Is There a Real Difference Between Republicans and Democrats?


About the author: Becky is a conservative citizen activist who grew up in the 1980's Reagan era. During that time it was not unusual for American's to hear a great deal about the Cold War and to be concerned about the possibility of a nuclear war. When the Cold War ended, American entered an era of peace and prosperi ... [read 's FULL BIO]

Sometimes I read so many stories and articles that my head spins. Maybe it’s the conflict I see emerging from the size-of-government debate. Maybe it’s my brain trying to wrap itself around the magnitude of it all. Maybe I’m just getting old and tired. But from my perspective the GOP appears to be riding on both sides of the fence.

On one hand, our main argument, for decades, has been that the federal government has grown too big and is out of control. From taxing the American people into oblivion, to forcing Uncle’s will on private businesses, to giving expansive privilege to agencies like the FDA while prohibiting citizens from choosing raw milk, to allowing the EPA to take Americans’ private property away to preserve more wetlands… Uncle Sam seems to have his hand in just about everything these days. The latest trend? Uncle wants you to give up your guns and your right to tell him to go to hell. That’s right, we must now fight to preserve the first and second amendments while Uncle feeds his glutinous face on your liberties to expand his power over all.

On the other hand, many who call themselves conservatives are the same ones who crawl before the king with their hands open, hoping for Uncle to bless them with more legislation or freebies. Groups of people across America band together under a conservative banner and beg Uncle to pass laws against other people so those other people are forced to conform to the ideals of the first group. Case in point – The VAWA, or Violence Against Women Act. My question is this; why are we looking to the federal government to institute these laws?

Before we united as the UNITED STATES of America, there were thirteen individual states who governed themselves. The biggest difficulty in forming the union was the fear that a federal government would become – well, what it is today. That they would exert control over the SOVEREIGN states and take away their autonomy. That is exactly what has happened. And what do conservatives do? They go to the federal government and ask for more regulation. The GOP says they are for smaller government but that is only relative to the size of government wanted by liberals. And in today’s America, any effort by the states to exert their sovereign authority is often quickly met with a federal smack-down.

So look around you at the Senators and Congressmen who represent you in Washington. Where are they on the subject of federal government overreach? They are in DC with their hands out, negotiating for the funds to bring back to their district. They remain quiet as church mice when Uncle stomps on the rights of the states. Have you ever tried to reach your reps to tell them you would like to see them grow a pair? On the rare occasion that you can actually reach them it’s like they’re standing there with their fingers in their ears saying “lalalalalala” while you try to share your concerns. It doesn’t matter which party they are associated with. There are few legislators in Washington who are actually there to represent the will of the people. When a few of them do stand up and say no to politics as usual they are demonized by the lame stream media. Whatever your thoughts on Ron Paul, he was a champion of the people’s rights. His son Rand Paul is following in his footsteps. I have high hopes for Senator Ted Cruz too, and it bodes well for us that he hails from Texas. But I’ve been disappointed before. Let’s hope Paul and Cruz are true champions of liberty and stand by their principals. We desperately need champions to lead us.

Ultimately, we are seeing America crumble around us and the liberals didn’t do that alone. Conservatives have stood quietly by while liberals pushed God out of the public square, imposed liberal ideology on our society, took over our schools from kindergarten through college, and created the a welfare state that rewards slackers and celebrates stealing from the producers to buy the votes of the useless. I wish we could all go about our lives and rely on our elected officials to do the right thing. They have proven to us that to trust them is detrimental to us. Trusting them to hold each other accountable is like telling your kids to punish themselves for misbehavior. How delightful for them, how utterly disastrous for us. Get your heads in the game folks. It’s time for the party of We The People.

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  • antiliberalcryptonite

    There is among the ones who live out here in America, but not between the ones in D.C.

    • Becky Kress

      The article is really about the leadership but have you ever noticed that more and more R’s are calling themselves Conservatives instead? It is hard to identify with a party that cannot seem to find their courage, and that seems to have been infiltrated by moderates and liberals.

  • marineh2ominer

    There is no difference between the party leadership of either republicans or democrats , the big difference is in the rank and file , as usual it is conservative Americans trying to get their cowardly party leadership to go against the liberal progressive communists , without success I might add .

    • Then why do they stay. It is almost 2 years till the next election. If there was ever a time to abanndon the Republicans, it is NOW.
      CHRISTIAN TEA PARTY. All conservatives welcom. Start it where you are.

  • ToniStimmel

    There is a big difference between the republican and demoncrat rank & file but there is only a slight difference between the leaderships of the republicans and demoncrats, the republican leaders always lie about not wanting what the demoncrat leaders want but they will always cave just enough to let the demoncrats have what they both really want. The demoncrats own every republican in a leadership position.

  • Rattlerjake

    The problem is socialism. Socialism is a disease that destroys nations. Our country is under the impression that our voting is based on majority rules, but when a majority rules, the minority loses their rights. Political candidates run on promises of what they will or won’t do for the people, when they should be running on how well they will stand behind and back the Constitution; our vote is only to chose the best one to do so, not to chose the one that will do something for you. The video “Grinding America Down” explains it in detail. Don’t let your ideology get in the way. Keep an open mind. http: //vimeo . com/52009124

  • Republicans PRETEND to oppose the socializatin of our nation. How many of them voted for NDAA? Most. That is why it is time to leave the Republican party. They are trying to FREEZE out the conservatives with screaming about how we will waste our vote if we leave them. But they ARE NOT REPRESENTING US. They only pretend to represent us.
    CHRISTIAN TEA PARTY. (The Tea Party is worthless. They won’t leave the Repubs. And they won’t address ANY SOCIAL OR MORAL ISSUES.)

  • You are spot-on in this article! I would like to recommend to you a website for an announced Presidential candidate for 2016…Bob McNeil of Houston TX He is the founder of the American Citizen Party. It is americancitizenparty.us His platform is 100% Constitution, including his platform on taxation and revenue. I believe his party comes closest to what we need to bring this country back to what the Founders envisioned!

  • Doc

    At one time there was a difference. Now it’s just about the power. Could it be time to tear it all down and start over?

  • Jim R.

    There is no one in D.C. for the people, they are all self serving. They are the me. generation.

  • best thirty minutes I’ve spent in a while