Regarding the Federal Government’s Large Ammunition Purchases

Fact: The Department of Homeland Security is buying more than 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition in the next four years. That is the equivalent of five bullets for every person in this country.
The claim is that this purchase is for law enforcement training.

While this large purchase has generated concern among many Americans, the government has attempted to downgrade the negative attention with an explanation that reeks of typical bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo.
The government’s explanation is much less sinister.

Federal solicitations to buy the bullets are known as “strategic sourcing contracts,” which help the government get a low price for a big purchase, says Peggy Dixon, spokeswoman for the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, Ga . The training center and others like it run by the Homeland Security Department use as many as 15 million rounds every year, mostly on shooting ranges and in training exercises.

Dixon said one of the contracts would allow Homeland Security to buy up to 750 million rounds of ammunition over the next five years for its training facilities. The rounds are used for basic and advanced law enforcement training for federal law enforcement agencies under the department’s umbrella. The facilities also offer firearms training to tens of thousands of federal law enforcement officers. More than 90 federal agencies and 70,000 agents and officers used the department’s training center last year.

The rest of the 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition would be purchased by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the federal government’s second largest criminal investigative agency.

ICE’s ammunition requests in the last year included:

–450 million rounds of .40-caliber duty ammunition
–40 million rounds of rifle ammunition a year for as many as five years, for a total bullet-buy of 200 million rounds
–176,000 rifle rounds on a separate contract
–25,000 blank rounds

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  • Amazing Larry

    I smell BS in the official story…. you don’t use hollowpoints in training, any reasonable person uses FMJ.

    • Brian Kelly

      I agree, save the hollowpoints for zombies, and malevolent members of government who attempt to strip you of your freedoms.

    • Actually that’s incorrect. Any agency, military(spec ops) or law enforcement, that uses hollow points for carry also trains with the same round to keep the same muscle memory and accuracy. Civilians typically don’t due to the cost, an main stream military uses FMJ due to various conventions.

      • So we are to understand that the Geneva Convention forbid us from using these hollow point rounds for warfare, but it’s OK to use them in local police work? And to fully assuage us, please, now explain the numbers.

        • violater1

          Furthermore Scott Wilkos this information has been circulating in the news for in excess of 3 years surfaced shortly after the dicktaster in chief announced his plans of his own million man civilian Army! There has been more than ample time to have given reasonably truthful explainations for all of this ammunition! But now we are expected to buy the target practice bullsh!t! Sorry no sale we are not buying it! I submit this to you that they the planned murders are now in fear of their own demise with the information that has just recently been released that approximately 63 to 65 million firearms have been purchased over 3 years now!
          I submit that they should fear for we are not to be toyed with bye their threats against our lives liberty and persuit of happiness! We the people will not go quietly into the night!!!!

          • so, now we have to learn to shot down drongs. boys get your clay pigens out and start pacting on hitting a moving target befor they target us.

          • Huapakechi

            I just finished reloading 500 shells with skeet loads. This could be fun.

          • When you consider 1.6 billion rds, FEMA Camps & the numerous Casket containers they have stacked & waiting,what other conclusion are we supposed to believe from the info? It doesn’t take a genius in thinking process.

        • James Vetzel

          You got it and you win a prize (a mid-night visit to check on your gun/ammunition/food/fuel/energy stocks).

        • Im not sure where you get your information from, but the Hague Convention of 1899, Declaration III, prohibited the use in international warfare of bullets that easily expand or flatten in the body. It’s The Hague Convention that all NATO countries follow regarding the use of bullets, not the Geneva Convention.

          Considering the majority of special operations are engaged in warfare on terrorists, and not international warfare(against another country), they are not bound by The Hague Convention. Which is why they are able to and regularly use hollow points. When doing room clearings the last thing they want us over penetration. Don’t believe me, do the research, it’s rather easy to find using Bing or Google.

          Law enforcement is engaged in situations not covered by The Hague Convention, thus they as well are able to use hollow-points.

      • fideux

        That might be if they are training them all to be snipers. Besides, it’s the number of grains of the gunpowder in the cartridge that matters as you shoot the weapon because the projectile stays intact while leaving the barrel, and until it hits its target!

        • they have heavy armer we dont.

          • Huapakechi

            The armor don’t cover everything.

          • We far outnumber them &, you’d be surprised what many people have/own today.

        • James Vetzel

          There is Grain weight (7000 grains=1 Pound) for the Propelling (gun powder=Smokeless Powder) usally about 7 grains per charge and then there’s Bullet weight (115 Gr. Full Metal Jacket, Round Nose, 124 Gr. Hollow Point, 147 Grs. Full Metal Jacket, Sub Sonic, Normally for use with Sound Suppressor’s) Grain weight is a very old term that has been around for thousand of years and comes from the weight of a seed and hence 7000 of these seeds make up (on average) one pound. All Ammunition Reloaders know this.

      • OldDocBen

        Really? When I was a cop we only sighted with our carry ammo and practiced with the cheap stuff; just like I do today. Have things changed that much?

        • SmokeBoater

          But then, you were buying your OWN ammo. These millions of rounds are being furnished to them gratis. Also, analysis of stoppages will indicate viability of ammo sources too. Not that they have that in mind … just a thought .. if I were in charge …

          • we need to get the bulet makers to stop selling to the goverment. they know to they inten to use it on the people. all need to call them , and tell them to stop or sell lower grains to them like a 22 reg.grain.

          • This gov’t wouldjust use Imminent Domain & close down the factories & then put the same people in there to ONLY make ammo for the gov’t.

        • Most cops have to buy their own ammo don’t they? I do know that themilitary does not use Hollow Points. Whats sad, is that you have some cops that believe hollow points are outlawed to civilians. WRONG.

      • tedthebear

        A 165 grain bullet is a 165 grain bullet wether it’s a fmj or hollow point. Muscle memory and accuracy should stay the same with either. What pisses most folks off is we can’t find ammo and they are using the more expensive hollow points for target practice at our expense! I just ain’t buyin’ their barnyard commodity!

        • its not for target pacticed, its for killing the people, we all know that.

        • Huapakechi

          Reload your brass and shotgun shells.

        • Thats why there has been a run on ammo & guns since Obama took office, most people are prepared. IF youend up being with the people, you’ll have ammo I’m sure. Just like they hsave prepared, so have most americans.

        • It’s not the grain of the bullet, but the load of gunpowder that is behind the bullet which causes a difference in FPS/recoil, etc. if they found two different bullets with the exact same ballistics, that’d be a different issue in them ordering all HP

      • M

        Baloney. There is NO muscle memory difference in a hollowpoint or FMJ. You are a lying POS.

        • Really? So a Golddot 165 grain TMJ has the same load as a Golddot GDHP? And the near 10% difference in FPS between the two makes no difference in recoil or muscle memory between the two? I suppose if that’s your limited understanding of the physics involved in firearms, then certainly call someone a liar.

      • I suppose agencies that cant afford using HP will use FMJ instead, but the ballistics are different, thus the accuracy and felt recoil is different. Google manufacturer ballistic information that includes FPS, trajectory, etc. It is very rare any two loads or bullet weights result in the same ballistics.

    • fideux

      They will need them if they are planning to use human targets…just sayin.

    • Chicot

      They are saving them until the regular people get tired of all the “Black Mobs” actions, which the media is refusing to acknowledge, and start defending themselves as you know t he first black killed by a white person or even a policeman in those mob situations will set of riots across the whole country and then the s**ty commander in crap will declare martial law and you know how that is going to go over in this country, and he will use it on all people who are in the area, not just the ones protecting themselves.

      The latest to come down the pike…check out all the links listed in this article also as well as the 2d link here on the foot ball players.



    • I suspect it has to do with EPA regulations regarding lead.

    • David A. Holmes

      A gun that might jam cycling a hollow point round could cycle thousands of rounds of FMJ without a single glitch. The discount they will get for such a large order could justify the use of only one type of round. What concerns me more than what they ordered is the sheer magnitude of the order. I would like to know how many rounds they have used for training in previous years compared to their projected use for the next five years.

      • I just wish the government had to buy their ammo at gun shows & local gunshops…those boys would all end up like Barney Fife, carrying a single bullet in their pants pocket. There are no discounts at gun shows…that’s a thing of the distant past.

      • David, I’ve shot & shoot FMJ & Hollow Points often. I’ve never had a problem w/ either, in ANY gun I’ve owned or seen anyone else shoot. Why do you think HP are a problem for weapons?

  • foxxybey

    Arming the SS troops to use on American’s, it is so open one only needs to think about what is going on in the end of a age. Total control of Americans and with force with those who want to live free and not on the nazi plantation of all colors and races.

  • kds

    Why don’t the ammo manufacturers do like the firearms manufacturers and deny sales to the idiots. They are the ones making prices rise due to filling these contracts. Contracts are made to be broken when they due damage to the general population.

    • Wumingren

      You answered you own question. Supply and demand. If the demand is high and the supply is low, the price will rise. The manufacturers don’t care who gets the ammo, so long as they get the profit. This is one reason why war is profitable for those who sell arms to both sides to a conflict.

      • OldDocBen

        Actually that isn’t entirely correct. Barrett, Olympic and LaRue have stated they will not sell guns or ammo to states that offend the 2nd Amendment. Many of us are writing Federal, Black Hills, Remington, and Winchester to follow suit. As most of us know what they don’t sell to the Feds will be gobbled up by the public. I urge all of you to write your representatives ( scum balls though they may be) as well as all gun and ammo manufacturers.

        • Wumingren

          Thanks for the info, Doc. It is good to know there are patriots who can’t be bought or intimidated.

          It occurs to me that there is opportunity for start-up ammo manufacturers in America. If I had the capital, I’d start making primers, gun powder, brass, and bullets for reloaders,and finished cartridges for others. I have reloaded my own ammo for close to 40 years now, even molding my own bullets, but I’m beginning to think I might have to ration myself on the range.

          As for writing to my representatives, I live in Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District, i.e., I have no representation. I have written close to a hundred letters to the likes of Rep. Keith “Muslim” Ellison (DFL), Sen. Al “Stuart Smalley” Franken (DFL), and Sen. Amy “Kiss Obama’s Butt” Klobuchar (DFL), and the always vote opposite to my wishes, while replying with their standard boilerplate “I’m honored to serve you….”

          P.S. Minnesotans think they so special that they can’t call themselves just Democrats, but need to call themselves Democratic, Farmer, Labor party members. Yup, “DFL” surely conjures the image of the hammer and sickle, eh? Even the Republicans tried to be special, calling themselves Independent Republicans (IR) for a while. Yikes!

          • Huapakechi

            Those of us that live in NW Minnesota (just East of Fargo) call ’em “Dumb F**kin’ Liberals”. You’ll notice they disappear during deer season and dayton is really cautious about checking the boat for an extra anchor when he goes out for the traditional Walleye opener.

        • Here’s what I’ve been sending:


          As a customer of yours, I needed let you know that my future purchases of firearms, ammunition and related accessories will ONLY be those produced by companies which have publicly taken a pro-Constitutional stance on firearm legislation and have publicly denounced laws restricting the Constitutional rights of my fellow, law-abiding Americans.

          I would like to respectfully suggest, and offer my support for, the temporary adoption of company policies which prevent or severely restrict the sale and/or delivery of your products to federal, state, and local agencies located in areas that have passed strict firearm regulations like those recently passed in the State of New York.

          The following six companies, thus far, have communicated their intention not to sell to any law enforcement or government agencies in New York State.

          – LaRue Tactical

          – Olympic Arms

          – Extreme Firepower Inc, LLC

          – Templar Custom

          – York Arms

          -Cheaper Than Dirt

          Please join these companies and your many customers in adopting policies against the sale of your products to law enforcement and government agencies in the State of New York. “If it can’t be sold to the citizens, it won’t be sold to the government or law enforcement”.

          I know you are probably busier now than you have ever been, so I would like to sincerely thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to read an email from a loyal customer.

          Very best regards,

          Insert Name
          Email address

    • The prices ONLY roseof the gov’t talking about bans on this or that,no other reason.

  • Brian Kelly

    So, what do you suggest is happening? Are we competing with our gov to stockpile for SHTF? Or are we seeing our gov gaining an advantage by taking our tax dollars and buying our own death sentence with it? Hmmm. This is a quandary, at the least.

  • The purpose of this gluttonous ammo buying is two-fold. On one hand, they buy enough ammo to kill as many people as they can in a decades-long Civil War and on the other hand, they cause the price and availability of ammo to become such that the very people they intend to kill cannot afford or find any. It’s so simple it’s almost genius. What should have been done as soon as they placed the order is all Americans should have stopped paying taxes of any kind so that they had none to pay the ammo. THEIR supply would dry up instead of ours.

    • fbh

      They always have money to pay for it…they just print it.

    • Ammo did not go upin price until Sandy Hook,the 1.6 billion had already been purchased. At the same time, the majority of americans were also loading up. Very few had to pay the ridiculous prices we see today. If ANY one followed the guns & ammo situation since Obama’s first campaign run, they would know that theminute they suspeceted that Obama MIGHT win, guns & AMMO started flying off the shelf. In 07-08, the exact same thinghappenedthat is happening now. All ammo sold out & it took almost 10-12 months to restock & for prices to come back down to normal. If ANYONE followed gfuns & ammo before this election, the store’s put out feelersto see what people thought they were going to do. They were halfway ready this time but it still didn’t last long.

  • freebirds

    Since when has our government been concerned about bargain shopping and fiscal responsibility. How strange. I would say that this is the only time to my knowledge. Do you think they finally learned to be responsible with tax dollars, and are likely doing the Sams club thing and burying in bulk. Or just a boat load of B.S. and have other ideas with it all. Much like the tens of thousands of body bags they bought. Why are the people in this country so blind and un educated. Or are liberals just plain stupid. In my book 1+1=2. Not theres tho.

  • Wumingren

    So, hollow-point bullets are bad for shooting enemy combatants but not for shooting citizens. I wonder what logic applies to the Geneva Conventions but doesn’t apply to one’s own citizens. Cruel and unusual comes to mind, but I guess it’s not cruel and unusual to shoot citizens with hollow-points.

    As an aircrew member in the Air Force, the only people with weapons were the officers, who had .45 automatic pistols. We enlisted folks had nothing to defend ourselves with in the event of a bailout over enemy territory. We did have “jungle penetrator flares” to signal the rescue choppers, but we were told that we would be war criminals — on the grounds that it would be cruel and unusual — if we were to use them for self defense. I asked the instructor, “So, if I’m hanging in a tree with my chute caught in the branches and a VC is about to shoot me with his AK-47, I’m supposed to just die without trying to put that flare through his face?” The instructor said, “I’m just telling you what the Conventions say, not what you should or should not do in a given situation.”

    If it’s my life or his, I don’t care what some lawyer has to say about it. I’m going to protect myself with any means available.

    • If it comes down top what most of us think is going to happen, we will ALL be criminals on the first day anyway. So who gives a crap about law at that point? We’re mthe ones that MUST briong Law & Order back to our country. Not Obama or his little army (DHS). At that point, they will become the criminals, not us. Plus what Cops & people forget, is that the live in the community, our communities. The minute they attack their neighbors or the people hear of their office attacking americans, what happens to their homes & where do they go? Not back home.

  • BigUgly666

    15,000,000 rounds for 70,000 is one thing …. about 200 rnds per person per year …. just about right for the “training” and qualifying that the government requires.

    750,000,000 over 5 years is 150,000.000 rounds per years for 70,000 people that’s over 2000 rnds per person per year ….. just a bit more than what’s required for “training” and qualifying ….. Doncha think?

  • conserve1

    Where do they plan on storing 1.6 billions rounds?

    • They only take delivery of what they need when they need it. My guess is that they are having just as hard a time getting ammo as we are. There are a hell of a lot more of us buying it up at a higher price. These buys are more of price fixing for the government than huge one-time orders. The government says it will order up to the max in the contract at the set price. Ammo makers aren’t stupid. They’d rather sell to the public and get twice as much for their product. Demand right now is just through the roof. How many of you would buy a lot more if you could get it? I would and that is where the problem lies right now.

  • David

    Ammunition is getting nearly impossible to find already even on line sellers are getting very low or out of stock. The ammunition companies should sell the government only half the supply or cut them off entirely. But if you want to start your own company make it ammunition manufacturing. The amount of firearms sold since the king has gotten in office makes it hard enough to find ammo. The obama crowd is trying to make it impossible to find by buying it up.

  • OldDocBen

    Might I remind everyone that Obama has been funding and supplying all your local police departments. That means they are beholding to him and his administration; I.e. DHS. Sheriffs are a little better, but nothing I have seen convinces me that any of them have the appropriate respect for the constitution and the 2nd Amendment. Check it out locally and ask your (elected) police chief or sheriff what his/her position is. It might surprise you.

  • RickE

    Personally, I think the order is doing just what it’s intended to do. The govt has priority in orders. They are drying up the market. Have you looked to buy ammo lately? Just about all is back ordered. These large govt orders will keep it back ordered.

  • John

    I have stated this a couple of times, supply and demand. US Gov demand makes the prices go up, keeping plain citizens with undo additional cost, thus less purchasing power.

  • Ranchman

    If you shoot a 180 gr. hollow point in your .40 cal for defense you can practice with a 180 gr. FMJ for practice. It’s the same weight, the gun recoils the same and you would save more than half the cost of HP rounds. Everyone who carries a gun with Hollow Point (HP) rounds practices with the same weight in Full Metal Jacket (FMJ). I’m getting tired of hearing all the BS about federal agencies practicing with hollow points because that’s what they carry. It’s a lie.

    • It’s the war on lead ammo that’s causing them to go to JHPs. The environmentalist wackos backed by the administration are pushing the EPA to ban lead ammo. The Congress kept them from banning the ammo but that wouldn’t stop them from requiring other government agencies to only purchase no-lead ammo. So what are their choices? Solid copper or copper hollows. As for 2000 rounds per year for practice and certification. Seems reasonable considering what I go through just for fun. 🙂

  • Mutley46

    I will believe the BS that they are trying to hand us when pigs fly, horses talk, and I see a cow jump over the moon. That many rounds of hollow points for training? Why not FMJs? I have some hollow points for my .45 so that when I shoot an intruder I do not kill my neighbor also. At the range I use FMJ. I think Obama wants his black panther style private army of Muslim Brotherhood members so he can once and for all rape the Constitution and destroy America. What I do not understand is the American people’s reaction to this tyrant. Why do 53% of Americans approve of this? Granted it is dropping but not fast enough. Wake up America. Pull your heads out of your butts and smell the BS out here instead.

    • Huapakechi

      You are told “o”boy has a 53% approval. You’re not always being told the truth.

      • Well, first off youmust realize they take these polls during the day & IF anyone has ever been online during the day, during a work week, 99% of the people on are Liberals.

        • Huapakechi

          Loading the sample.

    • B/c sadly, many of them have become the Takers. This country usedto have people that lived with integrity, that is no more or at the very most, maybe half. The others are just to stupid to understand what is really happening & then we have the kids living on mommy & daddys couch that are 25 & never had a job in their life or never left home. Their parents never made adults out of them. It sickensme daily to see their Bios- “Stoned Head”, “Setting at Home chillin”, & MANY MANYmore of the same example.When you read their BIO, you know exactly what will be coiming out of their mouth, they actually want everyohne else to take care of them,.

  • astrojohn

    Anybody try to buy virtually any caliber of ammo these days – I’ve had .223 and 45ACP on order for two months now! That’s why they’re buying it up – to keep it away from US! Sure glad I stocked up last year.

  • a communist hater

    The government is obviously gearing up for a long civil war. Obama is a terrorist. Why are we praising him. He is a low life. They are buying so many rounds to make it difficult for civialians to obtain any. We need to unite. What are we doing

  • Russ

    I agree with you Amazing Larry……I served 16 years with armed security under the Federal Protective. We never…ever…used hollowpoints for practice or qualifications.

  • coachpan

    Cuomo; “It doesn’t take 1.6 rounds of hollow point to kill a paper target”

  • fed-up

    All the ammo they are buying, belongs to me and every other tax payer, because its our money they are spending, the government has no money and never has. So I say lets go and take what ammo we need for our firearms from their surplus.

    • Huapakechi

      Pick it up in the field if ya want some. I’ll stick with my 30.06. Twice the range and it hits like a freight train.

      • Love to see an Ar-15 in 30-06, that would ROCK!

        • Huapakechi

          Check with these people about the AR15 lower:
          223/5.56 and based upon that case
          6 x 45
          7 x 40
          357 Mag Rimless
          300 Whisper / .300Fireball / 300-.221
          6.5 x 40
          .30 Coyote (30 x 45)
          .17 Remington
          .17 Mach IV
          .20 Tactical
          .19 Calhoun
          5.7 FN (developed by Rhinland Arms – no word yet on who is going to mfg it)
          .204 Ruger
          6.8 SPC
          30 HRT
          338 Spectre
          10 mm Mag
          219 WASP-C
          7.62 x 40
          7.62 x 39
          .338 x 39
          6 PPC
          6.5 Grendel / 6.5 AR / 6.5 PPC Improved
          22 PPC
          7 sCAR ….
          30 Carbine
          5.45×39 / .21 Ghengis
          7 BR
          6.5 BR
          300 Sabre
          8mm (belt fed upper)
          .308 (again a belt fed upper – no longer available)
          458 SOCOM
          44 Mag
          440 CorBon
          44 AMP
          .475 Tremor
          50 Beowulf
          .50 BMG (single shot & side magazine fed)
          .50 Blackpowder (1 made)
          22 LR
          17 HV
          224 BoZ
          .357 Sig
          .357 Auto
          223 WSSM
          243 WSSM

          There’s another list of cartridges that can be fired by the AR10 in the same forum.

  • wbcoch

    DHS has around 15000 employees. Do the math and tell us again that it’s for training.

  • Independentrd

    Oh come on now. More practice ammo than it takes to fight a war for 10 years? This is either the most wasteful practice I’ve ever heard of, or pure BS and my BS meter just went off full scale.

  • Arkansas Gal

    I would be interested to know the quantity purchased during the Bush years. If its tremendously less or not. If DHS is expecting this hogwash to be swallowed, lets see a pattern of purchasing this type & amount before the current admin came into office.

  • I love the Tea Party, and what you stand for, but you guys are little slow along most everyone else. It’s not 1.6 billion it’s now 2 billion. Alex Jones at Infowars.com broke this story 8 months ago, once again he gets no credit. You people starting to wake up yet? Stop falling for the left/right paradigm BS. There’s a handful of good congresspersons, the rest are destroying our country intentionally. All but a handful of Republicans which held the majority in the House voted for the NDAA. Indefinite detention! They voted for that, and we still call them Conservatives???? This is happening right now!! Please watch and share……http://vimeo.com/52009124

  • freebirds

    I would live to hear the ammo industry boycotts the government from purchases until the stop there anti 2nd amendment agenda.

  • what happen to the other 1.5billions rounds, and what about the ar15s they got. you know the 7,000. and i cant aford one now. this story is as b/s as they get.they are trying there damness to hide what they are doing.

  • No need to worry the people who guarding the ammo are stealing it and selling to gun owner.

  • Joe1938

    Bullets, Little Kings” and “Little Queens
    Those who have set themselves up from the local level throughout the federal level as the “Little Kings” and “Little Queens” are terrified of the “blue people”. Look at the blue/red maps and it is obvious that the “blue people” are massed in the large metropolitan areas where the “Little Kings” and “Little Queens” have set up their little fiefdoms. When chaos reigns, these blue people will be in dire straights and in need of all the necessities of life. In need of the necessities of life, what are these people going to do? The “Little Kings” and “Little Queens” are going to need all those bullets.

  • madmemere

    The only “good news” I’ve heard is that various manufacturers have stepped up and said they will NOT sell arms, or ammo to any states government officials, law enforcement, or first responders, who have, unConstitutionally, banned their citizens from their 2nd Amendment Rights! I wonder if those same companies will also refuse to sell to the feds!

  • What is funny about this story, is that since Obama took office,I guarantee you that ammo sells to civilians have been more then their 1.6 Billion rounds. Everyone that I know & talk to has at least 1,000 rds while most have around 5k rds of each type of weapon they own.If you add that up, it beats their 1.6 billion by quite a bit.

    Now the good news. They’re out numbered by 100xs,maybe even a 1000xs per cop, per military, per DHS.

    If the people get mad enough, ALL we have to do,is initiate the start of the revolution & that alone takes out most of their “Responders”.

    However, Luckily I live in a city/county where the Sherriff supports the Constitution & does not believe in Confiscation & I would hope that no one would be stupid enough to play games with the People on that acknowledgement.

    Folks, the ONLY thing I know, is that IF we wait for them to start & NO ONE responds (Us-The People”, we might as well call 911 & tell them to come & pick up every weapon you oiwn. This is going to be either An ALL In Or I’m going home & watch my country turn into 1939 Germany. No other choice available, sorry.

  • James Vetzel

    Sure, I don’t mind that they have that much Ammunition, BUT why Hollow Point Ammunition? It’s the next most expensive ammunition that can be purchased (Spare no expense?) It’s just more ammunition for us to capture after underground warfare has started with our own Gov’t.