patricia Sisson

          Yes, well she’s not as intelligent as he is. She is more American than he is though. She was applauding the principles until she realized her husband doesn’t come off very well once you apply them. I was watching them both closely so was disappointed when the camera closed up. They are so used to the kiss up speeches that it took him a while to realize this wasn’t going to be more of the same. Heb really seemed upset about the idea of education getting people off off welfare. .

          • Sandra Lee Smith

            Yes well, you see that would get people OUT from under his control! Can’t have that going on! The part about the flag got to him because he HATES our flag, and even more so our national anthem, and this was the story about how Francis Scott Key was inspired to write that poem, which was set to music and became the Star Spangled Banner, so DOUBLY hated by O!

      • Patricia Sisson

        Yes.I think the flag thing really got under his skin.

    • HappyG

      You noticed that too Tom? I swear he was near tears…

    • Holly

      Tom, what does KOTUS mean? King of the United States? If so, LOL

  • Thomas Riffe

    Wow! I got to 8:25 and had to comment.
    “If you don’t accept excuses the people will stop giving them.” WHAP! Right across Obama’s face. BO probably missed the allusion to entitlements.

    • Some pretty profound stuff in that speech!

    • HappyG

      Obo was almost in tears 🙂

    • Larry

      How about at about 17 mins and he started speaking about Rome. Anyone notice how Obamas eyes started wandering? This is the kind of Black man the black community needs for guidance.

  • Zig

    Ms. Morgan, are you sure you watched the video you posted? I didn’t hear anything even remotely confrontational and/or in opposition to anything President Obama has said. Did I perhaps miss the moment when Dr. Carson called for looser firearms regulations or free AR-15s for everyone?

    • Of course I watched the video I posted. What a ridiculous question.

      if you did not hear anything even remotely in opposition to Obama, then you need to get your ears checked… I never said he was confrontational.. In fact, I suggested the contrary when I said he was very classy and tactful in his approach.
      He ripped on the deficit and offered a solution.. he ripped on obamacare and offered a solution.. etc..
      While he did not broach the issue of firearms, he did some major dismantling.

      • bayou66

        Jan’s article says every policy – and since the man has no policy on guns; Jan is correct. A good reason for the speaker to stay off of guns. Once Obama does have a policy on guns it will likely be ‘shot down’ anyway.

      • No you really didn’t. You prefaced it with the title, then you instructed as to what was going to be seen. I’d bee surprised if a lot of your readers even made it to the video itself. Personally I watched the video first.
        Your article did not match it.

  • AWESOME! God Bless You Dr Carson!!

  • Sonny766

    you can tell that Obama would rather have his fingernails pulled out by the root than listen.. he’s so arrogant and egotistical….

    • Jpressman

      baseed on the fact that he smiled at the humor and looked like he was concentrating at other times? I sure didn’t see what you think you saw. ever been filmed while listening to a 27 minute speech? Just wondering.

  • LennyC

    A brilliant presentation. It was not only an insightful critique, it was courteous and respectful. Evidently well received and appreciated by the audience. I doubt that the guest of honor took it so, but I can’t read minds.

    • HappyG

      Not only that, but the man can tell a story with a good joke…isn’t it unfortunate that the real joke is still sitting in our Oval Office tonight…

      • Sandra Lee Smith

        Amen; and he’s a GOOD public speaker, another failing mark against O by comparison!

  • taylor

    He actually says we’ve already started to work on another big problem: healthcare. He says healthcare is the moat important thing.He only mention his personal solution. So others dont talk about death panels. Not death squads. He talks about taxing taxing in percentage which affects the rich more. Everything he says seems to favor Obama and his agenda. I think you need to actually listen instead of trying to attack the president

  • Obama had no idea what this was about without a teleprompter…

    • He has to watch a replay later & have Joe the clown explain what Dr Carson said

    • Jpressman

      Really? The editor of the Harvard Law Review, a constitutional lawyer? Because you disagree with his policies does not give you the right to malign one of the brightest guys we have had as President (elected by a majority, BTW)

      • Holly

        Yeah sure. Like you didn’t ridicule his predecessor who, in spite of not being a great public speaker, was not an idiot. We can malign anyone we please because our FIRST AMENDMENT rights guarantee it.

      • Maynard

        All Obam is, is a fall guy, a la ky, a puppet on a strink, with charisma and with the ability to speak well. He doesn’t have think or know anything except how to take orders and read the speehes given him by his puppet masters who are the inveisible govenment running this country. This is the same problem wed’re having with the political leaders of both parties, and who the Tea Party is trying to overcome, and will as soon as they rid the Tea Party of subversives from the GOP leadership like Gingrich a medmber of the CFR, which is a puppet organization of the New World Order, as are Romney, Perry, Rove, Clinto, Carter, and oth Bushes. Look up on “search” the New World Oder and also the Bilderberg Grop and see for yousedlves.~ Don’ Tread On Me!

      • The man is a joke and he has brought this country down. He is most definitely NOT the brightest man we have ever elected to office. He was also NOT elected by a majority of THE PEOPLE. His ‘win’ was orchestrated through electoral votes, NOT majority votes of the people. Get your facts straight. Oh, wait, I forgot, sheeple don’t believe in facts they don’t like or agree with.

        • Mark

          Obama beat Romney by 5 million votes. Obama won 51 percent of the popular vote. http://uselectionatlas.org/RESULTS/national.php

          • alps

            Does that count the precincts with 150% voter turnout ?

          • Rattlerjake

            Of course you use information provided by a libturd, David Leip. Try finding a neutral source.

      • Not elected by a majority, intimidated by one surrounded by many.

      • alps

        Brightest guy ??? Have you ever seen him speak without the help of a teleprompter ?? And the election was billion dollar character assasination
        with some high tech voter fraud thrown in !

      • Obama is a world class poser.True intellectual light weight.

      • Rightbackatcha

        Your right, freedom of speech gives them the right.

      • Yeah, I agree! If by “brightest” you mean an incredible knack for bullsh***ing and smiling his way to getting votes from idiots like you and getting all the way to the White House so he can take a fixable economy and destroy any possibility of fixing it by borrowing from our worst enemy and spending money like a drunken sailor to the point that our unborn grandchildren will beg to be aborted so they won’t be born $78,000 in debt. Yeah sure, I agree 100%. You and your Master are both a pair of dolts! (It’s ok to look up ‘dolt’). Oh and by the way, here in free America, I can malign who ever I want, as you have now experienced. Have a nice day.

  • bayou66

    cant wait to see this when my baby wakes up. Looks like a real leader, unlike the so called leaders in Washington

  • marineh2ominer

    Dr Carson’s speech is great , but I don’t know enough about him , however anybody would be a better choice than Obamass , personally I like Allen West for the job .

  • JamesPF

    Terrific speech, I would advise everyone to watch the movie biography about Dr. Ben Carson. It is beyond excellent.

    • I plan on finding that movie now. I was thoroughly impressed with Dr Ben Carson’s impassioned speech and with his scholarship program.Dr. Carson is an incredible blessing in many arenas!!

  • White House landlord

    Is this the prayer breakfast which prefaced Wobama’s attack on cable news???

  • This was very good. Mr. President Listen to We The People. We can save our country just like this Dr. Carson says. God bless America. Lets Pray for our great Nation. Thanks.

    • Jpressman

      Obama was elected by “We, the People.” Get over it.

      • alps

        Election was a billion dollars worth of voter fraud ! Did you notice those areas with 150% voter turn out?

  • Hoodoo H

    Beelzebub got a verbal whoopin’.

  • annneinms

    Jan, is there any where a copy of Dr. Carson’s speech may be obtained? I would love to send an email to all my friends and family who may not have heard this with the written words. Thank you.

  • Bullet

    You are the best Jan. You always come up with some very interesting people. Dr. Carson was AWESOME and would make a greart president. Too bad we’re stuck with this loser.

  • Very Impressed,thanks for posting

  • Awesome

  • LDMartin1959

    Barry the 0 was **pissed**. He almost never smiled through this entire speech, in which he had to sit quietly, unable to shut up a man who destroyed everything he believes in. And notice how many times he *DIDN’T* applaud while the rest of the audience did. PISSED, PISSED, PISSED. It’s a beautiful thing.

  • I wonder if Obama was wearing his cup for this event cause he sure did get kicked in the nuts a lot. So much truth and common sense shared by Dr. Carson.

  • Chief47

    I would vote for Dr. Carson for any office he chose to run for. Finally, someone has to guts to say to Obummer’s face what millions of Americans want to say to his face. Hats off to Dr. Carson for having the courage to speak his mind in front of Obummer instead of being like most of our Congressional Republicans and worrying about staying in office instead of doing what is right for this country.

    • D

      He wasn’t talking to Obama…he was talking to ALL the leaders this country has had for the past 40 years…just because you hate our current President, you cannot…oh nevermind, you will never get it…

  • Truth goes 100 MPH

    This speaker totally rocked the world of Obama. Educated, spiritual and well read. Just imagine what Michelle said to the O-man when he got home that night. This man has no future in politics as he has a pure heart and it would seem he is able to see a problem and address it. I share the knowledge that growing up “poor” may indeed be a blessing. His is surely rich in ways Obama will never know.

  • Watched the whole video yesterday. By the end you could see the anger on Obama’s face.

  • Vincent ortega

    Awesome, God bless you Dr. Carson, We need leader like Dr. Carson.

  • Jan, I was thinking the very same thoughts you speak of when I originally saw this on c-span. One of my biggest questions was “why was this man not vetted by the Obama handlers, and didn’t they know where he stood politically, or what he may say if he were asked to speak?” Not that I’m complaining that Obama got called onto the carpet by someone that quite obviously outclasses the president in intellect and style, but you have got to be wondering if the Obama folks merely thought they were safe because the good doctor was black. This president NEVER steps into a situation where he hasn’t put all of his ducks in order, and quite obviously, someone was asleep at the switch. This video needs to be rebroadcasted every day and on every channel that can do it, and if this does not dry up the koolaid soaked sycophantic nonsense that we see from the RINO black leadership that has jumped ship to Obama, ala General Powell, or weak-willed types like the New Jersey Governor, we are truly screwed as a nation, because nothing will wake the sleeping electorate, aside from a bloodletting revolt or civil war.

    • Jpressman

      You Obama haters are so blinded by your hatred, that you see only what you want to see, even if it isn’t there. What I heard was one guest speaker giving his opinions, and Obama, who has to know that cameras are trained on him the whole time, smiling at times, looking serious at times, and not being trashed the way you folks seem to think he was trashed. I don’t know Obama’s opinion on a flat tax, but Carson’s quick quip about how “we” could pay into health care accounts for poor people was pretty vague. We the taxpayer? We the doctors? We the nice people who feel so inclined? It was a nice idea, but not fleshed out. While the conservatives hate Obama’s health plan, maybe if the GOP hadn’t trashed it before it was passed, a more complete concept could have been worked out. It is a work in progress designed to help this country solve a huge problem. What does the GOP propose? Anyone heard anything practical? Or do we just let people die?

  • crofootski

    Can we get him as the 2016 candidate? Please???

  • Dr. Carson gave a very fine speech. But I didn’t see it as “anti-Obama”. But then I know that President Obama is not a socialist as some of you would like to paint him.

    • Maynard

      That peac e symble yo have as a logo, do you know what that really is. That is not a symble of piese as is the white dove. Take away the circle and you see the three fins of a nuclear sub missile. A symble of war. It orginated back in the 60s when the US Navy wanted to dock nuclear subs in Scotland. The local communist demonstrated against that idea. Anti-war peace demonstraters have used that symble ever since to make it appear as though they are for peace and not trying to disarm America, thus defending communist Russia. Aiding our enemy. You may be too young to know this. The more Americans that were this symb,l indicates to our enemy, the great influence it has on Amrican patriotism, which they see is lacking in Ameican hearts. ~ Don’t Tread On Me.

      • I am in my 50s and this has always been a symbol of peace for me. Jesus was a liberal and a man of peace. I try to follow in his footsteps.

  • Irene

    Dr. Carson is an internationally famous Pediatric Neurosurgeon. I’ve seen him speak at medical meetings in the past. What a wonderful man, as well as surgeon. There is a wonderful DVD of his story, “The Ben Carson Story” with Cuba Gooding playing him. He came from poverty, child of a single mom, who was teased, bullied because he couldn’t read, was failing his classes. Amazing man!

  • Did anyone else notice how peeved Obama looked thruout his speech? He did not applaud much to the high points.

    • You couldn’t see his hands. Michelle was applauding.

  • Dr.Carson … That is truly a man and a man that should be the President of this , the greatest country on the face of the earth , the United States of America !

  • patriot too

    wow What a man of integrity, wisdom and backbone just 25 like him in DC could change this nation back. and notice he never mentioned color. I am white and he is black but I would follow him anywhere he is also quite apparently a man of GOD. The total opposite of the unGodly obummer. It was so great to see the great one (in his own eyes) have to sit and squirm without being able to say anythin. GOD Bless America

  • Josie

    Refreshing, simply refreshing. Sounds like he has been botteling it all up for awhile and he took his opportunity when he got it. What may be key here is that the good doctor tells of his upbringing to look at reality and what he could be, where Oblunder was only taught to take and take and blame others.
    Look at Oblunders face after the first five mins or so – no more smile. Wow that felt good. He delivered a slap in that incompetent commies face for all of us. Thanks for posting.

  • Noble

    I am trying to share this on Facebook, and it is not posting. My note with it says:

    If you have never clicked on anything I have posted. You have got to watch this speech in front of President Obama.
    “TRUTH, JUSTICE, and the AMERICAN WAY”! Dr. Benjamin Carson

  • Jimmy

    He is not making the folks to his right very happy!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bill Montagne

    Absolutely fantastic. And he subtly slams Obama’s policies. That is the best speech I have heard in years.

  • I watched the video and then read the article.
    Are you sure you posted the right vid? Nothing in the article was in the video.

  • Linnie Sexton

    Just heard that Dr. Carson will be on Hannity TONIGHT (Friday night)……God Bless this man! He said what millions have been thinking…….

  • What a man and what a message, no teleprompters and no uhs.

  • TK

    Dr. Carson should be an American leader. His ideas are great. Let’s implement some of them asap.

  • verncba

    Amen. And he is right about everything.

    • vernabc

      So how is that whole “Sandy Hook was a guvment conspiracy” thingy working for you?

      • verncba

        Pretty good actually. Did you hear the police in Newtown now say they are doubting there was only 1 shooter?

        But the investigation is still sealed for whatever reason… maybe we’ll know by summer.

        • vernabc

          So what happened to the crises actors? So have you ever wondered why no one besides me ever responds back to you? It is because they are laughing at you.

  • We need SOLUTIONS, not people who want to WIN (as many lawyers do)! LOVE it!

  • What I love about this speech is that Dr. Carson is so eloquent and effective in his message that even though he very subtly told Obama to go to hell, the argument was so convincing and powerful, while teaching important facts that cannot be denied, that he now has some former Obama supporters in the press handing the map to Hades to King Barry the First themselves and them pointing the way. Not all of the press, of course, but a few members. Of course, Obama will always have his koolaid corpsmen…or was that corpse-men?

  • WOW!!!! What a brilliantly diplomatic statesman this man is!! Dr. Benjamin Carson, I’m calling on you to please, PLEASE run for President!!

  • “We need to concentrate on being RESPECTFUL to those people with whom we disagree” 5 minute mark of the speech. This is where the Conservative right is failing miserably. Especially all of you insult slinging commentors…Obummer this and Ovomit that. Learn to respect your adversaries and maybe you wont get your ass handed to you in 2014-16. Good luck. Great speech btw, I found some common ground with this man especially about people needing to be able to say what they feel without fear of offending. The flip side is to be able to LISTEN without BEING offended so easily…..

    • BigUgly666

      When Obama has actually done something “respectable” …. then we can talk.

    • Holly

      Allen Layman, The left has been anything but respectful to the right and have been positively vile in their treatment of conservative Senators and Congresspersons. This doesn’t exclude the treatment POTUS has given them, either as he speaks to them in a condescending tone. Here you offering advice on respectfulness and you add, “maybe you won’t get your ass handed to you…” Come on now, Allen. Get your story straight. Just in case you noticed, even some of the Democrats are disappointed in his performance. It’s pretty sad and will get worse.

      • “Maybe you won’t get your ass handed to you” was me saying what I feel without fear of offending..lol clearly that isnt always the best course of action as it only served to drive a wedge between you and I, therefore I may have just changed my opinion on being PC. Maybe it IS a better course of action when it comes to public discourse 🙂

  • Although I have heard about Dr. Carson before my pick for the first black President would have been Rev. Dr. Alan Keyes. I knew him when working in the Reagan administration and he and Jack Kemp formed the economic plan for the nation.

  • Very well spoken, very well educated, and has something a lot of others don’t… common sense.

  • Obama is probably thing, a stupid speech is not going to stop me. I doubt seriously he was squirming. He might have thought close friends were roasting him.
    as for Joe, he would not have had the sense to recognze when someone was putting him down.

  • Fischenbach

    Thanks for posting this. It was an excellent speech!

  • Obama should be polishing his boots. He is 1000 times the man Obama is. If you noticed Obama didn’t applaud until the end when he had to fit in with the majority. A Muslim is allowed and encouraged to lie to us Infidels as long as it is done for Islam. Remember that the next time you listen to Obama speak, we are the Infidels.

  • Sandra Lee Smith

    I fear he offended O big time; and good for Dr Carson! At last, some wisdom, more than mere “book smarts”! I believe he’d make a far better President than this nation has had in quite awhile; and at least he’d be eligible for the office!

  • Quirkywriter

    But he’s a brilliant and inventive surgeon. He’s right on politically, but he gets to save lives on a daily basis.

  • HappyG

    Obama looked like he was going to cry…LMFAO!

    It’s obvious Obo wasn’t listening, even with those big ears of his, because the first thing he did when he took the podium was to foment more division and hate…I guess some habits are just hard to break.

  • HappyG

    I’m pretty sure Obama will never again share a stage with Dr. Carson…but he clearly didn’t learn a thing.

  • David Han

    Dr Carson should be the GOP candidate for 2016.

  • Dr.Carson what a speaker , If Obama could only bring a nation together like Dr.Carson did the crowd he was talking too.

  • just another Conservative

    I watched this early this morning and was THRILLED with the squirming, wiggling, and uncomfortable way Obumble acted throughout the speech. BRAVO Dr. Carson. FINALLY someone with the spine to stand up and throw political correctness out the window and say it LIKE IT IS ! This man has the SPINE to move mountains and right now we need him !!! I’ve shared this on several sites including FB and sent it to my own Conservative friends. I will do everything in my power to promote his words. BRAVO !!!

  • Jpressman

    I heard the entire speech and did not see Dr. Benjamin dismantle Obama’s record. He emphasized the importance of education, as Obama does. He called for bi-partisan solutions to problems, something tried for for 4 years without a shred of cooperation from the GOP. Calling for a flat tax is not a new idea. It has been discussed, but there are so many competing interests in this country that it would be fought tooth and nail if you said no exemptions, no qualifying circumstances. Sorry, this was an intelligent man’s opinions and not in any way a dismantling of the real Obama. Maybe of the empty chair Obama the Clint Eastwood debated with. BUt that was fiction.

    • Margeaux.Rox

      He doesn’t need cooperation when he can bypass the Constitution of the United States and sign an executive order. Like Chris Rock says, he’s the daddy of the USA who clearly knows more than the people do about caring for themselves. NOT

    • Maynard

      You are so much a die hard Obama supporter that you could not possibly see the dismantaling of Obama’s record. There, I’v exervised my right of frede speech.


    • What was most amazing was how enthusiastically Michelle applauded when he was introduced, while Obozo just sat there and looked like he knew what was coming and he wasn’t happy about it!!

  • Gidget Cali

    I watched this live on t.v. and just kept clapping and clapping. This man is brilliant and a total Conservative. He is also a total God loving person. I would vote for him in a heart beat. May God Bless him and his family.

  • I wish he would have been our first black president

  • He’ll be labeled an Uncle Tom by the American’s of African Descent Community. I like this guy. Dr. Carson is a genius. Look at Obama’s face especially at the end. It says everything.

    • D

      Are you serious? Dr. Carson is looked at as a national treasure to us African Americans while many NON African Americans have never even HEARD of him until this speech. What you just stated is a flat out LIE.

  • disqus_pv4H8PbLMe

    I’d vote for this man for president. hands down this man knows how to get things done.

  • Margeaux

    He’s absolutely right about our educational system stinking. Teachers can’t teach because the kids act like asses. Teachers can’t discipline because the tender feelings of the asses might get hurt and someone will get sued. So the misbehaved Little Jane and Johnny end up, miraculously, in high school unable to subtract 70 from 100; incapable of reading cursive; they refuse to show the minimal respect to the teachers because they hear their parents refer to us as stupid and “you don’t have to do what they say” is the mantra. When a college kid doesn’t know whose speech the Gettysburg Address was and is clueless what a verb is; WE ARE IN TROUBLE.

  • What diametric opposites these two men are! Dr. Carson considers a child’s brain as a sacred field in which to plant ideas…Obama thinks they’re just billboards for Socialist propaganda!

  • Larry Knight

    I saw him on Hannity while I was viewing this video, excellent speech!

    • Yeah, I saw him on Hannity as well. What a breath of fresh air he is, compared to that idiot currently sitting in the Oval Office.

  • Maynard

    Jan: I loved this short speech by Dr. Carson. Could have listened to him all day He said so much in so short of time. I wish that this could have went out to peole all over Amerca. Too bad that so few will hear him. God bless him!~ Don’t Tread On Me!

  • It is so reassuring to know that there are wise and articulate people in the US. Politicians cause us to forget that fact. Like Dr Carson said, we need more professionals who are not lawyers!

  • We need him in public office.

  • steve miller

    very impressed,i like this man a lot,and yes if he ran for president,i would vote for him

    • So would I; we really needed him in 2008 instead of the joke now sitting in the Oval Office.

  • Rattlerjake

    What bothers me is that there are whites, orientals, hispanics, etc. that have been saying these things for years and no one listens, but now that a black man says it it makes news. The problem is socialism. Socialism is a disease that destroys nations. Our country is under the impression that our voting is based on majority rules, but when a majority rules, the minority loses their rights. Presidential candidates run on promises of what they will or won’t do for the people, when they should be running on how well they will stand behind and back the Constitution; our vote is only to chose the best one to do so. The video “Grinding America Down” explains it in detail. Don’t let your
    ideology get in the way. Keep an open mind. http: //vimeo . com/52009124

  • I saw him on Hannity tonight. God, how I wish HE would run for President!! He would be 10 times the President that the Obobo clown is!!

  • Weylin Wendt

    I know that everyone is excited about Ben Carson’s words and how it would be great if he ran for public office. But I know he won’t. That is not his calling. He came from a tough background and surrendered himself to Christ and follows God all the way. God gave him the gift to heal and do fantastic things in pediatric neurosurgery. i don’t know him personally but I know someone that does – Barry Black, the Chaplain of the United States Senate. I knew Barry when he was a Captain and then an Admiral in the Navy. Both men are strong believers in Christ. They are the type of men that we want working to make our world better but won’t let themselves be trapped by the political morass that our Congress and Executive branches have begun. I heard Dr. Carson speak on CNN about medical reform while the Obamacare bill was still not yet passed. He spoke succinctly about the real changes that need to be done – bringing medical costs down, limiting litigation, changing the insurance structure, etc. We do need more men and women like him, as Steve Johnson said. I hope Dr. Carson is given the platform to speak out more – mostly because of the buzz about his speech. The major media just might have him appear before their talking heads and take him to task to explain in more detail about his talking points. I would LOVE to see him get in front of Piers Morgan – what a contrast! One man a true intellectual, with vision and integrity – the other a pompous corrupt windbag from Great Britain, a country that is glad he’s gone from their shores and hope he never comes back.

  • Maybe I’m not watching the right video… If we donate to an indigent person, THAT’s SOCIALISM…

  • Jan, did you happen to notice how both the Fearless Ones (Odumbo and Mooschell) squirmed as the knowledgeable doctor was speaking? I do believe Mr. Fearless One can honestly say he met his match IF he was an honest person. I’d vote for Dr. Carson in a heartbeat if he’d run but you and the rest of the World who knows and gives a damn would end up bein humiliated by the Fearless One to the point of murder and we don’t need that. But other than that damn straight we need more like him.

  • rebeljab

    Obama didn’t learn a thing. He already knows everything.

  • Giulie Garland

    He was a good speaker – entertaining and made some good points. And certainly is conservative in many ways. But I didn’t see the President “squirming” – the First Lady was activiely applauding and engaged but President Obama seemed more like he was a bit sleep-deprived. I know if I have insomnia or have to work late into the evening it could be very difficult to attended an early morning meeting, listening to speech after speech.. The president’s job is a huge one and often requires 24/7 attention and work. I imagine that is more the reason for his rather subdued responses to the speaker.

    • celticwaryor

      Bull Sh*t! The only cognizant thing you said was in the first two sentences. It went to heck after that.

  • The Truth

    Jan don’t see how you can view this as a dismantling of
    President Obama’s policies. He initiated STEM (Science Technology Engineering
    and Math) I posted the link so you can inform your readers of facts. Also, here
    is a quote from Dr. Carson’s biography were even he stated that he and his
    family were provided medical assistance through a government funded
    program! http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/president-obama-launches-educate-innovate-campaign-excellence-science-technology-en

    “Sonya also taught her boys that anything was possible. By

    his recollection many years later, Ben Carson had thoughts of a career in

    medicine, though it was more of a fantasy many young children harbor as they

    grow up. Because his family was on medical assistance, they would have to wait

    for hours to be seen by one of the interns at the hospital.”
    Conservatives really need to be factual and stop the blame game especially when George Bush was in office for 8 years racking up the deficit with a The War in Iraq!

  • beowulf32

    See this is where i got to say, its pertty bad of white american`s that do have influence and said nothing like this, to front obama out on live tv. Except a few, what 4 to 8 thats pertty bad. And to see this black man who put it to obama on live tv makes me feel shame, for my people. And i come from Ireland and my ancestor`s had to die just so Ireland was free enough to come over here to die for freedom over here. And now that im getting old i feel its my right to die for freedom, like they did. So i ask where are the white people i knew that would of never took this much sh$t . And i take my hat off to the guy in the video he is more of a man then all of those in are gov thats supposed to be there for us.

  • What a truly inspirational, and clearly blessed man. Just goes to show,there is always hope

  • D

    All of you who stated you would vote for Dr. Carson (many of whom never HEARD of him until this speech went viral)…would you vote for him if he ran as a Democrat?

    • coastx


  • I have been a fan of Dr. Benjamin Solomon Carson since way before either one of us had any grey hair. He is the living definition of what it means to be American. And yes, he would definitely have my vote for President of the United States of America.

    • coastx

      Neo protestantism. You people are fools jumping from one devil to the next. this generation is lost.

  • THAT was ONE powerful, faith building, inspirational speech if I have EVER heard one. God bless Dr. Benjamin Carson for his forthrightness and fortitude. People like that make me GLAD I am an AMerican and a God fearing Christian.

  • Thank you SO MUCH for posting Dr Ben Carson!!

  • coastx

    Pleasant fellow. Brilliant Science mind. Identifies positively with the Jesus Novus, albeit Jesus is a manifestation of truth only and too variable and unstable to SYG against a Satanized government. Jesus did NOT reform corrupt government but rather brought the people to it.

    Figure Jesus in the middle, between Satan on the left and God on the Right. This myth (Nicaea 325 AD) plays either end of the continuum, Castor an ideology mercilessly crucified in shock and awe and thus drawing a mystified audience closer to it’s master, the entity that crucified the mythical savior, which was and IS none other than Lucifer.

    This lie magnifies with Judas, Castors double, or shadow as it were. NOT Polydeuces, Castor as two entities, one simple, the other a focal point to shepherd an otherwise diffuse population through the complexity of this lie. Where is Polydeuces?

    We need GOD, which this was the promise of the DCBR, not Jesus. God is real. Jesus is a myth. If we hold this understanding, Jesus does bridge mankind to his maker, but Satanized via secrecy and lies what eventuality is periodic cycles of democide.

    Jesus is a myth, this solar deity thus a lie and naturally Satanized in his creation: however, like man, Jesus is both albeit more powerfully endowed with the power of the cosmos, because he IS the cosmos.

    We come from the sun. God is unimaginably the universe that surrounds us, competitive survival counter productive to humanity. We have the ability and need to survive ecologically. We will self destruct if we do not.

  • At the beginning of Dr. Carson’s speech he said our #1 problem was our rabid drive to malign those with whom we disagree. I agree with his strong comments, but it seems many who agree and comment need to unnecessarily denigrate the president. Provoking those opposed to you does not encourage them to listen to your ideas. Freely oppose the president when he speaks if you want, but here we should focus on Dr. Carson’s good ideas and promote them.

  • HKolb
    • coastx

      Hahaha… Jan, er..ah…

      … Hahaha

      I enjoy your writing because it’s lively. Good effort on Carson.

  • NOW there is a real man for PRESIDENT,,I watched the whole thing 3 time’s,,WE need more people like him in office,,BUT the liberal’s will never go for the truth being told..lib’s just can’t take the truth or real fact’s in any way shape or form..I watched the five and old BOB stated it was disrespect to the prez. on what he said,, { even if it was true },,the rest of the group jumped on him and he tried to fake sleep again..WHY want libera’s take the truth and fact’s ??

  • garycrittenden

    Don’t think I have ever seen obama as uncomfortable as he was while listing to this….

  • This is who we need in office. A black man for all black people to look up to.

  • Excellent!

  • Hiskid

    Pray for him as the truth-tellers tend to die suddenly around this administration. Dr. Carson IS wonderful. GOD BLESS and protect him.

  • jamohio

    Its nice to see someone basically face down obama with truth, logic, and common sense. Sadly obama probably didn’t understand any of it untill briefed afterward!! Obamas been brainwashed or brain dead all his learning years. Any remedial teachers available?

  • SaveAmerica

    Dr. Carson’s speech was perfect. Perfect timing, perfect audience! Everyone should hear this.

  • That was awesome Jan…it was incredible how he made Barry squirm in his seat. I am sure this will not be the first time we hear from/about that man.

  • jbd1975

    I saw this earlier and thought to myself that this is a man I could support for President.
    I like your newsletter.

  • Jim Locke

    here’s another born into dire poverty, raised by a single mother who
    “never allowed herself to be a victim.” He worked hard at academics,
    didn’t give excuses for lack of success, found his way to an Ivy League
    education, on to medical school and became a neurosurgeon…

    and he’s talking to a man raised in abject poverty, raised by a single
    mother, worked hard at academics, found his way to an Ivy League
    education, on to law school and became President of the United States —
    and he says what both of them did can’t be done. Obama has a vested
    interest in keeping people in the role of victim and this guy is telling
    him that’s wrong, erroneous, criminal, debilitating, and harmful.

    this video it’s clear that Obama has disdain for Dr. Carson and all he
    represents, because it is direct evidence that everything Obama stands
    for is not valid. It’s clear that Obama wants nothing to do with Dr.
    Carson or his thought process. Obama is yet another Democrat who touts
    belief in diversity — except in thought.

  • That……..was…………….awesome!!!!

  • jpage

    Fantastic speech… why is this never important enough for our news stations to broadcast?

  • USMCret

    Will this great black man be on Obamanayshons death list for blasting Obamanayshon’s executive platform for all the topics that Obamanayshon and his psycophants wants to ram down the throats of every AMERICAN and twist OUR CONSTITUTION where it just benefits those in elected positions and those billionairs who are not Americans but are dictating to OUR government?

  • All i can say is WOW. i love the man. i am glad to see a man and not just any man but a black man stand up to obama and say what is right. the racist card cannot be played here. and what i’m meaning by standing up to obama is by his words he is showing obama what obama lacks as a leader! if a america want’s a black president in the white house i would say to the republicans get this man a ticket! i believe this man would be able to pull america together. unlike obama who still wants to separate america.

  • A KNEW there had to be a potential other, other than Rubio. Nothing against Rubio, mind you. I just wonder if Carter would venture into politics…

  • Dennis J.Davis

    Dr.Benjamin Carson just became my #1 hero in a vary direct and honest way without anger or blame he gave a great speech that everyone can get behind!!

  • Mutley

    Dr Carson has the one quality that Thomas Paine had centuries before. He has something called —– common sense. This is something that the man sitting to his right with his wife needs to get some of. Any man who is willing to offend everyone and not give a rat’s ass gets my vote.

  • gateway

    I DID hear about him many years ago… have had great admiration for him for a long time. He is a world class physician; a great scientific mind that enables him to unravel all the lies, and articulate the truth.

  • monkeymome3

    Love it. Love it. Love it.

  • Steve L

    Once again this speech proves we are NOT separated by color but philosophy. Eventually the walls that Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and other racial hate profiteers will crumble just like the Berlin wall.

  • sam jones

    Saw him on Hannity last night and what a sigh of relief if only this man could get this across to the black communitys of America and the rest of the dam idiots that voted for the son of Satan I would vote for this man in a heartbeat

  • Frank

    I have never been moved by a speech in 64 years as this one

  • more people need to stand up against the liberals the truth will set the country free God knows there has not been much of that in the last four years

  • ted mills

    Mr Obama looks clueless to the fact that Dr Carson is even referring to hiim and his

  • It looks like Obama has earplugs in….even if he doesn’t he heard
    nothing but Blah…blah…blah!!!!!

  • This guy is a righteous dude. It would be nice to see a man like him in a high government office where he could influence policy. He has the exact right idea in regards to taxes and healthcare.

  • a_browning

    It’s intresting to watch our Dear Leader’s body language during this speech. At the mention of doing something about health care, his chin goes high and he looked puffed up and smug to me, but by the end of the HC segment he looks deflated.

  • drew

    for those who see the tag line for this as “conservative dismantles his (Obama’s) record”, you unfortunately totally miss the point of this elegant speech.

  • John J. Sanchez

    I Believe a better title would be what it is. A Man, A Doctor Speaks A Need To A Nation! Negotiations Dr Carson gave his thoughts and beliefs… The man Dr. Carson Spoke Truth.. No man has Ever and Will Never Stand Against TRUTH…POWERFUL..! God speed Jan…

  • Actually, most of the values espoused by Dr. Carson are President Obama’s values too. I really do not see what you all are rambling about. Apparently you have invented some “evil socialist persona” that doesn’t exist.

  • +)(+GOD./show./me./how./usa./can./pay.DEBT../WITH./IN./VERY./VERY,/SHORT./TIME+)(+&./STANDUP./AGAIN/

  • +)(+THANK,S+TO./MR./BENJAMIN(+GOD./show./me./how./usa./can./pay.DEBT../WITH./IN./VERY./VERY,/SHORT./TIME+)(+&./STANDUP./AGAIN/

  • angf117

    i really really liked him! i think ALL blacks should take some of this mans thoughts and include them in their own lives…..if they did…they wouldnt be screaming racism all the time!

  • horseridingplains

    Thanks Jan for this post

  • Mario T.

    this guy could have been a spokesperson for Obama. Virtually everything he said, I would say 99.9%, I have heard the President say at some point in time. The only difference I heard that was different was the speaker’s idea of a Health Care Savings Account (HSA) that would be given to everyone born and could be used to build its assets and pay for the individual’s health care costs and could be passed down to their children (itself, sounds like true socialized medicine to me). Also, had a very spurious idea about the nature of tithing from the scriptures. My dispute with him about that could go on for pages and pages. Still, all in all, this guy, from what I heard, could be an Obama supporter. Take a close listen. It is amazing how some people can skew the content of what someone says and use it as a weapon against their ideological adversaries. I could only laugh to myself and say….interesting

  • Susan D

    your political bias has affected your vision and perception. First, President Obama has not had a “socialist political career”. And the speaker did not “dismantle” the President’s policies. And the President was politely attentive. I support President Obama, and I thiink the speaker was excellent. I am glad I got to see this speech, but I will not be following your blog; your brand of “journalism” is not my cup of tea.

  • Imagine if ALL politicians had his wisdom, manners, intelligence, and demeanor and what this planet would be like?

  • I want him as our president

  • ltc444

    It most probably blew right past Obama. He most probably considers the DR an Uncle Tom or an Oreo. Therefore his thoughts are not worthy of consideration and the The DR is beneath contempt.

  • WOW!!! Well said, Dr. Carson. Well said!

  • I say you can smug this like the president did. But Jan Morgan says he should have been our first black president. . . I would agree without even knowing who else could have been qualified to have been our first black president. This current president was rammed through the pipeline of media propaganda, corrupt elections, and a minority of chickens and idiots who intentionally turn a blind eye to the menace of socialism.

  • Lloyd

    After reading several of the other comments on this artical, I feel that I should make something clear. I do have certain prejudices against blacks, but I try not to let those prejudices get in the way of giving credit where credit is due. And please note that I have been told by blacks, that my reasons for my feelings are understandable and justified. I may not agree that he should have been the one to run as the first black president, but I do have to agree with most of what Dr. Carson said. There were just a couple of points that I don’t agree with, but they were minor points. As far as him running for president, I have to agree with Keith Davidson inhis comment. I don’t believe he has any intention of running, so therefore, I don’t believe he had much to lose even if he were politically incorrect. It was still pretty obvious that he didn’t make Obama very happy with some of his statements. I didn’t call it wrong in 2007 when I said O was a liar, and could not be trusted, and I don’t think I am wrong now by saying that I think Dr. Carson is straight up. I heard no racial or biased implications anywhere in his speech. He referenced mankind in general, and his references were toward the mankind of the U.S. His only reference toward the blacks was about the hardships that many of them endured from the very founding of this country, but still referred to the founding fathers as “our founding fathers”. which included himself. His reference to the pledge, and the Anthem gave me the impression that he considers himself more as a U.S.citizen, than as a “black American”. Remember he had no reason to think or feel that he is a house slave, or “uncle Tom”. All in all, I have to say thank you to Dr.Carson, and that I have to offer him my respect. That is something that O, by far,does not have from me. And, Dr. Carson, You have my applause.

  • Barb

    Excellent speech. Hope to hear more from him in the future.

  • Elsie Elizabeth

    Ben Carson will NEVER enter into politics. He is doing so well with his career and he is a good Christian man who will not stoop down to that level. He doesn’t lie or try to confuse the people. He answers to God and God only. You can’t do that in politics.

  • Elsie Elizabeth

    Ben Carson will never enter into politics. He has a wonderful career and helps humanity. He is a good Christian and answers only to God. He is well known for his surgeries on children.

  • Ken I

    I have met 2 men that i can truly say it was an honor and a privaledge to meet and speak with. Dr Carson is one of those mena!

  • t1dude

    What a shame that the person who posted this EXCELLENT speech on this blog didn’t seem to understand the persistent theme of working together running through the entire speech. Dr. Carson even ended the speech with the parable about the eagle having a “left wing” and a “right wing”. But its posted here as if there is some sort of controversy and its asserted that the president is being “upstaged”. It may help promote your blog, but it makes you no better than the rest of the media.

  • Magnus Randall

    This man touts himself as compassionate and prefaces his remarks with the sanctity of his beliefs, implying that his opinions afford him some greater vision. While entitled to his opinions, Jan manages to frame Dr. Carson’s remarks in a prism of ideology and pejoratives that shuts the door on the kind of dialogue the doctor speaks about. Shrewd, but not intelligent.

  • Tim

    Here is the problem with this self-serving speech. He talks about a flat tax and eliminating the loopholes. This man is a doctor. He then goes on to say each newborn needs three things, one of those in a Health Savings Account, that you can contribute to pre-tax. He wants to close every loophole and create one that serves his profession.

  • Cowboy-up in N.C.

    Just watched it,wow obamie the commie didn’t like that at all.Wish more would take a stand with out being worried about P.C.

  • MDC

    This man has more appreciation that I can say. Even more after I have seen this video.

    He saved the life of my son in 2002 after a horrible brain injury, and now I hope he can help save the life of this country.

  • Zoomie72

    He does a great job, though his final history lesson is wrong. American casualties at Ft McHenry were a whopping 2 dead. The only potentially damaging event came when a cannon ball hit the powder magazine, but the cannon ball did not explode and neither did the powder magazine. The fort commander then had the powder distributed about the fort to prevent another hit. The British ships stayed at maximum range because the fort had bigger cannon with greater range and accuracy. So the fleet’s fire was not as accurate or as damaging as it could have been. Forts can have bigger, longer range cannons because it’s a lot harder to overload a fort and sink it. At one point the fleet did move closer, but they took more damage so they moved back out. The British thought the other three forts protecting Baltimore were unmanned so their army tried to skirt around Ft. McHenry and march into Baltimore. They were wrong. The General in charge of defending Baltimore had sent men to those forts that very day. The British lost 300 men because they were wrong.

  • All I could do was cry.

  • pamaki

    I would give anything to know what was going through President Obama’s mind as he was listening to this

  • John D

    Dr.Carson lays out ways to restore this country. Obama’s policies and plans are to do just the opposite.

  • nadine

    Doctor Carson has been a hero of mine for a long time. With one speech, he just tripled his “Herotude”

  • JR

    Since when has being polite and being politically correct become synonymous?


    Very powerful however I would amend your comments to reflect: “steadily, politely and with the utmost class, dismantling every policy and everything our elected officials have stood for…” The problems we face as a nation today in my humble opinion are the result of years (perhaps decades) of the failure of Administrations and Congress (both sides of the aisle) to work together toward a common goal and solutions to our problems rather than be more interested in “who won”.

  • Todd

    Jan, if you wrote the above paragraphs about the video, you were way off on your assessment. I don;t think Dr. Carson was saying anything that Obama did not agree with. George W. Bush gave us our deficit. In fact, if you do what Dr. Carson says in the video and read, you’ll find out that the presidents who spent the most money since 1980 were Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. Both presidents left us with huge debts. Also, having a Master’s degree in theology, I find it quite interesting that the video shows a Neurosurgeon acting like a New Testament scholar. Seems to me he would stick to his field of expertise, since some of his NT interpretations are a bit slanted toward the Evangelical fundamentalist perspective (a bit biased to say the least). Overall, I liked the video, but did he “dismantle Obama’s social political career”? Hardly. In fact, your comments are quite silly, but then again, that must be your agenda, huh?

  • brabbie2002

    Wonder how long it will be before Dr. Cooper is mysteriously killed in an auto accident or drive by shooting. oblowhole will find some way to rid the world of such an “offensive” Uncle Tom who has the audacity to tell it like it is.

  • Susan D

    I suggest that those readers who agree with Jan Morgan’s synopsis of Dr. Carson’s speech take a few minutes to read some of the comments posted below. The hateful, disrespectful, rude, and un-CHRISTIANLIKE remarks toward PRESIDENT Obama are disgraceful. These comments sound like juvenile name calling, which apparently many people have not yet out-grown. I support President Obama, and I found Dr. Carson’s speech very consistent with much of what President Obama has tried to accomplish. And the President’s demeanor during the speech (as well as Mrs. Obama’s supportive applause numerous times) reflected a sincere and thoughtful listener for most of the time. The few moments when the President appeared distracted made me wonder if he had just received an update on some important world event (which happen constantly!) I suggest that those of you who clearly are “haters” try to act more like adults. Name calling is so uncool and makes it obvious that anything else you have to say is as worthless as your rude put-downs. You don’t have to like the President, but you should respect the fact that he is duly elected to the job and show respect for the office he holds; that is part of being an American.

  • feoliocifoico

    10 / 4 lets hear more! Standing up to the political correct president. At last someone who makes sense. Dr. Benjamin would make an excellent president, way better than the socialist we have now.

    • feoliocifoico

      As for racism, that is all Al Sharpton , Jesse Jackson, Black Panthers.and other groups promote all the time. The white man is a racist. and they will not let the African American forget it. They start telling the African American from the time they are born till they die ,The white man hates you , The white man will never believe that you are equal. I am so sick of people pushing racism all the time Plus Obama pushes racism too. For an educated man he sure know how to play the race card.

  • Wonderful speech!! Loved it!!

  • Yes he took oblammer to the woodshed. Just wish he would have put more of the blame where it belongs by name. obama has got to go by hook or crook.

  • Tokkman

    I attempted to use the “Like” button to put a link to this on my facebook and two car ad popups that can’t be moved or deleted blocked the box you use to do this! Way to go website!!! Smart.

  • quadar dewitt

    DeserveWith all that was said all but nothing will be done, no consecutive order will be singed to put any of the many subjects that DR Carson spoke on, nothing. Its all hand claps and oh he made great points and then all go home and back to normal like political zombies, just pathetic.We deserve what they do to this country cause we are to dum and divided to do anything about and worst of all we put them there cause the new guy is always better then the last one right

  • Fire the soundman.

  • Erick Amthor

    Pray Dr. Carson is called to service in the government. Senator? Or at least to reach out to those who vote for someone because of their ethnicity.

  • Patty coll

    I love this Dr. Carson i also am very impressed i agree with him on every thing
    this man could be some one not only black people but all americans could look up to i would love to see his movie.

  • “…people walk around with their feelings on their shoulders waiting for you to say something [so they can express their offense of it].”

    If you’re not offending someone, than you’re doing something wrong. If you hold to truth, morality and decency, then you are going to offend someone. Get over it and do it anyway.

  • Pkaiser3

    Amen, Dr Carson !

  • antranchers

    Wish I could see “Poker face” Michelle in this video.

  • antranchers

    Very telling body language. I commend Dr. Carson for this great speech on what our country stands for. We need to get rid of this putz in the WH. He is against every thing this country stands for.

  • LOVED IT!!!! A truly great man that I hope to hear a lot more from

  • Darko714

    Bet the White House won’t be inviting Dr. Carson to any parties anytime soon. Not that he cares. Fun watching the “PC Police” get nervous.

  • Classychassy

    Dr Ben Carson is truly a wonderful Adventist Christian man. May the Lord continue to watch over him, and his family. May his words be spread far, and wide to those of us who need to be shaken awake to the truth of what our country is, and what it needs.