Gun Bill Lets Police Conduct Warrantless Home Searches

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Oh, let’s not call them searches. Let’s call them inspections, just a small price for gun owners to pay for exercising a right explicitly protected in the Constitution, and without any probable cause apparent for a crime being committed. After all, we know that will convince criminals not to keep weapons, right? Right?

Even gun-control activists in Washington are embarrassed by this, er, mistake (via Instapundit):

Forget police drones flying over your house. How about police coming inside, once a year, to have a look around?

As Orwellian as that sounds, it isn’t hypothetical. The notion of police home inspections was introduced in a bill last week in Olympia.

That it’s part of one of the major gun-control efforts pains me. It seemed in recent weeks lawmakers might be headed toward some common-sense regulation of gun sales. But then last week they went too far. By mistake, they claim. But still too far.

“They always say, we’ll never go house to house to take your guns away. But then you see this, and you have to wonder.”

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  • Against your 4th amendment right. The time is growing near. Stand up, wake up!

  • Unacceptable. The Mexican government wants to know who has what kind of guns as well. DO NOT register anything. If the libtards don’t like it just explain to them that your guns are not “illegal” they are just “undocumented”. They seem to like that word alot.

    • r0nn1ef

      Just don’t register them and then you don’t have to once they become against the law because you’d be incriminating yourself. Supreme Court has already ruled on that one. http://supreme.justia.com/cases/federal/us/390/85/

      • Absolute Patriot

        hahaha BRILLIANT…absolutely BRILLIANT strategy!! Give em enough rope the dumbasses will always hang THEMSELVES!!

      • goku vegeta


      • Registration is unconstitutional.

    • Patriot

      LOL!! Good one Brad “undocumented” firearms.

    • Absolute Patriot

      yeah they don’t like using the word alien…they prefer immigrant, and they ARE NOT ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. That’s an oxymoron…there is no such thing, only ILLEGAL ALIENS.

      • the correct phraseology is INVADERS & theives. Tell the Mexican Gov’t that they DO NOT have the right to know any of the American registrations. The only ‘Right ” they have is to take their criminals back.

    • James Vetzel

      Oh way too good, a heartfelt Bravo to you, also a big Bravo Zulu too (USNavy)

    • Rattlerjake

      Any “attempted” warrantless search of my property will end with less law enforcement officers. Illegal access to my property is nothing more than criminal trespassing and breaking and entering and will have dire consequences. This is exactly what the Constitution, second and fourth amendments, were written for – tyranny and abuse of government.

      • Any attempt to delete any part of the Constitution means the Government is illegal.

  • traitorhater

    I heard yesterday that Republicans found about this and democrats denied knowing how that got in there and it was taken out. Hopefully that’s true because a lot of policemen and citizens would be killed once a year when they to your house. I guess everyone should know for certain that we now have a communist in the WH along with most of the Congressmen. Thanks democrat voters!

    • Patriot

      yep, the democrats, the gift that keeps on giving much like a good case of the crabs!:)

      • goku vegeta

        NOT CRABS. [email protected]!

        • Patriot

          Ya, that will work too! 🙂

        • James Vetzel

          I ought to know, I’m married to a Liberal

          • John Whitehorse

            Why would ANYONE get married to a liberal,I shutter at the thought.

          • Well we have something called a divorce for that. DON”T USE YOUR FIRE ARM! LOL

          • tazz89103

            hmmm that would be one less Liberal though, And that sound good any time you can get rid of one is like a bonus …. lol

          • tazz89103

            how do you edit on this site? well the sound is sounds……

          • tazz89103

            boy I feel sorry for you, dam you have to put up with her Liberal ways every day wow.

    • radioactiveII

      Yes they took it out but this bill goes on to make any semi-auto pistol an “Assault Weapon” and therefore banned. This state senator and the other two cosponsors are Seattle idiots but the Seattle area has so many libs I fear this may just pass.

    • Rattlerjake

      It is important to establish a contact system and belong to a militia so that if law enforcement comes to your house you can call your “armed reactionary force” to come and surround the law enforcement. It will otherwise be very difficult for law abiding citizens to prevent themselves from being arrested or killed and their property confiscated. I have established a network of “armed” friends who at a moments notice will drop everything to rally and come to the aid of the others. Remember Athens, Tennessee – this is how you prevent law enforcement from performing their illegal activities.

    • tazz89103

      If I say what I feel, they would not let it show, But I am tired of all this crap, this is got to stop, This man has to go why cant he be kicked to the curb ? and end this crap this is not America ,,,,, Not the way it was set up to be.

  • Swivelgames

    lol “by mistake.” It’s your job to write legislation. Were you unconscious? You don’t “accidentally” write a bill…

    • Patriot

      Yes, but don’t we have to pass a bill before we know what’s in it? 🙂

      • Swivelgames

        Agreed! I don’t know why we don’t adopt this method for all bills! 😀

        • Patriot


    • John Whitehorse

      You got to know that all politicians lie through their teeth.I wouldn’t trust any of them with plastic butter knife.If any of them say they didn’t do something you can bet they DID.

      • Swivelgames

        Agreed, John, that’s the point! 😛

        This is probably the most ridiculous lies out there. It’s like saying “I didn’t mean to rob that guy with a gun.” You bought the gun, planned it out, put it to his head, took the cash, and ran away… it’s just not something you do on accident. It’s the most ridiculous “accidents” ever. The biggest load of bullshit I’ve ever heard. You just don’t accidentally do that. There is no possible way to accidentally do so. lol 😛

    • Doc

      Sadly, again, the public is unaware that neither congressmen nor their aides write the majority of bills. Who does? How about special interest groups like the many gun control groups. These bills are written with their agenda(s) as the foundation and YOUR congressman rarely ever read them; they just take the bribe and vote. Don’t take my word for it. Do your own research and ask (demand) your congressman show you the origins of HIS bills. The only thing the impacts them is fear of losing their seat, power, and money.

  • Dodie1990

    Slipped right in. Now they don’t have to ban any gun they will know who bought what with the national registry and just come and get any gun that they don’t think you should have.

    • Patriot

      That’s their game plan anyway.

    • Absolute Patriot

      That was the dumb part…they shot themselves in the foot by trying to implement this AFTER an attempted gun ban. Duh…NOW does he really think anyone with a firearm will register it? Hahahahha…only the dumpernugget dems, libs, and tards

  • Zepp

    They’ll never get in my house with me alive. I’m glad I live in a state (Virginia) where we have common sense gun laws. I wonder how long before gun owners in these communist states will stay there.

    • mike waz

      As long as we “independently” declare we will stand up and die for our rights we will do just that. “Independently” die for our rights. By the time everyone gets it, it may be too late. People have to organize or at least talk about it. (“it” being, what to do, where to meet, etc, when our tyrannical government begins violating our rights to a point we can no longer stand by and allow.) Strength in numbers. Talk to your liberal friends , wake them up! The most they know is what they get from the mainstream news. That keeps them ignorant. If after seeing reality they still don’t get it…let them protest all peaceful like with their signs on the front lines. We’ll call them “Fodder”.

      • James Vetzel

        See basic law handbook, that’s called “Conspericy” (I know it’s not spelled right) And the left would make you a poster child.

      • John Whitehorse

        I don’t have ANY libterd friends,if I do they never told me they were libterds but I would have found them out anyway.

  • William Beckham

    They are welcome to search after I run out of ammo or am dead, but I refuse to go quietly.

    • goku vegeta


    • Clint

      That’s why they call it a “man’s castle”.

  • Patriot

    If passed, this would be done under “Color of Law” and surely a death warrant for anyone attempting to enforce such unconstitutional actions. People will be forced into exercising their 2nd amendment rights.

  • PJ

    Jan, they’ve had the power to do this on a state to state condonement basis for years, this is nothing new for them to boast, however, WHAT IS NEW is that it will bear FEDERAL IRON FIST insisting on it to happen for the terror element and will remove a bit more conscience of the officers, national guard participants, as well as other groups used to do this. We do however, have the right, based on the constitution, to refuse entry by force without a warrant for to not have one is in and of itself, against the Constitution.

  • Mike

    Listen up folks, this madman and his cronies are out to destroy our nation, stomp all over our constitution and turn America into a third world country. Obama and a lot if not most of congress and our supreme court fossils should be impeached and thrown out! Our enemies are our government, financial system the UN, Federal Reserve, etc. to name a few.

    • disqus_MGYRSpwUSw

      Spot on!

    • goku vegeta


      • James Vetzel

        It takes more than one person (who is not of the “entitlement sucking 99%”, you know who you are).

    • John Whitehorse

      Get tied on the civil war is just around the corner,Lock-N- Load.

  • WHEN as Americans are we going to stand against these CRIMINAL laws and lawmakers including the supreme court. The constitution states that NO law can violate the constitution. ANY judge that allows direct conflict of our rights is a LIAR and CAN be removed from the bench.

  • Valentine Day

    If the Police show up at your door, just say you are a gay, Mexican, communist, and you will gain instant respect and you will have rights the Constitution couldn’t even give you. But if you try to quote the Constitution or cite the fact that you are a legal, tax paying American citizen,..well,…you will be branded a racist, hateful, conspiracy theorist, who is obviously so dangerous that your house needs to be searched. Then, after a good searching and a TSA styled molesting of your whole family, you can have a black electrical efficiency box nailed to the side of the home that you thought you owned and was your property so that the Government can make sure that warrentlessly monitoring your evil Conservative hate speech will be as efficient as possible.

    • John Whitehorse

      Ya know it has been said for years that if your white your a racist.I wonder what they say about someone that is Native American and White.

  • D.A. Megan Moran

    This is when we have absolute rights to resist and shoot back!

  • NoMoreMarxistsInDC

    What is interesting here is that the US Supreme Court upheld a 1900 case, U.S. v. John Bad Elk, which says that if law enforcement does not produce a warrant at your door and tries to force their way in, you have the right to defend yourself against him/her with extreme prejudice.

    Why? Because you do not know if it really is a “law enforcement officer” anymore. There are a lot of people acting as fake police to rob, rape and murder you. Women are told not to stop on the roads if being tailed by an unmarked car. If the so called “police” show up without a warrant, all bets are off.

    • Absolute Patriot

      Yep that is exactly right…Zepp just gave you the right by law to leave dead dumbasses on your front porch…

    • goku vegeta


    • John Whitehorse

      They should know that a locked door is for their protection not mine,if they brake it down they will be carried away.

    • Doc

      Sadly they will have stacked the deck against the citizen. They are members of the “us vs them” mentality police (yes, I am a former cop) and will isolate, storm troop homes, then lie to support their actions. All of us need to establish networks to defend each other when the assaults on our homes and liberties begin. Oh, and when you see a blue helmet please aim carefully. No need to waste valuable ammo.

  • MH Snider

    Don’t forget Katerna, afterwards the Army went in and disarmed legal gun owners at gun point and by force. Something else that the media doesn’t want you to hear. We are at the point we either have a Revolution to Restore the Constitution or hand over your guns and lives to the government. We do not have any other choices.

    • James Vetzel

      Nope, not the Army (Least not at first) That was the good old NOPD (The City, Mayor and the Chief of Police got sued too and also lost big time)

    • John Whitehorse

      Your Right the cops did take the guns from folks that were protecting their homes from looters.But sense that happened Louisiana has passed a law that says that can’t happen any more (RIGHT) Well if they try to get mine they can expect a very different out come

  • Jim

    It certainly won’t happen in MY home!!

  • Why don’t you call them what they really ARE? HOME INVASIONS!!

  • GeneralRabble

    Time to make it a criminal offense to propose a law that goes against the rights and freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution. It should impose a 20 year sentence to be fully served.

    • Swivelgames

      It is an ultimate offense against the State. It’s almost treasonous… you’re stomping on the Ultimate Law of the Land… and no consequences?!

      I was going to propose something similar, as well, but more at some of the roots of these types of pieces of legislation and to possibly open the door to returning back to how our founders viewed this country: An indivisible unity between 50 sovereign countries, who have come together to agree on interstate commerce (directly relating to individual items passing from one state to another) and currency. I propose we legislatively clarify that about interstate commerce and explicitly define it as directly relating to the transfer of items across borders… none of this bullshit about “Well, he used water from another state to grow his wheat plant, so we can regulate him with interstate commerce.” — That’s a load of crap!

      On top of that, we need to define what a “Tax” is. Because, right now we have an incredible amount of “Taxes” that are being imposed and “Funds” that are being withheld if a state or individual does not abide by a certain condition. That is a FINE… not a tax. Congress should not have the power to cripple a state’s government because they decide on something. The idea was 50 sovereign countries as one nation, for the purpose of Interstate Commerce (instead of individual treaties between states, which may cause conflict), and Currency (instead of every state using its own currency, causing conflict). The idea was to make a perfect union between 13 (now 50) different states… They specifically DIDN’T want a massive central government.

      What we have today is a disguised parliamentary monarchy, which is exactly what we fought revolutionary war to get away from! This country is no longer run BY the People, FOR the People.

      Withholding funds should not be allowed; Taxing someone conditionally should not be allowed; and the power to regulate interstate commerce should be just that.. the power to regulate sales and transfers of individual items, and transaction between states instead of treaties between individual states (NOT, regulate states like a central government; it was, again, a way for every single state to agree on a set of regulations and methods of trade between states, instead of each trying to figure it out with each other… that would be a HUGE mess).

  • disqus_MGYRSpwUSw

    Kiss my ass

  • If you have watched a movie called Breaker Morant they had British Rule .303. I have up dated to Michigan Constitution Rule .308

  • I recommend that they inspect with their own body bag strapped to their backs and a previously filled out toe tag in their pocket.

  • don3346

    Can anyone say GESTAPO or maybe know the abbreviations KGB? Way to go Washington. I guess this was put to the voters to get a consnsus vote. Maybe every legislator that voted for this should be up for a recall election, like yesterday.

  • SFS444

    Its almost time…sadly. Let the best Americans win.

    • James Vetzel

      Good Luck, and May the Odds be in your Favor! (Quick, what movie?)

  • goku vegeta


  • Eric Coddington

    Citizens voted to let law makers remove their Country their Republic off the map with their BS attempts every month attacking our freedom every month attacking our rights! When was this what we allowed, but this is what is happening right now !

  • SickoftheBS

    Looking to get their A$$ shot going into some house illegally.

  • radioactiveII

    The bill also states a pistol that can accept a magazine which holds more than 10 rounds is an ” Assault Weapon” and therefore banned. So now three Seattle dems are claiming a 9mm is an assault weapon.

  • rycsailor

    Just remember people, these people were voted in by the citizens of this country, they represent the thinking of the public. Think about this when claiming the NRA doesn’t represent firearms owners or you say to yourself, I’m an upland hunter with a shotgun why should I worry about those three gunners, target shooters or deer hunters. Until the firearms community gets it’s act together, the anti-gunners will be eating our lunches.

  • Jack

    As long as the media are in bed with this president and the idiot voters that voted for this President that love him.We will not see any anger toward him.The only way you will see any anger at this communist leader if he had the cell phones and computers being take away from them the idiots that support them.Then you might see any anger at this President..Will you see any goverment agent going to drug dealers , gangs people that sell guns from the illegal black market guns, going to see if they have any guns no.

  • horseridingplains

    This is tiotally unacceptble—how far will they try to push us????

  • EnemyoftheState

    Happens in the UK for those with shotguns. Firearms officers tend to be very decent people and providing you live in the countryside there are few problems, although it depends on the County Chief of Police and his or her personal attitude to guns. In the West Country there is little trouble – in London……… forget it. And pistols? Forget it.

  • James Vetzel

    Theer are only two ways they will be able to take my firearms, 1. Get the “Drop” on me and 2. Well there ain’t no number 2. I carry conceled at home and when asleep, within fingers reach (no kids at home (Yay)) and all doors are “dead bolted”, so they are going to have to make some noise coming in at night.

  • QUOTE: “It seemed in recent weeks lawmakers might be headed toward some common-sense regulation of gun sales”.

    There is no such thing as “common-sense regulation of gun sales” Any regulation is an infringement.

  • Maynard

    Because the GOP has shown themselves to be weak and cowardly, the Dems are taking advantage of them, thinking that there will be no recourse against them. When some people have the upper hand they go overboard. If the GOP stands strong the Dems might stop being so aggressive, but then again, they are just as stupid as the GOP. They’re all a bunch of Bilderberg puppets anyway and sooner of later they will all have to try dodgeing bullets. Don’t Tread On Me! I’m a Minuteman of the Tea Party and don’t take any BS from puppet congressmen or presidednts. Join the Tea Party, Together we can be an Army!

  • NoMoreMarxistsInDC

    Let’s see: 700,000 licensed hunters in Pennsylvania who know how to use rifles, pistols, and shotguns. 500,000 in Minnesota. 500,000 in Wisconsin. 700,000 in Kentucky. 700,000 in Tennessee. 400,000 in Washington. 400,000 in Oregon. 4-5 million in Calif. Probably the entire states of Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Arkansas, Mississippi, Georgia and most of Florida.

    What we’re looking at folks, is an army in each state bigger than the US Army and Marines combined. Five states are 10 times the size of the Red Chinese Army. What would need to happen is when one law-abiding citizens calls for aid against government terrorists trying to enter his home, the entire region shows up armed to the teeth to rebuff the law enforcement or military presence.

    In NJ, specifically Monmouth and Ocean Counties, around the turn of the 19th Century the people had an armed revolt against the governments there. Lawyers and judges were stealing their property through “legal” process. At that time muskets were the assault weapons of the day. The county chairs and judges had small groups of mercenaries to try and counter. When the local people showed up in the thousands and armed, the mercenaries were told to stand down. The people got their properties back.

    We can do that in one county or one state. We just need to have a phone line to the right people and right groups.

  • With all due respect to the Moron who is introducing this bill, Are you on Crack? Have you ever heard of the “the bill of rights”? “1789” in particular the “fourth Amendment” You Know, “The right of the peopIe to be secure in their persons, Houses, Papers and effects against UNREASONABLE searches and seizures” Does that ring a bell? can’t believe any US Voter would have voted for someone that doesn’t know anything about those little words that were written a few centuries ago!!!!!

  • foxxybey

    In Stalin’s time it was called double speak and has served many well over many times, you think they are saying one thing when they mean something else and many fall for it. Warrentless search’s are also against the Constitution, yet two groups don’t obey that law, the IRS and Game and Fish, now other law enforcement agents, everyone of them are SS troops for a out of control government. I have to say as a indivial we don’t stand a chance but, if we band together could be a force to deal with. Live Free in Christ or Die and be with Him forever, if you know Him.

  • LLobaAzul

    I’ve just read Senate Bill 5737 and it no longer contains the part where the police can inspect the storage of your “assault weapon” in your home. IT IS STILL AN “ASSAULT WEAPON” BAN with previously owned “assault weapons” grandfathered in. (Link to Bill: http://apps.leg.wa.gov/documents/billdocs/2013-14/Pdf/Bills/Senate%20Bills/5737.pdf)

    Even so, it is still an absurd bill that won’t do anything to make us safer as it punishes only the innocent and law-abiding and turns them into criminals.

    Please make it clear to your representatives that you do not support this bill.

  • All it will take is an executive order to declare a ‘crisis’ & then the govt will ‘detain’ [aka as imprison illegally without a trial] gun owners just like FDR implemented against Japanese-Americans after Pearl Harbor. [FEMA camps & billions of hollow-point ammo ring a bell with anyone???]
    Just ask any American having Japanese blood how that worked out. Better yet, ask any native-American how well the reservation system has worked to their favor…….

  • Lucki Candoff

    My home is my only sanctuary and privacy from the rest of the World, the only people that will enter it, are those I invite to. I will fight to reserve that right, even it it means death.

  • Chief47

    Thinking there might be a whole lot of law enforcement bodies laying on a whole lot of front lawns across the country when they start trying to do this.

  • Ivan

    Sounds like these stupid retards are asking for another civil war. Here’s what I say, If you don’t like what the American forefathers put in our constitution and the rights they gave us, and you think you want to change them, why don’t you move out of America and go live in a country that does not allow citizens to have guns. Armed citizens is a good thing as long as the one’s who are armed are law abiding citizens. Look at it this way, lets just say, back in WW2 when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, Okay, Japan did not have the balls to invade America when they attacked Pearl Harbor, do you know why they did not invade us? I tell you why, If Japan had their army to set foot on American soil, not only thy would have to fight the American military, they would also have to fight pissed off farmers, rednecks, country boys, mountain men, city slickers which is known as the militia./ armed citizens. Now we got a tyrannical Government who want’s to disarm us and maybe allow another country or the actual Government to control us with no freedoms. In my opinion, if they are successful in the disarming of American citizens, what do you think they will come for next? I do believe the entire constitution and our amendments will be raped, not to mention I do believe that the Christians will loose their freedom of religion and their bibles. America is stupid to begin with for allowing this type of people to govern them, and they are a fool to continue to allow it to happen. We have to find a peaceful way to stop this nonsense, or be regretful for the rest of our life.

  • bring it got something from an american freedom fighter

  • Sure, officer, they’re right down here in the basement. You go ahead down the steps and I’ll follow you.

  • Search and seizure, 8th grade government class knows this violates 4th Amendment of the Constitution. And proves those in power want to do away with the bill of rights. So while violating the 4th Amendment, to infringe on your Second Amendment. When the government is not afraid of the people is when SHTF will happen. The only thing that keeps the government in check is the second amendment.

  • Douglas

    Any person trying to enter my home without my permission will meet my gun head on…it is not Government that gives me the Right to use whatever means I feel to protect myself and family from any harm of property or self…it is a God Given Right as being human! It is the Government that endorsed this Right by God and Man in the 2nd. amendment…and expanded it by stating that this right includes any Government, or persons endorsed by a Run Away Government that is our 2nd. amendment!!

    Why would a Government endorse such behavior…experience during the King George rein over them. They had military men of King george sitting inside or outside their homes, they paid taxes for just about everything they had or would hope to have…actually just about everything we Americans have started facing since O took office and then some…but the King made one very sorry mistake…he tried to take their GUNS!! They wouldn’t let that happen, and King George is no more!!!

  • sreynolds

    The 4th ammendment allows you to SHOOT DEAD any soldier or government intruder that enters your house without permission.

  • sreynolds

    None of my weapons are assault, they are all defense weapons.

  • James Maxwell

    While I support my local police dept I do not want them invading my home like jackbooted
    thugs. Where I live we, for the most part, have a very good police dept and they have
    performed admirabily. But I draw the line when they drive up with no reason and want to
    search my home or property without a warrant. They may be thing there that they do not
    have a need to know about. That constitutes unlawful search and possible seizeur with out
    due process of law. It open up citizens to exposure to possible arrest when the police
    find someting and then get a search/arrest warrant that may be invalid on many legal
    levels. Who ever drafte this bill wanted to circumvent the Constitution for thier own
    personal reason or did not have the capability to comprehend the legal process.
    Like many things passed by the dim-0-rats they passed it before it was written.

  • I don’t wonder. You give these socialist scumbags an inch and they’ll take ten miles of your freedom……New York and Colorado are already passing gun control laws that guarantee a criminal free reign…..Disarm the citizens and protect the criminals…..Stand up America and tell them enough is enough……

  • Doc

    How about they get to inspect the rounds exiting the muzzle? Anything less is the dishonorable act of a pack of cowards.

  • Brett

    By mistake? It accidentally ended up in the Bill and no one knows how? Yeah right! You got caught with your hand in the cookie jar and now you’re trying to weasel your way out.

  • Lloyd

    Personally, I think they were just testing the ice, and found that it is still a little thin. When it is strong enough they will try again. Next time it may pass, if people don’t make a move to keep it from happening. And I am not talking about legislation. Todays politicians do not listen to what the people say, they only consider what will serve their agenda. We have seen more than ample evidence to this fact for the past 3 or 4 decades. When the sound of the peoples voices do not get their attention, there is no choice but to make a noise that they would be a fool to ignor. The 4th amendment says that our right to be secure in our persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures “shall not” be violated. and further states that no warrants shall issue, but on probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and “particularly” describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized. To do routine searches violates the very ciore of this amendment. Until they can see a violation of the law, they have no right to search,or seize any person or thing in our homes, and this means that they can also not search our vehicles Garages or sheds that are not open to view or that are closed and locked. Until they have probable cause to even step on or enter our property, or to search our person or anything else in our possession, it’s hands off. Here again the 2nd amendment comes into effect. Any unreasonable search is nothing short of an act of tyranny. We have the 2nd amendment to prevent just that. This is only the first showing of physically violating our God given rights. We must not allow it to happen again.

  • 1Sonny2

    These F&[email protected]$& Democrats are causing me a lot of unnecessary stress.

  • shouldn’t ovomit be registered as an undocumented,illegal alien as he is not an AMERICAN citizen and also no green card to even be here