Survival Necessity…

Jan Morgan

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  • don

    Wish money wasn’t so tight right now.

    • irish7_1sg

      I hear you, Don! Although I won my case with the VA Disability, Social Security denied me. I cannot describe how I felt when they were busted giving 40 million bucks to children of illegal immigrants, living in Mexico. Anyway, my family is preparing for economic collapse. We don’t believe the dollar will hold up much longer as the World’s Reserve Currency. Consequently, we are putting more value into “things” than money. The 3 “B’s” – Beans, Bullets & Bandaids. If times are real tight with cash, you may consider credit for important purchases. If there is trouble on the horizon, which is more important, worthless money in the bank, or a rifle in your hand?

  • Can’t even find them in California anymore!!!

  • irish7_1sg

    ALL THESE IDIOTS THAT VOTED FOR OBAMA SHOULD BE BANNED FROM BUYING GUNS AND AMMO! Let them get robbed when the economy collapses under the weight of our insurmountable debt.

    • mrsgunnut10

      irish7_1sg, I wish all of the Obama voters would wear a “RED” button, stateing they are anti-gun, in plain sight on their outside clothing. That way, the Gun Owners of these United States, would know who “NOT TO PROTECT”. Thank you for your time and God Bless. TSgt., USAF Retired.

      • irish7_1sg

        Thanks, mrsgunnut10! God Bless You, too!

    • FlaPatriot

      They are still getting all the junk ones from the ghetto dealer in da hood , we will be OK

    • you forgot about taking away there body guards and police guards..then put them on the mean street’s that we live in,,and see how long they last without a gun.

  • Vet

    Be ready , we are headed for big problems in our country !!! May God help us through these time , and help us aim straight !!!

  • BigDog1702

    Everyone I talk to say that we are real close to having Big Blue here to take our guns from us . I just pray that it doesn’t come to that but if it does we’ll have a lot to do then so get ready and Lock and Load.!! We need to Impeach Obama NOW.!!!

  • Coloradorules

    Does your ridiculous paranoia cause you any pain?

    • BJTerk

      Is it really paranoia when it is happening? Open your eyes and take a look at our country we are in trouble.. I call it ridiculous that people like you support Obama in what he is doing.. Americans should not be depending on the government for anything.. All this PC stuff, all the hand outs, how about the people of this country step up and become responsible for their own actions. You Coloradorules are ridiculous!!!

    • mrsgunnut10

      No, Coloradorules, but your ridiculous anti-gun beliefs in Colorado will get you and yours killed if you persist in making sure that your neighbors are all un-armed. My Pro-Gun Paranoia will keep me and mine safe from anything that might happen as long as I can protect them from idiots like you. Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired.

    • No but you do moron, open your blind eyes, Oh Im sorry your a lefty so you dont know any better anyway, Please forgive me commy…..

  • Tailgunner

    A person buys an assault rifle and a 10 round clip and hes got just enough ammo to get rid of a few targets, then hes out of ammo, cause he could not afford to buy more ammo, cause he bought the assault rifle which costed 2,000.00$ and the ammo cost more than the weapons worth, cause you fire a bunch of ammo then you have to clean it and that my freind takes time, and they are on your trail, and we’re talking about an assault rifle, all you need is a good sniper rifle and a Glock 9mm and you’ll have plenty of ammo, and pick and choose your targets, and i picked a 306 with a good scope all the power you need for far away targets and a Glock 9mm for close targets, and its always good to have a armor piercing vest.

    • I’ve made similar points. The scoped hunting rifle is the alpha weapon for a lone fighter and small teams. WW2 Paratrooper doctrine, by the book, for being behind enemy lines with a 30-06 and limited ammo. (Only the 30-06 is the most available large rifle ammo in this land). I think if shtf, compound bows will be used more than ever imagined. Everyone has one, and gun fire is easy to detect and locate, so be sure have ‘a quiver full of arrows’ and get a different color/brand everytime you buy a pack, just because

    • First Tailgunner-lol its not a clip, It is a Magazine get it right. And its not a 306 no such gun, Its a 30-06 moron. I can see you dont know much about guns, I think you need more than just a sniper rifle, And if you bought your AR before BHO even became our Lord and chief it would of cost less than $1,000.00 for a pretty good one. Maybe not top of the line but a good one. And up to just a few mo;s ago 5.56×45 Ammo cost only about $4.75 to 6.50 a box Less if you make your own. And most people would of had a few K’s rds put away anyway. AND ABOUT TEN MAGS OR MORE

    • okdlm

      What the heck is an armor piercing vest? Sounds like you need to put down the crack pipe and quickly back away!

  • this is why they want them out of the way, gezz its not rocket science. Its pretty simple the last thing they want are we the people having that fire power when this country folds, And its coming very fast.

  • RG

    I was lucky enough to see some bad stuff coming and bought a bushmaster c15 about a year ago and then, back in Nov. for my birthday, I bought a Sig Sauer M400. Both are rigged with flashlights and lazers and I was brought up using a gun so just had to teach the wife a little about handling an AR15 so we are both ready for what comes our way. Not going to sign up for any registrations or photo’s or finger printing or any of the leftist democrats agenda’s. So let the chips fall where they may. And may GOD look over us and our friends, even the ones that we haven’t met yet but might have to meet if we do have a SHTF situation come up..May GOD protect his children and everyone who has to fight the good fight on the right side of this mess…Randy G……

  • RG

    And by the way, if this nation goes into a new civil war, I know who I am going after first. And that is the politicians that caused this great nation to fall on its face. They deserve everything they get if it comes down to the SHTF situation…