Revising the American Revolution


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In the President’s inaugural address, he quoted our Declaration of Independence:
“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

And, while all the ObamaPhone low information voters fawned and swayed with mouths agape and drool falling off their faces, he continued by adding,“Our union was founded on the principles of liberty and equality.”

“Hey, Mr. President. … no … it wasn’t!!”

As Pat Buchanan pointed out a few days ago in this video, our American Union was NOT founded on the principle of “equality.” “Equality” is NOT mentioned in the Constitution; “equality” is NOT mentioned in the Bill of Rights; “equality” is NOT mentioned in the Federalist Papers. How could equality be a founding principle of a nation, six of whose 13 original states had legalized slavery, and five of whose first seven presidents owned slaves all their lives?

What the President preached to his perpetually irritated and dumbed down dependent constituents in his inaugural was NOT historical truth, but progressive propaganda, an Orwellian rewrite of American history.

The skinny socialist thinks the only reason “it” didn’t work before is because it wasn’t him in control. He and the progressive socialist Democrats don’t think beyond their own power, and never learn the lessons of history, or don’t give a crap about the lessons of history.

Socialism is not, was not, and never will be about the stated goals of economics, fairness, or any other egalitarian interests. It is solely about concentrating power by any means necessary. All those stated goals are just the excuses for taking the liberties of another by force – “it’s what’s best for everybody.”

It boils down so succinctly … you can view all the principle issues and eventual outcomes in this one old and original video, “Make Mine Freedom”
It’s a cartoon—so maybe even Obama supporters will be able to grasp it—or at least enjoy the pretty colors between tokes of the doobies they buy with their food stamp cards.

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  • Becky Kress

    If the liberals say it often enough it becomes the absolute truth to their followers. America is a Republic but liberals insist on calling it a democracy. Democracy is dangerous to America in that its emphasis is on the desires of the majority and totally discounts individual liberty. If you believe in the Republic and individual liberty, please correct anyone who refers to America as a democracy.

    • loriboxer

      Exactly! Hear, hear!

  • First they came for the assault rifles…

    But I didn’t resist, because I didn’t need an assault rifle.

    Then they came for guns with multiple round capacity…

    But I didn’t resist because I could get by without.

    Then they required registration and increased restriction to insane levels…

    But I didn’t resist because, well, they have their reasons.

    Then they came for all guns…

    So I gave mine up because I’ve been conditioned and society will be safer, right?

    Then they came to shoot me…

    Because they knew I wasn’t armed.

  • coastx

    Obama’s Reelection and Occult Propaganda

    1 the lie… IDENTITY FRAUD
    2 double cross… ELECTION
    3 trauma bond via shock and awe… INAUGURAL ADDRESS

    AMERICA RESPONDS: Superbowl. Let’s Party!

  • bunk11

    It’s interesting that Obama is pretending to quote the Founding Fathers when he usually has disdain for them, and he was probably confusing the American Revolution with the French (Liberty, Equality, Fraternity and kill anyone who disagrees), but to be fair, the Declaration of Independence does refer to Equality (All men are created equal), so it is partly true that the country was founded on the principle of equality. The problem is that Obama has distorted the principle of equality from its original meaning, that all have equal rights given to them by their Creator, to a concept of equal results regardless of ability or effort.

  • GB.

    Thank God I am seventy two years old.and i have had the best of the United States. If you had told me 15 years ago that we would be living under the Government that we are living under today i would have laughed at you.The government has gotten so big that it is devouring itself. And nobody is accountable.

    • Patriot-Research

      G.B. their is plenty of Evil Commies to hold accountable, but NO ONE holds them accountable! It will be up to “We the People” to hold them accountable, and I pray that the U.S. Military is on “We the Peoples” side. God help us, PLEASE! I pray that Jesus returns soon before the Blood of Americans runs Red in our Streets and takes this Evil virus to hell were they belong…!!!

    • jenniewalsh

      I wish it would devour itself and the sooner the better. Evil does destroy itself. I pray for all the evils to be returned to the organized criminals in government as quickly as possible.

  • The progressive message, from early 20th century America, went to Germany, where Hitler used it to great effect…at least for awhile,..and has now come back home…the names change….but the mental illness is the same….

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Fascism/Nazism is characterized by private ownership of business and industry, with government control. Marxism/Communism is characterized by government control and ownership of business and industry. These two philosophies aren’t very different, and are
    basically first cousins. What we’re seeing with the current “lord ans savior” is a drive combining the two. Since it is something completely new, it’s fair to call it “Obamunism”.

  • Look,

    I guess I am just “over” the continuing evisceration of most everything I was taught growing up,what I passionately believe and the fact that I have lost friends in Vietnam/Cambodia,I lost my cousin and two friends on 9/11 and my father,6 brothers and sisters risked everything to escape the very same tyranny,the very same metastatic cancer that has invaded and destroyed the “Beacon On The Hill” that millions of “legal” immigrants came here to experience!

    The system has failed after more than 200 years because the common bond most of us shared died with the Assassinations,the Attempted assassination,two Presidents found liable for “impeachable” offenses were Never held accountable and the inconceivable crimes of one L.B.J.who sent 65,000 Americans to die in Vietnam/Cambodia without the approval of Congress and got away with it!

    L.B.J. began the entitlement programs we could not afford now failed,bankrupt,trillions of taxpayer dollars taken,stolen by the political Mafia! No one was held accountable,is held accountable for the egregious crimes of the last 6 decades which empowered L.B.J.,Nixon,Carter,both Bushes and Bill Clinton to usurp the very reason the Constitution was written.

    Some were more dirty,ugly,self-serving and crooked than others but over the years the “checks and balances” supposed to serve the people via all three branches of Government were rendered hapless by those who were sworn,took a solemn oath to protect the people,the country above all else!

    Failed domestic and foreign policy,war after war,the demise of family,the “fear of G-d,respect,integrity,honor and the failure of the system,the system that the Constitution was written to enforce meaning amongst other things to “Limit” Government from doing what all tyrants try to do throughout history!

    There were No entitlements back when.,There was the American Dream turned Nightmare for most,freedom,opportunity,hard work,more hard work,indomitable desire,self reliance,the possibilities and that was enough!

    Enter Obama gestating until a crisis,an opportunity to bring down the system,the principles,the freedom,the opportunity that so many found here. They fought,they got educated,they learned a trade,they did whatever they could and darned if the vast majority didn’t get their piece,their own version of the Dream for themselves and a clear path for their children to do even better!

    The economy is inert,47 million need food stamps to survive,handouts to survive while 23+ million are unemployed with millions who quit and or dropped out uncounted!

    We have a President,an Administration,a Congress,Czars,advisers,criminals who have taken our Freedoms,our inalienable rights,opportunity,privacy and the second amendment to control,to render defenseless the very intent of the Founder’s and Framers for a free people to defend themselves,their families,their property and their country from those who would take them and/or do them harm!

    I am an American,a Patriot,a passionate member of a country that my father,my family,my friends and millions who came here loved and protected no matter the price!

  • Bill P.

    First off, let me say that I am not very honored to have served this country anymore.

    Second, we the people let this happen. We allowed a corrupt system to grow out of control. Has anyone stood back and asked WHY they want to ban certain weapons? Take a look at history. They BANNED the Native American peoples from owning the same rifles that the Calvary used. Why? Superior force means that THEY have the better gear. History shows us that the victors had better weapons. Bam bam’s biggest and most powerful weapon are those who put him into power. WE THE SHEEPLE need to wake up and do something before it is too late.