So… God Made a Liberal

Jan Morgan

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A Tribute to Paul Harvey, a parody of the Superbowl “God Made A Farmer” commercial.

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  • Just remember that GOD also made Satan. The DNC is just another failed creation.

  • That’s who liberals are dude….satan!!

  • God made people as a clean slate. Parents and others write on that slate. But when you get right down to it, liberals were made by the selfish, greedy, egotism of the individual person, who determined that NO ONE was a smart as they are and that he could find a way to get n charge and stay in charge by pandering to the lazy, selfish, worthless of society who would keep them in office as long as they paid them to stay on welfare.
    Don’t accuse God of making a liberal. That is the same as saying God made a sinner. HE DIDN’T.

  • Libtards are also cowards. God asked Cain where Abel was and Cain like a typical libtard asked “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Yeah, dude we now live in a fallen world and we need to look after one another whether they trip and fall or stumble in sin. I help you in hard times and you return the favor. I’m not about to give you a hand out for life so you can be lazy, but I will help you when you need it. Libtards don’t own guns because they aren’t about to help anyone else out… they don’t want to get involved…. and by gosh neither should you… they’re gonna make sure it’s illegal. They’d stand there and let their own mother get robbed, and they’d never take a bullet for anyone. My brother doesn’t owe me a thing and I have no debts to him, but I’ll give him the shirt off my back as a gift.. that’s how I roll.