Drones to Kill Americans?… The Fast Track to Total Communist Submission


About the author: Becky is a conservative citizen activist who grew up in the 1980's Reagan era. During that time it was not unusual for American's to hear a great deal about the Cold War and to be concerned about the possibility of a nuclear war. When the Cold War ended, American entered an era of peace and prosperi ... [read 's FULL BIO]

I have been living in a state of incredulity for a couple of days now. I don’t know why I am continuously surprised about the things our current government officials do to destroy our liberties.

I am not shocked so much by the acts of tyrants and power hungry politicians as I am by the response – or lack thereof – of the American people. America is dying a slow, painful death, and we are the unfortunate witnesses of it.

There has been much hype surrounding the hopeful capture of accused cop killer Christopher Dorner. Reports abound that drones will now be used to find and capture Dorner. Some reports indicate that drones will be used to kill this American on American soil. Those accounts are reportedly false. But it doesn’t matter. I have seen the comments of many American citizens who believe the drones should be used to hunt down and murder an American without due process.

In 2011 three American citizens, including Anwar al-Awlaki and his 16 year old son, were killed in targeted drone strikes aimed at them. Americans everywhere celebrated, justifying this illegal act because of al-Awlaki’s ties to al-Qaida. I have no particular compassion for this terrorist. What I have is a fear that, by allowing the government to get away with this unconstitutional act, we have opened Pandora’s Box. All it takes is one incident for the government to get their toe in the door and they can pursue a line of reasoning with the American people that allows them to get away with more and more.

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights were written to protect the American people. It does not matter how heinous their crimes. If does not matter how hated they are. Once you allow the government to abuse the rights of others you can kiss your rights goodbye. Any one of us could be painted in the state run media as subversive, a terrorist, a danger to society…all it takes is one government official to decide you are an inconvenience to him. If you have read Dorner’s manifesto you will see the rage of a man who sees corruption and cover up. By his account, this man has a moral code he lives by and that code has been offended by the actions of his corrupt peers. If you listen to the media, Dorner is a loner with control and anger issues who has experienced troubles wherever he goes. Which account is accurate? Is there veracity to both? How will we know if this man is not given due process?

Yet there are people who claim to be patriotic Americans who not only condone these illegal acts of government, but who promote them. How is that possible? Are Americans so far removed from their own history, or the history of the world? Are we really so oblivious to the purpose of our founding documents? We are in grave danger of losing the Republic our founding fathers gave us while all around us enemies of liberty cry for more restrictions, Robin Hood tactics, entitlements, and government intervention into our everyday lives.

If you see news reports that drone strikes were used to murder any American citizen on American soil you will know we are on the fast track to total communist submission. I doubt, after the lack of outcry over al-Awlaki’s drone strike murder without due process, that enough Americans will recognize the danger and protest in earnest. The tide of communism is rolling across America at an alarmingly fast pace and it is picking up speed. American citizens are happily giving away their liberties for the false promise of security. History buffs know we are doomed to have neither. I’ve always been an optimistic person. I’m not feeling so optimistic these days, especially as I watch the reactions of Americans to the fulfillment of the Communist Manifesto. Sometimes we get just what we ask for, to our own detriment. God help us.

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  • marineh2ominer

    There is no accounting for the ignorance of todays American population beyond the brainwashing by the public schools and higher educational institutions and by the mainstream media’s liberal progresssive communists .

    • LD

      OMG… Just what we need. Simple minded Op ed that’s as simple minded as the alternative media that’s promoting it. People are also talking about God is going to punish traitors…


    • Abigail Adams

      Precisely correct. It is the gov’t/public no-eduation system along w/ the liberal colleges that have produced for us the MSM. Those institutions surround and protect O and his cohorts and every liberal idiot and scheme that comes along. It is they and their dogma that must be defeated. We Conservatives must apprehend the education system; history and economics must be taught to all ages.

  • foxxybey

    When obama write’s another EO he will attack other American’s in the U.S. he hates America and is a islamist with a agenda to force his religion on everyone or die. he is a liar, a thief and murder and needs to be sent back to Kenya where he was born to herd sheeple if they will let him?

    • He is not an islamist…..he is an atheist. He is going to use Islam as a way to control the people. It is cruel, it is sadistic, and it is right up his alley. He has a lot of Muslims fooled as well as his lemming press and Democrats.

      • Julie, I couldn’t agree more. Many people talk about the Muslim in the White House but I do not think he is a Muslim at all. I think the Arab Spring and the civilization jihad they are perpetrating against the west, and America specifically, are a distraction from the real motives of our atheist president.

      • Abigail Adams

        O is an atheist and an egotistical sociopath. While he doesn’t have any allegiance to the Muslim religion, he detests Christianity; therefore, yes, the Muslims will be surprised that he is not loyal to them either. And you are correct also about the MSM and Democrats.

      • K

        Julie, You don’t know obama at all for saying obama isn’t an Islamist;
        obama is an Islamic Muslim pushing Hard to destroy our Constitution and
        replace it with his BS Quran.

        “We the People” MUST NOT let this happen.

        America was founded on Christianity and the Constitution and obama is a disease of American. obama must be removed from office and charged with Treason and high crimes.

        Here is enough proof to see that obama is an Islamic Muslim; an obamination to America.

        Obama Admits He Is A Muslim – Obama defending Islam

        The Obama Deception HQ Full length version

        Obama Prays with Muslims White House He Cancels National Day of Prayer

        Obama Had CHRIST NAME COVERED…… WHY ?????

        Obama : Embraces the Muslim Brotherhood, Islam, and Jihad against America

        Cornel West: President Obama a ‘war criminal’
        The Princeton professor has taken sharp issue with the White House’s covert
        drone program. The drones have killed ‘over 200 children so far,’ West
        says. ‘These are war crimes.’

        • Folks, lets not get into a debate (divided we fall) about his religious preference. Lets agree that he is not an American, and he IS an enemy to our country. Warfare knows no religion. The only reason we should know / study his religious affiliation, is to understand the enemy, so that we can plan our tactics more effectively.

        • Alex M

          Some people are easily fooled.

        • bullet

          Where the hell is our “supposed” congress? Their the ones that NEED to bring charges, and they are sitting on their dead asses and doing NOTHING!!!! IMPEACH THEM ALL!!!! WAIT!! Our votes mean nothing anymore. Look at the last election. What a joke! It’s getting to the point that bullets are going to mean more than votes to TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY!!! I fought in Nam and was willing to die for my country once. I’m willing to do it again, if necessary. How many more can say that??

      • foxxybey

        It is a proven fact he is a islamist, and his book says not to befriend christians and Jews and kill them at every chance. Has had Islamist worship in the white house again a fact. Even in a Roman Catholic School he was listed as a muslim. wow, I guess he has you fooled also? I hope not, do some research?

    • lets dig up john wiks booth and put him to work

      • foxxybey

        I’m with you Ron, if we ever needed him it is now. God Bless Friend?

  • LD

    Fast track to Inquisition. INQUISITION! You people are doing the sensational version of repatriation. You are throwing this into left field where people can’t get a handle on what’s actually happening. This is no different than what mainstream media is doing. You are dumbing down your reader’s intelligence. WE ARE UNDERGOING I-N-Q-U-I-S-I-T-I-O-N, and the FIGHT was 50 years ago! We lost! People are stupid. Confirmed. The Calvinists seduced and baited America with the entertainment industry and Americans took the it. It’s a fish fry! HELLO!

  • Son_of_Taz

    I say with regret that if drones are used to kill suspects on US soil, then it will be time for citizens to start shooting back. There are plenty of keyboard commandos out there they say they would, but when the time comes to actually do it, they will be nowhere to be found.

    Stock up on your ammo.

    • oldMarine

      DHS has ordered 1.6 billion rounds to be sure that there are none available. Based on their explanation this only for target practice. At 15 million rounds fired annually at the range they will have almost a 107 year supply. What are they not telling?

      • Bluebelle

        And these are hollw points ..self-defense not fot target practice as they assert.

      • fideux

        I’m guessing the Islamists aren’t the targets!

      • Jonathan

        What they are not telling us is that they are very bad shots.

  • Exactly what does the liberal left really want? I do not understand them. We are Americans. We live by a Constitution and a Bill of Rights. What do they live by and what in God’s name are they doing in my country?

    • Ronald, they want a submissive populace that they control, and the spoils and the riches for THEIR family and friends. There are documents from the 1960s that spell out the process, and one by one, these processes are being executed. They are dressed up as things like “equal rights”, and social justice. The hard-core left could care less about laws, why do you think they want gun-free zones, which is right smack against what the Constitution states. Wear people down by laws, breed stupidity, give people just enough to squeak by and do the dirty work, take the rest, and give them sex, government handouts, and video games. Sure, what I describe can’t last forever, but they don’t care about long term damage. They want their control, power, and money now.

    • LD

      You asked.

      Liberalism. Repatriation, and they’ve been at it since 1776. “They” are city state agenda, Nationalist Socialist Corporatism (NSC), AND this is the same entity that wrote the bible. In today’s world, they AKA G7E and they follow IP25 and occult propaganda engineered in Jean Calvin’s doctrines of guidance thus:


      1 lie; initiates degenerative cascade via doubt and mystification, 2 offer of leisure, recreation and entertainment seduces self-absorption and locks in self-sustaining descent into the double cross which traps the mind in a psychological double bind, 3 self-willed and worldly, such an individual sets about to principle a cohort of followers collaborative on one’s own survival at the expense of whomever is gullible to this end, and the use of intimidation via shock and awe is prolific at this stage; people who capitulate are born to it, according to this doctrine, which ignores victimization, 4 force non-redemptive collapse, 5 carry on pretextual staging; recycle the model

      SYG: you have to meet each stage with resistance

      1 confront the lie, 2 reject the seduction, 3 swarm protective: bar, expel, remove from office, 4 SYG/DCBR, 5 educate in perpetuity

      America is protesting…


      We have H-O-N-O-R principled on the DCBR. THEY have the debauchery pledge principled on unchecked access to money, drugs and sex, hence Calvin, the sin nature of man and the flood cheap thrill entertainment which is derailing and collapsing US domestic infrastructure.

      Got it? Now go out and educate your “brothers”. You’ll know who they are right away. Most of them will have a grip on the current issue of SI or Playboy magazine.

      • foxxybey

        I guess you never really read the Constitutiona as it was written to limit government and not We the people but, the krafty satan worshipers have been fooling people since world war 2.

    • Total Dominace is what they want,They have all been telling us(the private citizen) one lie after another so long that we accept it,it has to stop or America will cease to exsist as we know it. Obama has done nothing but lie,evryday he tells more lies,but he smiles doing it. They know that a lot of Americans still believe in the constitution and that is why they slowly try to turn people away from it.If they can wretch our guns through what biden is trying to do our nation will be lost,evey one needs to stand and be counted for this is gouing to be a battle for Liberty,and it will not be easy!!

    • madmemere

      Ronald -What the liberal left really wants is “control” of all of US; what they deserve is arrest, trial for treason and execution! We may not get the opportunity to deal them the “justice” they so richly deserve in our own lifetimes, but God will, in his own time!

    • Wake RC, you haven’t figured out that a Godless communist regime has taken over the Kremlin West? Evil people do evil things – duh!

  • ron cassano

    we the people,who are the r eal government,the longer we allow this tyranny with the ineligible treasonous musmutt traitor ovomit/satan,and his band of vile treasonous puppets in this pile of feces who are ovomit/lucifer,and this excrument adminstration,there are 535 policians{sorry i mean vile traitors,with a few exceptions}and we are allowing this pile of feces,to dictate un american treasonous unconstituional laws,and executive tyranny,to over millions of law abiding taxpaying american citizens,time to stop the insanity,time for we the people,to come together under one or a few giant rallys,the wh were the ineligible pile of feces lives,or the un building is another good site,i realize its hard to get people together for one reason or another,but allowing these 535 do nothing,un american treasonous traitors to continue to destroy our great country,is two high a price to let these useless,lawless,treasonous,gravy riding do nothings continue.we have been to the rally at albany for guns across america,that was a good start.but allowing traitors to dictate tyranny to legal american taxpaying american citizens,is to much to ask of we the people,we will continue doing the things we have been doing,emailing/faxing/phone calls,but it seems,they neither care or listen,we pray for peace,but are ready for other things.keep your friends close,and your ememies closer,prepare to hit hard/fast/and often.yea thou i walk in the valley of the shadow of death,i will fear no evil

  • checksix

    Dear American Sheep, as we look back and assess ourselves, we will have come to the conclusion that the next step in the war on terror was to target American terrorist (aka as former US Military personnel, conservatives, right wing zealots and of course those of us that want to keep our guns and read the bible and and those of us that suffer from PTSD) on American soil. Where else would this 1st step possibly go?

    • How big is the next step? … from killing an American (against America) at an overseas location… … to killing an American (against the Obama government) on our home soil ?
      I say that step is very small for the current administration. Watch out.

  • nhoop

    If the drones were suggested by any other president, I would agree that they would help catch the Islamic terrorists among us, citizens or otherwise. But Obama’s goals are highly questionable, so I fully agree with you.

    • Bluebelle

      It simply cannot matter who suggests. The rule of law must apply regardless of who is in office. Otherwi what is ok for one can be misused by another.

      • fideux

        Please don’t use the rule of law argument while inferring our present resident of the WhiteHouse. These two are contradictory to one another

        • Becky Kress

          If we abandon the rule of law we make ourselves equal to the ones we accuse of the same. Two wrongs do not make a right. Bluebelle is right. It does not matter who suggests it. We must do what we know is right, and the right to due process is absolutely right.

          • fideux

            No doubt, the rule of law is a good concept. Try getting Obama to buy into it. He just circumvents congress or whoever with impunity!

      • scrambo

        ole honest abe set the precedent of disregarding the constitution, and it has been a down hill run since then…we are reaping the benefits of a strong central government. thank the republicans for opening that can of worms and as of late the dems have dominated the game…none the less it has been game on by both parties….

      • That’s just it Obama makes his own laws.. He doesn’t want to go by any law..

    • Abigail Adams

      nhoop, No. May it never be that America would execute an American citizen w/o due process of law. We must never cross that line. Having said that, I will hasten to say that when there is true reason to believe that a person has committed a crime or is a terrorist– citizen or not– that person must be arrested immediately, informed of the charges, and then go to trial before a judge and jury. And that with no wasting of time.

      • Since Obo is not an american citizen, does that mean he doesn’t get a trial? I like this thought !

        • Alex M

          If it can be shown that Hawaii seceded from the Union before 1961, you could have a point. Most constitutional experts agree that Hawaii is still a state within the Union.

      • Abigail what you say sounds good.. I hate to tell you you are to late.. It has happened sooo.. You need to go arrest the President then..

  • Anwar al-Awlaki is the only American that I know that was targeted by American drones. And he was a known terrorist who had been planning and helping to execute terrorist attacks on Americans. His son was not targeted but was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The war on terror is a dirty nasty conflict and no one has clean hands. But we must do what we can to protect Americans from terrorists. Ms. Kress, are you calling the soldiers that serve our country communists? WHO do you know that is a communist?

    • Skyhawk

      It was alleged that Anwar al-Awlaki was a terrorist. If so, then a trial should have been held. Even if tried in absentia it would have had some basis of legality.

      • Yes we should have put Bin Laden on trial. Then he could have laughed as the jets crashed into the World Trade Center. We have to act when American citizens are in danger. When someone is “pointing a gun” at you, there is no time for the justice system.

    • Becky Kress

      Soldiers are trained to follow orders, and rightly so. If you read the article and truly surmised that I am accusing our military boys and girls of being communists there is a huge disconnect. I am accusing President Obama of being a communist and of having life long ties with communists. As to your other point, I have heard it argued before, and that is exactly how the American people are convinced to give up their liberties. We took a lot of time and resources to track down Saddam Hussein and he was brought to trial. But for a man who was an American citizen we decided he was a bad enough guy to simply kill him without due process. I believe he was guilty of the charges leveled against him. But it doesn’t matter what I believe or what you believe. What matters is that due process is the constitutionally guaranteed right and protection of every single American citizen, regardless of his crimes or how evil we think he is. Due process is there for a reason. It’s very easy for you to think that way now but if a government or law enforcement official ever decides that you or any other American is an annoyance that must be silenced they can create a case against you, try you in the media, convince us of your guilt, and kill you without due process. It won’t matter how guilty or not guilty you are. We will only know what they told us. Therein lies the danger. I couldn’t care less about protecting a terrorist. This is about protecting the rights of every American.

      • If you are accusing President Obama of being a communist then you don’t know what a communist is. And he is not a socialist or a Muslim either but that certainly doesn’t stop people from telling these lies. Someone of your intelligence should be able to do better than simplistic name calling.

        • K

          John Phillips; are you an obama sympathizer?!
          obama is an Islamic Muslim hell bent on destroying America for his puppet masters.
          Attempting to defend obama here reveals who/what YOU are.

          However, by your defending comments, I wouldn’t doubt YOU are also a Muslim. “Pig”.
          Here, I’ll re-post from the above TRUTH about obama (plus some additional videos) for YOU the uneducated. Deceiver?!

          America was founded on Christianity and the Constitution and obama is
          a disease of American. obama must be removed from office and charged
          with Treason and high crimes.

          Here is enough proof to see that obama is an Islamic Muslim; an obamination to America.

          Obama Admits He Is A Muslim – Obama defending Islam

          The Obama Deception HQ Full length version

          Obama Prays with Muslims White House He Cancels National Day of Prayer

          Obama Had CHRIST NAME COVERED…… WHY ?????

          Obama : Embraces the Muslim Brotherhood, Islam, and Jihad against America.

          If you will open your mind enough to watch just one of these videos; then, watch this one:
          Obama is part of the Muslim Brotherhood’s jihad against the US and Israel

          Then this LIAR obamination speaks of morality while knowingly and intentionally killing civilians and Children in other countries that are NOT countries we are legally at war with because, no war is legal according to the laws of the U.S. unless it is a declared war via Congress.

          Obama Orders Children Murdered | Drone Strikes

          I see that you are trying to convince people of what obama isn’t but, the facts are, you are either uneducated or, attempting to hind what obama really is to people of this thread. Either way, you will lose because, the people here are smart and know enough to see past your feeble deception – John Phillips.

          • I am a proud American patriot who supports President Obama. And you are a LIAR who really doesn’t deserve a reply.

          • If you believe that President Obama is a Muslim then you aren’t very smart. Even the author of this article says below that she doesn’t think that President Obama is a Muslim. I have no time to look at your YouTube lies.

        • Jonathan

          Actions speak louder than words, concerning obama.

  • The FAA has allowed drones in US air space and US companies can possibly buy them for business use. The FAA will have drones in US airspace by 2015. The article is on my face book page for anyone interested in reading it. Scary stuff. Ann Whitten

  • pysco

    The President has been using vicitms of Sandy Hook (26) to propandize a weapons ban…Yet there has been 178 victims of collateral damage since he has been using drones…..What do we ban drones, kill lists, or Obama….Maybe all three.

  • Skyhawk

    The murder of Anwar al-Awlaki was a criminal offense in violation of the Constitution. And what was his teen age son guilty of that he was murdered? And the murderer still remains free. Is there no one who will support the Constitution. The illegal alians demand Constitutional rights although they have no claim for such. Soetoro must go.

  • In 2002, with signature prescience, Ron Paul predicted a ‘blowback’ of unrest and revenge for this nation’s perpetual meddling in other nations, and for acts as provocative as using drones to assassinate persons on foreign soil WITHOUT DUE PROCESS.

    To imagine that our 7,500 drones are enough to take out the quantity of people whose hate we are breeding by our astonishing hubris, is .. astonishing hubris.

  • Bobby T

    Have you noticed lately that America has drones flying overhead? Do you know what they are doing? What about those “Red-light” camera’s? Are they Just trying to catch speeders or red-light runners? What about all of these infra-red spy satellites and hand-helds that can see you and what you are doing within your own home? What about all of the laser weapons … OOPS, you aren’t supposed to know about that … What about the collection of all of your vital information?

    And, what about Obama and the Democratic Socialists that want to take away our First and Second Amendment rights away (the right to religion and our faith (If you are Muslim and of Islamic way of life, you don’t have to worry about that)? … What about our right to free speech? … What about our right to assemble? Thanks to our U.S. Supreme Courts and its Justices, we lost the right to practice our faith – to say prayer – to read the Bible – To speak about God or JESUS in our public schools, public events and on state and federal government buildings and grounds … BUT, It is perfectly fine that our children MUST be taught Darwin’s evolution (We can’t be taught Creationism) and schools are now starting to teach Islam and have Muslim Islamic clerics come to our schools to indoctrinate our children that “Islam is the light”… G I V E M E A B R E A K! How UN-American is that?

    If that is not enough, they want to disarm Law abiding citizens (a part of the Socialism agenda/plan/propaganda) … BUT, they don’t want to go after the gangs and organized crime because They themselves are too busy Gun Running to Criminals in Mexico, Syria, and to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

    Reminds you of a battleground of the future, doesn’t it? But, in all reality it is the battlefield of the present … an invading force against your personal freedom and liberties and against America The Beautiful.

    Don’t say any of this or anything about their agenda’s … Don’t post it on your Facebook/MySpace pages … they’ll label you a Terrorist and hunt you down like a dawg because You are an American Patriot and not a Socialist of Islam design.

  • hongryhawg

    If it’s a done deal, can anyone submit a list?

  • Robert Martin

    Drone strikes against American citizens violate so many parts of the Constitution, it voids the entire thing. The first American on American soil killed by a government drone will be the first volley of the Second American Revolution.

  • It reminds me of Fahrenheit 451 where they use mechanical hounds to track people and helicopter cameras to televise the chase, apprehension and death of the governments criminal – built up to sound like someone like Christopher Dorner, but really a political enemy. But the public is duped. Where we???

  • ECDucy

    If it truly gets to the point that Obozo is starting to execute Americans on American soil with drones, there will be no other alternative but for someone, anyone to got to DC & execute Obozo and all other Criminal, Communist Politicians in his Administration. WE THE PEOPLE WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!

    • Abigail Adams

      We the People won’t stand for that, you say? Well, we certainly are standing for a whole lot more already. If we will stand up for killing Americans on American soil, why aren’t we standing up for total repeal of obamacare, support of 2nd Amendment, hideous regulations that are strangling our businesses, his refusal of the oil pipeline……

  • Standing Ovation!!

  • granny

    BOZO cannot be trusted. I am still waiting for him to get sent back to Kenya. After sending a film in which he states loud & clear “I was born in Kenya”, to a lot of individuals that are against BOZO…..nothing has been said about the film.

  • Oneyeopn

    As a person who took an oath to Protect and Defend the Constitution of this Republic that oath still applies a long as I still breathe. When I read of a “Military Drone” or weapon of war as the President is so fond of saying, murdering an American citizen on our soil, I will know that the Constitution no longer is in effect, and must be defended. I pray that day never comes but the Constitution needs to be the Law of our land and it is not!

  • Earl Phillips

    This editorial about drones killing Americans is the reason why when our presidents ACORN organization came around to our house during the Census, they wanted to “tag” the front door of our house with a GPS. I told them know because the only reason for having such an accurate latitude and longitude was for smart bombs, etc. to fly in our door. They don’t need 6 digit codes.

  • Dr. Patrick Rodgers

    Putting up armed drones and taking out terrorists of all nationalities in foreigh countries is good practice and I have no issue with that. Putting up unarmed drones in America for use in surveillance of high crime areas and criminals is also ok in my book. It is not much different that using heliocopters. Putting up armed drones inside the limits of the United States is quite another and that I am opposed to. For internal terrorists, we have trained strike teams who can surgically eliminate such people without the general public even knowing it. This surgical application is what I support for dealing with legitimate terror suspects, who have been verified and approved by a special court. This would inhibit government from using the process to get rid of protestors and those who did not agree with their political philosophy ( Tea Party Members for example).

  • all heil overlord Obama ! 2 more terms Lord Obama ! 2 more terms !

  • ERA

    George Orwell wasn’t far off, If you haven’t read “1984” or seen the movie you might want to catch up. The government already is telling us what we “NEED” how we should think and are taking away our rights and means of self defence. In light of the “DRONES” and the fact the government is pushing “BLACK” boxes in all new cars, just another control law enforcement will know where you are at any given moment. And don’t think they won’t use them as “Homing” devices

  • Maynard

    If were a foot soldier on the ground in Iraq, Afganistan, Eygpt, Libia, where-ever, and enemy guerrillas were attacking my position, I’m not going to cry out “Are you an America traitor?” No I’ just going to shoot him, traitor of not! As far as I’m conserned any so called American that takes the sided of an enemy of our country is a traitor. It matters not to me if that traitor lives here or overseas. He is no longer and Ameerican.
    any of our so call patriot politicians should thnik about this, because they do not talk or act like American patriots, but foreign agents- traitors. Use drones to kill the rats overseas, but not here at home. Here at home they can be lined up along a wall and shot; but lets make
    certain that they are traitors, and not patriots that an oppressive govenment doesn’t like or want. ~ Don’t Tread On Med!

    • So, if an American citizen, overseas, who has aligned himself with the enemy, and is determined to be a threat to the US,,,,, instead of just shooting this American from a drone,,,,, first, strip him of his American citizenship, then start shooting. NO CRIME COMMITTED. We’re next folks. Soon, any of us who have spoken out, will be stripped of our American citizenship, then lined up before the firing squad (or drones) and be dispatched as enemy combatants.

  • DeadDog1st

    They re-ran the Waco TX tactic. Those Liberals are pretty ruthless…they eat their own. Different than Ruby Ridge where they shot the dog, children and women first. Ahhh… the Clinton Administration; lest we forget!

  • Zepp

    The government has taken people out before without a trial. Look at the Ruby Ridge incident in Idaho. Killed the mans wife and kid for no reason. I don’t trust the government at all and I never will.

  • Darius the Mede

    It is always wrong to assassinate Americans without benefit of trial, whether it be with a drone or a killer’s bullet.

  • Jack

    The only way you will ever see most americans get upset of anything that this goverment does.Is when there cell phones and computers are taken away .Then you might seen some anger at what are goverment is doing .If the media ever did there job other then being a goverment mouth piece media to what they are now ,This leader that the stupid voters voted for would not be in office. What gets me so angry is that the media is always covering up for this man.But one day they will be a false flag attack and it will be blame on people that dont agree with this president. They will be martial law but it will be sold that is is to protect us.But then the media will be told by this president what they can do and what they can’t do.They will scream unfair and they will have themselfs to blame.They cover up for this communist leader and now he is in there backyard with his goverment agents telling them.What they can do and what they cant do. I mean if you show protests you are making it hard for this goverment to keep control .It will happen.Those bullets that Homeland security and other goverment agencys bought.They are not for terrorists but for us

  • Randy G.

    These unConstitutional acts must be stopped now. If not, we are just as guilty as the person pushing the button on the bomb that takes the American subject out. And I for one, do not want to be on my mind that I was responsible for killing another American without due process of law. That is horribly wrong in anyone’s book….

  • Evermyrtle

    Drones killing American criminals, who gets to decide who is worthy of such a killing. If you can kill an evil man like that, what is to stop you from killing someone just because you hate him. Just think how the government hates Christians, will we be the first to go?? We could soon have a literal hell right here in the USA and then the whole world will soon have access to these murdering machines. When all of the ordinary citizens are killed, will they governments evil ones of the world start on each other.Ghastly vision.

    It will be like picking pigeons off of the roof with a 22 rifle. Bang, bang, bang, with each bang a human hits the dirt, dead, only because he is there waiting…… ghastly!!

  • Buck

    The liberal left are progressive/communists who despise America AND her governmentally restrictive constitution and will do ANYTHING they can to break it down and institute their fantasies of a communist utopia where everyone has exactly the same thing , and does exactly the same amount of work , ( except for themselves ,of course ) . It is a fantasy because it can never be realized except for the part where they will be the rulers . In other words , they are whacky , idiotic , lunatics .

  • Paul in NH

    Thank you Jan, as much as I believe that terrorist sympathizer needed the dirt nap he so richly deserved. He was still an American citizen. And with the clowns currently residing in the district of corruption, clamoring for total totalitarian control, you are correct that we cannot give then any justification to murder American’s, regardless of their crimes.

  • This happening right now! Please watch and share…http://vimeo.com/52009124

  • No Nonsense Problem Solver

    If Obama administration is so keen on using the drones to kill people in the US – especially, terrorists, who are continually entering the US by illegally crossing the borders via fences or tunnels, why don’t they issue a warning that from now on the drones will patrol the borders and anyone who crosses the border illegally will be targeted and immediately killed by the drones – No questions, no exceptions, no excuses, you try to sneak into the USA, you are DEAD, period!!!