Tea Party Special Forces


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  • Patriot

    For those who are always complaining that they are tired of doing nothing but posting to vent their anger, here is a good idea. Join up. Start your own Tea Party Special Forces team! Let’s do it!

  • GIGator

    I agree and have been saying it for months – we have to take our country back and the only way is to hit the streets and the politicians where it hurts. I live in central Florida and would love to join a Special Forces team. I served in the Army, attended Ranger school and went through France’s Special Ops school, as part of an exchange program. I understand just how effective small groups can be, if they hit high-value targets and they do so with precision, operating as a team. Unfortunately, I am having major surgery, next week and it will be a while before I have the strength to lead such a group; however, I can certainly help out. Is there a way to find out in there is an active group in your area? Does someone, in the Tea Party, maintain a list of groups, locations and contact person? If so, how does one find that list? The politicians a re counting on us to continue to sit back and allow these things to continue. They have no fear of Conservatives rising up and taking real, effective action. That’s why they continue to do what they do. We will make a stand, now or kiss it all goodbye!

    • Greggie

      I want in!

  • Here in Michigan we have recently declared “right to work”. What does this mean?? It means soon that the politicians will be unfunded in campaigns that will have the Union leaders looking in their sofa’s for loose change to make ends meet. I served with a army unit called “Blue Light” and knew Col. Beckwith through a friend. And yes we can. But, a new campaign should start at the state level at least here in Michigan and keeping the House, Senate and Gov. Republican. And then build on that base.

  • Rattlerjake

    Sorry to be pessimistic, but it is way past the point of boycotting. Our country is like a parachutist at 300 feet trying to find the ripcord. It is far too late to try to convince anymore of these socialist morons and mooches that liberalism is not working. The only Special Forces teams we should be creating are those that will be the first responders when the SHTF. Patriotic Americans should be getting together with others in their immediate neighborhoods and cities and establishing response measures for when government goons invade and try to confiscate weapons, detain or arrest innocent individuals, establish martial law(s), and to react when the liberal leeches descend on cities to loot, mob, rape, and rob. Locate and join a local militia, as they will already have priorities and tactics established for what’s coming. “Wild Bill”‘s videos are great for keeping us current on what is going on, but calling legislators, boycotting, and waiting for the next vote are a waste of time; we’ve seen this with Obuthead being PUT in office twice (through illegal votes, manipulating electronic voting machines, etc.), his arrogant bypassing of the Constitution, and the total lack of response from the politicians in Washington or the judiciary. Our country is being attacked by a DOMESTIC enemy and nothing short of civil war will solve this problem, so you better get your mind right, stockpile necessary items, and be prepared to shoot the enemy and not stop until they are eradicated. And you can believe that liberals ARE SCARED, that is why they are trying to force gun control and confiscation, why they are buying millions of rounds of ammo and thousands of guns, establishing FEMA camps, and why they have the media trying to further brainwash the population to believe that gun owners/conservatives are ‘terrorists’. When the SHTF the true Special Forces, both active and retired, will be at the forefront of the fight as they are PATRIOTIC AMERICANS and take their oath to this country and the Constitution seriously – De Oppresso Liber/ Nous Defions.

    • Conservativesniper

      Semper Fi, Rattlerjake.

    • SargintRock

      I like the way you spit it out, Team Sergeant. De Oppresso Liber!

  • BC

    As worthy and practical as this idea is, I am beginning to see that the time for political activism on this level has passed and the need for a higher level of activism has been foisted upon us by those who unilaterally declared war on the traditional America and American way of life we all mistakenly thought we still had.