Elections Have Consequences: Employees Who Voted for Obama Should Be the First Fired.


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The economic environment facing defense contractors and defense employees is a DIRECT RESULT of voting for Obama. You reap what you sow. “Elections have consequences.” Isn’t that what Obeyme and the SoProMarxComs keep telling us? So, it’s poetic justice to read (see link below) about a woman in Ohio who is suing a defense contractor, claiming she was fired because she voted for Obama.

I know plenty of small business owners who have had to fire employees, and who are now working longer hours, physically exhausted. I know medium size business owners who not only have already fired employees since the first of this year, but who will also be firing more to get under 50 employee’s by year’s end.

Every Constitution loving business owner should fire every Obama voter. Let them feel the pain this POS president has created for business owners. Business owners can check their employees’ Facebook profiles. Check with your county voter registrar’s office because oftentimes they will have public access computers that list all the registered voters and their party affiliation. Walk through your business/office parking lot and record all the car tags with “Obama/Biden” stickers, then check them against your parking permit records. When you have to trim staff, it’s only fitting that those whose vote forced you to make the cuts be the ones who pay with their jobs. Then, when and if the time comes, as you fire an Obeyme drone, tell them, “I wish you luck, and I hope you enjoy the fundamental transformation of your employment status.”

Why should I support people who do not support me? Why employ those who vote to raise my costs and the costs of my family as well as other employees, forcing me to either close or downsize, rather than expand and hire? Why should I employ people who essentially hate profit, who think Obama should dictate what my ‘fair share’ of profit is so he can take the rest and redistribute as he sees fit? Why shouldn’t I fire someone who voted AGAINST the company that employs them?

If it’s my company, I will decide who works for me and who does not using any damn criteria that I want.

You know … the REAL way to handle the situation is not to FIRE Obama voters. We should DEPORT them.

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  • Fire someone for how they voted? That sounds like something a communist would do. So much for freedom.

    • Obviously you failed to get the point of the Article. Actions have consequences. A Vote is an Action and does therefore have consequences. The Author of the article is pretty spot on with what she is saying! Too bad your liberal logic doesn’t fit into it eh?

      • So far I am extremely pleased with the consequences of my vote.

        • hongryhawg

          You wouldn’t be if you worked for me.

        • ALL AMERICAN

          I’ll give piece a xhance…
          I’m holdin’ it right now.
          Blessed are the Piecemakers.

          • BarkingSpiderzz

            44 cal??

          • BarkingSpiderzz

            Ever seen the movie “Idiocracy??” That’s what Obitchass is turning our country into! Minus the firearms…

          • Actually he is just drawing out the idiots like YOU!!!! lol!!!!

        • rcfrt

          So which part do you like the most about your vote? The higher gas prices? The war on the Constitution? The higher taxes for health care or the fact that you won’t be able to keep your health care in years to come because the costs will be so high? Or do you just prefer the government taking care of you and making all of your decisions for you?

          • Hope you honestly don’t expect a response to your question. Though it would be interesting to hear how and why he is happy with his choices. Would be VERY telling

          • rcfrt

            TBH, I wasn’t exactly expecting a response. He’s probably so thrilled with all those options and taxes that other people will be paying that it’s hard for him to choose.

          • The President has nothing to do with high gas prices. There is no war on the Constitution. Health care was always going to be a problem with or without the ACA. At least now poor people will not have to get their health care at the ER and that should be cheaper in the long run. I take care of myself and pay my fair share of taxes thank you. One thing that really pleases me about my vote is that President Obama will get to choose 2 or 3 new Supreme Court Justices. That should hold off the conservative fascists who would want to rule every facet of our life.

          • The President has nothing to do with high gas prices. There is no war on the Constitution. Health care was always going to be a problem with or without the ACA. At least now poor people will not have to get their health care at the ER and that should be cheaper in the long run. I take care of myself and pay my fair share of taxes thank you. One thing that really pleases me about my vote is that President Obama will get to choose 2 or 3 new Supreme Court Justices. That should hold off the conservative fascists who would want to rule every facet of our life.

          • Where are the poor people getting the money to pay for a health care plan ? the problem now is they can’t afford too ! Now thanks to the foreigner and socialist in the white house there are going to be millions more who can’t afford anything let alone any health care !!!

          • Isn’t that how the libs and the Dems work…they only hire people who agree with them !!!

        • Seems you desire having an undisputable documentable (even by his own words) tyrannical, treasonous, condescending, liar, in contempt marxist out to deliberately destroy America from within, in our Whitehouse. Perhaps you need to do some research before voting, for the sake of America.

          • I know of one of your biggest and strongest allies who collected unemployment for 99 weeks without even trying to find a job – liked not working. Yet very strongly endorses how Jesus hates Obama, your stuff above, etc. Clearly not very intelligent. But nobody is perfect.

        • billygoat

          Hey John, sounds to me like you have a free cell phone, food stamps and no job. Wake up A H–e

        • Joe Lettierib

          John,why dont you just leave?We have too many stupid people here as it is.Your vote wasnt about freedom,it was about idiocy,greed,atheism,and ignorance.

        • Shadow_58

          If you worked for me I would have fired your butt on the spot.

      • loriboxer

        Thanks, Brian, for taking the time to speak slowly and use smaller words so that John would understand what I meant.

    • Matanza

      Yes, freedom to unhire a fool you missed in your interviewing for the position.

      Yes, freedom also has two sides…

    • So you communists want to vote to restrict and/or eliminate a Constitutional right. I vote to fire you for how you voted. It’s called FREEDOM. Get used to it b

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      I see you initialed your post with your true identity. That IS the footprint of the American Chicken. It hasn’t been seen since Vietnam but with the current POS in office a new outbreak has occurred. Do you still have the same job pounding salt?

    • Saynit

      Point is, during the campaign we ALL were given enough information to make a well informed decision. The difference in how we voted was indicative of the direction we wanted to go as a country. The issues were laid out, some between the lines but laid out. I paid attention and I saw Obama as not suited for the presidency of the America I grew up in. He didn’t appear qualified. Even his birthplace came into question. Brush that off but what if? Why take that kind of chance? Look at his associates, his intentions everything, that health care mess. His intentional misrepresentation of facts in regards to far too many issues. We saw and heard his promises the first time. We saw what he didn’t do and worse yet what he did. The cover ups. The conduct. There are media alternatives so you can’t blame MSNBC and NBC for not reporting the truth that would help you make a good decision regarding your country’s future. Let there be accountiblity. We had other choices. Getting fired will be getting off easy in most people’s view before this is over.

  • Steve

    Obviously, John missed the point! Liberal troll!

  • Son_of_Taz

    John must be an illegal, am EBT recipient, or a public union drone.

  • Shutter

    Sorta like entertainers that mouth off stupid things in foreign countries about a Republican president. They have the right to say what they want, and I have the right to cut off my support of their personal involvement in their art.

  • Lowell

    Actions have consequences. Enough votes were counted for Obama to make him President. Now our countries survival is in question. Obama and his cohorts came up with the sequester plan. Why shouldn’t people that voted to give him that power that has jobs be the first to go.

  • Matanza

    Nope, possibly John Phillips has an extreme reading comprehension problem.

  • Kioga

    Great idea, makes more room for those that didn’t in the ranks of the employed with better sense.

  • doug walk

    I’m glad I’m not “john”, I wouldn’t like being hated that bad, but libtards don’t like themselves that much anyway, I bet he would like living in communist china !!

    • Most of us liberals are very comfortable with our views and for the most part don’t even mind the name calling.


    Why’d you omit my last post?
    Nazis are.on the warpath.

    • I don’t even know what you deleted but thank you.


    Moderators are constraining my free speech on this site.
    Have they joined the ranks of the liar in chief?

  • Karen_In_Texas

    John has no point except on the top of his head. John I’m sure you don’t have job because you don’t seem to have a brain.

  • Larry Knight

    When it comes to anyone who voted for Obama they should be the first to feel the sting of their vote by firing them.

  • Billygoat

    I don’t want a communist,Obama loving Traitor working for me!! You ask for him, you got him Toyota !!!! Fire all the commie B——S

  • shortypa

    I now wonder what those that voted for their so called president thinks about him now. Taking their second amendment rights away from them, bashing Chistians, punishing the people if the mention OUR LORD Jesus Christ, or say a prayer, teaching homosexuality in our public schools, giving gays more rights than their own children, teaching children that it is alright to become gay, and even teach them how in classes,having armed guards to protect his children, but not the lives of other children,taking away all the guns and ammunition so they can not buy or find any to protect their own families,or their land,having drones flying over and not knowing which American it will kill next,raising the taxes, the price of gasoline,loosing jobs, closing businesses, putting judges in the courts that will do as he says, murdering Americans at will,giving all the illegal immigrants citizenship, and taking money out of the Americans pockets to pay for these immigrants to live a good life while American are suffering, loosing their homes,loosing their jobs, stealing from the Americans, giving these other countries weapons to use against the United States, cutting the Military so there will not be enough to protect us in case there is a war within our country,raising the insurance so regular people can not afford it, and then filing charges against those who can not afford insuranse to cover their own families, the Government not having to live by the same rules as everyone else, not having to follow the same rules and laws that they pass,lying to the Americans to cover up his evil doings,turning other countries against the USA, and the list just goes on and on.
    They wanted a change, well they surely got what they wanted. It has now turned around and is biting them in the backside. They chose their President so now they have to live with it.

    • We think he is doing a great job. We are pleased at the push back at business and the “Me Firsters” That kind of slash and burn philosophy will work in the short run but eventually it will fail. It is starting to crumble around the edges. I don’t even blame the “Job Creators” for their shock and outrage at what is happening. For 30 years business has been coddles and mollified until they see the privileges they enjoy as a right. Well, there is a a correction coming. If that is evil in your mind I could probably give any answer that would satisfy. I am not a christian and this is as much my country as it is yours. I will not shove my beliefs in your face in the public square and I would expect you to do the same. I believe that reasonable regulation of weapon ownership is needed and that it will happen. I am not a pacifist. I am a disabled American Veteran. I served in Vietnam with the Third Tank Battalion, Third Marines. I own guns. Having every sale completed only after a background check is reasonable. The President does not have control over the price of oil or gasoline. A world wide market decides the price. It is that Adam Smith Invisible Hand of supply and demand that so many conservatives say we must rely on. You really should stop complaining and embrace supply and demand principles universally or not at all. If you found that the President was manipulating the price you would complain of government cost control. Which is it going to be? Immigration is not as simple as you make it sound. My grandson is half Mexican and the I have had do some examination of the problem. It is not simple and much of it is driven by fear and racism. I am going to call that as I see it. Americans are not paying so that immigrants can live the “Good Life” That is patently untrue. However illegal immigrants that work do pay into Social Security and Medicaire and they do not reap any of the benefits so in a way they are subsidizing you Not a single American has been killed by a drone in the USA. You are groping there. Homosexuals are not getting more rights that any other groups and in fact have fewer rights. I have found not a single case of schools teaching a single child how to be gay. It is not learned behavior and again there is a strong tone of intolerance and actual bigotry. If I could have my way I would ask you to stop being so fearful about everything and especially our current tendency to see conspiracy everywhere. It is not there and never have been.

      • Right on Mr. Balson.

      • JT1964

        Personally, I see the “Me Firsters” as being those who choose to sit back and coercing someone else provide for their wants and needs rather than “contributing” their “fair share”. Dont get me wrong. I believe that we should help those that are working hard and contributing to society(i.e. they take any job that they can or they provide a public service if they continue to be unemployed – like tutoring disadvantaged children, giving blood or pulling invasive species at the local state forest) for at least 40 hours per week. Those people deserve a hand up. Giving a person money for doing nothing teaches the wrong life lessons and has produced a system encouraging multi-generational failure. People need to be helped and praised when they make good choices and penalized for poor ones. Definitely not the system that we have in place today; just teaches the wrong things.

    • Junk Bin

      they made their choice, an Obama phone for their vote. For a few Chinese made cellphones, the gay arab can destroy the entire country.

  • fideux

    Ignorance is bliss, eh John?

  • Jason

    @John, enjoy your stay and your local FEMA Resort. They will take complete care of you…..slave boy John…LMAO.

  • Joe Lettieri

    Hurray for Lori!!!Its about time somebody came forth thats not insane.I think she is right on!
    Fire all the idiots that voted for that creep.

    • Alex M

      Pretty much the method that Hitler used in the Saar plebiscite. Not everybody learns from history.

  • Chief47

    Personally can’t wait to see sequestration take place and see the looks on the faces of the government workers who voted for Obama when they get the news that they are either out of work or on reduced work hours. Elections do indeed have consequences.

  • Centurian2010

    I know someone who has a business that was booming prior to Obama; after Obama’s first term, his business was cut in half. He had a young employee who bragged constantly about how he voted for Obama, not just once but twice. This business owner told that young guy that many people have fought for his freedoms including freedom to vote, and was happy that he exercised that right, however, he may have cost himself a job. About a month later that young employee was the first to go because he was the least needed at the company. Proof choices do have consequences.

  • Lloyd

    Go Lori. Well said. I just hope that thought doesn’t do a 180 on the other side of the coin. Because un fortunately, they could feel the same way. But I still have agree with you. God Bless

    • Alex M

      Knowing how people voted? I think Stalin would have approved.

  • brabbie2002

    Just check your local parking lots. Suddenly all those oblowhole stickers have disappeared. Amazing – I didn’t know he was a magician AND a liar.

    • Mine is still proudly on my car. Just curious, does calling our President make you feel better more of a man?

  • If the sequestration takes place it will not be President Obama’s fault. President Obama has offered to work together and compromise with Republicans. We can lay the blame squarely at the feet of the fractured Republican House. John Boehner cannot corral his caucus and hasn’t even tried. Boehner should have to give up his position as House majority leader since he is clearly not a leader of the majority. Our government was founded on compromise. Our government does not work without compromise. You say there are consequences for our votes? Maybe you should take that up with your House Representative.


  • That is my kind of employer

  • You know you can tell people about someone but if they don’t believe you or turn a blind eye to you. All Americans will pay a price for electing Obama.

  • Jeff

    The problem with America is the narrow minded thoughts of many. While I agree Barak Obama was not a good choice to run our country for a second term, I believe firing those who voted for him is about as narrow minded as an employer can get. Positions as an employee should be determined by ones production and success at the place of employment. But in your America, anyone who disagrees on a non-job related item should be fired. That thought is ridiculous to me. To suggest that simply because Obama was elected a company will not be successful is also very short sighted. Are you telling me that no companies will be successful during the Obama regimes second term? I voted for Gary Johnson. I feel he was the best choice for the country by far. I would have voted for Obama before Romney also.

  • Jeff

    Sadly, this type of thinking is exactly the reason Unions are needed more than ever. Unions were formed to keep company owners from making work decisions based on something other than production in the work place. Many times over the years I have heard both sides state “If you don’t like how things are being run, you are free to leave.” In this case it is the liberals turn to make the statement. What is killing our country is the two party system that promotes extreme agendas. Until third party candidates actually have a real chance to win major election, civil wars between the classes will continue.

  • What kind of ism is it when your livlehood can be taken for the way you vote? I think that is the freedom of living in this country, you can vote ANONYMOUSLY and for WHO YOU WANT. We all suffer the same consequences. I will call it the new party of hypocrytism populated by ignorisms.

    • JT1964

      That would be REALISM; meaning, “there are consequences for the decisions that you make”. True ignorance can be defined as “repeating failed policies again and again and expecting different results”. Understand now?

      • No. We have a secret ballot. If you make decisions on who voted which way you are violating the secret ballot. You do not really know. What you are talking about is punishing those that did not vote the way you wanted and using a power you have to inflict that punishment. That sir is coerssion.

        • JT1964

          I disagree with your assessment of coercion. Coercion would be threatening a person to “do something or else”. On the other hand, having to suffer the consequences of a poor decision, should be borne mostly by those responsible for promoting or supporting said decision. Let’s say that a newspaper is losing readership(we’ll use the New York Times as an example). The owner of the company is of the liberal persuasion. There have to be layoffs in the newsroom. Do you think that he will a) layoff people with the least experience, even if he thinks that they work harder than more senior members of the staff b) layoff people so that there remains an equal number of liberal and conservative viewpoints, or c) layoff people who’s views and articles do not mesh his own opinion of what he sees as to society’s highlights and ills? How do you think that has played out in real life? As a business owner walks a fine line between profit and loss. When it comes to layoffs, due to a dismal economy and a POTUS’s policies that will continue to drag your business down, who will you keep and who are you going to eliminate from your staff? The answer for most is that they will eliminate who they feel are a detriment and keep those who they feel are most beneficial to their business model. I know that it is hard for some to understand, but choices like this are made every day; from the local bakery to the White House. It is not a punishment, it is a repercussion for poor choices. If the company owner is wrong in the choices that they make, they go broke. How would it be more “fair” to layoff people whose choices were correct, but were overruled by the majority? Good Choices deserve credit. Poor Choices deserve the repercussions of the decision made. Think about it.

      • Democrats ?

    • Finally a bit of reason. The secret ballot is just as much a part of American life as the second amendment. It has become popular to pick and choose which part of being an American some want. Fortunately in the long haul it does not work that way.

      • you have to have everyone register their guns so the gov an libtards can confiscate them whats the difference? Shouldn’t we know who the people responsible for electing an illegal alien to the highest office in the country are too ?

  • Alex M

    The process would, of course, be a whole lot more efficient and effective if employees were required to register their vote with their employer when they cast it. Indeed, thinking about it rationally, it could be made even simpler if the employee were required to give his vote to his employer, and the employer cast it by proxy on the employee’s behalf.

    • I can only hope you are either being sarcastic or you are joking. My fear is there are employers that would agree with that.

      • Alex M

        Fear not, it is mere irony, expressed tongue in cheek. The idea that someone should have to account to their employer, with their livelihood, for how they cast a vote in a free and democratic election, ought to be so self-evidently absurd as to meet with only a horse laugh. Unfortunately, as you suggest, there are some for whom the point would be so incomprehensible that the only sound heard would be the rush of air whizzing over their heads as it passed.

  • Alex M

    “the REAL way to handle the situation is not to FIRE Obama voters. We should DEPORT them” —

    Where exactly would you deport native Americans to?

  • Dempseycoleman

    I for one would do just that my self after all it was Obama’s statemennt in 2009 the first time around. Better hurry bumper stickers may start commimg off soon.

  • Gard

    DEPORT a American citizen for voting you don’t like?