Holder Defends Obama’s Gun Control Measures to States Attorneys General

The nation’s top cop vehemently defended President Obama’s gun-control proposals to a room full of state attorneys general on Tuesday and said the measures would not infringe on the rights of lawful gun owners.

Attorney General Eric Holder laid out the executive actions Obama has taken to strengthen the country’s gun laws while vowing not to stop until tighter regulations are in place that will help prevent mass shootings like the one that killed 20 children and six adults in Connecticut last December.

“We will not rest until we’ve done everything in our power to prevent future tragedies like the one that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School,” said Holder at the annual National Association of Attorneys General conference at the Ritz-Carlton in Washington D.C.

The administration has been encouraging private gun sellers throughout the country to use the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) that licensed firearm dealers have access to, according to Holder.

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  • TexRancher

    What about the leaked DOJ memo that said that mandatory gun registration necessary for confiscation to be successful? Check it out for yourselves!

  • Rob Pobe

    AG Holder particularly re-emphasized the need to ‘brainwash’ youthful minds to believe that firearms are evil (otherwise youth may use independent thought and judgement) and held out the plan of VP Joe Biden’s carrot to have gun owners use 12 gauge shotguns for self defense, and make certain that any self defense use of a 12 gauge shotgun is rigorously prosecuted as an inherent case of unreasonable use of lethal force, simply by use of photos of the effects of the 12 gauge on the body of the criminal.
    We must disarm American and jail all remaining gun owners Holder was heard to bellow at the end of his inspirational presentation.

  • Jaime Cancio

    Time for Holders to grow up and pull his head out of the darken regions of his rearward fantasy world, simple history tells us all – there is nothing anyone can do to prevent a determined individual or individuals from doing what they are going to do. More gun laws that don’t work and robs the public of safety and protection is not the answer. Indeed it only shows insanity passing other and new guns laws when they already know the gun laws already as law don’t work and has not once stopped a person bent on violence from doing that violence.

  • First and foremost,Eric Holder is already guilty of placing guns in the hands of criminals and illegal aliens!He himself should have already been stripped from his office,charged for gun trafficing and accessory to murder along with his boss Obama!Check the facts!Can you say Fast and Furious scandal?Then he thinks he’s a big enough man to try to take law-abiding citizens guns?I don’t think so!Holder should already be facing a firing squad!There’s no bigger hipocrite than he or Obama!Period!And then they think most of us are too dumb to see through their wall of lies.I have news for them.The American people aren’t as dumb as Obama or Holder think they are!Never under any circumstance give up your guns or your rights!Even if the un-Constitutional laws they may pass makes you an outlaw!Hopefully,before long they are both impeached for their crimes!

  • There is no more law in America when those responsible for its enforcement hold themselves above the law. Hard to believe Barry could find a worse AG than Clinton’s Janet Reno, who only killed a few dozen innocent Americans in Waco and Ruby Ridge. Holder is the reason so many Americans are calling themselves “Sovereign Citizens”. We can protect ourselves much better than these clowns can protect us.

  • We would use it but where not allowed to.IDIOTS!