State of the Union: Defined by Winning Principles and Leaders


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on State of a Union — Defined by Winning Principles and Leaders

A union, and the state of it, it follows, is defined by its union, of course, not its division.

Like the state or condition of a football, baseball, or any sports team, the state of the union of that team, is defined by its overall attitude, systems, winning track-record, and ability to sustain a winning system based upon solid, repeatable principles and practices.

Like a winning sports team’s coach and coaching staff, a winning leader of a free-nation and his administration, builds up our overall attitude, our systems of governance, and our track-record, while also ensuring we’ll be able to repeat this success into perpetuity. He must find our common ground, our vision, our heart and soul to unite our team, our culture, our nation, around a common cause and enable the team to — win.

With these thoughts in mind, as we watch and listen to our President review the State of America, our team, ask yourselves the following questions…

Are we winning? Or, have we taken a winning team, America, and turned it into a failing franchise?

Is our leader uniting us around the common-denominators of our franchise’s uniqueness and historical greatness? Are we feeling more united with our neighbor, our fellow Americans? Or, is he dividing us such that we feel isolated and angry at each other?

Is this leader focused so much on actions that favor one part of the team, while stealing from and vilifying the other part of the team, that he has created division, tension and a focus on what the “other player is getting paid”, vs. the team’s purpose and vision?

Is this leader and his coaching staff, using proven, known-to-work, systems of winning, of leading, of governance? Or, is he repeating patterns of collectivist governance (socialism, fascism, communism) that have been proven to result in massive failure and loss?

Is this leader finding the best in all of us and encouraging us to become our best? Is he finding the uniqueness in each of us, each player, and bringing out our greatness while also uniting around the common principles of greatness that unite and lead? Is he enabling our greatest performances as as an individual, as a team, as a company, as a nation? Or, is he restricting both rookie and veteran player’s potential — new employee to CEO, new worker to leader — by demanding that we as team members, align with his robotic, despotic, tyrannical systems and views? Is he dividing the team around principles of elitism and difference? Is he taking away freedoms and liberties and demanding compliance with a failed ideology and system of collectivism?

Is this leader and his coaching staff, the Congress and appointed Czars, calling the right plays, making the right strategic moves, crafting and promoting the right legislation, to move us back into leadership? Or, is he and his staff calling all the wrong plays?

How should we judge the leader of this state, this union, this team, called America? How should we determine if our franchise is in need of return to founding, winning principles? Ask yourself these questions and you will know.

This is not about the Red team, or Blue team, or Green team. It is about winning principles that never change. It is about knowing how to play the game of liberty and freedom — the greatest franchise of governance that will ever exist — to everyone’s best interest. Every member of the team.

You see, a great leader, and a great team, pulls up everyone to a new level of possibility, performance, and potential. A great team unites and finds what we all seek in common — to fulfill our God-given destiny of our own potential. A great team, a great coach, a great leader, focuses not on the differences that divide, rather, on the common-denominators of success, of leadership, of greatness.

Let’s move forward focusing on what unites us as a union — what makes us great, what makes us unique, what enables us to create the greatest of all possibilities, performance, and potential, for all.

D.M. Chaney (C) 2013

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  • jpressman

    Obama IS unifying us around a common theme – the American dream that all people are created equal and deserve to have a good life. Not just 1%, but 100%. That seems to bother some people, who don’t care about “those people” if it’s not part of their group. They lack empathy or even Christian values of kindness and charity to strangers.

    • Joe Lettieri

      You are blind !!!!!!!Deaf and very dumb.

    • “deserve to have a good life” = collectivism.

      Collectivism (socialism, fascism, communism, or attempts to hybridize same with liberty and free-markets), requires all to give up some, if not all, liberty and property to the group, the collective. Some do not want to give up any liberty or property, as they believe these to be inalienable. The collective, then, in order to achieve its stated goals, must use threats of force to gain compliance. If liberty and self (our personal property) are natural and God-granted, and thus inalienable, any threats or actions against these, are therefore against God and nature. Collectivism, it follows, must be criminal and evil, by definition.

    • Democratic Republic

      Obama is NOT unifying me. The American dream is that if one is intelligent, honorable and hardworking then one has a fair chance to succeed. The American dream is not to force others to abide by what YOU think is the way to do things but to let people decide for themselves who or what they support. The MAIN role of the federal government is to protect the individual over the group. And in doing so enables a large group of individuals to rise up. Just because I do not want to support you does not make me unkind or uncharitable.

  • dndvaughn

    Jan, I hope your repeating of the word ‘leader’ is just a ‘mock’ word for this man who is unworthy of the title of President. He is mfar from a leader, as are all of these men in political office. They couldn’t lead a horse to water. They are ‘our REPRESENTATIVES’ They need a constant reminder of that..Daily ! Obama is an ‘unmentionable’ !!

    • We elect our representatives who then are chartered with leading various aspects of our government. By asking questions according to what the specific role should deliver, vs. who the person is or isn’t, a clear contrast should be created in the minds of those who objectively consider the question. Now, if you’re being facetious, yes, our current POTUS lacks many skills of leadership we need as a free-nation. In that sense, he is clearly not a qualified leader of a free people, or America, However, he is proving quite effective at leading the “progressive” collectivist charge to turn America into a banana republic and a collectivist state. One person’s leader, is another’s enemy.

  • LD

    Good writer, but you’re afraid to talk about the issue that pressed itself into Obama’s SUA. Most people are. He Satanized it. There’s nothing to analyze. People see it or they do not. Problem. Yes, hugely. Are people aware of this? Intuitively, yes. Logically, no. Does it matter? It will, just not at the moment.

    Magnify the Satanized version of Obama’s FORWARD and it will matter pretty quick. Thing is people will only be doing this in retrospect. We aren’t America under Obama. We’re Acirema, the Satanized version of what was once a nation principled on the DCBR.

    Acirema is principled on the lie, double cross, trauma bond and rendition, and people are standing around confused about what direction this taking us. There were five people that understood the nature of man very well: Jean Calvin, who was the progenitor of the EU Freemasons under the King of England – I know, you don’t believe this, hard headed – Brigham Young and and Albert Pike.

    Aleister Crowley and Winston Churchill facilitated militarization of the US in service to the monarchy, and Adam Weishaupt is currently the state of the art recruitment process for repatriation. Uh huh, you don’t know about Crowley, do you? You’ll figure it out now.

    • No fear here, LD. Have written many times about the real powers that be. Yet, we must also have the right questions when we analyze our leaders. Many have been “told” by yourself and thousands of others what they believe the “reality” to be, and it falls on deaf ears.

      Until one asks and answers the right questions, objectively, themselves, however, of their own motivation and desire, they cannot find truth, even if we shove it down their throats. “Horse to water…”.

      Given the aforementioned, I am more interested now, in bringing more to ask the right questions. Those that get it, already get it.

      Since before our founding, the Crown had its agents of destruction and repatriation to the Crown, in place. Ever since, these entities and powers have worked steadily to erode our Sovereignty and our founding principles, mores and standards that provide our strength. Ever since, these entities and powers have worked to deceive so the masses believe our enemies to be other than who they really are.

      At the core, our enemy is evil. It is Satanic. It is the occult. It is the New Age movement, by design. It is their construct of the New World Order. It is the many organizations, NGOs, foundations, and individuals who belong to same, who work in tandem towards their end game: the destruction of the bastion of human liberty and freedom of religious belief, and the ushering in of global governance, i.e. global tyranny, with human secularism, and the occult, thinly veiled, as their religion.

      There are hundreds of well known names, organizations, and players. Yet, I know this as I research and study history. I know this as I care to ask the question and research, objectively, to find truth. This truth has been shared by many, yet, the media and others work diligently to vilify the messenger. They work diligently to distract and mislead. They work diligently to marginalize and character assassinate.

      As such, we each must go on our own to seek truth, find it, and share it in the way we are each able. And, we each know bits and pieces of the complete truth.

      Finally, to attack others, claim one’s arrogant superiority in knowledge of these facts, only destroys your message and your credibility. My recommendation is to share truth, but avoid attacking the character or make unfounded claims, or claims you cannot know, such as, “but you’re afraid to talk about the issue”, ” I know, you don’t believe this, hard headed”. How do you know I am afraid. You know nothing about me.

      Given your communications tactics and language, it is easy to see who you are, with a new handle. My recommendation, if you are so bent on sharing truth, is first, share the truth of your real name. If I was afraid, would I hide my name? No. What is yours? Is it in fact you that is afraid?

      Please, seek humility and work to avoid this approach if you are truly seeking to share truth. Your apparent arrogance (attacking inadequacies you perceive in others, without necessarily examining your own) will preclude the ability of the audience to hear you. You only gratify your own need to be right, vs. the goal of waking others to the truth.

      Peace, brother, and share truth, get aligned with the creator, and avoid arrogantly attacking those who essentially are fighting the same evil as you profess to be doing.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    “There was something entirely
    appropriate about holding the State of the Union address on the same day as
    Mardi Gras.

    One is a display of
    wretched excess, when giddy and rowdy participants give in to reckless and
    irresponsible behavior.

    The other is a street
    festival in New Orleans.”

  • Mutley46

    When Bush was in office he tried to rally the team against a common enemy, terrorism. He may have gone too far with his invasion of Iraq, but history will decide that. With this current Administration what we are seeing is a defined division of our country into Red and Blue. Those on the Blue team think the current administration is wonderful and those on the Red team think it is destroying the country. It is practically pitting brother against brother, friend against friend. The last time we saw this kind of fighting between parties was in the 1850’s over slavery and we all know where that lead us. Are we headed for the same thing? I am afraid we may be and that really is not helping this country. Our POTUS is succeeding with his agenda of divide and conquer by splitting the people. Go on Facebook and see the remarks on a lot of the postings about Der Leader. We must come together and fight this disease. We much tell our “elected representatives” in Congress to fight the disease and not give in.

    • Thanks for the comment, Mutley. I agree Obama is using tactics of divide and conquer. Yet, Bush also failed as a leader in bringing us together, as he parted with our founding principles and infuriated those who understand them and see these principles as key to America’s survival. Two examples are, the “Patriot Act”, which attacked and reduced our liberties, and how he “abandoned free-market principles to save the free market system”. These are just two of multiple examples. His inability to lead to restore America to founding principles, such as, free-market economics, individual liberty, strong sovereignty, national defense vs. global offense, limited government, etc., shows his failure as a leader of America. These same questions asked of Bush, will yield these errors. We must also ask Bush’s loyalty to American sovereignty, given his push of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (2005), etc. Read this article for futher prompting on discovering the real truth behind the curtain http://janmorganmedia.com/2013/01/behind-the-curtain-what-do-we-fear/. Thanks again for your comment.

  • marineh2ominer

    I did NOT listen to it , the ONLY thing worse than listening to a babbling idiot is a babbling idiot that is a liar . Obamass , nor ANY of his supporters and administration has any honor integrity , moral standards or principles except possibly those principles of a follower of Satan . Thus the proper name for them ” DEMONRATS ” .