Mark Levin: “The U.S. Government Preparing for Societal Collapse by Buying Billions of Rounds of Ammo

On a recent broadcast of his radio show, Mark Levin speculated that the federal government is stockpiling ammunition to ensure the rule of law in the event of a total societal and economic collapse.

On Feb. 8, Investor’s Business Daily editorial writer Andrew Malcolm penned a piece about the Department of Homeland Security amassing what he called “sufficient firepower to shoot every American about five times –including illegal immigrants,” or more than 1.6 billion bullets.

“I’m going to tell you what I think is going on,” Levin said. “I don’t think insurrection. Law enforcement and national security agencies — they play out multiple scenarios. They simulate multiple scenarios. I’ll tell you what I think they’re simulating: the collapse of our financial system, the collapse of our society and the potential for widespread violence, looting, killing in the streets, because that’s what happens when an economy collapses.”

“I’m not talking about a recession,” Levin continued. “I’m talking about a collapse when people are desperate, when they can’t food and clothing, when they have no way of going from place to place, when they can’t protective themselves. There aren’t enough police officers on the face of the Earth to adequately handle a situation like that.”

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  • Zepp

    The American people are buying billions of rounds too;)

    • They better be getting the training to use them or they are worthless.

      • Joe1938

        Bang,Bang,Bang,Bang,Bang,Bang, CLICK!!

    • Only if we can find the ammo! Lots of empty shelves out there!!!

  • foxxybey

    I can stand them off for quite awhile and believe Live free in Jesus Christ or die and Live with Him forever.

  • pvtvice

    Zepp, you are correct. Two can play that game.

  • Please correct typo “protective” should be “protect”

  • JAcob Theodore

    I think that scenario has it backward. I think that if they see some sort of collapse, they are projecting their own predilections on the rest of us. Their anticipations reflect what they, of the inner city thug mentality would do in such a crisis, which would be to descend into being a bunch of barbarians. They are typified by inner city riots as seen in L. A., New Orleans and a host of other cities in the US [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Urban_riots ]. That is NOT what happens in times of crisis in the rest of Americana. In those times, Americans come together and help each other, and support each other. That is our way, and has always been our way. What happens in inner city urban areas is the aberration. Considering where this present executive office comes from, I could understand that to be its viewpoint, since they seem to be dead set on creating such a crisis in order to install themselves in a virtual dictatorship. Using a manufactured crisis is just what Obama’s mentor, who wrote Rules For Radicals, laid out as the way to power: One must first destroy the existing form of government and the economy within which it operates. Then, like proffering a hand to the drowning public, they will enslave the population..

    This buy of vast amounts of ammunition can simply be a response to firearms manufacturers’ declared intent of refusing to sell arms to government agencies. Ammunition manufacturers may well follow suit, and then this brown-shirts-in waiting would find themselves SOL when it came to weapons. Of course, they may already have missed that boat, since last year alone, as evidenced by NICS checks, people bought 95 MILLION weapons to add to the 600 million firearms already in private hands.


      Yes, when you had a society that was honest, God fearing, and the law was our religion. A homogenous society, all Americans. But now, with no one knowing how to use even a screwdriver, or be able to cook (no more In-And Out Burgers) who is going to fix up a big batch of soup, and dish it out to the homeless and depressed off the back porch, like the last great depression? This will be a new breed of people who will take what they want with force, be it gangs, firepower or whatever means necessary to survive. I hate to give you a blade runner scenario, but that is exactly where we are headed. Stock up on small denomination of precious metals, firearms and ammunition. Enlist bands of like-thinking people who can secure a block of real estate with force, and wait it out. When it hits the fan, mobilize and secure whatever food supplies and fuel you can get. On my street alone I have 17 families of like minded people who will not go quietly into that long good-night.

      • Your spot on. I have been telling people that they better get to know their neighbors. If they don’t if things happen they will be on their own.

    • Yes JAcob, they should be planning for collapse by buying five billion extra MREs and other items Americans will need if the economy completely collapses, not ammo to kill Americans.


        The order for the MRE’s was placed last year. The Ammo contracts were sent out in the last week or so. The plan is set, keep your ear to the train tracks Tonto.

    • The billions of rounds of ammo being bought by the government began several months before the Sandy Hook “massacre,” the ensuing immediate push for gun control and subsequent panic-buying of weaponry and ammo, so there’s simply no way it’s a “response” to the firearms manufacturers refusing to sell to government and LE agencies.
      You’re spot on about everything else, however!

    • Guav DNA

      “Their anticipations reflect what they, of the inner city thug mentality would do in such a crisis … What happens in inner city urban areas is the aberration … Considering where this present executive office comes from …”

      Who in the present executive office comes from the inner city?

      • Jame

        Guav DNA??? Really. “Chicago” is where he came from.

        • Guav DNA

          No, he came from Hawaii. And I’m pretty sure he never lived in the inner city while in Chicago.

          • He Came from Hawaii news to me. I do not know where he was born and raised, and by whom. It isn’t the country your born in. That shapes the person. It is the influences he had as a child, and where he lived. By the way Indonesia dosen’t allow dual citizenship. So he was enrolled in school in that country not as an American. So you tell me where he is from and who influenced his life most. No wonder he dosen’t really understand the American way. Even if he was born in Hawaii.

          • Guav DNA

            He was born in Hawaii, lived there until he was 6, then spent four years in Indonesia—two of which was at a Catholic school—before returning to Hawaii and remaining there until he graduated high school and went to college. Fourteen of his first 18 years—his formative years—were spent in Hawaii (otherwise known as “America”).

            When people ask me where I’m from, I tell them the city I was born in—which I lived in only until I was 3—and I tell them the city I lived in from when I was 12 to 19. Those 7 years in the latter were really my formative years, what influenced me the most, and that’s where I feel like I am “from,” not any of the several places I lived in for a few years in between my birth and moving there, and not any of the several places I’ve lived in since.

            Barack Hussein Obama is not from Indonesia, not from Chicago, and not from the inner city. Attack his politics and his policies—there’s plenty to legitimately dislike—but acting like he’s some bizarre alien or an inner city gang member is just ridiculous.

          • Joe1938

            DNA, There are a couple noteworthy things about Hawaii and Chicago. Hawaii for example is where he became a the retarded puppet. Retarded puppet you ask? Yes, obama smoked his young brain away while a member of the “Choom Gang” in Hawaii. Weed destroyed his young developing brain and left him with only the ability to rap using reasonably good English if there is a teleprompter.

            Ah yes, then there is “Mans Country” in Chicago. Sources in Chicago’s gay community report that obama was attracted to Man’s Country’s older white clientele because he generally enjoys being fellated by older white men. obama Would regularly be seen at Man’s Country on Wednesdays. Also, check about his buddy Rahm Emanuel. They partied together and both were members of “Mans Country”.

          • Guav DNA

            So Obama is a gay muslim terrorist gangster communist burnout hippy Nazi … have I forgotten anything?

    • reggiec

      The left has always promoted moving people to large urban centers. This is their goal because the residents of large cities become more dependent on government for their existence. Just look at the voting demographics in every recent election.
      The left may very well be attempting to protect that very political base they have created. Rural areas will get along fairly well in a massive economic colapse.
      . Democrats are dependent on just those supporters named by The Prince for their votes but also dependent on the elites in banking and finance for monetary support. Democrats have set the two sides of their support against each other and may have created a monster they cannot control.
      Prince Machiavelli:
      A prince who has taken a state with the secret help of its malcontent inhabitants must know that it will be impossible to satisfy them and that they will not stay his supporters for long. These perpetual malcontents will soon revolt against him too. It is much easier for a prince to get faithful supporters among those who were happy with the previous government and first opposed him, than among the endless complainers who helped him for a time, but which it is impossible to satisfy for very long.

    • Joe1938

      You are on the right track JAcob.
      Bullets, Little Kings” and “Little Queens: Those who have set themselves up from the local level throughout the federal level as the “Little Kings” and “Little Queens” are terrified of the “blue people”. Look at the blue/red maps and it is obvious that the “blue people” are massed in the large metropolitan areas where the “Little Kings” and “Little Queens” have set up their little fiefdoms. When chaos reigns, these blue people will be in dire straights and in need of all the necessities of life. In need of the necessities of life, what are these people going to do? The “Little Kings” and “Little Queens” are going to need all those bullets.

  • This is to keep the ammo from the people pure and simple.

  • This is probably for the purpose of not leaving any on the shelf for the civilian population to purchase and running up the price of what is left.

    • violator1

      Trust me they are not buying .22LR and that is one caliber among many that is unavailable!

  • fideux

    They better prepare for it. It’s the Fed and their asinine policies that are causing it with a lot of help from the State governments! Hey Obamofo, don’t forget what runs downhill…

  • a communist hater

    I just hope our military will do what’s right and not turn on the citizens. Impossible to find ammo here in ny.

    • vendicator1

      It is looking more favorable for the troops supporting the citizenry at least on a small number basis for now! Just keep praying and LOCK AND LOAD!

  • If the government is planning for a collapse, they have conspired to create it.

    • violater1

      Word has it you are correct their plan began in the 1990’s!

      • Saltygi

        Began with the radicals of the 60s. Take over the education system, primarily the colleges and brainwash the young. All the while developing their planning for the great crisis and going from there.

      • Joe1938

        The plan began many decades ago.

  • We all know what what is coming…if you don’t you are either one of Oboozo’s Communist Trolls, or one of the dumbed down Americans. Put down that Big Mac for once and wake-up…!!!

  • Darius the Mede

    I whole-heartedly agree with Mark. If the DHS were buying the ammo for target practice, they would be buying regular solid point, NOT hollow point Hollow point is useful for one thing….Doing the most damage to the human it hits. The Obaminator wants to be our first EMPEROR for life and is willing to do anything he can to bring it about, especially if it means
    destroying or negating the Constitution.

    • They say they practice with what they carry. If you believe that one.

      • dave

        DHS is required to use lead-free, frangible “green” ammunition for practice. The military is only allowed to use FMJ due to the Geneva Convention. HP bullets are duty (bullets for taking care of business) ammo. I agree with Keith, If anyone believes this is just for training use; perhaps they would be interested in buying a bridge?

    • WHY would President Obama want to be “Emporer for life”?? I think he will be happy to retire. And like all Presidents he will be honored for life.

      • Joe1938

        Have some more James Town kool-aid.

    • He has already done that! The Constitution was written if nothing else to “limit” government,to protect the Freedoms and inalienable rights that define a Free Country!

      I would use the perversion of executive order as one well defined power that this President uses to dictate,to circumvent the core values of Checks and Balances,He has committed a vast number of Impeachable crimes like defying the War Powers Act when he sent force into Libya without Congressional consent! His executive order to overturn the Federal Law that unequivocally says “illegal immigration” is a crime in America with deportation the rule! Federal Law is Not for a megalomaniac,a narcissist,a megalomaniac,a self-possessed dictator,a corrupt politician to reverse without the Constitutional process to do so. This is the Oath he swore amongst the plethora of lies he told in opposition to the laws he is sworn to uphold!

      There is a process to become an American citizen,one that many millions went through to become a citizen.They were “legal immigrants as Illegal is a fairly clear word that means illegal,Period!

      Executive order is a well defined,limited power only to be used if America faces imminent crisis AND the Cong5ress cannot convene! It is not and never was to give anyone the right to dictate=period!

      The system has “failed to uphold the system for 6 decades” Two Presidents impeached,a Vice President impeached,many Congressional crimes with no accountability as in Rangel,the Chair Of Ways and Means,convicted of a dozen crimes is “still” in Congress collecting a huge salary,a huge pension,a huge expense account,expenses that he padded,took as part of his crimes!

      Jesse Jackson has a son who was elected to Congress and has been found guilty of stealing $750,000 which he used to buy clothing ,anything he chose as his wife stands to be convicted of income tax fraud for not reporting the $750 on the taxes she filed!

      Where is the head of the Rainbow Coalition,the womanizer, the racist maggot Jesse Jackson now when his son has already pleaded guilty,awaiting sentencing for his crimes!

      So,those who have openly said “I hate America”,America deserved 9/11″ meaning the Reverend Wright whose Church Obama went to for 20+ years as a Community Organiaer and a protege of this very heretic?

      The purveyors of freedom,liberty,a Constitutional Republic have eviscerated the work and sacrifice of millions for more than two hundred years and We let them,the system let them revive Tyranny,destroy a Free people without a whimper!

  • violater1

    Apparently Citizens own a large supply of arms and ammo! Therefore obama:sass may be grass and American citizens will be the lawn mowers! May America Bless God Again!

  • When the time comes we will All turn our weapons on them and take back Our Country !!! Is there a God fearing, law abiding, patriotic American who will Step Up to Lead U.S.A.ll again !!!

    • celticwaryor

      They claim enough ammo to shoot every person in the US 5 times. Well, I have enough ammo to take out about 3500 “insurgents”. And I am not alone – and my number of rounds is small compared to some. Not sure how many DHS, Federal Agents, FBI, etc. they can muster, but I think they will be on the losing end of the argument!

  • Garry F. Owen

    While I would never get caught disagreeing with “the Great One,” the Feds could be driving up the price of ammo to put it out of the reach of the citizenry without legislation

  • Turfguy

    how bout they get off their *** & start running the country PROPERLY. That’s such a crazy idea, it would kill 2 birds with one stone, AND prevent societal collapse

  • WOW!! You people have lost it.

    • eyeswideopen

      And you have your head in the sand.

  • Jim28theg

    So where is all this ammo being stored?? Can’t someone get in touch with a delivery driver and just ask? They can’t carry all that around in their trunk.

    • Alex M

      It just has to be fake mailboxes. I figure about 800,000 should do it, with about three to four dozen in every major conurbation. Nobody notices mailboxes. It’s the perfect hiding place.

  • dax

    have you visited a firearms store lately? virtually all of them are out of most calibers of ammo, 9mm being almost impossible to find. then I read about the purchase of billions of rounds of ammo by about every department in the Fed. Gov. including the Natl. Weather Service, FEMA, Commerce etc., pretty much all of the administrative departments as well as law enforcement groups. since they can’t ban the guns, what better way to ban firearms. a gun is useless if you have no ammo to put in it. thus, you have stealth gun control outside of the legal constitutional channels. if you don’t believe this, call any store that sells firearms, they will tell you that they have little or no ammo for most calibers. I wonder if there is an Executive Order somewhere that covers this?

  • Danna

    About a year ago that I ran into a article that the US post office bought lots of ammo it was interesting because it was the post office. It was on one of the blogs.

  • Patrick Page

    Will American solders kill American civilians when ordered?

    • dave

      Some will, some will not. A lot depends on the moral fiber of the Officer Corps and the Senior Enlisted. I believe most will do the right thing. The majority of the military tends to be very patriotic and fairly conservative. However, Patton and Eisenhower both followed orders to violently remove returning WWI vets who were protesting for promised veterans benefits. So it’s really a bit of a crap shoot trying to guess the out come of that question.

      There are a couple of interesting factors: 1) BHO instinctively doesn’t like or trust the military. That’s why I think he’s trying to reduce the size and scope of our military and forcing the retirement of many top brass in the pentagon; while at the same time it appears he’s using DHS to build the ‘domestic security force’ that he can control. He is on record saying he wanted such a force to be as large and well equipped as our military that answers only to him (but without those pesky Constitutional checks-and-balances). 2) A little known fact, many of the enlisted members of the military come from “red states”. An estimated 20% of Infantry Marines are from TX. A possible scenario is that if another civil war were to start, many of these would simply do as Robert E. Lee and 1,000’s of others did. Simply go home to fight for what they believe in. Likely taking as many supplies and weapons as possible with them.

  • Of course they will need plenty of ammo they have no idea being liberals which is the business end of a weapon. And I for one will not teach them

  • Dlarochellemd

    Obama is the number one gun salesman. Blocking the Keystone pipeline drives up the cost of fuel in America. Blocking budget cuts makes the USPrint more money to deflate dollar value.

  • Joe1938

    … Bullets, Little Kings” and “Little Queens

    Those who have set themselves up from the local level throughout the federal level as the “Little Kings” and “Little Queens” are terrified of the “blue people”. Look at the blue/red maps and it is obvious that the “blue people” are massed in the large metropolitan areas where the “Little Kings” and “Little Queens” have set up their little fiefdoms. When chaos reigns, these blue people will be in dire straights and in need of all the necessities of life. In need of the necessities of life, what are these people going to do? The “Little Kings” and “Little Queens” are going to need all those bullets.

  • Isn’t it obvious? The Feds are buying ALL calibers, even ones they don’t use. It’s STEALTH GUN CONTROL! They know they can’t touch the 2nd Amendment, so they’re buying up all the ammo. What good are our guns without any bullets?

  • Randy131

    This is really idiotic, we’re only talking about a 2% cut. When Obama took oath of office his first time, the national debt was $10.6 trillion, when Obama took oath of office his second time, the national debt was then $16.4 trillion, an increase of $5.8 trillion in just 4 years, averaging $1.45 trillion each year Obama has been President. Is this really true and factual? They say the USA is spending $4 billion a day during Obama’s first term as President, 365 days times $4,000,000,000 equals $1.46 trillion, so yes it is all true. They also say since Obama took oath of office for his second term as President, the USA is now spending $4.8 billion a day more than it is taking in, and the reason why Obama now says the tax increase on the rich at the beginning of the year to prevent the ‘Fiscall Cliff’, but no spending cuts, for he said the ‘Sequestration’ will take care of those, was not enough and more income tax increases are needed, as well as raising the tax on overpriced gasoline, now at $5.00 a gallon. They are also saying they expect the national debt will reach $20 trillion by the end of Obama’s second term, but that is a lie and way under what it will actually reach if Congress does not put the brakes on this out-of-control spending, which the national debt will easily reach at least $24 trillion, if the US Dollar and the US Economy doesn’t collapse first. Has anyone thought about what it would be like in the USA if the US Dollar became worthless and had absolutely no purchasing power? All the money retired people had in the bank would be worthless, and all the Social Security checks and direct deposits would be worthless, ‘Martial Law’ would have to be declared and rationing of everything by the federal government would have to start just to meet the daily living requirements of everyone, very similar to what the old USSR was like, and we all know who got the most of everything under that system. Could this be the reason why Obama signed so many ‘Executive Orders’ pertaining to ‘Martial Law’ in 2012, expanding the President’s power beyond what it has ever been in the past, and allowing the federal government to take anyone’s private property, including food stuffs, at anytime and anyplace. And could this be the reason why the DHS has purchased 1.6 billion rounds of ammo, consisting of 40 caliber hollow points, 9mm hollow points, and NATO 5.56 AR15 & M16 rounds, as well as 1,700 AR15 & M16 rifles, and all this for a civilian police force Obama said he needed after he was first elected as President, that was as big as, as well armed as, and as well funded as our military, that some compare to the Nazi Germany SS Troops? What kind of government do we have coming in the very near future? I’ll bet Obama and the Democrats know! Like they say, “Never let a crisis go to waste”, and get rid of that pesky 2nd Amendment while you’re at it, or it could muck-up Obama’s plans.

  • Lock ,load , and aim accurately…make every shot count