In America’s Schools- Marines Are Offensive and Islamic Terrorists Are ‘Freedom Fighters’

Jan Morgan

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In one public school, a teacher orders a male student to change his shirt that honors marines because she said it violated school dress codes…. In another public school, a teacher forces students to wear burqas and refer to islamic terrorists as ‘freedom fighters’…

What is happening in our schools?

I have walked the hallways of public schools and seen students with pink hair, stiff and pointed like spikes four inches straight up from their heads, others with piercings and foreign objects like small plates in strange places on their bodies, tattoos covering exposed skin, and jeans sagging so low you wonder what keeps them from falling to the floor.
These bizarre expressions of individualism, rebellion, or whatever they represent, seem to pass dress code standards yet, a simple green t-shirt with the word ‘Marines’ across the front and an emblem of crossed rifles is offensive and in violation?

This is political correctness in its most brutal form and it is destroying our country one mind at a time. We are allowing rogue teachers in our schools to brainwash our kids with their own political ideology. Here is a little background on the two cases I speak of in this article. What I want to know from both schools is, “What are you going to do about those two teachers?”
Parents in those school districts should demand the immediate removal of those teachers who can’t seem to comprehend the fact that our classrooms and our children are not at their disposal to impart their own political ideology.
Special thanks to Todd Starnes and Fox News for the details on the two cases below.

Here is a little background on the Marine Shirt Story:

An Illinois father wants a school district to reconsider its dress code after his son was asked to remove a U.S. Marines T-shirt or be suspended, FoxNews.com has learned.

Daniel McIntyre, 44, of Genoa, told FoxNews.com that his 14-year-old son, Michael, was asked to remove the T-shirt by eighth-grade teacher Karen Deverell during reading class at Genoa-Kingston Middle School on Monday. Deverell, citing the school’s dress code, said the garment’s interlocking rifles was problematic and had to be removed from sight, McIntyre said.

“My son is very proud of the Marines, and, in fact, of all the services,” McIntyre said. “So he wears it with pride. There are two rifles crossed underneath the word ‘Marines’ on the shirt, but to me that should be overlooked. It’s more about the Marines instead of the rifles.”

McIntyre said his son was initially threatened with suspension before complying with Deverell’s request to turn it inside out. He has worn the T-shirt to school many times before without incident, McIntyre said.

“He was upset, he couldn’t understand it,” he continued. “He couldn’t understand why a teacher would make him do that.”

Brett McPherson, the school’s principal, referred questions to Genoa-Kingston Superintendent Joe Burgess, who reiterated that the shirt is not in violation of the district’s dress policy.

Here is background on the Burqas/Freedom Fighters story

An Advanced Placement World Geography teacher at a Texas high school who encouraged students to dress in Islamic clothing also instructed them to refer to the 9-11 hijackers not as terrorists – but as “freedom fighters,” according to students who were in the class.

Students at Lumberton High School were also told to stop referring to the Holocaust as Genocide – instead they were told to use the term “ethnic cleansing.”

John Valastro, the superintendent of the Lumberton Independent School District, told Fox News that the teacher did absolutely nothing wrong.

“What is more dangerous – fear and ignorance or education and understanding,” he asked. “From our standpoint, we are here to educate the kids.”

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  • Donny Cotten

    It clear that conservatives and liberals will never live together without massive bloodshed in another civil war. It only seems logical that we should divide this country and let each go their own way with neither side being welcome in the others territory.

    • antiliberalcryptonite

      Yup. Commie libs can have Kalifornia, Chitcago, Detroit, and NYC. Stay inside your commie liberal zone and don’t set one toe outside and you will be ok.

      • no no.Louisiana is going to take its land back,all of it and that includes chi town. we will clean it back up

      • Nope when NOT if the crap hits the fan, the corruption in san fran sicko LOST angles and the other enclaves of idiots will self destruct and leave for the most part the decent people to rebuild. Same for the peoples republik of new jerk or shitcago.

        • Whackajig

          The easy solution = tell the blacks that the mexicans taste like fried chicken.

          • HappyG

            The Latinos are taking their jobs now, and will take the rest of them if Obama and the dems they elected get their way and legalize 11 million invaders…I blame their teachers…

          • You sir have made my day.

          • The blacks won’t have a prayer since they are Already ‘Self Cleansing’.
            The #1 cause of Death, for young black males is Gunshot, by Other black males, Nationally. If the Latinos start shooting them too, there won’t be enough left for a fella to get his daily bag limit !

        • Don’t forget to include the entire ‘Left Coast’ , aka The Peoples Republic of California.

    • Not a problem. Of course the liberals will soon have no food, gas or anything else and will attack the states that are doing well or starve. Work is above them starvation is not. In the end they will be dead by their own beliefs and we will be alive because of ours. GOD vs Darwin (Darwin and his followers have forgotten who made who)

      • jdangiel

        But the conservative states will have the money, weapons, food, healthy, fit and properly fed people with the necessary mindset to band together, do their duty, support each other, endure whatever in order to win and the sorry libs will be wiped out. Problem solved.

        • Long with many social diseases. Such as muslims and homosexuals

        • Genocide?

        • Whackajig

          BBBBBBut who is going to cut my grass?

    • Jaime Cancio

      They tried that with India and Pakistan – didn’t work out to well. In fact when first separated over a million people slaughtered in ethnic fighting. Bosnia also, 30,000 Serbs killed by Muslims/Islamics and 8,000 Muslim/Islamics killed when Serbs defended themselves only trouble with that U.S. killing Muslims/Arabs in Kuwait and Iraq. At the same time protecting Muslims/Islamics in Bosnia and U.S. making the Serbs in Bosnia the wrong doers. You also seem to forget that Bill Ayers, Van Johnson, et.al., in the late 60’s stated they needed some 25,000,000 Americans killed when they take over the political control of America being easier to kill Americans rather than re-educate them into communism.

    • coastx

      Liberalism and conservatism is fraud politics.

      • jdangiel

        Should have stopped at liberalism.

      • boccagalupe

        If what you say is true, What politics do you consider real??? Socialism? Communism? Islam(yes, it is a political as well as religious belief) Sharia?

        • coastx

          It will be whatever people tolerate. They are too stupid and lazy to figure this out.

          I don’t push an ideology, but I know our bicameral system is a fraud. Also, since the electoral college elects the president and Deibold determines the outcome of midterm elections, we’re only seeing one type of individual promoted to office anyway: a parliamentary liberal who is fiscally liberal or conservative and pledged to repatriation.

          The US is oblivious to this. Let me say it again. We’re undergoing R-E-P-A-T-R-I-A-T-I-O-N. That’s it. People giggle and laugh at this in disbelief. They aren’t connecting the dots like they are retarded.

          Obama had a two point agenda when he was elected first term: health care reform and energy reform. These two were to have worked together to circumvent the DCBR. He warned he wouldn’t be responsible for what happened if people rejected hie energy bill, and he’s delivering on that message.

          Where are people at in their collective mind while this is going down? McDonalds. Disneyland. Watching movies. Partying. Sports. Band on the run. People lost this fight via the entertainment industry, a grip on themselves with one hand and on their armchair with the other living one orgasmic moment to the next, eyes glues to their monitor at a cascade of debauchery which has baited them from their first works in this immense hoax.

          The lie presses itself into the mainstream via the double cross, trauma bond and rendition, all fo which we are seeing daily from this admionistration. Reality presses itself against the lie with confrontation, a defensive shield to meet psychological and physical injuries and SYG.

          People don’t understand reality, because they don’t practice it. They practice the lie. They are programmed on this by tell-LIE-vision, and they don’t seem to have a clue they are even human anymore.

          What, WHAT!

          • Yea coastx ,I agree. I”m pretty sure your right on most of your points except one. There is a third party and it goes by many names now, tea party, libertarian party, little r republican party, etc. We need to band together as a nation and forget petty differences. A bigger problem exists that we need to deal with NOW. Please jump into the fray and complete your mission with us.

          • coastx

            The LaRouche party!

      • muslimmustgo

        I totally agree with the disease of liberalism accusation! You obviously don’t understand conservatism!!

        • coastx

          FYI, liberalism is Nazi/Fascist meld. This parliamentary ideology is fiscally liberal OR conservative, the label “liberal” actually a user friendly developmental name making it less obsequious to the user, or abuser as it were.

          Liberalism is the mission creep of repatriation, geniuses like you “illuminating” alternative dead end descriptions that although may loft the conversation it falls short of flight without wings and ends up falling head of heels in a crash landing with reality.


          • muslimmustgo

            Obviously YOU don’t understand Conservatism either! Your comment is a bunch of nothing words written to sound intellectual but without any substance!

          • coastx


    • ONLY conservatives have been threatening to kill fellow Americans.

      • Um, your wrong, liberals in the media whether tv or radio, along with Hollywood have said that conservatives should be killed.

        • Proof?? I haven’t seen anything like that.

          • Your President is prepareing for that as we speak…

          • muslimmustgo

            The communist liberal or idolater will always thumb down the comments that contain the truth about their messiah,but alas it will never dispell the true facts!

          • dane

            Do you watch any media?

          • How about the confirmed Death Threats against a certain county Sheriff in Arizona.

          • muslimmustgo

            You are either lying or your comment is proof that you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about! I think you well know what your communist liberal democrat party is all about!

      • Nope, not fellow Americans. Just liberals, especially the hippie types.

        • I am a proud American liberal citizen and I guess you are threatening to kill me, right?

          • Trying to make peace with the muzzles are like trying to git a tiger to go vegan

          • Whackajig

            I would not threaten you directly, since that is a violation of the law. What I will say is that your half of the nation, the “takers” are worthless pieces of chit who add no value to America.

          • You cannot be a “Proud American” and an Obama Liberal at the same time. It is a contradiction in terms and beliefs!

          • sagerat

            Isn’t it fun twisting a libs tail?

          • No-one would bother with threatening some libturd as dumb as you.

          • Nope. You’re just not worth the blood stains on my hammer.

      • Donny Cotten

        You are either a liberal idiot, liar or complete fool if you think such things. Truth and your statement are at odds with each other.

      • The head liberal in America, Barry Soetero, claims it is within his power to kill American citizens anywhere in the world, on his own authority. A conservative threatening him with the same would result in the Secret Service dropping their whores and knocking on your door, and rightly so. Your point is incorrect.

      • muslimmustgo

        How the heck do you figure!!??? The communist liberal democrat party is pushing for disarmament of the American people! Just look at chicago where the stricktest gun laws in the nation reside and you’ll see that it has done nothing to stop murder and gun violence! And who is all for not addressing the real issue there, (reigning in the lawless thugs) the communist liberal democrat party!! The govt wants the violence to continue so they can say we tried with regulations and now we’ll have to confiscate to stop it! Clear as a bell what this administration(who is democrat, in name only) is attempting to do! I just don’t understand why the democrat liberal would want to live under the most oppressive and tyrannical form of govt on the planet! Obviously they either want it to be or they don’t have the ability to see what their democrat party is doing!

    • Just look at the Southern belt from AZ to NC, all red. We can take the lower part of the Country and give the Liberals the upper part. California can be cut in half and we’ll move the Illegals to the top half seeing how the Libs like them so much. Alaska is ours so we can prevent the Ruskies from sneaking in here and the oil. All weapon and ammo manufactures can all relocate to the USA and relocate all the welfare and food stamp people to the USSA “United Socialist States of America” It can be done without too much trouble and may come to this.

    • Gunny

      Action is needed, but a better action would be to put this country back a hundred years or so politically and morally!

  • Roblm1968

    What’s next? Teaching kids how to correctly burn the US flag in the classroom? These two teachers and the administrators that support them should be thrown out on their butts and never be allowed to educate kids in the future. These guys have no right to be pushing their own personal agendas on these kids.

    • coastx

      Stop complaining. Start doing.

  • http://www.txcscopereview.com/2013/cscope-promotes-communism/ this is a once hidden, secret agenda to promote communism in Teas public schools

  • well may I say you should have tolerance thats what it’s supose to be about some of us are tired of everything that’s going on in this country, some of it has to do with racism and some of it has to to do with the discourtious people and alot of it has to do with violence so why are we not allowed to speak our piece, it’s our 1 amdenment right and sorry if it steps on someones’ toes this is still AMERICA isn’t it?????????????

  • GC

    The teachees should be fired!! And as for the Lumberton Superintendent, he’s a moron!!!

  • ladyride

    The child made to remove his t-shirt this is wrong he had worn it before no incident,then suddenly it is offensive What kind of inconsistent message is this sending ??
    The teacher in Texas with ethnic cleansing = genocide, freedom fighters = terrorists students have to wear a burkka to get a grade. No this is wrong those children are not Islamic. If teaching Catholic, Christian beliefs is wrong then also the teaching of Islamic beliefs is wrong.
    I find the longer I live in a pc society the more it turns my stomach. Momma said a frog is a frog you can’t change what it is. She also said racism & bigotry is wrong. Get a grip folks it doesn’t the matter the language or pc term you can’t change history with changing the of words.One thing will never change we are all human beings we all have feelings & emotions, we all bleed red. It is our differences that make us all special.
    But instead we are allowing a few thin skinned to invade our basic human rights. I do not feel these teachers have any place in a school teaching young minds. They are teaching
    their own personal political agenda.

  • Well, what the hell else can we expect from our “re-education” centers???

  • marineh2ominer

    It has been five or six decades since America has had any schools or educational institutes , all we have had are brainwashing indoctrination centers . Why else would our youth be dumbed down to where they are the most ignorant of ALL other first and second world nations ? Why else would a nation that has fought communism for fifty plus years have an open and obvious communist in his second term in the White House ? Why else would our ENTIRE mainstream mass media be communist supporters and haters of America ? Why else world the murdering regime of Islam be protected but the love and peaceful religion of Jesus Christ be minimized and used for humor fodder ? Why is it that everything that is anti-American is tolerated but nothing of Americas great heritage is ? There is NO one in America less tolerant than the progressives , except their friends the muslims .

    • If you think President Obama is a communist then your education is suspect. Fox News and people like Jan have been brainwashing you all.

      • Doc

        Perhaps it is you, sir, who needs to check your, and Obama’s history. His mother, his father (whomever that might be) and his mentors were, and are (Soros) communists. He has not fallen far from the tree of deception.

      • Steve j

        Communist , socialist, Marxist , collectivist.
        Pick the one most appropriate.
        I won’t argue the nit of it.

      • Nope, Obama’s political beliefs are communist and his religious beliefs are muslim. You drank the koolaid and just can’t see it.

        • There is absolutely no evidence to back up your statement. Clearly you’ve been drinking the conservative koolaid.

          • Whackajig

            You demonstrate one of the dire problems with facts and evidence……………….. you remain too stupid to see them.

          • And where is your evidence? I thought so…

      • Whackajig

        ovomit is a lying , black, muslim, communist piece of chit.

  • Lets take both of those so called teachers and those school administrators who allowed this to stand and deport the to Iran. There they will be at home!

  • This is an absolute Outrage!

  • horseridingplains

    Joe Valastro as well the rogue teachers need to be fired –seems they does not know education versus propaganda and untruths–where are the parents in this–take the kids out of school in protest- go above him– this is liberal crap that is not true–period,

  • coastx


    32. Support any socialist movement to give centralized control over any part of the culture–education, social agencies, welfare programs, mental health clinics, etc.

    33. Eliminate all laws or procedures which interfere with the operation of the Communist apparatus.


    4. Any and all means should be used to reach the Illuminati Goals as they are justified.

    17. Expound the value of systematic deception, use high sounding slogans and phrases and advocate lavish promises to the masses even though they cannot be kept.

    24. Infiltrate into all classes and levels of society and government for the purpose of fooling, bemusing and corrupting the youthful members of society by teaching them theories and principles that we know to be false.

    25. National and International laws should be used to destroy civilization and enslave and control the people.

    America Responds: LET’S EAT!

  • Dave G

    They imply, Marines are offensive? Well a best defense is a good offense. Lets continue to support all of our young men and women in service of their country and yes,,,continue to be offensive.

  • Everyone join the chorus to the tune of that great Carly Simon song from 1971.
    “Indoctrination …, Indoctrina aa tion”

  • seaofteamerican

    Let them try that in my neck of the woods and see how far they get without a thorough response from veterans in my community. That’s a guarantee too!

    • Doc

      And yet in that community nothing has been done; and nothing will. How far my country has fallen.

  • Rustytruck

    To the principal, Well if you are there to educate the kids, then do it, stop whitewashing the garbage they did in WWII, It was Genocide and that’s the truth. Ethnic cleansing, my ass. You are one of the pukes I will not allow my kids to talk to because of your lies. I put you in the same class as Obama, liar!!! Stop trying to change history and just teach it like it’s supposed to read. And also, Marines are offensive? Are you really here in our country or what? Shut it down you puke and leave the kids alone. How dare you!!

    • Ethnic cleansing is genocide. The Nazis were killing jews because of their ethnicity. They also killed many people of other nationalities in their death camps.

      • Whackajig

        Was that (jews) the same group of people who recently elected ovomit?

        • We The American People elected President Obama.

          • Straight and in the Majority

            Dead people, 5 times voters, and George Soros rigged voting machines elected Obama!! Oh… and not counting military ballots.

          • One: the Jews in Germany supported Hitler in every socialist agenda he and the pre-Nazi party enacted. They are condemned of God to do this. Read your Bibles!
            Two: the voter fraud was a new type. Not the old stuff everyone knows about. Many, many voters were encouraged to vote more than once, and many did. The American people did not elect O’enema!
            Three: the two party system is a sham, and THE problem! Our forefathers knew this! READ the federalist papers and the history of the Whigs and the TorrIes. The parties have divided this country and put it’s people against each other. WE MUST STOP THIS NOW!
            CAUCUS form of election is the answer! No more parties. No more multimillion dollar elections. No more lobbyists! Peace and compromise will rule among our people, black, white, brown, and any other color!
            Next we need to fix our legal system starting with dissolving the legal profession and taking any form of money out of the courts for everything but civil process in business…..

          • Maybe you should ask John McCain or Newt Gingrich whether there was voter fraud or not. We The People spoke LOUDLY and CLEARLY in the past election. The notion of voter fraud is as much a joke as proclaiming that President Obama is a Muslim. Just who is that STUPID? Ohh…

          • dane

            He is a Muslim several video’s verify him saying he is! What he’s not is an American citizen!

          • Why don’t you post some links for those vids. I thought so.

          • NOT THIS VET

          • LibertyNotTyranny

            WRONG – Fraudulent voting machines elected Ovomit.

  • Jaime Cancio

    How about calling the police to gather the facts and filing a Federal complaint for abridgement of freedom of expression and the right to free speech. Seems to me, teachers also have to take an oath to support and defend the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Amendments – this they are clearly not doing against their word of honor and loyality and with determined breach of ethics. Seems to me both teachers should be terminated and their teaching credential stripped from them.

    • Doc

      The only oath they take is to support the union. Nothing else.

  • KDC1466

    If this happened at my kids school I would be demanding these teachers jobs! I’m sick and tired of this agenda they are pushing on our children as well as the political correctness! I have never been more ashamed to have to explain to my kids why this is all happening! This is why our schools are in the condition they are in! Teach the core, reading, writing and mathematics and stay out of the rest!



    • Write the Board of Education & let them know what you think. I did. If enough do this, they might get the idea, unless they have been bought off too well. If they have, pull your kids out of the public schools. I would certainly home school mine if they were that age now.

  • what the hell is wrong with these teachers they should be fired on the spot. this is the beginning of being un American. we have to many non American’s in this country.
    get them out or make them conform to the American way of life (English) one language only don’t care of where you came from

    • Doc

      Unions, Santa, unions. They support, condone, teach, and lie to continue their communist agenda. Sadly the “not all teachers are bad” comments need to be put aside and reality faced. Any teacher in the union is the enemy. Any teacher that does what these have done to our children are the enemy. They are NOT the kind, loving, gentle teachers of the past. Theirs is a clearly defined agenda and it has no respect for the Constitution. Either we stand and fight or we lay down and lose. You chose; I already have.

      • Whackajig

        Doc, I stand with you but someone must begin the real fight. How many liberals have you shot today?

  • I hope someone is making a record of these unamerican teachers so they can be dealt with properly. This includes school superintendants that condone their activities and a school board that permits it.

    • Whackajig

      Is it also UnAmerican to fail to capitalize the name of our nation?

  • Joe Lettieri

    What do you expect ? You people voted for this.Our supreme leaders,our supreme teachers,our supreme media,you get what you deserve.Lay on your sanctimonious,apathetic asses and suffer,you deserve it.

    • Doc

      Amen. The fat, lazy, slovenly America has taken hold.

  • Randy131

    There is a huge difference between ‘Teaching’ and ‘Indoctrination’! What is that difference? The people who hi-jacked airplanes in the USA and flew them into the ‘World Trade Center’ towers in New York City, killing all aboard those airplanes as well as the innocent lives that were lost in those ‘World Trade Center’ towers, should be taught to our children what those acts imply those people who perpetrated those acts are. Terrorists, not freedom fighters, for which they where not fighting a war against the USA for their freedom, that the USA was denying them or their people, nor were anyone on those airplanes, or in those ‘World Trade Center’ towers, that they killed. Common sense exposes the truth as to what they are by the deed they perpetrated and committed against the innocent American people that they killed, while calling them something else, that is not the truth, is simple indoctrination of propaganda, something that is untrue but if told enough times, people listening, forced to or not, will come to believe as being true, hence our children being ‘Indoctrinated’. Who are these people that choose to indoctrinate our children about 9/11, instead of teaching them the truth, and what is their motive for doing so, for which I am sure not only the parents of these children would like to know, but also the loved ones and relatives of those killed during these horrific acts of terrorism on the ‘World Trade Center’ towers? If this terrible indoctrination is being allowed to be perpetrated on our children in our public schools, what else are they indoctrinating our children with and about? No true American, and especially those parents of children being indoctrinated, would allow something like this to occur in American public schools. What the ‘HELL’ is going on and why, and who is it that is supporting these types of horrific occurences, to be perpetrated in our public schools on our children?

    • Muslims are always at war, no matter where they are, until they run everything. Their agenda is to rule the world & won’t be “happy” til they are. They still won’t be happy since there are 2 factions of them & they fight amongst themselves. They are infiltrating everything here in America to take over. Then all the infidels will be killed & they will “live happily ever after”. NOT. They indoctrinate in the schools where the kids are vulnerable & easily persuaded to believe anything when the kids don’t have parents they can relate to. Half the kids in America don’t know who both parents are, let alone have any parental guidance or authority in their lives. Parents don’t care what their kids learn, or if they learn, as long as they don’t have to put up with them for the day. Basically, schools are communist day care centers. The states ALL need to take back over the duties they are supposed to take care of and the federal government needs to get out of things that are not their concern, and follow the Constitution and this type of garbage wouldn’t be happening.

      • Randy131

        Sounds to me like you’re also talking about the ‘Sexual Revolution’ of the 60’s, and it’s parental type results. There is only one who desires to rule the whole Earth and all the peoples on it, and that’s SATAN. Does that explain and expose who the God of Islam, Allah, really is? A Jin (Genie in Arabic folklore) is a Demon, and Mohammad received the first five books of the Quran in a cave that was known to be the home of many Jins, and afterward he claimed he was possessed by Jins, but his wife rebuked him for it and said, “How could anything so beautiful, as those five books, be from Demons?” Reminds me of what my Grandmother, who was raised in a Catholic Convent, use to tell me and my siblings when we were very young, “Satan will tell you a thousand truths, to get you to belive just one lie.” In the Catholic Community of today, there are prophecies called the ‘Angel Prophecy’, which desribes the ‘Third World War’ as the war between religions, Islam versus Judeo/Christian, which will be decided at it’s final battle at Armageddon, for which the Bible tells us who the winner will be. Jews and Christians do not desire to rule the world or other peoples, but only to live in the Kingdom of GOD, in Heaven, and under GOD’s rule and protection.

  • If wearing the burqua was a one time thing intended to show the students how backward the Muslims are then that would be good. If the teacher is pushing an agenda meant to glorify that religion and promote it, then she needs to go. As for the tee shirt, that teacher needs some “enlightenment” from the Supt.

    • Doc

      Think this same teacher would allow any such Christian displays or cultural examinations? Nonsense. This is pure (and evil) propaganda. Nothing less.

  • Doc

    This is the result of years of union lead liberals preaching socialism and hatred of the founding fathers. They hate and fear the nations heroes because they are cowards. Like Obama they hide behind their political power but if faced with a real life punch in the nose (something millions of Americans would like to provide) they, and he, would fall weeping to their knees. We have just begun to see the depths of of their deception and the will they have for the destruction of our Constitution and our life of liberty. Interestingly they have discounted the old gray wolves in their mist. I suspect they (we?) will be their undoing. Stand and fight!

  • pysco

    Is that whats it called, “Freedom Fighters”, when they are killing christians//

  • RWineJr

    The only reason these people have any freedoms is NOT because Muslims fought for their freedoms, but the armed forces including the MARINES. So, if you don’t like the Marines displayed, go to a Muslim country and see how many freedoms you don’t have. This country was built and our laws made on the Bible, not the Quran.
    Enough is enough, this is America and we can wear what we want and have RELIGIOUS freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. Christians have rights too and it’s time we quit taking it on the chin by liberals.

  • Traveler

    Only liberals could marginalize the Holocaust and at the same time show contempt towards the Marine corps, or any other branch of the U.S. military. This isn’t ‘giving the kids an education’, its brainwashing them against their own government.

    Local school districts should be dealing harshly with teachers or other staff that abuse their positions in this way, but they don’t. Many of the senior educators came from the very same communist nesting places that our colleges and universities have become.

    We are at a very fragile time in our history, more so than during the second world war. We have the ability to withstand attacks from outsiders, but we have too much tolerance for the attackers within our own borders.

  • Charlie

    Do not these students understand the first amendment. It’s the one that grants freedom of speach. Therefore if they wanted to wear a shirt that said Muslims are terrorist that kill women and children. Then the school should understand it is the first amendment that gives the student the privilege to express themself is with out reproach. Any public school is owned by we the people and since this is a country with a constitution that gives us God Given Rights via the Bill of Rights these employee’s of our’s need to be fired. No arbitration just fire them for teaching ignorance rather then knowledge. Fire them for terrorist acts of promoting terrorist and trashing The Few The Proud The MARINES. Just who the hell do this people think they are, even if a teacher is told to do such BS the teacher should not.

  • Come for this old jarhead and I’ll send the terrorist to meet their god satan in a dead second, they are women haters, children molester’s and will lose in the end. And what freedom do they fight for? To destroy all other religions for their little god.

  • agbjr

    Marines = protectors of the Constitution, freedom, and liberty.

    Terrorists = no explanation necessary just let the Marines kill ’em all.

  • It ALL depends on YOUR description of educate.

  • Do your children a favor. Arm the with a mini video recording camera. This will catch all the conversation, confrontation, violation of” free Speech, 1st. Amendment, especially when it does not violate dress policy. Once you are given the OK that the Super has approved the wearing of an article. Sue the teacher in Civil Court. Name a price? Use an attorney who understands these cases. A jury can sift out the information with the video recording and the overbearing of the teacher. I believe the teacher will be relieved of their position and you may be awarded money from the tort action. After this your children and many others will be left alone. I am not a liberal, I believe in a dress code and one way would be to have students, Males wear a white shirt tie, dress pants, sports coat. Girls: White blouse, Skirt of school colors. This prevents kids from outdressing other kids, Gets the guys to wear a sport suit and make school like a business setting and changes their attitudes. The pants around the ankles would stop because the dress pants have a belt. Dress pants are not anymore money than Lee Jeans in fact less expensive. This also identifies you to a particular school and the reputation follows because of recognition. This gets rid of any possibility of argument of what shirts can or cannot be worn. The kid in the spiked hair will look better in a blazer also and maybe he will change to find a part time job after school.

  • Chief47

    And people wonder why we have so many shootings in the schools across this country. I personally think we need to look no further than the actions of about 50% of the teachers and school administrators. By their idiotic and nonsensical actions, they are teaching a significant number of students to hate them and bear grudges against them rather than respect them. It’s time the parents of children who get treated this this take a stand and start filing monumental lawsuits again both the school administrations AND the teachers personally.

  • Terry Skidmore

    There are at least three films available that document the results of this line of education, others document the results of disarming the citizenry, The things we are seeing today in our schools are there because we who believe in God and Country have been so complacent for too many years and have allowed it to happen. Adolph Hittler did everything according to the law of the land, he did nothing illegal even to the point of killing so many millions of people. We are seeing the same progression of laws and education right here and now and we absolutely must wake up to it and stop it or we will definitely slip into the same actions repeating the very history that our school systems are rewriting now. Islamitization begins with the children who are first desensitized to it and then made to accept it, the same occurs with eugenics. They are being taught that the aged are useless rather than a source of much knowledge and wisdom. They are being taught that the sick, deformed, mentally deficient and aged are useless drains on the economy and are being first given the idea that assisted suicide is OK and soon that the execution of such people is in the best interest of society. Those teachers who are at the level of “higher education” are being driven out of their professions by persecution for their beliefs if they are not in line with the ultra-liberal mess being foisted on us. The UN is being portrayed not as a means for all nations to get together and discuss world problems but as the ultimate in government, military power, economic control of all nations and our sovereignty is being abdicated to that organization despite the fact that the majority of the countries represented there having voting power are avowed enemies of Democracy, Capitalism, Christianity. We are the largest source of membership dues, we host the UN on our own soil and we allow proven enemies of the USA free access to this country under the guise of diplomatic immunity. If some space alien were to observe this country it would not take him long to realize the direction we are going and the end of the course we are following and would have to wonder why such an obviously successful system and country could be deluded into this course knowing full well it leads to total destruction of everything that has been built by that system and country.

    I was amazed at how stupid the American people can be and have proven themselves as a whole to be. It was confirmed when our present illegal president was re-elected. Both of my parents served honorably as Marines during WWII and were proud of this country and instilled that pride in me as I grew up. My father died 30 years ago at the ripe old age of 58 due in large degree to his experiences in that war and at the hands of military medical personnel thereafter. My mother died much later at the age of 87 and unbelievably was actually going to vote for OBummer until I made her sit and actually listen to several of his campaign speeches and when asked what he said, she could not find anything of any solid value. She agreed he was a wonderful orator but that he was obviously and air head otherwise being completely guided by his handlers and speech writers. He could not speak intelligently on any subject extemporaneously, he could not answer any question that was not prescripted for him.

    If it were even possible for me to do so, I would have become an expatriot after this administration’s first term. It is even less possible for me to do now even though I am now firmly convinced that the country as I knew it growing up will soon disappear, possibly in the flames of civil war and if not that then in the abdication of our sovereignty to the UN.

  • Let’s “put the shoe on the other foot”. If some country invaded the US for no good reason and you took up arms to fight them, would you consider yourself to be a terrorist or a freedom fighter?

  • jamohio

    Where are all the anti religion zealots now?? The aclu?? They’re all hypocrites!!

  • CommonSense

    And I thought TX was the place to move TO! There goes that idea. Is there no place left in America where the truth is taught?

    • Whackajig

      Texas is not represented by those few effed up educators. Did the public school system teach you to extrapolate the qualities of a very few onto a huge population?

  • Susan

    Have to feminize the men—make them like a Justin Bieber—guys who worry about their hair and make-up and spend hours looking in a mirror like women–and look at men with lust (sodomy promotion in our military, now)—so that we eliminate all the Godly Christian men who made this country the greatest, most free country in the history of the world.

    Character and Virtue and willing to die for their country and women and children—were men like our Founders and Lincoln, etc. Marxists put in Sex Ed in schools dripping with Marxist curricula and perversion to destroy Virtue in our kids intentionally. Promote perversions and Pride in Vice and promote dysfunctional behavior to destroy Excellence (Virtue). No Moral country can exist with immoral, feminized males.

    Oh Ya….and put women in combat, so males can be conditioned into killing women (Destroy Christian Ethics) so we can destroy the concepts and natures of men and women—-to create hate and dysfunction and destroy unity, cohesion, Romance and Respect. Destroy civil society and destroy the family unit so children are emotional dysfunctional wrecks who just will be druggies and join gangs.

    • Whackajig

      Women demanded that they be allowed in combat to kill people.

      • Susan

        The founder of the feminist movement, Betty Friedan, was a Communist. She hated men. Her aim? To group people to divide them, and destroy the family unit. Marx’s “radical egalitarianism” destroys the family unit (which collapses the culture). Men and women are designed to be more efficient in certain roles. Destroy those “differences” and you destroy effective societies and confuse and warp children who won’t understand the Laws of Nature (Common Sense). Children, in single households, fill prisons and gangs with no father figures. They become dysfunctional and addicts. They become angry and evil (like the abandoned obama).
        Lenin invented Day Care so children could be warped and brainwashed and institutionalized—away from normal biological connections so they have a warped view of life and are insecure and collectivized. Easy to put them in artificial world with “group think” where Up is Down, Sodomy is good. Harry Hay who was a pederast and sodomized as a boy founded the homosexual movement. He was a Communist. They have weak characters and are easily corrupted and it is why they are now glorified and given pride parades in our military uniforms. It is promoting evil, dysfunctional, immature behavior which dehumanizes people and Vice always collapses cultures as Socrates even knew. Free Republics HAVE to promote public Virtue (Founders, Cicero, Socrates, Aristotle).

  • Ya’ll think that it’s Conservatives vs Liberals/ Democrats vs Republican when it has NOTHING to do with that! It’s US vs THEM (the Government who IS trying to divide & DESTROY this Country). WE THE PEOPLE MUST stand up to our Government & tell them ENOUGH IS ENOUGH & that THEY need to start doing their JOBS & represent US! ALL they have done (ALL SIDES) is just point the finger at the other parties & NOT done ANYTHING to “fix” our Country! STOP playing the “political blame game” along with your government party and UNITE as WE THE PEOPLE because ALL the Government is doing is dividing & destroying this country & we are LETTING them! STOP!!!

  • Petronella 981

    About the Marines t shirt, I find that astounding that anybody would stoop so low as to get an 8th grader to remove some of his clothing just for his/her reasons. I have been a Marine for many years when I was younger and one grandson is stepping into my shoes to become a Marine himself. Which makes his mother, my wife and I very proud. No teacher whatsoever will be able to change that.
    I get the feeling that your president has the whole nation snockkered into something he was supposed to do from the very first beginning. I have a feeling that someone else is pulling his strings.

  • My grandchild has been instructed to request to call home if anything like this is tried in her class. IF her request is refused she is to sit on the floor, with her head down and refuse to respond until her family comes to RESCUE her.
    All local media will be notified of the situation taking place. WILL THE LAST TRUE AMERICAN FAMILY TAKE DOWN OUR FLAG AS THEY LEAVE THESE SUBVERSIVE INSTITUTIONS!

  • More educated than teachers

    By definition there are no freedom fighters in the world anymore. Freedom fighters refers to colonialism. There haven’t been any colonies since the 70’s. and this teacher is supposed to be teaching children.

  • I don’t know about all you peopleout therebut this smacks of ANTI=AMERICANISM and PRO-TERROREST and those teachers that are promoting their UNAMERICAN idology should be terminated and not allowed to teach ever again. To me they are trators to this country and to the student they are trying to brainwash. SEMPER FI

  • The liberal’s would do the “divorce division” of the Gold Mine. They get the Gold and the conservatives get the shaft. Me? I favor the “outhouse” division. Conservatives get the “upstairs” Liberals get the “basement”.
    Or in otherwords the idea of dividing this country up is $hit. I would like to say we need to get rid of all liberals, but that is as impossible to do as for them to get rid of all Conservatives. So what we have to do is take back control of the country and institute some changes that prevent anyone from getting and maintaining total control again, term limits and NO Retirement package for politics would be a good place to start. Also we need to clean up and purge the legal system of all Constitutional Violations.

  • ALL CAPS offends you? Grow up……

  • Mutley46

    The good news here is that the Illinois school has rescinded and is allowing the student to wear the US Marine Corps T-Shirt.

    As for the Texas story, the teacher needs to be fired immediately. The principal needs to be put on notice and the parents need to get angry at this behavior. We are Americans and our children need to learn about America. It is OK to teach different cultures in World History classes but to make a child live the role of another country and to call terrorists freedom fighters is too much. Also the if the Board of Ed does nothing, the parents need to call for new elections and elect a BoE with backbone.

  • Our country is becoming more and more divided, Soon we will be two different countrys

    If we can avoid Another Civil war……. I dont see any other way out of this, Why do you think they are trying so hard to get the AR-15 type of guns out of the public’s hands, They are afraid if we have those kind of guns, because we can fight them, without these guns we can not do much harm to the gov, If you know anything about guns and the type of guns used in gun shootings the AR-15 is used less than 1 % of the time. But thats the guns they want, They know theres something that may happen in our country soon, They are just working ahead to stop us.

  • Lloyd

    I give up! Everybody knows what has to be done, but won’t do it. The So called conservative elite don’t have the cajones to step forward and get the message out to the people about where and when to come together, except to just run more rhetoric. At this point, talk will no longer do the job. We are no longer at peace, so what difference will it make. There! See how easy it is to ask that question. It’s not a hillary exclusive. Enough talk, do something!!!

  • jon does

    I never thought I would America be in such shambles,and what are we the people doin’g about it?Communist rules for revolution are almost starting to work very well for those who seek it.corrupt teh young by getting them away from religion,get them interested in sex,destroy their ruggedness.get peoples minds off their governments by trivial distractions,make the people hostile by harping on controvisal matters of no importance,destroy peoples faith in national leaders
    holding the latter in contempt and ridicule,preach true democracy but seize power as fast as possible,Encourage govt extravgance,destroy it’s credit,produce fear of inflation with rising prices, and general discontent.encourage civil disorder, cause the breakdown of old moral virtues,honesty,sobriety,continence, faith in the pledged word,CAUSE THE REGISTRATION OF ALL FIREARMS ON SOME PRETEXT,WITH A VIEW OF CONFISCATING THEM,AND LEAVING THEM DEFENCELESS. Wake up AMERICANS this is happening as we speak and sleep.

  • paintinc56

    Public schools are not about education, they are there to coerce & brainwash children into accepting the leftist political agenda. Sod omy is “normal”, pedo philia is acceptable, using vio lence to get your way, up to & including mur der, think bla ck cop, is o.k. if it furthers the leftist cause. Being patriotic makes you stupid, being repulsed by homosexual deviancy makes you a bigot as does believing in traditional/NORMAL marriage, marching PEACEFULLY, without ANY vio lence makes you a terr orist & of course disagreeing with ObaMAO’s extremist, RACIST, ha te filled, leftist agenda makes YOU a racist.
    It is called PROJECTION, MENTALLY ILL people do it all the time. The goal is to make YOU, a NORMAL person, feel ashamed, guilty, scared & question YOUR sanity. That way the truly INSANE, ALL LEFTISTS/DEMOCRATS, can push their insanity off as normal behavior.

  • believeroftheway

    Why do you call them “schools”? Schools teach the entire range of information, while the current Government Indoctrination Centers,ie Public Schools, subjectively brainwash our children in the disciplines of limited information that the political culture deems necessary to guarantee their survival. It is just like the old Soviet Union’s daily newspapers Pravda (Truth) and Izvestia (News), of which the population said, “there is no truth in Pravda and no news in Izvestia.” There is no School in the Government Indoctrination Centers.

  • Michael Robert Roehm

    rushe ct
    What if a teacher said , the crusades were all good & noble, encouraged kids to sport Yamicas, Ball caps with crosses or monk’s robes. Would that be “tolerated” as well?

  • smogdew

    This is the school system about which Obama has so many complaints regarding our standing in international ‘placement’ polls – fairly low. They’ll be rock bottom next time – along with everything else in the country. Any statistics about the GDP, economy, #s in entitlement programs, job statistics are delusions of Obama’s mind or statistics he choses to be seen by the public.
    Home school children or put them in parochial schools – or they will be brain deat by college age.

  • I spent over 4 years in the United States Marine Corps defending the right of liberals to be liberal. I still believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion, however, we are at war with terrorism and that terrorism is created by islamic extremists. These extremists would see my country completely destroyed and turned into an extension of their vile, reprehensible idea of a religious state under the most barbaric concept of law called Shariah. Promoting this no longer falls under the bill of rights but should be considered treason and treated accordingly.

  • That’s not education, it’s brainwashing!

  • Wonderful article, Jan. Would love to be on your writing team. Now see here . . .


  • Baa, baa, baa, bleat the sheeple! What need’s to be done is for all the parents of these schools to hold their children out of these “indoctrination camps” until this communist sh$t is stopped but the sheeple haven’t a spine anymore! Home of the brave and land of the free my ^ss, it has become home of the ‘FRAID and land of the ENSLAVED! WAKE UP, WISE UP, RISE UP!