Missouri Democrats Introduce GUN CONFISCATION Legislation: Gun Owners Turn in Firearms in 90 Days if Passed

Missouri Democrats introduced an anti-gun bill which would turn law-abiding firearm owners into criminals. They will have 90 days to turn in their guns if the legislation is passed.

Here’s part of the Democratic proposal in Missouri:
4. Any person who, prior to the effective date of this law, was legally in possession of an assault weapon or large capacity magazine shall have ninety days from such effective date to do any of the following without being subject to prosecution:
(1) Remove the assault weapon or large capacity magazine from the state of Missouri;
(2) Render the assault weapon permanently inoperable; or
(3) Surrender the assault weapon or large capacity magazine to the appropriate law enforcement agency for destruction, subject to specific agency regulations.
5. Unlawful manufacture, import, possession, purchase, sale, or transfer of an assault weapon or a large capacity magazine is a class C felony.


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  • Ruby Ridge part 2 is just around the corner

    • Ann W

      You have no idea how close you really are Brian

    • gerf

      A big Ruby and a bigger Ridge

  • Many Liberals are just mentally ill. no common sense at all.

    • jamohio

      So true. They are incapable of any self thought!!

    • oldMarine

      Most of them work for TSA.

    • Liberalism is a mental illness!!!

    • gerf

      almost all of the gun violence we see is from mentally ill liberals , prove me wrong

  • consider me an outlaw now and forever,,,

  • Theonethatknows

    Assault Weapons: (Jets, drones, missiles, tanks, guns, knives, bats, scissors, scalpels,
    etc)… high power, or low power, are weapons used by criminals: i.e.
    individuals, gangs, tyrants, government, etc to commit illegal,
    un-constitutional, or immoral activities.
    Defense Weapons: The same weapons as above, but are used by law abiding patriots, to
    defend against the above criminals! (i.e. individuals, gangs, tyrants,
    government, etc)

    (This should be the way we define the terms so we’re all on the same page.)
    A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keepand bear arms shall not be infringed.

    • Yes Yes,,,, Thats what it all means, we all need to come together now people or this is going to get worse and worse with these morons, Its time for the MILITIA,

      • Rest easy Anthony, the milita has been preparing for years now, we’re just waiting for the spark, so to speak…

        • The spark is closer than anyone thinks and i am trying to inform everyone i can and for them to be prepared for what is to come!

  • No tyranny there…. Didn’t expect this from Missouri.

  • dwayne helmick

    do me a favor. hold your breath and wait on me to do that.

  • Y-Not

    Everyone in Missouri and America should be outraged by this blatant act of tyranny!!! Any and everyone signing that bill into law are guilty of attacking the Constitution. The Constitution they took an oath of office and swore to defend. They’re all guilty of tryanny and should be punished accordingly…

    • JD

      Exactly ..they are riding this Obama BS that is soon to hit a cliff…they took an oath to uphold the second amendment and should be kicked out of office to even present this legislature

      • dan22

        you got that right.. this got to suck for the people of Missouri!!! if they want names for a petition…. “i know thousands of people that would sign”….

        • beowulf32

          i will sign any time let me know

          • screw a bunch of signing…get your guns and make a stand. There’s things worse than dying that sticks in the craw of a man.

        • OldDocBen

          Petition? You are kidding? Did Hitler get petitions? How did all that compromise work for Europe? And America? Six million dead defenseless men women and children. Is that what you Missourians are going to allow?

          • HappyClinger

            Yes – a piece of paper never stopped a criminal, did it?

          • Conservativesniper

            It was much more than 6 million. Jews in concentration camps was 6 mil.

        • I’ll sign too!

        • Conservativesniper

          Signing a petition is pointless. All you’re doing is putting your name on a hit list. Maintain situational awareness, get in contact with other patriots, NOT via the internet. The Senate recently re enacted rules which allow da damn gubmint to illegally violate the privacy of your email and phone conversations. George Soros’ shadow government is working on dismantling civil rights preserved by the US Constitution. It’s gonna get worse before it gets better, hunker down and get prepared.

      • yes your right, But whos going to do it? They know this and they know no one will.

        • HappyClinger

          Part of the responsibility and duty of American citizens is to defend the Constitution, especially when the government is attacking it. We owe our loyalty to the Constitution, not the government. WE are the nation; the government is not.

        • I think you are wrong my friend…the English thought the same thing…

          • jonhenry78

            Twice: 1776 and 1812.

      • They are cofident that the coming days will bring so many crisis that they will be able to get away with the blatant destructions of our contitutional rights. There is a BIG EVENT planned for the very near future so that Obama can declare martial law and suspen ALL rights.
        Will this bring about a civil war? It depends on how many bureaucrats and LE officers just “go along to get along”. They may think that they will be part of the ELITE who will be exempt from detention camps.
        Are you ready to die for your freedoms? The time is coming.

        • I’m ready, bring it on….the sooner the better
          Molon Labe

        • American Outlaw

          “There’s a black storm brewing on the edge of our free land,
          A dark rain to soak away the guns from our hand.

          Blue steel in leather and grains behind the lead,
          A downpour in blood is what is up ahead.

          So stand tall and answer the call because….
          Together We Stand-Divided we Fall.”

        • Walter Edward Lycett III

          I’m ready to kill and die for my freedom and the rights of my fellow Americans.

          • As I ,I told my wife i will not just lay down and let this happen,I will defend the constitution right along with my other people and it is going to be bad and the sad part about it is when i try to inform people only a few are listening while others are saying it doesn’t concern them.

        • Obama has signed an executive order giving himself the right to declare martial law, without provacation. He can do so in a time of peace as well as a time of rioting and civil unrest. So by all means prepare for the worst, the man wants to be the Hugo Chavez of America.

    • Hoodoo H

      I’ll say it again and again brother…
      Da m m. Skippy!!!

    • jamohio

      They took an oath. Traitors all comitting a blatantly treasonist act!! Americans better unite or they will lose all rights!!

      • Any one who votes to pass this bill has forsaken his oath of office to up hold the constitution. In my book that puts it time for charges of treason and a not so long rope.They need to be taken out before they can make us all their slaves!!

      • MR.RIGHT

        To me; anyone politician that signs any bill that goes against the Constitution are the terrorists and traitors of the U.S.A and should be dealt with accordingly… a bullet to the head, death to all traitors and tyrants. Lock and load America the war is coming and its coming from our own government they are the enemies of America!

    • Wiggyii

      So just what is stopping you? Who is going to do it if you don’t?


      Another good reason not to move to, visit, or buy anything from this state. These Democrat Legislators are vicious, ruthless, and just will never get it. The 2nd Amendment will never be chaneged if the people of this country fight back. This is an outright attack on the Law abidding Citizens of that state. Please, citizens of Missouri don’t let this happen in your state.

      • It won’t. see my comments. Too many conservative hunters in this state. Political posturing for votes in the urban areas.

        • Kent2012

          you mean the commies in St Louis, Kansas City and Jefferson??

      • jonhenry78

        My second home is in MO.

  • Good luck with that!

  • Russ

    I urge all Missourians to fight this piece of legislation…..communism has arrived in Missouri. They are stripping away little by little your 2nd Amendment Rights.

    • This is not litlle by little…this is a direct attack on the 2nd Amendment and our Constitutional rights, and these elected officals need to be brought to justice…2/23 we unit and start taking these Communist to justice, not armed conflict, not yet at least…!!! They lied their way into their elected position because I don’t believe the good Missoursians would vote to have their Guns taken away…!!! I hope not?

  • bring it

    will never hand in are guns are they that stupid ????? LOL

  • If these politicians keep this up, I don’t care where, they are going to start something they won’t be able deal with. How stupid can they be? It’s almost like someone put something in the water.

    • Ann W

      In the South Lee, we have something in the water called whoop ass.

      • And I trust Southerners are ready to open a can of it. Maybe it’s just the water at the legislature’s water cooler that’s tainted in Missouri.

    • They did put something in the water it’s called fluoride.

      Three-minute presentation given by local resident convinces several Rolla, Mo., officials to end water fluoridation

      Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/034210_Rolla_fluoride.html#ixzz2L2A9x2wl

  • There are state and federal laws that forbid those corrupted politicians to do such criminal acts. Impeach them right away and I recommend the death penalty for that.

  • how are they going to ban me because I am an assault weapon…..my AR-15 is just a tool

  • Mark

    They will not get mine! As John Wayne said, “Im willing to Die to keep them! Question is, Are you willing to Die to take them”?

    • Some comments are bests left unsaid with big brother reading most everything

      • I hope BB is reading these blogs, they know they will loose against 125 Million Arms Americans. Japan knew this thats why they never attack the American Main land. They are following, down to the letter, Hitlers plan to disarm the American People….enough is enough…2/23 we unite and start taking our Nation back….!!!

        • No.. they’ll come at us one at a time….

          • dan22

            bring it on….

          • We stick together or we hang alone

          • Fred_K

            I fear that you are right. Take 2 for every one they get.

          • Huapakechi

            One or two quick shots and disappear. Station some other shooters in other directions and when they move on the first, one of the others pops a few. Catching a team of three or four would be like trying to catch smoke with a dip net

          • one at a time will take a thousand years,think about it..in nov. and dec. of 2012/ 3.9 million guns were sold..why don’t they try starting with the bad guys guns first.

          • Because we’ve stuck together so well so far? Yeah, ask Randy Weaver about that. It is a shame that we do not. but it is also a fact that we do not and BB DOES know that.

          • The problem at Ruby Ridge was they weren’t telling everyone that the ultamate goal was taking everyones guns, so very few questioned it. Now we all know the truth, that they want to disarm all of us. Forewarned is forearmed. Stand together or lose all your rights.

          • to quote an infamous Spartan, “if their arrows block out the sun, then we will fight them in the shade.” If they come one at a time, that would be the stupiest thing in the world…..it only takes a matter of seconds for someone to relay info with modern day technology…whether its by the “target” of them, or someone who just happens to be near and witnesses said event and relays the info to others

        • It’s funny you call napolitano big brother, I am sure she is the “butch” in that realtionship so you are correct. LOL

      • SickAndTired

        Screw big brother. It’s time to come out of the shadows, Bradley. Fear will be our undoing. Yep. Some of us will go down. But it’s time to put up or shut up.

        • Made_in_the_USA

          “Pain is fear leaving the body.”

      • zSpeak your mind brother, political correctness is what is helping the left bring the country down. Have the balls to speak your mind, if you are locked up for no reason people will march to get you freed, then you can sue them personally. ( not the city or state, but them personally )

    • AMEN!!!!

    • Punish corrupt politicians!

      Hey brother needs to know not to f*** with the gun owners!!! There are millions of gun owners. If the Gestapo loses ony one agent per gun raid,, they’re gonna run out of willing volunteers before they can get even a small percentage of our guns.

  • A damn shame! SMH

  • Whoever even put this legislation forward should be beaten with a stick.

    • No, they will just then try to ban sticks…

      • Shutter

        Only assault sticks.

        • Ann W

          Are they gonna take my guns and my assault stick? I think NOT!!!

      • Ann W

        Hells bells don’t take my walkin stick, I need it to answer the door when they come knocking to take my guns. I will poke them with it while I introduce them to Mr. Wesson, Mr. Smith. Mr, Colt and those foreign SOBs I have under the bed. Welcome to the South.

  • #BelieverOfTruth

    It’ll be decided in the modern revolution. The parties have never been further from one another. America is divided and broken. United we stand, divided we fall. Know where that comes from?

    Matt 12:25…”every kingdom divided against itself will be brought to desolation, and any city or household divided against itself will not stand.”

    • Alex M

      Matthew 26:52.

  • Dez

    These morons in Government are trying to start a war!

    • Well, if they start it, the people will react. Be ready.

      • act

        I hope you are correct.

        • Ann W

          Maybe up North, but Biden already told Obama that taking guns from Alabama would be suicide. Smart man Biden.


      Start, it’s already started…. Citizens have had a belly full of these tyrants.

  • Anyone who registers or turns in their guns should hang their heads in shame as traitors.


    I have never heard anyone say “we are taking all your guns”…No one needs machine guns and clips to hold more than 10-20 rounds. If you can’t hit your target within 1-2 shots then you should not be hunting! I own guns and I am not worried they are taking my guns but I am willing to go with banning assalt rifles and better background checks.

    • The 2nd amendment isn’t for hunting, it’s for repelling a tyrannical government which no longer respects the rule of law or that it is composed of its people.

      ..Oh wait. Our government is a tyrannical government which no longer respects the rule of law or that it is composed of its people. What a coincidence that they would try to enact this brand of tyranny right now?

    • Jim C

      It is step 1 in stripping your rights. And, when it comes to assault weapons, I guess you aren’t familiar with the FACT most gang members HAVE these types of weapons. With home invasion on the rise, do YOU want to try and defend yourself with a 3-5 shot magazine, and 3-6 armed intruders trying to kill you? I’m in law enforcement, and the numbers I have seen justify the law abiding citizen in being able to arm themselves with the same fire power the criminals have. We are often faced with situations where we are out gunned until SWAT arrives. It should NEVER be that way, but it is.

      • wheels

        Here’s what I’m not understanding. The left has always wanted to strip the 2nd Amendment since I can remember however, there wasn’t any hysteria and knee jerk reactions until the shootings in Conn. Less than 12hrs. later the Media plastered a photo of a Bushmaster AR-15, had a Doctor making untrue, unsubstantiated findings. Make no mistake, the shootings were absolutely horrendous and my heart goes out to the families. Since the shootings were done with handguns and not the Rifle, that was in deed found in the trunk of the cowards vehicle, why is all the Left Wing idiots so hell bent on banding them?.. I guess my semi-auto Glock 19 I use in competition will soon become illegal because it’s black so it’ll be an Assault Pistol. It’s certainly sounding like nothing more than a ploy to take something away from the law abiding citizens. Here’s a good reason to not believe what your told by the MEDIA…I teach concealed carry classes every weekend. I ask all my students the same questions, one of which is this, How many of you know what the “AR” stands for in the term AR-15…The answers were Automatic Rifle, and the majority answered Assault Rifle. I won’t say anymore. For those of you who know the real answer, God Bless you, for those who think the above responses were correct…oh well…Can’t fix “Stupid” God bless the 2nd. Amendment and God Bless America.

        • ArmaLite rifle, not automatic rifle.

      • Ann W

        Very True Jim. Local citizens have armed our swat team when out gunned.

    • GThunter007

      Here in lies the problem of dipshits drinking the Kool-Aid. Assault weapons as the Democraps describe are NOT MACHINE GUNS. And who are you to tell me I Don’t Need em? This argument has absolutely 0 to do with hunting.

    • recondaddy

      It’s a MAGAZINE, you panty-waist. Whenever someone uses the word “clip” and claims to be a gun owner or a veteran, that’s when I know they’re absolutely full of s**t.

    • Billy Hill

      Machine guns are not available to private citizens unless you hold a class 3 FFL…Clips???? Assalt rifle???
      “The right of the PEOPLE to keep & bear arms,SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”.

    • SickoftheBS

      You mean Assault Rifle! Assault rifles are something some Police/Sheriff Departments have and also Military have. Very few CITIZENS have them because they require a certain type of FFL to own them. I think you have been listening to the media too long and believe you know what you are talking about because you are repeating the same BS the media does. You call a semi automatic rifle an assault rifle, you call that same rifle that has a magazine a clip. So basically we have determined you don’t know what you are talking about so go play with your BB gun and pellet gun and maybe even your semi automatic paint ball gun and leave us adults to discuss Semi automatic rifles that have magazines to hold our ammunition that is intended for hunting and self defense and against a tyrannical government if need be, exactly as the constitution states and our forefathers declared. Actually one could read the constitution as “We don’t care what you think, we will keep our guns”

    • NC GUN owner

      For those that don’t know what an assault rifle is, here is the definition:

      assault rifle noun (Concise Encyclopedia)

      Military firearm that is chambered for ammunition of reduced size or propellant charge and has the capacity to switch between semiautomatic and fully automatic fire.

      What they are trying to outlaw are weapons that LOOK like Assault Rifles, but can not be switched to fully automatic. Full auto, you pull the trigger and hold it and the rifle fires till you run out of ammo or release the trigger. Semi-auto, ever time you want the gun to fire, you must pull the trigger. As far as why would you want a mag that holds more than 2 rounds, because it’s America and if I want a 30 round mag. so what. to those of you that don’t agree, find a country that does not have a Bill of Rights!

    • James Vetzel


    • Ann Whitten

      I mean this with the utmost respect. The others are right, this is not about hunting. It is about our rights. We all own things we don’t need and sometime rarely use. I don’t need 30 pair of high heels but I have them. Some of them I have never worn. If I want to own a gatlin gun I have the right to own one. If I want to own a cannon, I have that right. Here is the one thing I see missing in all of these post. Everyone probably knows this but have forgotten or are too upset to think right now. What makes this so very dangerous is if any Bill is enacted, all they need to do to add pistols or any other calibur weapon is to add an amendment to the Bill. It is done everyday and we don’t even know it. So in other words this bill is a way to break into the front door. Then rob us while we are not paying attention, which seems a lot the last few years. The Republican Party that we once knew is gone. The Tea Party is doing all we can, but again most of us are retirement age. If you are under age 55 I urge you to take part in something to help protect this nation.I in no way promote a civil war, but I will not run either, I will die to defend the rights of my grandchildren because they cannot defend themselves. My daughters are frightened, and rightfully so, they have children to raise. I do not, so I will sacrifice my life for the service of this country on American soil, just as the men in my family defended it during Korea and Vietnam so that we have the rights that we enjoy everyday at least for now. It is up to all of us that are able to unite as one people and make a forthright effort to protect our constitution. Or lose our freedom forever, in which case i do not want to live to see this great nation devour itself.

  • net2dave

    The law would be in violation of the 2nd ammendment. These Dsmocrats need to be removed from office.

  • Don’t worry, if this passes, my guns won’t be illegal, just undocumented!


      Good assumption. I like that one.

  • The Citizens of Missouri should immediately start petitions to recall or impeach any politician who votes for this ILLEGAL LAW. We the people must start making it clear that WE are the owners of this Nation and they work for us. not the other way around. We must make sure they know the PENALTY FOR VIOLATING THE CONSTITUTION IS SEVERE. The US Constitution is the LAW OF THE LAND, it gives authorization for all other laws. All of this going around the Constitution and ignoring the oaths is a major FELONY against all politicians State or Federal and all State or Federal Employees. It’s time we make them understand.

    • At this point, I don’t think petitions or voting will do anything. Obama cheated to get re-elected so voting didn’t do us much good.

      • act

        Very true!

      • rivahmitch

        Ah!!! Someone who gets what’s going on!!!


        Maybe not. But if everyone would get busy and call these legislators and I mean get hundreds of thousands of Citizens to call them and flood their telephone lines and demand they vote this down. It WILL work. Use Facebook to recruit them. Each call will represent 100 voters from what my legislators in N.C. tell me. They say it works exponentially. I just sent two Petitions to both of my Senators. I also called today to see if they had received them. They said YES. I informed them to expect many more. I’m on a mission.

        • Made_in_the_USA

          I’m doing the same in Texas. I have 89 of the 95 republican state house members and all 21 republican state senators in two contact lists for my email. It took a little time to get all their email info and put into my email contact list, but it’s so much easier to write a letter and send it once to 110+ people.
          US Representatives and Senators don’t use email, you have to enter their website and enter all your info every time to send to them. I do have both US Senators, several US Reps from Texas, and our Governor’s websites bookmarked to find them easier on IE.
          And send your emails using the BCC addresses, then they won’t be able to see who all you sent it to!

    • Old White Dude

      Start with the impeachment of the jackwagon that authored this piece of schit legislation. You folks up in Missouri better get organized and take this head on. You can be it will be challenged in the Appellant court and up in the big house in DC. But fight it. Don’t go the road of Australia, Home invasion up 42%, Armed robbery up 63% , assault up 19%. since their ban. Rouges are no longer afraid to break in during broad daylight hours. Ya’ll don’t want that. Me? I’ve written my two sorryazz senators and my local representative. I’m not sure they take us seriously, but when they knock on my door, they’ll get a good idea of how serious I am. My ole man didn’t fight across North Africa and southern Europe so some soap box, dime store politician can cut up my constitution.

    • dan22

      i totally agree….

  • bombchaser

    Time to have a revolution.

  • I live in MO. I own a rifle that has a magazine holding 10 bullets. I am sure they would consider that illegal. In fact, I hope they do because I will never surrender to blatant tyranny! Arrest these politicians MO patriots! There are not enough cops to stop us.

    • Hey Matt- I’m a little surprised this is being considered in MO. I thought New York or here in California, maybe.


      Matt, flood your Legislators phone lines with phone calls. Start a petition at your local Gun Shops. I works……..I guarantee yah. Each call or name that you send in to them counts as 100 voters. They all know this. All these fools want is to get elected time and time again. I like term limits, but that will never happen until we have Conservative People that think like you and I do.

  • Bring it on MO leftists! We are watching and we are waiting for your criminalization of our RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS! BRING IT SUPER PIGS!

  • Jim

    Settle down people. This legislation will not even make it past committee, let alone go up for a vote. The MO legislature is stocked 3-to-1 with pro-Second Amendment folks. Our democracy is working just fine, because we voted in people who will not let this come to light. The bill is being introduced by a couple of marginal, activist politicians who are only doing it for publicity. Breathe…have a cold beer…relax.

    • UberCon

      And don’t forget, Obama doesn’t stand a chance at getting re-elected… yea, right.

      • Jim

        He doesn’t stand a chance on enacting sweeping gun reform because the House is controlled Republicans. Again, take off your tin foil hats and settle down. Focus on electing state-level leaders who are pro-2nd amendment, and you’ll be okay. The illogical arguments put forth by my fellow conservatives demonstrates why we lose elections.

        • verncba

          This is what many said about ObamaCare… yet the SCOTUS passed it, thanks to a Republican.

          • JibJab

            Roberts declared it a tax & as a tax it is illegal.Taxes have to originate in the house,this originated in the senate.Roberts sent a message that no one has heard yet.

          • Ann W

            I heard it loud and clear the day he said it with a shyte eatin grin on his face

          • act

            Thanks to a RINO.

          • vernabc

            So what did the “many” say about Sandy Hook?

            Did you happen to check out the SOTU address? Seems like all those “crises actors” also got an invite to DC for the President’s speech… Pretty good gig for those actors, right?

        • And under-estimating your enemies leaves you vulnerable to attack and defeat. Never say never, is one of my rules of life. Again you seem to equate “Republican” with constitutional conservatives, and that simply is no longer the truth. Perhaps its folks like you Jim who have failed to appreciate how easily the sheeple in this country can be controlled by the Media and Hollywood. Most GOP folks, are only worried about the next election, not upholding their oaths of office. If the 2nd Amendment and our constitution survive this current assault, it will not be to folks like you Jim. I’ll take folks on the paranoid side any day over folks who think things are impossible and not worth worrying about.

          • Ann W

            Amen Marantha. The South is not taking another ass whipping. Especially from Obama and the boys

        • Jim

          Also, Obama always stood the chance of being re-elected, but most of us preferred to bury our heads in our own little media bubbles, and convinced ourselves that it was impossible. The day after the election, I was depressed as anyone, but in hindsight, all I did in the weeks beforehand was listen to Beck, Loesch, etal, preach that we had this thing.

        • vernabc

          Like how the Sandy Hook shootings where a government conspiracy…? Jim… have a cold beer and relax…? Do you know the people you are hanging with here on this site? Before you make statement like “my fellow conservatives”, you might ask verncba why he calls himself verncba, and after he is done explaining himself, ask him all about how the “guvment” was involved in killing all those children from Newtown so that Obama could do away with the 2nd amendment… Just saying… Be careful who you call “fellow conservative”… I know it is never fair, but “guilty by association” is like a virus…

    • The people

      Lets hope so

    • I’m pissed off they are even trying this. I mean the GALL on these so called wanna be people who care about America. They don’t care. Scumbags!

    • packin’

      We do not have a democracy – It’s called a Republic.

  • When you come to take them I suggest the following: Bring friends. Pack a lunch, you’ll be here awhile.Bring an oven mitt, because if you do ever get it from me the barrel will be glowing red and very hot.

  • Let me put this so even the Democrats can understand, GO F YOURSELF!

    Also; CMMG Inc move to Arizona we need the jobs.

  • WSM

    If it passes it’s time for war ,They are not staying within the bounds of the consitution and trying to make up lies and twist words ,in other words trying everything they can to justify thier unlawful actions.This is flat out tyranny,The colonists didn’t fight back even after being shot at until they tried to confiscate weapons and disarm the people.

  • outlaw forever

    timE to start hangin these traitors

  • Johnnyshredfreak

    Whoever wrote this bullshit should be tossed out of office.

  • CraigB

    Are the criminals in Missouri so stupid as to submit to this law? They didn’t in England or Australia where gun related crime skyrocketed after similar gun confiscations. Wow, what ignorant people!

  • ljnick

    for all the folks in missouri please read the proposal carefully..i do not live there but you should be aware of how they define assault weapons…assault weapons or rifles are weapons that hve a selector switch that can change them from semi-automatic to full automatic…these were banned in 1986 by the federal government…no amount of cosmetic dressing such as rails or pistol grips make a semi-automatic sporting rifle an assault rifle…if the rifle fires one time per trigger pull it is not by definition an assault rifle…you must have a federal firearms license to buy or own one…it will be interesting to see how the proposed legislation defines the weapons…i hope the citizens of missouri are able to defeat this ridiculous proposal…remember one shot per trigger pull is NOT an assault rifle….

    • act

      Any rifle that is used to assault someone is an assault rifle. A class three license is needed to have a fully automatic weapon. Most places anyone that wants to pay the money and wait for the background check can get one.

      • ljnick

        you are very wrong…

  • This is such Bullshit! Obama can kiss my ass!! and suck my barrel!

  • SickoftheBS

    Be careful what you do. Once we become criminals for refusing to turn in our guns, we have nothing to lose by doing something else illegal. You might get a whole lot more than you are ready for. In the meantime Missouri, i will be happy to keep your weapons for you in a state other than Missouri.

  • This won’t end well for anyone, but Missouri Legislature were put in office by their citizens! That why you have to pay very close attention to who you are voting for. If this passes, there will be blood in the streets and fields of Missouri when enforced! That blood will be on the head of the the Missouri legislaters and governor!

    • Wiggyii

      Yes, maybe, but it will definitely be on the hands of the Law Enforcement who try to enforce it, the National Guard when the Gov calls them out, the Dept of Homeland Security when the Gov calls BO, ….. just what do you think they have been prepping for?

      • Ann W

        Wiggy you are right. They are prepped but you know I would rather be dead than to see this country turn Socialist. My dad fought in Korea and Vietnam. I marched in protest of the war. People are scared to do that now. Drones, FEMA Camps and a military that may just turn on us. My generation is too old and broke down now to lead this charge. So you either fight or you surrender the constitution to a Socialist Government. The choice is ours.

  • NoMoreMarxistsInDC

    They are pushing for a war with gun owners in this country. Because most of us are white.

  • Hoodoo H

    Dear Libs and Tyrants…

  • jamohio

    Pure tyranny!! Exactly why the Second Amendment to The Constitution exists!!

  • Dionysus

    Zero chance of passage. GOP controls both houses.

    • I hate to break this to you, “The People” but apparently you haven’t been paying attention – the GOP is essentially the right arm of the DNC these days, and is full of Progressives and Liberals as well. GOP no longer equal conservative or constitutional minded people!

  • Does anyone in the legislature think the criminals will turn theirs in? Talk about some stupid ass leadership! So if this law is inacted, most law abiders will become outlaws if caught. To go after the “law abiding” citizen before the criminals who commit crimes with guns is a dirty ass shame.

  • Like H— I will

  • Time for the Missouri conservatives to recall the state reps and senators supporting this! Since Missouri is a member of the United States of American and had to ratify the same bill of rights all states and common wealths in country had to, they don’t have the constitutional right to confiscate or ban any fire arms. The 2nd Amendment is pretty cut and dry… “…shall not infringe upon the rights to bear arms”! It doesn’t say the state or any one gets to define which arms they can own. It is all inclusive. I heard idiot say, well if a citizen wants a nuke then they can have them? The answer is does our Federal Government have them? Yes, then the answer is, Yes! If we trust the idiots we elect to office and a moron like Obama with nukes, then why shouldn’t a private citizen have that right? The cost of the weapon, would mean most Americans would lack the means to have one… it isn’t like you or I are going to run down to Bass Pro Shop and pick up a Trident III SLICBM or a Tomahawk cruise missile, or even a F-16 like our government gave to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt! But if you have been successful enough to have a few billion around, you are probably trustworthy enough to own one of these system. After all we put a man in the White House who couldn’t have passed a security background check to tour a U.S. nuclear power station!

  • People of Missouri, If you don’t DO something NOW, well, dat’s your ass! Don’t let them do this.

  • pysco

    Ctizens of Missouri, tell the author of the bill to go “F” themselves, they are traitors to the citizens of Missouri, and the US. Remember them next election.

  • foxxybey

    The demo-rat nazi’s think they can pull it off, let them come for the guns themselves and find out what it is like to be a dead demo-rat nazi.

  • WA

    Where is Jesse James when we need him? This is the same tyranny he fought.

  • TINA


    • Ann W

      Alabama too Tina

  • What the hell is an “assault weapon”? I assaulted my neighbor with a dust mop the other day… Do i have 90 days to turn it in?

    • Ann W

      DUST MOPS AND WALKIN STICKS OF AMERICA UNITE. They are not getting my guns, dust mop, waklin stick or any other object I may need to defend myself

  • pipcrusher

    just like in the clinton administration……ruby ridge all over again……this country isnt buying every gun and piece of lead we can find for protection against common criminals….we are preparing for war. COME AND TAKE IT!

  • BDKatt

    Usurpation of any part of the Constitution is TREASON.Any & all who sign this bill should be held accountable.The person or persons who introduced this bill should be tried for treason & hung.

  • Wayne

    Soon we will see another Civil War.

  • Zepp

    I hope people are smart enough never to turn in their guns. What are they gonna do, arrest the whole country? From my cold dead hands!!

  • James Maxwell

    I find it hard to beleive that the people of Missouri would allow such an act to be passed.
    There is so much good hunting and fishing available in that state and they have an
    outstanding game conservation dept to manage it. To deny the resident the ability to
    hunt in their own state and to attempt to confiscate their guns might be more than the
    fools in politics could or would understand. I strongly suspect that the is one dim-0-crat
    mindless liberal that will be looking for a new home if he makes it till the next election.

  • Jerry

    I had no idea that Missouri was full of far left loons.

  • LittleMoose

    Unfortunately, this is happening in many states. All it takes is one Diane Finestein type politician at the state level to introduce this kind of legislation. Just because it is introduced does not mean it will pass. What we need is the voters to remember who they are and vote them out of office.

  • Dusty Waters

    They’re kidding, right? They all should be imprisoned for breaking America’s laws by even trying to do this… Wake up America!!!! I guess Obama really hasn’t read the Constitution.. IDIOTS!!!

  • robm

    traitors………used to get jail time or something more permanent…..

  • NoMoreMarxistsInDC

    Everyone, including Missourians, must file Petitions for Bills of Impeachment by writing them up and hand delivering them to their state Office of Legislative Services, or favorable State representative(s) who is willing to file.

    The Petition(s) for Bill of Impeachment are documents with “Whereas” clauses. They start like this:

    This is a Petition for Bill of Impeachment brought by ________ and presented to the General Assembly for the impeachment of ________________ for the following:

    WHEREAS, Assemblyman/Senator_____________ took a constitutional Oath of Office (cite Oath of Office statute where it says they will support, uphold & defend the US Constitution & State Constitution– “So help me God”) to uphold, support and defend the United States Constitution (especially the Second Amendment) and the ________ State Constitution;

    WHEREAS, ____________ violated/is in violation of said constitutional Oath of Office by promoting anti-Second Amendment legislation in violation of the United States Constitution, and not through the Amendment process required to change the Second Amendment;

    WHEREAS, ___________ violated/is in violation of the Constitution of the United States and ___________ State Constitution for instituting Nazi Weapons laws (from the 1938 Nazi Weapons Law–see website for Jews for Preservation of Firearms Ownership, jfpo.org, showing how the 1938 Nazi Weapons Law was lifted verbatim and adopted as the 1968 U.S. Gun Control Act and all other state gun control laws) through legislation to overturn the Second Amendment, and in violation of the Amendment process;

    WHEREAS, _____________ has committed misdemeanor and felony Official Misconduct;

    WHEREAS, _____________ has committed misdemeanor and felony Fraud in Taking the Oath;

    WHEREAS, ____________ has committed Treason and Sedition in giving aid and comfort to our enemies (e.g.,Communists, terrorists, et al.) by the overthrowing, putting down, or forcibly destroying the United States Constitution and _________ State Constitution, which are the government of the United States and government of the State of ____________, and has been witnessed by two or more witnesses;

    WHEREAS, ___________ has advocated the overthrowing of the United States Government and government of the State of____________ by publicly publishing, displaying, and advocating the the overthrowing or destroying the United States by overthrowing the Constitution of the United States, or overthrowing or destroying any government within the United States by legal and political force and/or violence;

    WHEREAS,___________ has organized with others of his/her political party to organize an assembly of persons, legislators (including assemblymen, senators, governors, et al.) who advocate or encourage the overthrow or destruction of the United States government through the advocating of the destruction or overthrow of the United States Constitution, specifically the Second Amendment, by legal and political force or violence;

    WHEREAS, ___________ has organized, become a member of, or affiliates with others of his/her political party, with known and unknown communists, Marxists, terrorists, et al. to overthrow the United States government and government of the State of __________

    by destroying and overthrowing the United States Constitution, specifically the Second Amendment, and __________ State Constitution;

    WHEREAS, _____________ will be subjected to misdemeanor and/or felony Official Misconduct charges;

    WHEREAS, _____________ will be subjected to misdemeanor and/or felony Fraud in taking Oath of Office charges;

    WHEREAS, _____________ will be subjected to charges of Treason and Sedition;

    WHEREFORE, _____________ is automatically removed from office without pay pending trial for impeachment, and will be subjected to loss of liberty, pay, and all pensions if convicted of impeachment, including but not limited to imprisonment of 20 years and fine of $1,000,000 (One Million dollars).

    Impeachment is brought as a charge in the Assembly. The Assembly sends it to the Senate to initiate trial. As long as the person being impeached (for misdemeanor or felony Official Misconduct, Fraud in Taking Oath of Office, as well as for Treason and Sedition), they cannot sit in their position of office, they cannot draw pay from that position, nor can they receive any pension if impeached.

  • Mark

    What kind of support does the bill have in MO? If there are only a few backing the bill in the legislature there won’t be a chance of it passing.

  • Johnny Freebyrd

    What AR-15? This is exactly why we don’t want to register our guns. It only makes it easier for them to confiscate. I didn’t fight for this country to come home & find it going down the tubes!! What part of unalienable right or shall not be infringed do they not understand?? We should be able to pick up a gun at walmart just as easily as we can get a big gulp, (unless you live in NYC) and those who commit crimes should be held accountable! felon? have a gun? 20 years, armed robbery? 20 years….. breaking into my house?? Let me know what God’s like!

    • Billy Hill

      Breaking into my house??You ain’t gonna see God..

  • Every single one of them need to be impeached,

  • sr9c58

    Line ’em up and try them for treason!

  • Shoebox

    Man, this is outrageous. Not only Missouri but every law biding person in every State should defend our 2nd amendment right.

  • a_browning

    Anyone who votes for this bill is in violation of their oath to the US Constitution, and should be summarily executed as tyrants. Time to water the “Tree of Liberty”, and I would prefer that the source of the “water” be the tyrants’.

  • How about all people involved with this have 90 days to report to a deportation area and will be resettled in Chicago. They will not be able to move out of the area. Then they might see why people need guns. Looking in the mirror with a tryanny they propose covers the rest.

  • Missouri folk can sell me their assault weapon, I’ll pay twice what the gun buy backs do..$200 cold hard cash. If I lived there I’d add about half an inch of JB Weld at the end of the barrel and hang it on the wall, it’s now inoperable. When SHTF I’d pull out my handy dandy dremel and get rid of the annoying JB. If the last 1/2 inch is totally buggered it won’t matter it will still shoot accurately. Or heck just sue them in Supreme Court and win a class action lawsuit for billions.

  • This is an unconstitutional law and cannot be enforced.

  • Nobam2012

    Yea, Well I propose legislation that the Democrats proposing this legislation blow me.

  • Ladies and Gentlemen man your battle stations there is going to be a war. The Tyrannical Government of the United States is declariring war on its own people. The Second Ammendment is still in effect and as long as there are people who will stand up and fight for it . This stuff is impeachable for the anioted one swore to defend the Constitution again on the boobtube as he did the first time. He is a blatant liar and has no feeling for this Country. I was in the military and fought for my country and the oath I took I still live by. We all need to stand united and force this jerk out of office and then do the same thing to Biden. I’m fed up with this administration thinking they know and have all the answers. Nothing they have said or done has ever helped me. I live my life ,my terms. I will fight to the death for this Country and what it stands for. Not what Obummer wants it to be. A socialistic communistic state.

  • Liberals sit in their Ivory Tower and write whatever law they want and then get the police and other lower minions to enforce it. I say bring it to the Ivory Tower and topple the tower with the Politicians in it.

  • Nobam2012


    • Ann W

      LMAO!! however it is true

  • ALL Missouri residents, vote against ALL democrats in the next election even if this law doesn’t pass, they introduced it.

  • Oh BTW, this should be done to Washington. We don’t need a Civil War, just remove Washington along with the Politicians!

  • LD

    Jan, you’re beautiful, but you are blonde at the core. What’s funny here is Amer Lyon is brunet at the core, and stuff just doesn’t get past her. The two of you might just be able to make your media enterprise work! That’s NOT dem legislation. It’s LIBERAL legislation which masquerades democrat AND republican. Liberal. Missouri’s posturing liberal, which is dangerous, obviously. Instead of just documenting this phenomenally bizarre enterprise, EDUCATE people. It’s a simple nation breaker. Nothing complicated,. Very easy to learn, and once people get a handle on it it flies on it’s own, just like a DRONE! Kewl, eh. It looks like this: O2P> FLG7R> DCBR. EDUCATE!


  • Chris

    These bastards are obsessed with taking our rights meanwhile the country is going down the crapper! Why dont they worry about jobs and the economy?Isnt that what they are elected for anyway?Do your Damn job and leave the good citizens alone!

  • And what will they eventually consider a “high capacity” magazine? 10 rounds? 5 rounds? When will it end? When we’re left with muskets? The time to defend our rights is while we still have them. That time is NOW! http://www.rightwingsoup.com

  • Nam Vet

    They better check and make sure that there burial insurance is payed up. They are going to need it if this BS passes.

  • Chuck

    Here we go again…Missouri does NOTHING to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, but makes absolutely certain that honest citizens have reduced ability to defend themselves against well-armed felons or an aggressively tyrannical state. This is straight out of the Nazi handbook on how to enslave a people.

  • rivahmitch

    Where freedom meets tyranny, there will either be blood or tyranny. “Is life so dear or peace so sweet”? Those unwilling to kill and die for their rights will not have any.

  • There is no recompense for the expense, and is an illegal taking. It is also a violation of the heller decision. That is now the law of the land.

  • Shaver58

    everyone in Missouri needs to march on the capitol before they sign this in to effect like they did in ny in the middle of the night literally!

  • the last

    that is unconstitutional and illegal. try taking my gun from me, I dare them,

  • Louman

    When are Democrats going to change the name of their party. I think Nazi would

    fit their actions much better.

  • This will never pass here in Missouri.

  • Mdestx

    This is a war against our rights and we need to vote them out flood their websites with our demands to NEVER TOUCH THE RIGHTS GIVEN TO US BY THE US CONSTITUTION
    I will not comply with these laws that goes against it

  • Abide by the gun-grabbing law,


    clear a long kill zone and zero your AR with the best scope money can buy.


    That has a snowballs chance in hell of passing even in a “liberal”southern state like Missouri… Nor would it be enforced by the local constabulary; a number of Missouri sheriffs have already publicly stated they would never enforce ANY unconstitutional “laws” infringing upon their constituents and would in fact arrest and prosecute any who would aren’t to do so.

    But this goes to show the depths at which the anti-gun crowd WANT to go! This is their ultimate goal with ALL firearms, not just their current scape goat, the Modern Spring Rifle… Take heed, folks. When they tell you they just want these “assault weapons” realize that is “for now.”

    Once again, Jan… Keep up the good work.

  • They are violating our Constitution and that alone should be enough to remove them from office and make any laws they pass not be enforceable! Seems so many of our elected officials are having Obama and Bloomberg’s Dictator complex rub off on them. They all need tyo be removed from office and given a choice of thirty years in prison or be deported to a country of the governments choice and lose everything they own! What makes these Idiots think they can just steal peoples property when ever they want?

  • buddy

    What a joke. Ya try and take my guns I will defend my constitutional right to the end and the biggest joke of all time OBAMA.

  • marineh2ominer

    Isn’t this the same state that just put ” GESTAPO ” on the streets to enforce a curfew for all citizens including adults ? If so , any one there that is anti-Hitler or NAZI needs to get out while the getting is possible .

  • Forever Serious

    The 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution permits and encourages US Citizens to arm themselves with any weapon including those that any law enforcement officer would be armed with. This guarantees the citizens the right to protect themselves from any threat from many sources including the government and it’s agencies. Other threats include criminals and illegals who would prefer to prevent our citizens to live free from those wishing to harm or kill others. We simply can not and will not allow any confiscation of these rights or the guns that the Amendment guarantees us.

  • patriotdad

    Im from missouri. Just moved to OK in August. This is disgusting. If this passes I will resist in every way that I can. No justice in obeying unjust laws, so if any folks from Missouri needs an “assault weapon” id be happy to transport from OK 😉 ps who specifically proposed this BS legislation?

  • NC GUN owner

    To the people living in Missouri, North Carolina still believes in the Bill of Rights! Come on down and you can bring your guns.

  • I will never give up my weapons to any state….im not going to wind up the the Jews did in Germany with no way to protect my family or myself


    Elections in Missouri, as elsewhere, have consequences. The Dems that were elected by the good people of Missouri and the other States are behind this. If it is passed and goes into effect it will definitely create some interesting situations. There will be a lot of bluster and posturing and bold talk. But I bet that when the time comes most will do as the law requires, a few will resist and be dealt with harshly, and the Regime will be emboldened to go even further. And exactly who is going to stop them? I hope I’m wrong, but….

  • Bill Warren

    Every one of those legislators should be removed from office and charged with treason. We as free Americans should resist, push back, and defy such laws. Unite, organize, prepare, and resist in defense of your rights with the same power that they come with to take away your right. We outnumber them. Think about what they will do to you when you cannot protect yourself. Look at the Jews in Germany, the Chinese in China, the Russians in Russia, the Dividians in Waco, Texas. Wake up people. Do nothing if you want to be slaves, abused and killed. Freedom, Liberty, the right to worship God, freedom of speech, right to representation and a speedy trial by your peers, your right to not incriminate yourself, right of privacy, right to protect your home and own property…you know the drill. Are not those things worth fighting for? Get angry, defend yourselves from tyranny. These Marxist usurpers of liberty and freedom are few. Don’t let them have their way with you. Send them to the unemployment line and kick their sorry Liberal Democrat Jack-ASS out of office!

  • dustyvet

    don’t sit home and complain,join a local rally,go to Day of Resistance .223 and sign up

    MCNEIL AND WALTON GRAY (Co-sponsors).” according to the state web site. Ellinger is a rep from St Louis..(really nice.. rich area of town…) I don’t know about the other two. Full info is at this link http://www.house.mo.gov/billtracking/bills131/biltxt/intro/HB0545I.htm

  • Take names, and vote those SOB’s out. All Missourians should be contacting their senators and congressmen and letting them know their serving their last terms in office. Americans won’t stand for confiscation like we saw in Australia and in Nazi Germany. Everywhere guns have been confiscated, innocent civilians have died by the thousands and often Millions. Obama is a tyrant who want to become Dictator. Hey Obama Fuxx You.

  • Democrats don’t believe in our Constitution. If they succeed in destroying the Second Amendment, you can bet your bottom dollar the First will be next to go.

  • This boat ain’t gonna float, because it’ll hurt Missouri’s economy too much. The crooks and traitors in Missouri’s legislature are stupid, but they ain’t too stupid to bite the hand that feeds them.

  • NC GUN owner

    Just remember, you voted them into office, please vote them out! This time it’s your right to own semi-auto guns, assault weapon is a name made up by anti-gun people, what will it be next?

  • Nut Cracker

    Oh HELL no! Nobody rules if none of us obey!!!

  • These are some of the same Districts that initially defeated concealed carry in Missouri. Mobilizing the individuals in the majority of the state led to having concealed carry. A few districts in StL & KC won’t determine the course if everyone else pays attention. For those in MO & those with MO as their home of record CONTACT these Representatives and those for the District where you are registered. Please tell them how you feel about this bill & those that vote for it: INTRODUCED BY REPRESENTATIVES ELLINGER (Sponsor), SCHUPP, MCNEIL AND WALTON GRAY (Co-sponsors).

    Brandon Ellington, District 022 (Kansas City/Jackson County), 573-751-3129, Elected in 2011, Served 1 term [email protected]
    MO House of Representatives
    201 West Capitol Avenue
    Room 116-4
    Jefferson City MO 65101

    Jill Schupp, District 088 (Creve Coeur), 573-751-9762 , Elected in 2008, Served 2.5 terms [email protected]
    MO House of Representatives
    201 West Capitol Avenue
    Room 101B
    Jefferson City MO 65101

    Margo Mcneil, District 069 (Florissant), 573-751-5365, Elected in 2008, Served 2.5 terms [email protected]
    MO House of Representatives
    201 West Capitol Avenue
    Room 103BC
    Jefferson City MO 65101

    Rochelle Walton Gray, District 075 (Black Jack), 573-751-5538, Elected in 2008, Served 2.5 terms [email protected]
    MO House of Representatives
    201 West Capitol Avenue
    Room 105E
    Jefferson City MO 65101

  • The citizens of Missouri need to pass a citizens’ amendment to their state constitution making it a class a felony for lawmakers to blatantly ignore the US Constitution.

  • Darius the Mede

    I don’t know where those nut-jobs in the legislature get their ideas, but where I come from, stealing someone’s property is called “theft”.

  • Eric Coddington

    If they push us into Civil War they will be fired and sent home for this act of aggression as it is clear an enemy who has paid off these men and or promised these men safety and money to betray our country. There will be arrest of these men and war crime charges as a result of using this power against American Citizens! L/CPL Coddington Eric E 82-88/95-97 USMC

    Standing by the secure this American Republic !

  • This is the time for action. Action by the citizens of Missouri to tell their elected officials that their jobs are in jeopardy if this law is passed. AND the citizens should contact the State Attorneys office as well as the State Supreme Court for an injunction to prevent the law from passage without a vote by the citizens either for or against.

  • when are you people going to get it !!! ? They dont care what you think or say, they are going to try every way they can think of to get our guns and put us in a spot where we can not fight back at this tyranny government that we have in our country, led by you know who…. Stop the complying and get off your asses and say something to your congress men or Senator before its to late, Well its probable to late now but crying about it is not going to help us. We are going to have to get ruff and mean to stop these Anti American crumbs.
    They think the American People dont have the guts to fight back So they are going to run us over as long as they can.

  • These democrates are traitors and must be arrested and prosecuted…..this is not law…it is a terrorist attack.

  • I have an idea, just a thought.

    In all the anti gun states, let ’em go the way they will.

    The pro gun states the same.

    The antis will lose most of their people due to folks leaving and ramant crime.

    The pros will gain people, and live their lives.

    If libtards want to be disarmed, let ’em. But you’d better leave the conservatives alone, the sleeping dog DOES bite.

  • Those are the exact words / reason we need so called assault weapons and the 2nd amendment!

  • Skip Palmer

    I can only see a bunch of funerals for Democrat Politicians.. They will have no one to blame but themselves for their treason against the citizens…

  • Keep track of the Oath Breakers.

  • gyrene

    PPACA ‘Protects’ Gun Owner Rights

    What is of far lesser common knowledge, however, is that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), signed into law on March 23, 2010 by President Obama contains five provisions that address gun owner rights. Located in Title X, on page 2037 of the PPACA, is a section labeled “Protection of Second Amendment Gun Rights.” This provision in the feder…al health care law is actually an amendment to the Public Health Service Act of 1944.

    The first of the five provisions states that a wellness and health promotion activity may not require the disclosure or collection of any information relating to the presence or storage of a lawfully possessed firearm and ammunition or the usage of the firearm in the residence or on property owned by an individual.

    There are five provisions in the PPACA section entitled ‘Protection of Second Amendment Gun Rights’ that address and protect gun owner rights.

    The second section prohibits the government, through its use of healthcare practitioners and insurers, from collecting data related to a patient’s lawful ownership, possession, use or storage of firearms or ammunition.

    The third provision bolsters that directive by stating that collectors of the data cannot use this information to maintain records of individual ownership or possession of a firearm or ammunition.

    The fourth provision is directed at health insurance companies and states that premium rates may not be increased, nor may health coverage be denied, and no discounts, rebates or rewards may be reduced within a wellness program because of an individual’s lawful ownership or possession of a firearm or ammunition or because of an individual’s lawful use and storage of a firearm or ammunition.

    Finally, the fifth provision states that no individual shall be made to disclose under any data collection activity, information related to an individual’s ownership or possession of a firearm or ammunition or the individual’s lawful use, possession or storage of a firearm or ammunition.

    Pelosi: ‘We Have to Pass the Bill So That You Can Find Out What Is In It’See More

  • ERA

    These people have been seriously sniffing glue, Didn’t the King numerous times state that “No one will be taking your guns”? This is way out of control.

  • Buddy

    It will never pass, it’s unconstitutional period.

  • beowulf32


    In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control.

    From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents,unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.


    In 1911, Turkey established gun control.

    From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million Armenians,unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.


    Germany established gun control in 1938 and

    from 1939 to 1945, a total of 13 million Jews and others who wereunable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.


    China established gun control in 1935.

    From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents,unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.


    Guatemala established gun control in 1964.

    From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians,unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    —- ————- ————-

    Uganda established gun control in 1970.

    From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians,unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.


    Cambodia established gun control in 1956.

    From 1975 to 1977, one million educated people,unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.


    Defenseless people rounded up and exterminatedin the 20th Century because of gun control: 56 million.


    You won’t see this data on the US evening news,or hear politicians disseminating this information.

    Guns in the hands of honest citizens save lives and propertyand, yes, gun-control laws adversely affect only the law-abiding citizens.

    Take note my fellow Americans, before it’s too late!Gun registration just makes it easy for the FEMA, Department of Homeland Security, IRS agents to come and confiscate your weapons.


    was never intended to help disaster victims (super storm Sandy victims), DHS was never intended to protect American citizens, and the

    16,000 new IRS agents authorized by Obamacare are all there to plunder and tyrannize American citizens.

    There are FEMA concentration camps throughout the USA, complete with gas chambers, watch towers, razor

    wire fencing, railroad tracks ready and waiting for all dissenters of the plutocratic, communistic, socialistic, Satanic, corporatist,

    oligarchic tyranny of the New World Order, the one world Satanic totalitarian military police state dictatorship, Agenda 21 of the UnitedNations.

    The American people are literally financing our own enslavement and destruction by paying the IRS’s extortion money.

  • DouglasDauntless

    If the people of mo. allow this to happen to them they are the biggest a..holes in the USA

  • Alohajonny

    Bring it you stupid progressives, we have had enough

  • Mike11C

    It’s really a shame that the people who would vote for gun confiscation would not be the ones trying to enforce it. If so, I would almost hope it passes just so they would be the ones who get shot while attempting to disarm us.

  • Now you have an idea as to why I left Missouri. This is very dumb, but Missouri is very good at being very dumb, sometimes.

  • skyhawk

    Is there any honest judge anywhere that will give an opinion concerning a Citizens Arrest of anyone who violates the Constitution?

  • Democrats are acting like Terrorist by trying to take weapons away from the American People.

  • time to clean house!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wondersnevercease1

    this is from the actual bill:
    3. This prohibition shall not apply to:

    (1) Any government officer,
    agent, or employee, member of the armed forces of the United States, or peace
    officer, to the extent that such person is otherwise authorized to acquire or
    possess an assault weapon or large capacity magazine, and does so while acting
    within the scope of his or her duties

    • rycsailor

      That’s a clause from Hitler’s manifesto to the Brown Shirts.

  • James Vetzel

    “When you come for mine, You had better bring yours” and “Come and Take It”. There’s only two ways tat they will get my Firearms, 1. Get the Drop on me and 2. Well there just ain’t a number 2

  • Shutter

    I suspect there could be a fight, a real gun battle, if this get voted in. This may be one of the reasons Homeland Security bought all those assault rifles and hollow point bullets. This is just test ground #1.

    • Ann W

      Exactly. Now what are we gonna do?

      • Shutter

        Since Big Bro, according to Maxine Waters, is probably tracking everything being posted here, I’m not going to say anything that I will do or will consider doing, but I’d say it may come to out of state patriots coming to the aid of Missouri patriots to help them win their independence.

  • James Vetzel

    I think they need to open up a new can of politicans in Mo.

  • Bill

    every dem should be impeached it’s up to you Missouri and if you don’t , do not call us from Minnesota to come to you aide

    • Ann W

      Keep your ass in Minnesota. The South does not need or want you. You will just be another thing we will have to protect!! Stay frozen my friend.

  • tb

    Brng it on Democrates.

  • Stealth

    Well you “MasOURANS”…I HOPE the ‘civil war’ starts with your state- you OUTNUMBER the civil authorities…hopefully most if not ALL of your Police agencies would REFUSE to be used to USURP our Constitution and if OBUMMA activates the National Guard… I believe most would REFUSE to follow orders!! Next would be a massive march on the white house to eradicate it…

  • ECDucy

    If that unconstitutional law passes & the Democrats (oh, I mean Communist Criminals) in the legislature start the confiscations- Missouri will be the start of the 2nd American Revolution. We all know how the 1st one turned out – WE THE PEOPLE: 1 GOVERNMENT: 0. Take the hint Missouri Legislators!!!!

  • Good luck Missouri Dems!

  • getit right

    To all reasonable citizens of Missouri, and by that I mean anyone there that still has a brain: The roll call on this vote is a public record. Let your legislators know that if they vote in favor of such a law that they WILL be voted OUT of office, if the good citizens of the state don’t remove them early.

  • bill

    the guy that brought this up, is he drunk on wine if so let him come and try to get my guns and i’ll take the bat out and wake him up.

  • Fred

    Way past time to execute this Troll for High Treason!!

  • This is total BS. Shame on my home state for even considering something so ridiculous. Dana Loesch and the Missouri Tea Party need to get hot-n-heavy on this issue ASAP!!!!

  • Jim S.

    This is not all original but I stand word for
    word with it. If you want to live in a country where citizens cannot have guns
    then please buy your tickets to Cuba. It is nice and sunny down there. You don’t seem to get our message, so let us
    state it again. I will never disarm. I will never give up my high capacity
    magazines, firearm accessories or ammunition. I will never give up my freedoms.
    I will fight and maybe die defending my rights as a law abiding American given
    to me by the Constitution my father, fought for, and almost died for in WW II
    he had swore to defend. I will never retreat. I’m proud to be an American. I’m
    proud to serve my country. I’m proud of our military personnel that sides with
    freedom!’ Just because a mentally ill person commits a horrific crime does not
    mean I lose my rights.” Hitler’s excuses for taking guns will never work in
    America. We already know what happens when you disarm the citizens of a country
    and it will not happen here. There are many, many more of us than you so I highly
    recommend working on the economy and creating jobs rather than messing with an
    army of Americans.

  • Ann W

    I don’t live in Missouri but I live in the deep South. We are getting tired of this do as I say do shyte. Our government has shredded our constitution, embarassed our country world wide. now they want to un-arm us so they can impose other unconstitutional laws and regulations on us. My 45 Smith has a magazine that holds 15 rounds, is that an assault magazine? Damn signing a petition, these idiots can not read anyway. If they could they would read the constitution and Bill of Rights. A good old fashioned ass whipping is the only thing some people understand.


    Any law that goes against the consitiution of the United States is not a legal law , i have one thing to say about any one who reads this =COME AND GET IT …..IF YOU THINK YOU CAN!

  • sounds to me like they are asking for a war they can not win

  • mike waz

    The liberals (traitors) will not stop this effort until they are stopped. The Constitution is still in effect last time i looked. This is insanity! They push this crap regardless of the facts. The facts prove they are wrong and this is just a ploy to disarm the citizens of America. Why do they feel they need to disarm the American people?

  • Im glad i left Mo. and moved to Ky. We have some descent laws here.Most everyone i know has plenty of guns and are willing to use them. We also have Rand Paul.

  • Andrew Abraham

    ppppfffbbbtttt I don’t live in the U.S but i’d love to see anyone try and steal a gun if I was there!! Best of luck – they’d need it!

  • Old Curmudgeon

    Very similar legislation being considered in Minnesota. They are going to turn a lot of people into criminals when they refuse to obey an unconstitutional law. Obama’s fingerprints are all over this B.S. Time to tell the Democrat scum behind this travesty to go to Hell!!!

  • Bill

    The citizens of the great state of Missouri need to recall their Senators or Reps that introduced this abortion and put them where they need to be…. Standing in a soup line scratching their unemployed asses!

  • Krammar

    turn in our guns..?? YEAH….RIGHT!!

  • As
    a citizen of Missouri, I can say it will never happen. this is
    political posturing. Missouri is a conservative, Bible Belt state, with
    many hunters and out state republicans, which have a republican
    controlled state legislature. Not a chance of passing. Only St. Louis
    and KC which has a lot of crime would vote in favor, and maybe Columbia
    which has a large island of liberalism with the U of Missouri. But most
    people here are very pro gun conservatives with rifle racks in the back
    of their trucks.

  • rycsailor

    Well they had better place a rider on this bill to pay for new prisons to house all the new criminals they will be creating……… It’s called the law of unintended consequences.

  • Dr. Evil

    Open season on Democrats!

  • David

    There is no such thing as an “Assault Weapon” !!! If they come to take yours give them a belly full of lead to take along with them !!!

    The 2nd Amendment ” Shall NOT be Infringed !!! This is an Act of War !!! America against the State of Morons !!!

    • David

      Should say the Morons in the State government of Missouri !!!

  • Ya know, the libs said when the clinton ban ended there would be blood running in the streets, well it hasn’t happened! yet, but give them time & they will start it!

  • Kent2012

    The “show me state”, well here is mine, can you see it???

  • Will it be another 1776 for them or will they lay down and take it? I am thankful for my sheriff and the stand that he and other sheriffs in several counties across my state took against this kind of tyranny. More and more I can see that there is no doubt that this has been coming for a long time, and all while people were sleeping, thinking it would never happen in America.

  • ReaperHD

    This is why your going to need every weapon you own, guess it’s time to end the reign of the politician.

  • juan

    the people of Missour voted there traitors into office. Why don’t some of them start RECALL action on the traitors?i

  • Jed54

    Washington D.C. ——- Dawn of the Dead….

  • seano

    Looks like things are going to get worse! To the people of Missouri and all states, stand up to these libs. Fight back by calling your legislators and Senators, and Congressmen and women. Do not let them confiscate your weapons. We have freedom to arm ourselves, and they can’t just pass a law and take them away. They are violating the Second Amendment of the Constitution !

  • OldDocBen

    Hmmm. Isn’t this exactly what Hitler did? And didn’t all the Jews turn in their guns? So how did that work out for the Jews?

  • DickDoc

    This is bigger than the second Amendment. The US government is not allowed to make Ex Post Facto laws. If it was legal when it was made and bought, it stays legal. They can make it illegal to transfer, they can make you register it etc…but that’s where our term “Grandfathered in” comes from. Also the US government can’t confiscate private possessions at the stroke of a pen. A person is entitled to compensation. The government passing such a law would be required to give people a fair value compensaton for the turned in property.

  • OK Missouri, what are you going to do about it?

  • Ron Brown

    I see some don’t see the plan B population reduction.They are counting on the people rising up eliminate the armed trouble makers use the pussies to depose of the slaughtered Free men women and mother in-laws according to EPA guide lines of course. Pussies are easy to handle but slippery when wet.

  • As the constitution states ANY law that violates the constitution is NO law at all and ANY so called legislator doing this has VIOLATED his oath of office and CAN be REMOVED from office as a common criminal. In ANY state in the union.

  • J Mac

    Well, I guess that Missouri is truly gong to be the “Show Me State” with this type of legislation if this bill passes, because I am completely sure that the state police and county sheriffs would either abide by their oaths to support and defend the Constituton of The United States, or that they will become the Missouri Ghestpo. Also, the legislators that have proposed this and co-sponsored this bill, need to be taken out and executed by firing squad there in Jeff City…………


    This is all BS. I live in Missouri..I own guns. NO ONE here or there has ever said “I am taking all your guns.” IMO I do not think you need a michine gun type rifle. If you can’t hit your target after one or two shots, you need to sell it and quit hunting. amen? Joint the military if you have that need for firepower. I have never seen where it was needed.

    • AerynSun2011

      The 2nd Amendment is not about hunting.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    false “scare” term “assault weapon” constantly used by liberal media and
    Socialist politicians is sickening. Assault weapons, the only firearms that
    could be classified as assault weapons – those with a fully automatic
    capability – have been severely restricted in this country since 1934.The
    number of crimes committed with them since that time is miniscule (two I
    believe). The fiction that such weapons are readily available is perpetrated
    only in movies & TV shows.

    The AKs and AR-15s (black guns) sold in this country, falsely branded by the
    lib/socialist media as “assault weapons”, are semi-automatic just
    like many other sporting weapons. They just look “mean” and “scary”
    to the ignorant. This ignorance is exploited by the so called firearms
    confiscators/“gun grabbers” who work acidulously to take weapons away from honest
    citizens, and do little or nothing halt or punish the criminal use of firearms.

    Even though these weapons terrify hoplophobes and tyrannical politicians, they
    are seldom used in crimes.

  • William Marx

    Anyone heard about the new Joshua MK7 bieng produced?

  • Donny Cotten

    If this continues it will come down to having to use force in order to keep our freedom from these liberal/commie idiots.

  • David

    People of Missouri: DON’T FOLLOW THEIR INSTRUCTIONS!!! Stand up and fight to protect your 2nd Amendment Right to bear arms! Law abiden citizens are continually being punished for something you and the rest did not do! They’re infringing again and again on the 2nd Amendment, again DO NOT OBEY THIS LAW WHEN IT PASSES! (CAUSE IT WILL PASS BY THESE TYRANTS!)

  • Paul

    wait isn’t this against the 2nd amendment?

  • silverdutchman

    Maybe these patriots should give these demoPUKES that are no more communists in disguise 90 days to leave the country before return fire is ordered.

  • Terry

    Lots of talk about petitions and that sort of thing. There is a remedy, vote!

  • Banning assault style weapons IS Constitutional. The Supreme Court has already found that the government can pass laws to limit gun ownership. And we already have a precedent for such laws. NOBODY is proposing to take away our right to have a gun for protection. Besides, this Missouri law is going nowhere. And I really doubt that the federal government will pass a ban on assault style weapons. But there is NO DOUBT that such a law would be Constitutional.

  • K

    From December 19, 2012

    Exclusive: Cops, detectives, FBI agents, U.S. soldiers tell Natural News they will not enforce gun confiscation orders

    However, “We the People” should NEVER Assume any of these Cops, detectives, FBI agents, U.S. soldiers will be behind us if/when push comes to shove.
    We can hope and pray they will be behind us but, we still should NEVER Assume they will for our own protection.
    “We the People” MUST defend our freedoms as if no one else is going to help us.
    We have a God given right to defend ourselves and if we let anyone take that right away from us, we are instantly slaves.

    Near the bottom of this article where it says;
    Is this all a ploy to open the door for UN troops on the streets in America?
    Finally, it’s worth considering that civil war may be exactly what Obama wants to cause. It would rip America apart, making way for United Nations troops to invade and seize control, claiming “humanitarian” justification.

    IF ANYONE and I Mean anyone, up to and especially the potentially illegally invading UN comes into America to attempt to take control of us it will be no different than if Russia or Japan attempted to come into America to take control of us, it will be an act of “WAR” against “We the People” and we must Fight this ENEMY head-on with all we have and NEVER STOP fighting them until we drive them all out.

    Missourians as well as all Americans in Every State of the United States Must NEVER EVER give-up your Guns under any circumstances!!!

    No (so-called) law to confiscate guns will ever be legal, which means, if the Government says they voted-in a new law saying they can confiscate our guns, it’s still NOT a law because, the Supreme law of the land of these United States of America “IS” the U.S. Constitution and all of the Amendments including the first Ten Amendments which is the Bill of Rights!!!
    The Government and especially the President do NOT Trump the U.S. Constitution, the U.S. Constitution Trumps The Government and the President.

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

  • Anonymous

    i like reading these anonymous rants knowing that no one will actually do anything about being angry their guns will be taken away. If you cite “from my cold hands”, well the state has no problem taking them one. by. one. The real way to stand for your rights is to 1. unite. 2. organize. 3. Act.

  • HB 545, sponsored by Representative Rory Ellinger of
    district 86, wholly violates both the U.S. Constitution and the Missouri
    Constitution, and whether this or similar bills are passed into law by either
    state or federal lawmakers, I will forever remain steadfast in refusing to
    comply with any such unconstitutional legislation.

    I think our history provides overwhelming proof that even
    though fringe groups wishing to undermine our sovereignty may exist within our
    society, the vast majority of American people stand vehemently opposed to tyranny
    and oppressive government. And considering this proposed legislation will
    accomplish absolutely nothing in regards to lessening violent crime, as
    evidenced by FBI statistics resulting from the federal Assault Weapons Ban of
    1994, it can only be viewed as an attempted act of tyranny and oppression. In
    fact, those proposing such repressive legislation should be looked upon as usurpers
    and despots, even traitors and dealt with accordingly. After all, any attempt
    to overthrow our supreme law (which is our constitution) either in part or
    otherwise, should be considered as acts equal in severity as attempted murder.

  • If this bill passes it WILL be the straw that breaks the camels back, i will drive to missouri to help the Sheriffs fight of the feds, and I’m sure millions of other patriots will do the same. SOunds like it’s actually time to excercise the right of the second ammendment for waht it was created for, to take a out a tyrannical government, look around at their actions of the last 5-7 years. They don’t even try to hide the tyranny anymore.

  • SONshineman

    Have fun implementing and enforcing this if it’s passed; bunch of globalist bastards!!! “From my cold, dead hand”, as Charlton Heston declared. It’s way past the time for Americans to “just say no” to this whole tyrannical system. WAKE UP AMERICA!

  • James McCurdy

    Folks as much as I do not see a urgent need for people to have automatic weapons or high capacity magazines, I do believe in the 2nd amendment any if anyone in Missouri follows through with this kind of communistic law is only helping the obama agenda(disarm America so he can become King) Everyone needs to pay more attention to who they are putting into office. Lets start cleaning theses no good politicians out of office and start putting in some good and decent honest legal citizens in office.

  • James McCurdy

    In Missouri if people still want their rights to the 2nd amendment, everyone stand together and refuse to turn in your weapons, as they can not arrest the whole state.If they bring in the national guard then the civil war will begin.

  • James McCurdy

    They do not want you to turn them in for destruction, they are in need of weapons to sell to the drug thugs in Mexico. If they say they are going to destroy it, then make them do it right there in front of you, because once you turn it over to them you have no idea what really happens to it, and it might come back to bite you, or you bite your own bullets. I would rather leave people have their automatic weapons than see the Government take away our rights to own, because folks this is not just about automatic weapons it is about disarming America so we have nothing to fight with when obama declares Marshall Law and then announces he is now King of the USA. Lets start getting rid of Democrats and Republicans who sign on with obama for his agenda.

  • James McCurdy

    Now also remember folks the Republicans are planning to enter a slick talking crooked person to continue the obama agenda. He is a young son of an immigrant and even though he is crooked he was still elected as a Florida Senator and now they want him for President. Haven’t we had enough outsiders elected to our highest office and Senate and Congress. This young Senator from Florida used his (tax payer funded) Government credit card to fund his family reunion and used his political pull to get a personal friend a Government contract in return for a new Cadillac for his mommy, and also used it to buy materials to remodel his home. Do we need crooked people like that in our political system?

  • Terry

    Cant blame the Dumbocrats…blame the idiots that keep electing them into office for them to be able to do this to law abidding people.

  • You in Missouri should vote all Democrats out!starting in 2014 election!

  • Mypoint

    The second amendment states we citizens have the right to own and bare arms. It does not say we have the right to keep weapons of this type! These type weapons should never have been released to the general public in the first place. These weapons are for military use and only have one purpose and that is to Kill people, period!………Define upstanding citizen. Now define criminal. The cop in California was an upstanding citizen was he not? There have been many more cases just like him!

  • IronMonkey

    Im no lawyer but this seems pretty unenforceable without being sued for violating peoples rights. Imagine all the weapons you could buy with that settlement LOL.

  • Rita

    Proposed legislation is even written poorly where it states in no.4: “legally in possession”…that implies that those ILLEGALLY possessing are off the hook. WHo wrote this anyway??

  • Everyone was soo worried about what the Feds were going to do, they can not even decide how to pay their bills. The states are being much more extreme and are acting very fast, only thing good about that is these things will be tied up in court for a very long time because they are all attacks on the 2nd, I mean really, they are going to tell me to just turn in my 0ver $ 2000 SASS or become a Felon ?……..I do not think so………And that is just one Firearm

  • An unconstitutional law is NOT a law. I would hold my ground and NOT comply.

  • Patriot

    They are traitors and felons. The Second Amendment and the Congressional Dick Act of 1902 make such illegal; these demorats should be arrested now.

  • TheTexasCooke

    I think that the Missouri Legislature over-looked an important lesson lots of folks learned in the 1970s….”Never ring a cow bell at an ambush!” If that bill passes, Missouri citizens will have 90 days to clean and test fire all of their weapons….lock and load…..and wait to see who has the balls to try an enforce it. I wouldn’t want to be a Missouri Legislator about then.

  • How about you tell us what bill exactly has this language? All I see is hate mongering towards liberals and democrats as well as the fanning of the flames of fear. Also if we have a bill name, number, title, whatever then we can fight it rather than just read about it!

  • Joseph

    They are trying to push someone into doing something violent so they can say they were right.

  • Walter Edward Lycett III

    Now is the time for every one to use their 2nd amendment rights. Defend America against tyranny.

  • daveerator

    this is part of why every group of federal goverment has bought millions of rounds of ammo and there is none for us. untill they come for our guns then we will have thers. this will not happen ( i pray to GOD ) i dont want my grandchildren to have to live through these times.

  • Paul

    People of Missouri should emmediately start a recall petition of everyone of the slime that are introducing and backing that tyranical bill. Come on people! Wake from your slumber and act!

  • Ladybug91

    Has the majority of people in this country lost their minds? More of what Obama wants for us but anyone who is willing to ignore our Constitution should be deported for they are all liars when they were sworn into their offices. This is appalling! I can’t imagine that the citizens of Missouri would go along with such a law.

  • nhoop

    Thank God that I don’t live in Missouri!

  • checksix

    6. Or hold your ground as the local Sheriff will defend you from Imcominforyews guns mentality.

  • fullback6

    Hey Missouri, you now have legal authority to impeach any and all Legislators in your state that support this obviously unconstitutional bill.
    Not only will they be impeachable but they will be guilty of a crime against their oaths of office, the people of Missouri, and the Constitution of the United States, which they have sworn an oath to defend.

  • This is really a non issue in Missouri. One of the co-sponsors of this bill replied to me with this explanation, “You should know that, Missouri has a super majority Republican
    Legislature. The bill is NOT going to be referred to a Committee to be
    heard or voted upon by the Legislators and
    if it does, somehow get referred…it would NOT have the votes to pass.” that from Rochelle Walton Gray

  • Ezikel

    While it is upsetting, I live in Missouri this will never pass, ever. Good thought tho, identifies the scum, we are a red state, it will be that way for a long long time. These polititans will be dealt with through legislative processes. Sheriff’s from all over this state stated they will not enforce any unconstitutional legislation. Dont get frazzled guys they just created a mess for themself. Basically there political carreer is over. There are Good old boys are all over this state. Molon labe.

  • shadetree

    ill either be going down or to jail.. there mine and i intend to pass
    them on to my kids just like they were done for me from my fathers
    fathers! one way or the other..

  • FYI, Missouri has a republican majority in both houses. “This will never make it out of committee.”

  • Justice Thunderoad

    Well this more less tells me that The Next Civil War in the USA will either start in Missouri or Colorado,. ………..I will see you there and stand and Fight with you

    • Conservativesniper

      It has already started. Unless these traitorous politicians are removed by the rule of law, it’s on. How far are you willing to bend?


    Plus I’d move out of misery as soon as possible.

  • this should make any true American WAKE UP!! This Whole thing started with ” Let’s protect the children”. Does anyone see that the real issue is not even being confronted?!! Kids need protection? Arm teachers that are qualified and have armed staff trained for these types of situations. Guns DON’T have to be visible and only staff need to know who these people are. Next is go after the irresponsible gun owner who leaves their guns accessible to children or anyone who shouldn’t have access to them. The 500,000.000 DOLLARS could go towards actually accomplishing something besides trying to pass laws that are Proven NOT to work. The children always where a decoy.

  • Everyone wanted to jump on the “States Rights” Band Wagon and now you know how State Legislators think! They are as power hungry and oppressive as the Feds.

    Somewhere along the line 2A was singled out from ALL the other Amendments that
    protected the Individual from ANY Government (Fed or State) trampling our
    freedoms. The States (50) took 10A and have been screwing (infringing) the
    “The Right of The People to Keep and Bear Arms” for years.

    Can a State designate that you can only Worship on Sunday? or In MO you must be
    a Baptist? (in Utah only Mormons?) Can A State limit what a Newspaper prints? Can a State deny you a fair trial? Can a State search your home without a warrant? Hell NO!

    States (50) never read the 10th Amendment to the End where it mentions “The
    Individual”. There are Some Things Already Delegated to The Individual and
    NOT TO THE STATE! 2A is very clear on this, the Right of the People to keep and
    Bear Arms is not delegated to the State (50).

    Does it matter if your rights are
    trampled by the Federal Government or by Thugs from MO, UT, NY or NJ????

  • You know what? If Americans can’t be trusted to have guns in their hands then they shouldn’t be in the military either. And they shouldn’t be in the Secret Service either, We should start picketing recruitment centers around the country.

  • patriot.

    That Sounds like Hitler’s tactics to me. But who is brave enough to try taking American life’s for such foolishness. WHO?

  • gas pump junkie

    Citizens and voters in Missouri, get on the ball. If it passes, challenge it in court. Next election, vote the anti=gunners out and abolish the anti-gun laws. Don’t sit on your duff.

  • ladyride

    Have the politicians in Missouri lost their minds ??? Weapon ownership a felony ?? There is much more serious crimes being committed they could be doing something about besides confiscating weapons from law abiding citizens. I fail to see the logic they are attempting to pass.

  • And so what does eveyone think about nighttime military/police training scenarios taking place in areas like Miami and other large cities? Never happened before a certain demoncrat took office…

  • Bud

    Of itself, the U.S.
    Constitution states that it is the “supreme law of the land”. The Bill of Rights
    is an integral part of the U.S. Constitution. If liberal, anti-gun politicians
    would keep their oath (their word) to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution,
    “gun control” would not be an issue–mainly because the 2nd Amendment is carved
    in stone, and is not to be “infringed” upon.

    Whether liberal or
    conservative, a politician’s word is his or her bond. Those who fail to keep
    their word demonstrate that they cannot be trusted. Therefore, they should be
    impeached and removed from office, which would preserve the integrity of the
    U.S. Constitution and the welfare of “We the People”.
    To the liberal politician, it’s power, but to the law-abiding citizen, it’s freedom.

    • Alex M

      “the 2nd Amendment is carved in stone” —

      It cannot be “carved in stone”. The constitutional clue is in the title.

  • JShu

    Drop dead liberal scum!!!!

  • Alex M

    Perhaps the proposal is related to the observation that an increased firearms density is in general linked to an increased firearms casualty rate.

  • Kevvy

    Welcome to post apocalyptia. I trained well for two years with guns; in the event that my peaceful sporting life would present to me a much needed aggressive response.


    y-not you are so right and well all need to tell the tyrants that it is an act of treason and put them jail and throw the key away the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time by the blood of tyrants and patriots

  • Mulli

    Why wasn’t Meet The Press, David Gregory prosecuted for possessing a high capacity magazine in D.C.? Is he above the law everyone else is subject too? Not that I agree with the law but once it is made law, no one is above that law, regardless of social or economic status.

  • Lowell

    People can only be pushed so far. I don’t live in Missouri but love to visit there and have met lots of good people. The libs can pass all the laws they want. I bet they won’t get the guns.

  • Jim

    This proposed legislation is blatantly UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Those responsible for proposing it should be recalled from office! …..DE OPPRESSO LIBER!!

  • Dodie1990

    This is exactly the plan for the whole country. The gun grabbers are ready to pounce. If they get a national data base/’registry look out.

  • clepto

    i guess they are looking for internal conflict to start in missouri…

  • goyaathle

    The Supreme Court ruling in United
    States v. Miller, 307 U.S.
    (1939) Ruled The Second Amendment protects only the
    ownership of military-type weapons appropriate for use in an
    organized militia.

    President Obama and other Liberals tell us that we do not need
    weapons of war. Even simi-automatics. The Department of Homeland
    Security in an Offical memo said that the full auto version was the
    perfect self defense weapon for their employees.

  • traitorhater

    We’re on our way to a communistic government. Did not these government a**h*l*s not live in the USSR days with Krushchev. Look at North Korea. The democrats better get their head out of their rear and realize what they’re doing and the citizens who sold their vote for a free phone also. I hope it explodes in your ear. I served this country back in the 60’s and over 50,000 men gave their lives away for these peoples rights and they throw them away for a free check and food stamps because they’re to lazy to get a job. I am proud to be a American and a Christian.

  • BigDog1702

    Looks like it’s time to lock and load

  • SFS444

    Well Missouri folk elected these idiots…how do you like Republicans now? Doesn’t matter theyll stay in charge now that you have no guns to protect your rights. I guess you folks are not the same brave Southerners that fought the Civil War…too bad..so sad to see the rebels become the subjugated.


    I don’t think the HB545 will get through the House. Their are 52 Democrats and 106 Republicans. Most of the republicans have an A rating from the NRA and a couple of Democrats. It was written by Democrat Rory Ellinger hopefully next election he will get sent home. But he is in or close to one of three counties in Missouri that went blue out of 104. Maybe some people will wake up. I have sent letters to our US Senators, State Senator and
    State Rep, Have got a response back from all of them. The one that worries me is Democrat US Senator Clara McKaskill she votes the way Obama wants her too. To bad she just won reelection with the help of Karl Rove. Turn coat Rove, lost the us at least 2 US Senate seats one in Indiana and one in Missouri.

  • From my cold dead hands!!!!

  • Jake Green

    The Democrats who proposed this legislation and those who vote for it should immeadiately be deported to a country more to their liking, say Venezuela or Cuba

  • Tim Martin

    Didn’t these folks swear an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution? Again, WHAT PART OF SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED don’t they understand.

  • seano

    I hope thousands of people show up at the steps of their state house and protest this ! NO way should they have to give up their guns! Fight for your rights Missourians! Don’t let them do it!

  • Kanudawg

    I did not think that I was that far out of the loop. Why is this the first time I am reading about this? Nothing about this anywhere that I have run across as of late.