Evidence of Government Priorities for Action and Excuses for INaction


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  • marineh2ominer

    Because they excell in destruction instead of construction .

  • foxxybey

    I agree with marineheominer from another Marine. We swore to protect the Constitution and have a Constitutional right to over throw a out of control government and this government is out of control so they need a gun law before they can all become elite dictators over those who elected them to serve rather then rule over. It may be time to use the weapons they want to get rid of, that is the reason behind their gun grab and nothing more, nothing they can do will stop crimials so easy to figure out their agenda.

    • Alex m

      While you’re engaged in defending the Constitution, you might want to read the bit about levying war against the United States. It’s in the bit that deals with Treason.

      • foxxybey

        Will do Alex m.

      • Rollo

        Treason is in the eye of the beholder…

        • Alex M

          It needs slightly more than an optical squint to bring the charge to a proof. For which I’m sure you are thankful.

      • alex: imho and eyes, defending the constitution is not going to war w/the U.S.A. nor committing treason (I kno its all up to interpretation) OUR founding fathers had insured that “We the People” did not have to put up with a tyrannical government. as of yet, we are not at that point and time in our Country (thank God) but I do believe we may be headed that way. most fears that are being noted come from the dislike of what is going on and early warnings of knowledge learned through history.

  • Barry is trying to eliminate the Constitution. He belongs in jail.

  • K

    Because; obama wants Gun registration, then restrictions, then confiscation of all guns of the American Citizens to eventually do this to us;

    Innocents Betrayed The True Story of Gun Control.

    If American Citizens don’t believe this can’t happen here and don’t Stand Strong for your rights (especially the 2nd Amendment), Americans will see History repeat itself here in America. Hoping and praying I’m wrong is great but, it will not be enough against a Dictator intent on making it happen.

    Protect the 2nd Amendment with all you have because, if you don’t, None of the rest of the U.S. Constitution will have any meaning. None!

    • Alex M

      That seems so far from what President Obama has been proposing, as to suggest you have not thoroughly researched his policy on gun control.

      • K

        Your reply suggests YOU have not thoroughly researched obama’s policy’s on gun control or researched who/what obama really is and what his intent as invader of OUR White House actually is.
        obama is a puppet to the elite and is doing their bidding. The misconception that those atrocities shown in the video can’t or won’t happen here is what the elite are betting on.
        Fact is; it is happening here in America and obama intends to keep it going until he has a complete Gun Ban of the American Citizens before moving to their next step.
        It doesn’t take a Guinness to figure-out what that next step is but, I highly doubt the sleeping sheeple will figure it out in time unless we that are awake help them to wake up and resist any and all gun control whether those people own a gun or not.


        Jews Lead Gun Control Charge

        Obama Outlines $500M Gun Control Plan, Assault Weapons Ban

        Obama Drone and Gun Control Policy Reflects Tyrannical Government

        • Alex M

          A book sales plugger and a YouTube self-publicizing holocaust-denier conspiracy theorist with a funny hat on don’t constitute “research”.

      • to really understand how he feels about guns, you have to go back and study his days from when he was barry soetoro all the way to his run for his first term in office.

        • That’s where he started..

        • Alex M

          Barack Obama was never Barry Soetoro. That’s a hoax. I recommend trying Snopes.com before re-circulating such evident fabrications.

  • Comrade Obama cares nothing about the American Constitution. He wants nothing but dictatorship powers.

  • The problem is the economy. The solution applied was socialized medicine, and it didn’t work. The problem is still the economy, the current solotion obummer is trying to apply is gun control. Instead of passing a balanced budget as the Constitution requires this commie want’s to trash the Constitution. Who are the idiots that voted for this clown ?

    • Alex M

      What do you mean by “socialized medicine”, and in what way do you argue it didn’t work?