Fox News Brings National Exposure to the New Tea Party Community Social Media Site!

Jan Morgan

About the author: Jan is a nationally recognized 2nd Amendment Advocate/Speaker/ NRA Certified Firearms Instructor/ Associated Press Award winning investigative journalist/ Owner/Editor JanMorganMedia.com, Sr. Editor/Patriot Update/ Independent Constitutional Conservative. She is closely aligned with the Republican/ ... [read 's FULL BIO]

Screen shot 2013-02-01 at 2.19.36 PMWow! I made Fox News… I have been knee deep in the middle of the new Social Media site that is the Conservative version of Facebook. I had no idea that getting involved with the launch of the new site would lead to exposure on Fox News…
Many conservatives have been complaining for some time about issues we were having with Facebook that make many of us feel we were treated unfairly…. I felt bias against Conservatives was definitely the root of many of the issues and complained about it repeatedly to Facebook.

I found out yesterday, when in route to Florida to appear on a couple of shows about the launch of the new Tea Party Community site, that Fox was doing a story about the launch as well as a continuation of their investigation into the allegations of bias against Conservatives by Facebook.
I was called and interviewed by Todd Starnes of Fox about the new Tea Party site as well as my own issues with Facebook.
Read more about the new Tea Party Community Social Media Site as well as my interview here on the Fox Website.

It feels really strange to see my “armed and female” photo on the Fox Website and actually get coverage over the issues many Conservatives, (myself included) have experienced on Facebook.

I was actually contacted by phone yesterday by Facebook’s Washington D.C. representatives who have promised me they are working to deal with some of these issues.

If they fix them, I will certainly be more than happy to acknowledge this and my faith in their company restored.
We shall see.

I am excited to be a part of the new social media Tea Party Community Network, the “facebook for Conservatives” which is officially celebrating its launch this weekend.

As I write this, I am in Boca Raton Florida to appear on two Television Programs with the founders of that network! Watch on Facebook for a link to those shows.

The the early part of next week I will be speaking in Alabama, at a Tea Party 2nd Amendment Rally on the steps of the state capitol! More on that, later….
I hope to meet many of you at these two events if you live in the area..

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  • trackfodder

    How can I get a shortcut icon on my toolbar like Facebook has?

  • Awesome, Jan. I have a profile there but haven’t done much. Little time to split. Will have to revisit. Have a great weekend (and support my 49’ers in the Super Bowl πŸ˜‰ ) Cheers!

  • StormRose

    Well, that’s awesome that ya’ll have that now. However, the tendency towards elitism will most likely crop up there to.

    Facebook, still is the main for folks to interact. As much as this armed woman would like to give that new community my support, I won’t be.

    As a pagan, bi-sexual libertarian, there is no niche for those of us who have to become a ronin, for a lack of a better term. And we aren’t welcomed by most groups, cept on Facebook.

    I wish that new community the best.

  • ./Where./I./AM./TODAY./in./canada./the./try./to./block./my./movcment./to./not./go./forward

  • You are amazing Jan. Thank you for all you do. I don’t know what we would do without you. You have encouraged somany of us that were alittle timid about guns to get out there and learn how to shoot. I have taken the class to get my conceal & carry and should be getting the permit any time now. I got the determination from you. You are a good example for all us ladies. Thank you again for all you do.

  • Jan, I was the last caller on the show today, thank you so much for the encouragement, it is good to know that there are more like-minded people out there than I imagined. I have joined TPC, and am looking forward to being part of the solution.

  • Jack

    will join that site

  • Eaglestrike

    I have refused to start a page on Facebook. This however sounds like something I will join.

    • dalek1967

      I joined a week or so ago. It is a bit buggy and it has some other issues but it is getting better. You can join but be patient while they work out the kinks and get all the bells tuned up.

  • hongryhawg

    Wow! I took down my fb page over a year ago because of many issues. Tired of being treated like the proverbial ‘red-headed stepchild’ because of my Conservatism. Tired of watering it down. Hope this turns out to be what is so badly needed. If it is, look out. They’ll be trying even harder to control the internet.

    • dvoegeleii

      You don’t have to worry about watering anything down over here. Get it straight and give it straight. Welcome.

  • Link to this new site?

    • Rattlerjake
      • Can you. or Jan, please tell us approximately how many members they have TODAY?

        • Rattlerjake

          I can only tell you there were over 50,000 before they officially opened the site on (I believe) Friday; and this was before it was even “advertised”. I have been posting it on nearly every article I comment on. Conservatives are simply fed up with facebook and their censorship of our views, and their (facebook/liberals) obvious disdain for the Constitution.

          • dalek1967

            The last I saw it was approaching 100,000.

          • Aristophanes

            I saw an article about a week to 10 days ago – it might have been written by Jan. That article had links to the site – I went on the site right away and signed up. I think it will really take off and facebook is going to lose a lot of people.

  • News to me, and I’m THRILLED. You can do many of us a HUGE favor, Jan. I have tried over and over and over and over to get some basic information on various Tea Party organizations. I want to play a bigger role. I WANT to contribute MORE money. I WANT to see FaceBook held accountable and, of course, the Obamanation as well. With this kind of conservative-leaning site, there is a REAL chance to put a HUGE dent in their wallets and to get said what WE want to say!

    But I can’t get even basic financial info about ANY of them. They seem to be totally un-searchable. I don’t know who really runs ’em, I don’t have ANY idea how much of what I contribute goes to “the cause”, and what’s just lining administration pockets. Can you offer ANY insight on where to find such basic info that may already be published? Can you lean on Tea Party big wigs to be more forthcoming about these issues? You’ll earn my support. Thanks much, Steve

  • Did the TPC site crash? It is about 3:00pm Eastern time now. All other sites are accessable

  • saiga12

    i have never opened a social network account…….screw liberal facebook. but this is something i would enjoy….like minded individuals, talking about the real problems this country has…..and coming up with fresh ideas on how to fix this mess….great idea im in.

  • Red1213us

    How long will the average post be visible?

    • They are visible for several days, however with so many people on there and seeing everyone’s posts, the first page refreshes (fills up) every 2 minutes or so depending on the time of day. You can still scroll down and click view more. To see the older posts it would be wise to invite people to be your friend so you don’t spend hours clicking view more.

      • dalek1967

        For those who don’t know, it looks almost exactly like facebook.

  • Red1213us

    Thanks Jan for building this site. πŸ™‚

  • fliteking

    Fantastic. Thanks for your work on this Jan. Big stuff.

  • Raymond

    Is Fox News really different?

    Many even believe Fox leans to the right and provides news they can’t get anywhere else.

    But is Fox really different from the rest of the media?
    Or has it been successful merely at positioning itself as different?

    Would it surprise you to know that individuals at News Corp.,
    the parent company of Fox News, gave nearly six times as
    much money to Barack Obama than Mitt Romney in the
    2011-2012 election cycle?

    Would it surprise you to know that individuals at News Corp.
    gave more to Rep. Howard Berman, D-Calif., than to Mitt Romney?

    Would it surprise you to know that individuals at News Corp.
    gave more to Ben Cardin, Democrat from Maryland, than to Mitt Romney?

    Would it surprise you to know that News Corp. gave more than twice
    as much to Democratic candidates in 2012 than to Republicans?

    Would it surprise you that this pattern was about the same in 2010 and 2008?

    Would it surprise you to know that News Corp. gave far more money to
    Democrats running for both the House and Senate in 2012 than to Republicans?


    • Jerry

      But what about FoxNews? There are some libs there but they are identifiable and give a certain balance to the news. And can you make Hannity or Greta fit the lib patern?

  • mike

    i tried to join the tea party community over the weekend and the site was down…. now it says i need an invitation…what’s going on?

    • dalek1967

      I read it is open again so run over and join. If it gives you issues, find me on FB. rdalek1967 is my page. Just stick that on the end of FB’s URL.

  • xstratusx

    How long until this site is infiltrated by liberals or taken down by hackers? Proceed with caution.

  • Ross Fortificacion

    The posting policy here ruined everything I wanted to say. For those who have not noticed, the entire country is about to be destroyed by a handful of elitist communists and a hoard of folks who have no pride and have their hand out for government giveaways. What ever the government gives away can be taken back. Nothing is free if your neighbor is paying for it. To criticize the president is racist. To question the policies of the government is racist. To expect the government to pass a budget which they are required by law to do is racist. No matter what it is, it is racist is you don’t agree with the almighty, all-knowing, omnipresent, always reading from a teleprompter, president Just because he has no real birth certificate, his social security number belongs to someone else and all his records are sealed like some juvenille delinquent who is hiding his criminal record, you are not allowed to say anything because that would be racist. I am a NORMAL working American. My taxes have gone up and I get no government services. My children are already raised and none are in school. I sold my house in a short sale because I could not afford the payments. I have never been arrested or been in trouble but I am considered a potential terrorist because I am a veteran and agree with the Tea party . I am certain that the presidential election was rigged judging by all the machines that would only vote for Obama and by the counties in Florida where 100 percent of the votes went for Obama. Really? No one in that county voted for Romney. No one? In places in Ohio, more people voted than there were registered. An interesting fact that the only states that went for Romney had Voter iD. No states that had voter ID went to Obama. Isn’t that amazing? The mainstream media will not talk about it. They stole 7 million votes at least. If you can do that, it is truly amazing. the country is lost. The integrity of the vote is lost. The media is simply an organ of the Democratic Party and of course anyone who points it out is a racist. that about covers it. Very soon troops will be kicking your door down at 3am to search for weapons which will be confiscated. If you resist, you will be terminated. They will not kick down my door. i am in a free country. There is a rule of law here. So good day my friends and good bye from David , Chiriqui province, Republic of Panama

  • marineh2ominer

    I left FOX when Glenn Beck left FOX , and I haven’t looked back since , I now get ALL my news from conservative friendly sites . If I have to be indoctrinated , I at least want to be indoctrinated with what I already know to be true .

  • jenniewalsh

    I suspect that Facebook is a spy-op organization for the power-elite crime syndicate which includes the gun grabbers.
    I suspect Fox news as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, giving some truth but ignoring the most relevant and important issues. Just enough to keep the conservatives thinking that they are getting the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

  • Thought you all went back to TexASS to secede? Saw your numbers recently and they ARE SAD! Luckily the Tea/Republican party and Fox news are becoming more and more UNPOPULAR!

    • dvoegeleii

      Your full of crap dude. Your a troll. You are looking at your made up numbers and getting your info from the left news media’s that are dreaming you are right. Keep drinking you cool aid and go back to sleep while the rest of us take our nation back. Soon all your dream leaders will be in jail.