Rapists for Gun Control


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  • Shutter

    Gun control is an example of who is actually waging war against women.

  • coastx

    One can say liberalism AKA Inquisition is an attack on both the intelligence AND conscience of America, and that the pinnacle of this macabre agenda driven paradigm is the sacrifice of women. That’s the easy part. The tough part is America’s willingness to acknowledge who is pressing this agenda into the American mainstream: the Mormon church and the black mass sacrifice which is literally culling intelligence from the herd of man and breeding it into the elite, their neo communities the new model of a sociopath civilization born black mass infant to a mother that was sacrifice moments before delivery. Your idealism is meaningless against this macabre enterprise. Morality doesn’t work on sociopaths, and as long as you remain unwilling to perceive reality in favor of some self-aggrandizing moment in front of a camera, this is a waste of time.

  • Gene Taber

    He’s right. Let’s start calling gun control advocates what they really are…..pro-rape. If you want to control and/or ban the firearms or ammunition that law abiding Americans have, or even make it harder for them to obtain them, like all the democrats/liberals want to do, then you are pro-rape. Rapists love gun control, and the politicians that advocate it, and the idiots who voted for them. All the liberal politically correct idiots love the label BS so much, they should like this new one for them. Progressive=pro-rape. Liberal = pro-rape. Democrat=pro-rape. Obama=pro-rape. Think about that next time you hear them calling someone like me a “neocon”, whatever that is.

  • very sad but it is all true,,why isn’t there a call for crime control ?? leave the honest people alone,,

  • Obama doesn’t need to try to take control our guns because we already have control of our own guns and WE THE PEOPLE are NOT going to give up our Control to Obama or anyone else EVER.

  • TomH135

    I agree with the things that have been posted so far. The problem is that the average American doesn’t think about what ISN’T BEING SAID on the news. They hear the latest emotional out cry of “we need to do something” and agree with the latest “THING”.

    The majority don’t even know about the Supreme Court rulings of Heller and McDonald.
    They believe that the “government” will help them with anything they need. They are shown on tv that the “Super Storm Sandy” victims are not getting that help from the government and still they think the government will help.
    What needs to be done is that we, the progun people, need to tell them the truth. Calm and to the point with nothing but the truth. It won’t be easy. They will believe that “9,000 gun deaths” happen every day, but they can’t believe that more people die by the hands of their own doctors, because they had not heard that on the news.
    We can NOT give up or give in.
    I will NOT be finger-printed, I will NOT turn in any of my weapons, nor will I be put on any list like a common criminal.
    Molon Labe!
    Come and take them

  • jeremy

    obama is a Marxist, find the video Dreams from my real father. that video is why her refuses to talk about his past. if you do watch have a barf bag with you. it is the most disturbing thing you will watch and every bit of it is real. as for guns, the 2nd amendment protects us and every amendment after. read the planks of Marxism Obama is doing it piece by piece. he gets rid of military generals that refuse to fire on citizens. Hitler, Stalin, and Musolinni did the same things! drones over our heads, high taxes, gun control, debt, racism, weapons to our enimies. Hating free enterprise and the U.S. Constitution but he loves the soviet one.

  • And the bigest rapers are those who dishonor their oath of office as witnessed by all who can see Obamanayshon being the rapest-in-thief

  • While I agree with Wild Bill, I think the gun control laws should be called criminal protection laws; broaden the definition to catch all who will benefit from the gun control efforts. Three facts — from FBI crime statistics and voting records lead me to this conclusion. First most shooting deaths occur in certain neighborhoods of large cities. Most of these shootings are related to drug crimes and gang activity. Second, the bastion of Democratic support is the big cities; check out the red/blue voting charts when the charts are broken down by county. Who would have imagined San Francisco is surrounded by counties that vote Republican? Finally, the criminals will always find a way to own and use guns in the pursuit of crimes.

    Apparently the government learned nothing from the failure of Prohibition in the 1920’s. All Prohibition of alcohol did was encourage the growth of organized crime. After Prohibition was repealed the criminals stayed and found new ways to make money selling
    prohibited drugs. If the Obama Administration succeeds in prohibiting guns, the criminals will have a new commodity to smuggle and profit from. Criminals always had alcohol during prohibition. Criminals have always had smuggled drugs to sell. Criminals will always have guns.

    Gun control laws will disarm law abiding people who live in the cities where most of the shooters live. Freeing the shooters to make even more profit from selling guns and accosting people anywhere and anytime they choose and allowing crime to spread to the
    rural areas where people have previously been able to defend themselves.

    Who benefits the most from gun control? Criminals everywhere! And apparently criminals vote Democratic…

  • Douglas

    They say that a crime is committed every six (6) seconds. They claim it on national TV and in the Media…so if this is true according to those that hate Guns, ask them how long it takes for them to answer a phone call and start their car…if it takes longer than six (6) seconds….the crime was committed and the damage was done! Calling 911 will only have someone take body count…access the damage.
    If every American had a gun and was trained to use it when needed…we would have a very Safe country. This wouldn’t stop all crime but it would stop most that wasn’t a drug related crime.
    Washington know this, so why are they so hell bent on taking away our God given rights to protect ourselves??

    • Alex M

      “If every American had a gun and was trained to use it when needed…we would have a very Safe country.” — Why should it be, do you think, that countries with more stringent gun laws are on average, safer, not more dangerous, than America?

  • jim

    Gun control is three out of four rounds in the vital body mass. Draconian laws to disarm Americans is about people control. The Wounded knee massacre of the Lakota Sioux was the result of disarmament of the camp. The U.S. Army took up arms against an unarmed population of women, children and old men. AFTER they took away the guns. Then they shot the wounded !! Trust YOUR government ?

  • Wolverine

    I feel ya bro,everyone in my fathers side of the family was in the military & law enforcement (I was not a law enforcement, Dad said he’d kick my arse because it was becoming to political) but I did 9yrs i the Navy. All of us collected gun as a hobby, we also enjoyed hunting & target shooting. Anyway I agree what you say about how certain law seem to target law abiding citizens. After all what’s abiding citizen going to w/ a R.P.G. or a L.A.W.s rocket ? But the’re people out there the have more fire power than the police. Do you think the went down to the sports shop & brought, waited 30 days for a back ground check ( to see if the’re a felony,mentally stable or terrorist) no! As the old saying goes “If you outlaw guns only outlaws will have guns” or” Guns are like condoms, I’d rather have it & not need it ,then need it & not have it!”

  • salty

    so it’s ok to shoot and kill a rapist but not to abort a child concived through rape? How about using pepperspray or a taser insted of a gun? That way you wont get pregnant and you won’t kill. Two lives saved!