The Dogs of War


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Every time I hear the latest anti-American, anti-Constitution ranting of the socialist left about gun control, Shakespeare comes to mind. “Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war.”
Youtube videos of police and military forces sweeping through New Orleans, the mayor announcing that no citizen will be allowed to keep their guns, a city wide gun grab by the officials we pay to protect our rights…..the dogs of war turned against the American people on a scale never seen before.

Recently, Vice President Joe Biden opened his mouth to offer advice to women on how to protect themselves from would be intruders. His latest Bidenism, fallacious statements that seem to just fall out of his face, was to encourage women to avoid an AR-15 in favor of a double barrel shotgun. According to Biden, a double barrel shotgun is more accurate and easier to use. The scary AR-15 is just too much gun for a woman to handle in his estimation. Ladies, let me be clear here. Joe Biden is about as versed on guns as Dianne Feinstein, which is to say he is frighteningly clueless.

Please allow me to disabuse Mr. Biden of his insanely inaccurate assessment. I had the pleasure of shooting an AR-15 recently when I went shooting with Matt Meyer, the president of the McHenry County Sportsman’s Association. I also happen to own a Mossberg 500; not a double barrel, but a shotgun nonetheless. Though I have added a stock to spread the recoil out more, the Mossberg has more recoil than the AR and the blast can be more shocking. It’s a good gun, don’t get me wrong, but an AR-15 is definitely easier to handle and fire. You’ll hit the target with either, and a shotgun blast will do a great deal of damage, but speaking as a lady shooter I prefer a gun that is easier to shoot and holds more rounds. Between a lightweight rifle with 30 rounds and a shotgun with two (which the double barrel is limited to), or in my case, the Mossberg, I would prefer the AR-15 in a home defense situation. Now, maybe your husband will tell you differently, I don’t know, but I am speaking as a fellow lady shooter. But for the love of God and country ladies, please do not take any gun advice from this lunatic.

Unfortunately there are many other cases of clueless twits giving erroneous information to the public at large. For those who actually listen to and respect the “wisdom” of these misogynist dimwits, I’m afraid you will be the first to fall when the dogs of war are loosed upon the unsuspecting. Jesse Jackson recently informed his adoring fans that semi automatic weapons are dangerous because they can shoot down airplanes and blow up railroads, which makes gun control a national security issue. Please raise your hand if, in hearing this claim from the reverend, you shook your doe eyed head in sudden comprehension and said to yourself “oh, I never thought about that…he’s right, we need to pass gun control laws now to save the nation.” Keep your hand up until a liberty loving, gun toting patriot gets to you. We’ll do our best to educate you on the facts, assuming you have the ability to comprehend. I know you cannot see it now but one day you will be thankful for those of us who cling to our guns and the constitution. We will be the ones who save this nation.

Meanwhile patriots, please stay diligent and do your best to make your fellow American’s aware of the facts. The gun grab that took place in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina is a stark reminder that it can happen here as it has happened across the world whenever a would-be dictator starts setting his plans into motion. None of us ever wants to see American turn against American. It is imperative that our military members remember their oath to uphold the constitution, and that the oath does NOT include a promise to obey unlawful and anti-constitutional orders given by the president. We must be the ones who keep the Republic alive, and we must dispel the myths that are perpetrated by liberal left socialists. All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. Let us be the good men who did something. Let us preserve the Republic. Let us make our forefathers proud.

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  • Of course in New Orleans the police also have the problem of being impossible to tell from the majority of the criminals. A AR-15 is also selective weapon in that one round to a person(or how ever many until dead). A shot gun of course is less particular in what it hits. If its crowd control you want (and you will never shoot solid shot out of it) is to “goose” the gun for a wider spread

  • The worst part is that this IDIOT is (GAWD) the VP of what is left of America, pun intended.

  • Maybe General Stanley McChrystal knows a little bit about assault style weapons.


    • Is that some sort of joke? You think because a general has a liberal and socialist view of gun ownership and the second amendment that we will suddenly be convinced? Liberals are busy telling us what they think we need. Do you really believe that those of us who are law abiding gun owners are going to go into a school zone and shoot children? It is estimated that 2.5% of American adults are criminals. Obviously not all of those commit crimes with guns. You would advocate punishing 97.5% of the population with unconstitutional restrictions because of the crimes of a tiny minority? You seem to be stuck on the notion that gun ownership is tied to need. It isn’t. Can you explain to me what you make of the history of gun control? Or what purpose you really believe these restrictions would have? Have you seen this method work for drugs? Did it work for alcohol during prohibition? Your argument is just so flawed.

      • General McChrystal is a “hands on” expert when it comes to military style weapons. And he is far from being a liberal or socialist. An AR-15 with a 30 round magazine is a killing machine, pure and simple. I have no problems with law abidiing citizens having these weapons. The problem is that with a high proliferation of these weapons some of them are going to end up in criminal hands. And also into the hands of those who would instigate mass killings. I like my guns. I like to go target shooting. I just don’t see that anyone needs one of these “killing machines” for home defense. If at some time some group feels that they want to overthrow our democratically elected government then I am sure that the Russians/Chinese/Iranians would send them crates of AK-47s. To be sure I am lukewarm about banning assault style weapons. BUT we need to have strong laws to keep weapons out of the hands of bad guys. And YES laws do work to a degree. Should we have no laws at all? Some conservatives believe that any gun laws are unconstitutional. The FACT is that the Supreme Court has already found that government has the right to limit gun ownership.

        • I am dumbfounded that you are as IGNORANT as you show yourself to be! “killing Machine” REALLY? You are ignorant! It is the person pulling the trigger that is the “killing machine”, NOT the inanimate object!

          As for “Our democratically elected government”, It is by the barest of margins! We have 2,000+ gun laws one the books already, TWO THOUSAND PLUS, that are useless from preventing the “Bad Guys” who buy weapons on the Black Market, you do know what the Black Market is don’t you? The laws should cover the behavior of the “Bad Guys” not an inanimate object which is neither good nor evil. In the hands of a “Good Guy”, it is a tool of self defense!

          • President Obama won with 320 electoral votes and more than 5 million plus popular votes. Before the election some Fox News people were saying that Romney was going to win in a land slide. One talking head said the Romney would win with 320 electoral votes and that this would be a MANDATE for the Republicans. Well President Obama won by 320 electoral votes and no one is saying anything about a mandate. You all make alot of noise but you ARE the minority.

          • DefenderofTruth

            Each time you open your mouth, each time you type in a word, you show yourself to be an uneducated idiot. The FACTS are coming out more and more, that huge numbers of obama supporters voted multiple times, This is a documented fact. The minority STOLE the election, not the majority. It is a proven, and documented FACT that obama supposedly won with well over 100% of the population. How can you win more votes than the population is? How is it that this happened? It happened because people like you have swallowed the liberal kool aid, and you would prefer to live with your hand either stuck out for the government to fill, or with your hand in my pocket taking what I work hard for. I warn you, back off, because when I catch your hand in my pocket, I will cut it off!

          • Why don’t you offer up some proof for your “documented facts”. There is NONE. Even Republican leaders know that they got their butts kicked fair and square in the last election. The Democrats had a far superior ground game in getting voters to the polls. Your nickname should be DefenderofLIES. Every day I wake up with a smile knowing that President Obama kicked Romney’s ass. And the ACA is the law of the land and President Obama will appoint 2 or 3 Supreme Court Justices. Life is good.

          • So you ignored the whole “Killing Machine” point. And as for keeping guns out of the hands of bad guys, the can’t even disarm the bad guys when they’re in prison! The Genie is out of the bottle! Guns are out there, not even the Nazi gun confiscations were able to keep guns out of the hands of the resistant citizens. And for damn sure the stupidest way to reduce gun crime is to disarm potential victims! So please pack your on small suitcase & wait by the door so you can hop onboard the Obama train to your surprise destination.

        • K

          YOU “John Phillip” are a disgrace to all that America Stands for.
          Guns don’t kill people and Guns are NOT “killing machines”

          You are obviously obama troll to this site and should be kicked out!

          troll =
          An internet ‘troll’ is an abusive or obnoxious user

        • I’ve got news for you, John. If I ever have to turn my gun on an intruder I plan to kill him. Meanwhile, I have 20 round magazines for my guns. These serve two purposes. When I go shooting at the range I don’t have to reload as much, and if multiple intruders come into my home I have a better chance of getting them all. Aside from that, if we ever have to rise up against a tyrannical government they will not limit themselves. Why should we be limited? The fact that you are missing is that regardless of what laws you pass, even if you round up every single gun owned by every law abiding citizen in America, you will never stop criminals from getting guns. There was an interview with a Mexican man who was part of a drug cartel army. He laughed at the idea that they get many of their guns from us. He said they get most of them from South America. If guns are banned here it will create a void in the black market where any criminal who wants to can find any kind of gun he wants. It will create a gun cartel. And we will be at the mercy of the animals. I agree with you. Criminals and nut cases should not have guns. But if you think taking them from us is the answer you are sadly mistaken.

          As for your “you guys are the minority” argument, if they try to take our guns from us, if they try to void the Constitution, I think you will find us coming out of the woodwork. There are plenty of people who do not want to be involved with politics and who do not vote. That doesn’t mean they will stand quietly by as the tyrant takes over.

          • Personally I don’t want to kill anyone. But I do want to protect my home and family. Strong locks, a cell phone & a 9 mm will work fine for me. Most criminals depend on the element of surprise or being undetected to perform their crime. When faced with an alerted home occupant (armed or not) they will generally leave as quickly as possible to avoid the police. And no sane person wants to be shot with one round let alone multiple rounds. As for overthrowing a tyrranical government with guns, that idea is as obsolete as slavery. It will take way more than guns to overthrow our well armed government. And IT IS NOT implicit in the 2A as some will say. What any one individual founding father would say is no more law than what any individual Supreme Court Justice would say. George Washington was not a dictator & never aspired to be one. It took the founding fathers as a representative group to create the Constitution as the law of the land. What any individual founding father says does not hold weight as law. And President Obama is FAR from being any kind of “tyrant”. He easily won his last election and has an approval rating of over 50%. And he is serving his presidency by the Constitution. If you or anybody else disagrees with laws that are passed or actions that are taken you are free to file a lawsuit. I would suggest that you all behave like true Americans and vote in the next presidential election. If you believe that you have the right to force your minority views on the majority then you all are the tyrants.

          • Becky Kress

            Majority? What does that have to do with anything? We are a Republic and our individual rights still matter. What care I for majorities? And Obama is not fond of the constitution. He looks for ways around it. Given the dire trouble this nation is in I find it ever more difficult to believe there are still people who defend him. But here you are.

    • K

      General Stanley McChrystal is a criminal for even suggesting an infringement on “We the People’s” 2nd Amendment. Stanley McChrystal has his head so far up obama’s ASS that I could smell bacon while watching the video.

    • Fact: The founding fathers included the right for citizens to own firearms. ANY firearm.
      Fact: They also added the government works for US! And we have the right to institute a new government when the current one becomes tyrannical.
      Fact: Gun control does not work. Places with the strictest gun control also have some of the most gun violence in the country. Criminals don’t follow laws! Why would they obey gun laws??
      This isn’t hard to comprehend! But no, continue following Obama. One day, he will turn on you, and you will have nothing to defend yourself with.

      • One man’s tyranny is another man’s well regulated governance. There are any number of countries where gun control is working.

        • Becky Kress

          Name one.

          • Japan, Great Britain, Australia & most of Europe.

          • Your vids and link are highly biased.

          • Becky Kress

            Biased? By who? The people living the reality of what you call a lie? These people are THERE. They have gone through what you and the rest of the liberals are trying to take us towards. For all of your rhetoric, John, you have not made one valid argument for disarming law abiding citizens. Not a single one. And when facts are presented to you, you choose to ignore them. We would all be better off if we shrugged off the Republican/Democrat identifiers and acted as American’s. I am completely dismayed that you really believe as you do. It’s beyond sad.

          • Your links are biased because they don’t show any opposing viewpoints. There are people in those countries who are pleased with their country’s gun laws. NO ONE is proposing to disarm law abiding citizens. I wouldn’t agree with that. Personally I think gun laws should be different for different parts of the country. The reality in rural Montana is much different than in NYC or Washington DC and the laws should reflect that.

        • DefenderofTruth

          Then why don’t you just move to one of those other countries! Leave America for real true Red Blooded Americans!

          • Becky Kress

            I wonder the same myself. If America is so flawed in their eyes, and those other nations are doing it so right, why don’t they just move to those nations instead of trying to steal ours?

          • I am a proud American liberal and I am not going anywhere. I AM a true Red Blooded American. My family’s heritage goes back to the early 1800s here in Southern Indiana. My great great grandfather fought in the civil war. My grandfather served during 3 wars (he enlisted during the end of WWII, he fought in Korea & he retired during the Vietnam conflict). I work hard every day and I pay my taxes. I WILL have a say in how I am governed.

          • Becky Kress

            All valid reasons for you to protect our rights, not try to limit them. John, this is not about home security. This is not about hunting. This is about the rights all Americans are born with and that the constitution protects. This is about our right to protect ourselves from the government and the evil intent of tyrants. I just cannot understand your stance. Name one criminal who will follow your restrictive gun laws? Name one law abiding citizen who will use certain guns like an AR 15 or an AK 47 and go shoot up schools, malls or theaters? Show me how gun control works? It’s easy enough to say gun deaths go down when they take all the guns away. Of course there will be fewer gun deaths when no law abiding citizen owns a gun. And the gun deaths that do happen are committed by the criminals who still have their guns regardless of laws. But in every nation where strict gun control or bans were enacted other crimes increased substantially. The criminals perpetrated their crimes regardless of the weapon they had to use. The difference was that law abiding citizens were left to the mercies of the criminals because the criminals knew the citizens had no way to protect themselves. You have not explained to me why you think it is a good idea to take any gun away from law abiding citizens.

    • FaMiNe

      Mr. Phillips, I see your printed bleatings enough to realize that you are an extreme sheeple. An extreme sheeple is one that not only wanders through life seeking way to die, but seeks the advice of elitists on how to take the other sheeple and the sheepdogs to the slaughterhouse. Please wise up or go away.

  • pnwpatman

    THE Dianne Feinstein? The one with the California conceal carry permit? The one with 40 years of “public service” becoming a multi-millionare?

  • Jim28thReg

    I thank God our school , while public , still has and practices Christian Principals .

  • snakeyes

    You better check great Brittan and Australia facts again they have way more crime than we do

    • The like to misrepresent the “facts”. Yes, those countries have less gun violence because the only ones who have guns now are the criminals. Home invasions are up, violent crime is up, people find themselves at the mercy of a criminal element that knows they are defenseless. Gun violence is down while every type of violent crime is up significantly. They skew the facts to make it look like gun control “works”. What a load….