U.S. Army Faces Lawsuit Over Praying

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The United States Army is being threatened with a lawsuit after a chaplain allegedly prayed to the Heavenly Father during an event at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas, which offended an atheist soldier in attendance.

Staff Sergeant Victoria Gettman is reportedly unpleased with the response that she has received from her superiors in regard to complaints that she had lodged over the prayer, which was delivered last September. Gettman and a number of other soldiers were attending a mandatory suicide prevention session, which concluded with a prayer. The prayer itself was voluntary as soldiers were not required to participate.
Gettman states that she became offended because she believed it was obvious that the chaplain was delivering a Christian prayer.
“The chaplain said we have to have something bigger than ourselves. We need, and he stresses need, to have something divine in our life,” she said. “The entire theater was [then] forced into a mass Christian prayer. … I heard him refer to his ‘Heavenly Father’ and ‘Lord.’”

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  • Retired navy

    Give me a break. Walk away. It wasnt mandatory. Just another crying liberal.

    • knowitall

      She doesn’t believe in anything except making trouble.She needs to be let go from the army !

      • Hoodoo H

        Had a kid in here managing our office a few years ago…
        We had a small radio tuned into a soft rock radio station and tuned down low for enjoyment throughour the day.
        One day, someone had it tuned to a Christian rock station, no problems w me or other 2 people in here.
        However, the kid that was the interim boss walked in, made a strong effort to listen to the radio turned down to low volume, had a sh I t. fit and started yelling about “who turned the radio to this station…turn it off!”
        I politely asked him why..there’s nothing wrong with it.
        He yelled,”it’s Christian music!”
        Found out that day, we had an Atheist among us.
        What a shame. I pray for him and other Atheists, even though it still angers me.

      • granny

        No……she needs another suicide mission. At least 10 a month should do it.

  • Suck it up cupcake, if you did not want to pray, you should have not prayed

    Why is it, the needs of the one athiest trump everyone elses beliefs and convictions??

    It offends me that in this day and age people do not respect other beliefs

    • granny

      Believe that started in 2008. Illegals & muslims. They are trying to change everything about the USA. They do not respect anything except their 3rd world beliefs. Maybe they should have brought the Cartel w/ them when they crossed the border illegally, and the muslims…..well they already brought their temples & imams. One day…….just one day it will explode. Bless the USA & the 2nd Amendment.

      • Sandra Lee Smith

        It started when I was still in HS; way back in the early ’60s! Remember “ban the prayer” and stopping all reading of Bibles in school too? I do!

        • oldMarine

          Madelyn Murray O’Hare was our mentor for that. I never liked her either.

          • Sandra Lee Smith

            Semper Fi, Marine! Thanks for your service. And I remember that part too. I also know she paid for her evil, even in this life; with cancer, and then being murdered along with one of her children. But I’m fairly sure that was nothing to what came afterwards….

          • James Maxwell

            He son did like her either and said so on more than once ocassion.

    • Chris C.

      I completely agree she wants equal rights she should Shut Up then! Kick Her out for excessive whining!!

      • Or get her on behavior not befitting a service member. After all it was voluntary.

      • Alex M

        She isn’t asking for equal rights. She’s asking for the rights that are already there, to be observed.

    • Absolute Patriot

      Like i said…throw the atheist bimbo the hell out.

      • Michigan_REB

        Better yet put her on the front line, give her something to really whine about and see how fast she forgets being an athlist

        • Rattlerjake

          Nah, reassign her to the IFMR school (In Flight Missile Repair). She’ll get to perform her job once and we’ll be done with her, LOL.

    • Why not respect her beliefs? You only want people to respect the beliefs that don’t conflict with you’re personal beliefs, is that it? You must be a pretty important person.

  • Guest

    This Staff Sgt. had better read her Oath she swore to when she enlisted. It has a slight reference to God in it.

    • Absolute Patriot

      oh yeah…hell yeah…exactly what I’m saying…she don’t like what the country was founded on then let her go to an atheist country like France…tell the cry baby to find a new career…she’s a bitchin’ libber…hang her ass out to dry…throw her out.

      • violater1

        Live fire field target practice demonstration of true ballistic effects! I love it so!LOL!LOL¡!

    • Mutley

      Corect… it ends with the words “So help me God.” Wonder how she got in. If she was in my command and I was her superior NCO, she would get the sh_ties details I could come up with.

      • Alex M

        ” it ends with the words “So help me God.” Wonder how she got in.” — Perhaps it’s because the wording can be changed for those who have personal or moral objections to swearing, and take the affirmation instead.

  • Bill

    Well who can ANYbody pray to and NOT offend an atheist?

    • Attaboy, Bill. I am just going to say, “Amen.”

  • This Staff Sgt. had better read her Oath she swore to when she enlisted. It has a slight reference to God in it. Besides, she wasn’t ‘Forced’ to participate in the praying. Just stand there and pick her nose if she wanted to. Nobody said she HAD to listen.

  • DOC224

    I am offended that she complained. She is a MORAN, and a staff sgt on top of that. Who is the idiot that promoted anyone that can’t think clearly during a simple prayer? The officers in charge need to find a way to reduce her rank every time she takes a breath.

    • Chris

      That is spelled moron but good point

      • Unless she is a relative of Bugsy. lol

        • Shutter

          Bugsy said, “What a maroon!”

  • LisieDee

    Good Lord. Can’t she find something to complain about that is actually hurting someone? This is just ridiculous.

  • setemfree

    This country was built on Christianity. Sounds like this terrorist should be shown where the back of the wood shed is.

    • Dr. Franklin Jefferson

      As the government of The United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion…

      Ratified unanimously by Congress and signed into law by President Adams in 1797.

      This is the second death threat for a service member I’ve seen here. You are the only terrorists I’m aware of.

      • GOD-have mercy

        So eloquently stated by Presiden Adams…”The general principals on which the fathers achieved independence were…..the general principals of Christianity.” Thank you for this powerful statement President Adams.

        • Guav

          First of all, he was speaking of the “general principles of Christianity,” not Christianity itself. Writings from his diary illustrate what he thought were some of the general principles of Christianity: wisdom, virtue, equity, humanity, justice, kindness and charity towards his fellow men, etc. In other words, Adams had in mind the common system of morals held by much of humankind throughout history; principles espoused in Christianity, but not unique to it.

          Furthermore, he was only referring to the principles which united the revolutionary army that acheived independence, not the principles upon which the United States was founded—that’s two very different things. The full quote:


          Who composed that army of fine young fellows that was then before my eyes? There were among them Roman Catholics, English Episcopalians, Scotch and American Presbyterians, Methodists, Moravians, Anabaptists, German Lutherans, German Calvinists, Universalists, Arians, Priestleyans, Socinians, Independents, Congregationalists, Horse Protestants, and House Protestants, Deists and Atheists, and Protestants “qui ne croyent rien.” Very few, however, of several of these species; nevertheless, all educated in the general principles of Christianity, and the general principles of English and American liberty.

          Could my answer be understood by any candid reader or hearer, to recommend to all the others the general principles, institutions, or systems of education of the Roman Catholics, or those of the Quakers, or those of the Presbyterians, or those of the Methodists, or those of the Moravians, or those of the Universalists, or those of the Philosophers? No. The general principles on which the fathers achieved independence, were the only principles in which that beautiful assembly of young men could unite, and these principles only could be intended by them in their address, or by me in my answer. And what were these general principles? I answer, the general principles of Christianity, in which all those sects were united, and the general principles of English and American liberty, in which all those young men united, and which had united all parties in America, in majorities sufficient to assert and maintain her independence.


          Far from giving it the unique status implied by the stitched together quotation you cited, he couples “the general principles of Christianity” throughout with “the general principles of English and American liberty.”

  • Skip Palmer

    This makes me absolutely furious !!!!!

  • DOC224

    Most likely a REMF too!

  • Retired

    She needs to put her “big girl panties on”, thicken her skin up and get over herself. Nobody forced her to close her eyes and pray. She could have easily just stood by until the prayer was over. Suck it up Staff Sergeant!

    • Totally agree….

    • How would you like to be side by side in combat with that witch……NOT!

      • Absolute Patriot


        • Chicot


        • No respect for those fighting for you. It’s ok, I’m an Atheist and fought for you to have those oppinions. You’re welcome.

    • Absolute Patriot


      • Alex M

        I suggest you familiarise yourself with the affirmation for those who do not swear an oath on religious grounds, as well as reminding yourself that a religious test for public office violates the Constitution.

  • fideux

    Two words…friendly fire.

    • Dr. Franklin Jefferson

      Seven up-votes for murder and a cover-up. You psychopaths haven’t changed, and are showing what must be done about you.

      • fideux

        Lighten up Doc, it was a joke…Sheesh!

        • Dr. Franklin Jefferson

          The fact that you find it a fit subject for a joke further proves the point. I hope you aren’t allowed to use firearms, you make the rest of us look bad.

          • fideux

            Puleeze, the role of God in this country is taken (by the guy in the White House), so do us all a favor and F off!

  • rs1123

    I’m getting sick of this nonsense. You want to know how many things offend ME that I’m forced to not only see and hear, but have to more or less accept as valid and good? Social and sexual and others’ religions (Christianity is NOT protected) and ‘art’ which is meant as protected hate speech.

    Split the country and I’ll move to the conservative, Christian half that uses the
    Constitution as-written and intended. Not selectively, as a weapon when it suits and then ignored the rest of the time.

  • knowitall

    The little Bit-h forgets that this STILL IS one nation under GOD !! Even if the Muslim in the W.H. doesn’t want to believe it or not. If the sarg. doesn’t want to serve the UNITED STATES Army ,which is under GOD ,then she needs to go to mexico or some other 3rd world communist country and join their army. In other words : Get The Hell out of my country that I served in. I served to protect Freedom for all and the right to pray for God anytime and anywhere i choose ! God Bless.

    • granny

      Yep, her and the other
      Bit-h that started it…..many moons ago.

      • Absolute Patriot


  • Real American

    You athiests ……GET OVER IT one oht of how many hundred who appreciated the prayer!!! You authiests are getting to be a real painin the a$$…… you are were allowed to leave!!! Getting really sick of the anti Christian & politically correct BS!!!!!!!!! She probably would been fine if they prayed to allah!!

    • Guav

      Interesting thing to bring up. I wonder what all the Christians who are saying that there’s no problem with Army-sanctioned prayer and talking about free speech would be saying right now if the leader of the session had led a prayer to Allah at the end instead. I suspect none of these comments would be the same as they are now.

      • USAF04

        In my many years on active duty & in public service, I noted whether or not the formation was mandatory, that when a Chaplain was present you could expect a prayer. Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Islam, etc it did not mater. If I didn’t agree with their faith I simply stood respectfully until dismissed. I realized there were more folks in the military than just myself. I allow this SSgt has a right to her choice of “faith”, but needs to understand others have just as much right to theirs choice as well. Just my thoughts {:{)}

        • Guav

          That’s how I am as well—other people’s faith does not offend me as long as they’re not offended by my non-participation. That being said, it seems to me that something like a mandatory suicide prevention session should be a secular event. Maybe Christians would just suffer silently through Muslim prayers at a mandatory non-religious event, but should they have to?

        • GOD-have mercy

          Absolutely USAF04. I was trying to say something similar in my post but possibly got a little carried away. I hope I didn’t offend anyone lol

      • Scottus

        You bring up a valid side to this….I would be very offended but I would not repeat his prayer but instead my own internal prayer…I would not complain much less sue over it….unless I was forced to pray that prayer….my 10 cents

      • Absolute Patriot


      • GOD-have mercy

        They sure can…..if they go back to their muslim country. Look I have no problem with ANYBODY wanting to be in this country but it was FOUNDED ON CHRISTIAN BELIEFS, MORALS, and PRINCIPALS! Hope I said that loud enough. I’m not going over to China to change their beliefs, cry everytime they don’t say prayers like mine or even make them put English on all their directuons. They didn’t ask me to come, I would go on my own understanding its their country that was founded and rooted in their beliefs just as USA should be. Nothing wrong with your belief, just don’t be offended in the USA, founded by CHRISTIAN men when you hear about our GOD! We asked no one to come here that has other beliefs but we allow it. This is our cultue just as Iran, Irag and other places have theirs. Difference is we don’t kill you for trying to change ours……but maybe that is something to consider.

        • Dr. Franklin Jefferson

          As the government of The United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion…

          Ratified unanimously by Congress and signed into law by President Adams in 1797.

        • Guav

          It was also founded on the belief that there be no official state religion, and that people of of all faiths and beliefs were welcome to come here and practice freely, NOT in the belief that anyone who wasn’t an adherent to one of the many forms of Christianity should feel like an outsider, which seems to be what you’re suggesting should happen. And yours and the many other comments here espousing violence against those of other faiths (or no faith) is the kind of persecution that the Pilgrims, Puritans and many others came here to escape in the first place, and specifically the type of religious persecution of minority faiths that we are rightfully outraged at when practiced by Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc. That’s one of the things that makes us different from them.

          • ERA

            I think you have valid points, as far as violent comments, I think its more anger that this person seems to think that HER rights are more important than everyone elses, which in effect she is saying “I don’t believe, so you shouldn’t either” I have many friends that all share different religions and we respect each others beliefs.

          • Guav

            But she’s NOT saying that everybody else should be an atheist—she’s saying that a mandatory suicide prevention seminar is not the place to interject religion, and I believe she’s right, regardless of what faith the Chaplain was. And I bet anything that if he had instead begun promoting atheism, everyone here would be complaining that he “forced his views down their throats,” even when they were free to remain silent and hold their own personal beliefs. You know this is true.

            I think it’s just really hard for American Christians to empathize with what it’s like to be a minority in matters of faith. It reminds me of this editorial from a few years back … especially the 2nd to last paragraph:


          • Alex M

            She isn’t saying that at all. She said her concern was that it was not made clear to those attending that the prayer part was not mandatory. That is, she was concerned with the rights of others.

      • era

        If we lived in a muslim based society I would say that would be normal but guess what? We don’t!

    • granny

      Amen….& absolutely.

    • Absolute Patriot


  • Skip Palmer

    To follow up on my comment… I am an Army Vet..

  • Larry Knight

    This person is another nut job, everyone has a right to be offended about what ever they want.

    • Absolute Patriot

      UH…no Larry, when you live in this country and enjoy the benefits of protection of our Constitution and you occupy a space in our army and get paid for it and you’re there to follow orders, you do not have a right to get offended cause your will is no longer yours to enjoy…you do as you’re told. And religious preferencing of others behavior is not one of those “rights”…

  • Oh Geese…get over it already…was she ever in Afghanistan and complained to the Afghan people for always praising Allah?

  • john Goult

    I don’t understand the so called ATHEIST! They have a Very Special Day all to themselves! It’s called April FOOLS DAY!

    • Lloyd

      Wow, I wish I had thought of that. Well said!

  • TD

    That’s alright, for when Jesus comes, she doesn’t have to pray then either. Only, she can’t Sue Him..

  • pysco

    Religious services are not manditory attendance, Atheists are not required to attend, this person has gone out of the way to cause problems. And, what about the other soldiers right to freedom of religion. Tell the bitch to take a hike.

    • Guav

      This was not a voluntary religious service, it was a mandatory suicide prevention session. Not the same thing.

      • pysco

        Your right I just acanned the article, I figured it was the same SOS, last year by Presidential order the military chaplins are forbidden to say “In Jesus Name Amen” ……….It makes no difference Atheists don’t have a prayer.

  • Brian

    Hey libitard…. to whom it does concern. Freesom of speech! Freedom of religion! I’m offended that because you don’t agree with something that you think it should be banned. This is America stupid!!! Remember….the country that was based on Christianity and individual freedom??? If you don’t like something then don’t participate in it. Live free….be free, but if you wanna limit mine I suggest to comfort yourself with like ninded peeps in China, Cuba, Afghanistan or one of the other many fine places that support your same way of thinking.

  • IronMonkey

    her being offended offends me can i sue for that?

  • Ranger119

    I’m a Viet Nam Vet and prayed many, many times with my fellow grunts. Get your ass shot at a couple times and I’ll bet you’ll find GOD and be praying quick, fast and right away. On the other hand, there could always be a terrible accident at the firing range — oops.

  • MadPunter1963

    I’m just wondering how somebody rises to be an E-6 without *ever* having heard a chaplain deliver a prayer that included the words “Heavenly Father” or “Lord” prior to this.

  • granny

    During basic training for these Athiests they have to salute the flag, they also attend church. So all of a sudden he is one man trying to rule. He needs the firing squad. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest his arm pits, along w/ any other hairy parts.

    • Chris

      Its a woman

  • granny

    Whoops, I meant SHE…..could have been the day of the month, or is it menopause. Victoria will get hers. She needs to go on more suicide missions.

  • bleufishcat

    If ‘offense’ is all it takes….then I’m offended that she doesn’t believe in the God that created her!

  • Chris

    Her parents offend me because they didnt raise her right.This is Americas biggest problem! That being moral decay.

  • Bill P.

    This is just another example of how far we have fallen. Throughout history examples can be sighted of how societies that turned away from religion have fallen. When the voice of one controls the many then we can say we are no longer a democracy. Welcome to the United Socialist States of America people.

  • May the good Lord have mercy on her soul.

  • granny

    Gettman…..Is that not German? She must be a Hitler lover if she is, and all that he stood for. She might be BOZO’s next staff member.

  • No one is forced to pray in the military. And if some body is offended by seeing someone else exercise their right to pray , that’s just too damn bad. I am offended by people who think they have the right to take everybody else’s rights away. If they don’t want to pray then they should just shut up and let those who want to pray,do so. Your rights stop where someone else’s rights start.

  • seestraight

    And she wants to be in combat…

  • Why don’t they just shut up and or mumble their own allegiance to whatever……

  • Guav

    I’ve got to say, the numerous comments wishing DEATH upon the atheist are troubling to me. I don’t remember there being a part of the Constitution that says “Anyone who is not Christian should be killed,” and I’m pretty sure that the Army doesn’t have a religious requirement for service. Isn’t wishing death upon non-believers what the Muslims do?

    • More people have been killed in the name of religion than anything. Suck it up.

  • LawrenceO

    This woman has no place in the Army and the Army has no place for this woman except, maybe on the front line in Afghanistan.

  • Fast Eddie

    This is just more bullCRAP!!! Why don’t these morons just walk away if they fell they will be offended? Seems like they just want to stir up crap so they can get their name in the news!!! Throw them the HELL OUT if they don’t like GOD!!!!!!!!!! This Anti God stuff has been going too far now!!!

  • Does it seem strange that atheists never want to sue followers of Islam?

  • Isn’t it sad as to just how sad, pathetic, immoral, and perverted our Great Nation has become! And just how has it arrived to such a dismal condition? Simple really! Due entirely to people either choosing, or being forced to be ‘Politically Correct’! Just how does anything, anywhere, anytime go without offending SOMEONE? It’s impossible for that to happen! But, for the American Citizen to become paralyzed by what “Society” chooses as non-offensive actions, comments, religions, race, etc. Well, I am sure that even my comments are going to offend some, but you know what, I don’t give a damn! For I choose to speak, and speak freely. Not to PURPOSELY offend others, but with the understanding and common sense that it will surely offend some. GOD, please save our once great nation from these ‘Politically Correct’ parasites and leeches of our society! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bud

    I pray that this Staff Sgt. goes to hell.

    • CommonSense

      That she becomes a Christian is God’s greatest revenge against the evil one.

  • She will be praying to God if some Jihadist shoves an AK-47 down her throat and and starts to squeeze the trigger.

    • CommonSense

      That will come second. The physical abuse is first, then she will pray for the AK-47 just to end the abuse

  • bobw

    Give her a discharge and send her home!

  • CommonSense

    It was not this way in the beginning of America!

    Commonwealth of Massachusetts

    By the Governor

    A Proclamation


    THE supreme Ruler of the Universe, having been pleased, in the course of his Providence, to establish the Independence of the United States of America, and to cause them to assume their rank, amount the nations of the Earth, and bless them with Liberty, Peace and Plenty; we ought to be led by Religious feelings of Gratitude; and to walk before Him, in all Humility, according to his most Holy Law.-But, as the depravity of our Hearts has, in so many instances drawn us aside from the path of duty, so that we have frequently offended our Divine and Merciful Benefactor; it is therefore highly incumbent on us, according to the ancient and laudable practice of our pious Ancestors, to open the year by a public and solemn Fast.-That with true repentance and contrition of Heart, we may unitedly implore the forgiveness of our Sins, through the merits of Jesus Christ, and humbly supplicate our Heavenly Father, to grant us the aids of his Grace, for the amendment of our Hearts and Lives, and vouchsafe his smiles upon our temporal concerns:

    I HAVE therefore thought fit to appoint, and with the advice and consent of the Council, I do hereby appoint Thursday, the Second Day of April next, to be observed as a Day of Public Fasting, Humiliation and Prayer throughout this Commonwealth:-Calling upon the Ministers of the Gospel, of every Denomination, with their respective Congregations, to assemble on that Day, and devoutly implore the Divine forgiveness of our Sins, -To pray that the Light of the Gospel, and the rights of Conscience, may be continued to the people of United America; and that his Holy Word may be improved by them, so that the name of God may be exalted, and their own Liberty and Happiness secured.-That he would be graciously pleased to bless our Federal Government; that by a wise administration, it may be a sure guide and safe protection in national concerns, for the people who have established, and who support it-That He would continue to us the invaluable Blessings of Civil Liberty; guarding us against intestine commotions; and enabling the United States, in the exercise of such Governmental powers, as are devolved upon them, so that the honor and dignity of our Nation, upon the Sea and the Land, may be supported, and Peace with the other Powers of the World, upon safe and honorable terms, may be maintained.

    That he would direct the administration of our Federal and State Governments, so that the lives, liberties and property of all the Citizens, and the just rights of the People, as Men and Citizens, may be forever acknowledged, and at all times defended, by Constitutions, founded upon equal rights; and by good and wholesome Laws, wisely and judiciously administered and duly executed.

    That he would enable Legislators and Magistrates of this Commonwealth, to discharge the important duties incumbent on them, that the People may have good reason to feel themselves happy and safe, and lead quiet and peaceable lives in all Godliness and Honesty.

    That he would incline the Natives of the Wilderness, to listen to reasonable offers of Peace, that tranquility and security may be established on the Frontiers Of our Country;-That he would graciously regard the Lives and Health of the People of this and our sister States, and preserve them from contagious and wasting diseases: To crown the ensuing Year with Plenty and Prosperity, by his blessing on our Husbandry, our Fisheries, our Commerce, and all the labor of our Hands-to affect our minds with a sense of our entire dependence upon Him, and of his great goodness towards us, that when we may present ourselves before Him, at the close of the Year, with our thank-offerings, our Hearts may by his grace, be prepared to do it in a manner acceptable to Him.

    That He would be graciously pleased to establish the French Republic, and prosper others who are contending for the Rights of Men, and dispose all Nations to favor the same principles , and return to Peace and Friendship.

    That He would in his great Mercy, remember the unhappy state of our Fellow-Citizens and others, who are groaning under bondage, in a foreign Land. That He would soften the Hearts of those who have led them captive, inclining that People to show them favor during their Captivity, and in His own due time open a door for their relief: -And finally, that He would over-rule all the confusions that are in the Earth, of the speedy establishment of the Redeemer’s Kingdom, which consisteth in Righteousness and Peace.

    And I do recommend to the People of this Commonwealth, to abstain from all unnecessary Labor and Recreation on the said Day.

    GIVEN at the Council-Chamber, in Boston, this Twenty-eighth Day of February, in the Year of our Lord, One Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety-five, and in the Nineteenth Year of the Independence of the United States of America.

    Attest: John Avery, jun. Secretary

    from wallbuilders

  • Chris

    Sounds like a combat candidate to me. To creed of the NCO’s of the U.S.Army is Lead, Follow or get the Hell out of the way. I think as a retired 1st Sergeant that the Staff Sergeant needs to get the hell out of the way.

  • SSGT Victoria Gettman, thank you for your service, however, im a little disturbed at your reaction to a prayer, a Christian prayer. Are you so weak minded that a prayer renders you so emotionally upset that you become litigious? I suggest the Army have a mental examination done STAT on you. How do you react when you sneeze and someone says “God bless you?” Do you attack them, or are you so emotionally distraught you end up in sick bay? This country is a mess right now, put your big girl panties on and act like a soldier, or find another profession which won’t be so emotionally taxing on your delicate nerves. I pray you open your eyes and see the truth and blessing of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

  • LawrenceO

    In order to bring a lawsuit, some law must have been broken. Which one was that?

  • Maynard

    The SSgt said that they were forced to prey. Who was it thatstuc k a bayonet at her throat and told her to prey? No one. She didn’t have to. That gal has no common sence.
    There have been people who were to denounce God or be killed. Most chose death. In one South East Asian country, several Priests and Nuns were forced by atheist communists to dig a large hole, and were then beaten and thrown into it. Local villigers were then forced to pass by, tossing in all kinds of waste matter (guess) befor being buried alive. In such incidetns, the coomunist would cry out “Where is their God? Why iksn’t he saving them?” Can you imagine what his country would be like if our government was a commujnist government. Well, we’re on the threshold of communism right now. How many of you are willing to die for God. Once in Sunday school I stood behind a mother and put a comb to her throat. I was pretneding to be a communist. I told her that if I said that I would kill her children if she didn’t denounce God, would she denounce God as thedir savior? She was a devout christian, but didn’t answer. After that my wife and I quite that class because no one wanted to be there with me. What they didn’t understand is one of our two enemies,collaberating in taking Amedrica into the New World Order, is totally atheist and the other is socialist consting of mostly atheist. Both politicasl parties are to blame for our country moving toward the New World Orde, and the orgaiztion responsible is the Council on Foreign Relation, a puppet organization of the “Invisible Government” known as the Bilderberg Group. Carter, both Bush’s, Clinton, Perry, Rove, Chaeny, Romney, Gikn grich and manyh others like the leadeship of both parties, have been or still are members of the CFR. What does that tell you. It should tell you why no mettger who is elected our country still goes down hill toward socialism, the socialist economic big government that totally and completely ignores our Consrtitution, twisting and changing it in every way they need to. To stop this we need a third party rather than the combined one that we have. We need more Constitutional conservatives in the Tea Party, and rid the TeaParty of GOP infiltraters and subversives who are trying to destroy it. ~ Don’t terwad On Me!


    What is the basis for punishing someone who “offends” another? We really don’t care if he is offended or not, because the counter suit is based on his offense to us!

  • agbjr

    Anyone who is ‘offended’ by prayer or even the mention of God is NOT a true American. Drum this fifth columnist out of the military NOW for she obviously can not uphold her oath to the Constitution and OUR Republic.

    • Absolute Patriot


  • F-14 Navy Vet

    Exactly what Democrat politicians want – infiltration of our military, Christian, and Families by the Godless, the morale-less and those who despise the traditions of our past, our nation and our families. Screw that… The erosion and attacks against our own American society from liberals from the inside is devastating our nation. They are attacking the very foundation on which their lives and liberties are supported.

    F-14 Navy Vet

  • gizmo

    If offended by THIS, what is she gonna do if captured by a Muslim? Complain about the prayer rugs? Again, we have a tail wagging the dog. This is ONE person compared to 100’s of other soldiers.
    I love how dems/libs/porgs are all about “individual freedoms & rights” for goofy stuff like this but cry “democracy” … Then, when it’s other peoples’ rights such as guns, prayer, marriage these fools cry foul!!!

    • Absolute Patriot

      that’s ok, let her whine at the muslims and she’ll be the next and welcomed I might say, stoning victim…one that deserves it just for being a bitchy whiner that should have been brought to my door so i could close her mouth for her with a good solid punch.

  • Sandra Lee Smith

    If the atheist didn’t like it, he should close his ears! He’s infringing on the rights of everyone else just to satisfy his own selfish “feelings”!

  • This POS needs to get the [email protected]#$ over to a country that doesnt allow any religious freedom, , Hey Victoria, this country was founded on Christianity, and it is here to stay, the vast majority are christians, though they may not be practicing, they dont want it taken away because a handfull say thier offended, its just people like you who are trying to take it out of everything possible and wont stop, this will come back to bite you.

  • Barbara V

    So why can an atheist be offended and not a Christian. Why punish the Christian and not the atheist? If you don’t like prayer, then don’t pray. Don’t listen. (But I bet the person next to you is praying for you, like it or not.) Maybe someone close by was picking his nose during prayer and it offended you….LOL….GET OVER IT AND LET OUR FIGHTING MEN & WOMEN PRAY IF THEY WANT TO!!!

  • David

    I’m just wondering if the SSrgt ever received a balling out or orders she didn’t like from a ranking officer during her career? And what was the rank of the Chaplin? Sometimes in life we have to endure the unpleasant and go about our buisiness!we usually recieve what we project. If she wants her beliefs respected she might want to try and do the same with others.

  • Absolute Patriot

    Throw the bitch out of the service… What did she expect from a CHAPLAIN? She needs her arrogant ass kicked and send her to hell with her God.

  • Lloyd

    Okay, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Please Pardon my attitude, but this is going to far. If these so called athiests don’t want to participate in prayer, that is their choice. That’s why it is called freedom of religion. That means while we cannot force them to participate in prayer or another type of religeous worship, they cannot tell us that we can’t abide by our own beliefs and convictions. When it comes to prayer services in the military, all they have to do is ask to be excused, and state the reason why. It is their preogative. And this individual being a Staff Sergeant should have enough knowledge of regulations to know that. If not, then I have to ask what kind of idiots are the military putting into leadership positions now? She obviously is not ashamed of her lack of religeous belief, so she also should not be ashamed to excuse herself. To try and force her convictions, or lack thereof, on others shows that she has no respect for others, and that she is not deserving of the rank she carries, and therefore should be demoted. If she cannot show respect for others, then she will never receive respect from others in her military environment, and without that, she is incapable of wise or thoughtful leadership. And believe me when I say this applies to anyone in the same position at whatever level. As a military leader, and a sergeant is considered a leader, she will either get others or herself hurt or killed, if respect is not observed. I like many others who have served know and understand this. And yes, I too reached a rank of leadership, so I am not speaking without experience or knowledge thereof. Her job does not require her to be a genius, but it does require respect and common sense. She made and signed an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the U.S. Her actions indicate subversion of it, not defense. If you think about it, she may well be deserving of a court martial for dereliction of duty and treason by subversion. Please note that defense, is a duty. For this obviously angry outburst, I cannot and will not apologize because when someone is right, there is no reason to. It is time for the people to stand in defense of the military that defends them. She obviously does not share the idea if defending other peoples rights. Just her own. If she is in the military for her own personal gain, then she is in the wrong place. Along with a court martial, she should also be dishonorably discharged, and denied all rights and privileges that normally go with discharge. If for no other reason than to let people like her know that there is such a thing as a step too far.

    • Alex M

      “She obviously does not share the idea if defending other peoples rights. Just her own” — You could try reading what she actually said, and not what you think she said.

  • Patriot

    We should do away with that damn ACLU and hang the atheists. Illegals & muslims, you don’t like our laws or beliefs, get out before you get shipped out in a box. This is the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. Founded on Christianity. God Bless America.

    • Alex M

      “hang the atheists. Illegals & muslims, … God Bless America.” — I imagine Jesus himself would weep over the venomous and calumnious desecration of Christianity on display here.

  • Don R Varney

    How can a person who believes in nothing be upset over something. Listening doesn’t mean you believe our comprehend. The army is supposed to work as a team. She should be a team player and defend their right to pray as they defend her right not to.

  • CommonSense

    Only in the last 60 years has it been ruled by the SCOTUS that is not lawful to pray. Before that fro the time of the Founders 1000’s of prayers were offered. We are now ruled by the minority groups, which negates us being a Democratic Republic, Rule of Law by the Majority!

  • GOD-have mercy

    It offends me that, even though I am a white, CHRIStian, heterosexual man, I have racial, equality, and everbody eles beliefs shoved down my throat at every turn but can’t do anything about it. Liberals in our own country are doing more to destroy our country founded by our CHRISTIAN forefathers on CHRISTIAN beliefs and morals. If they don’t like itmove, we won’t miss you!!

  • James Lytle

    Atheism is also a religion. They take it on faith that there is no God since they can not prove that He does not exit. They are, in fact, trying to make atheism the only state recognized religious belief. We should be suing them. 🙂

    • Alex M

      Atheism does not require to prove there is no God, in just the same way that atheism does not need to prove there is no Apollo, or Zeus, or Mengidabrutkoel, the great Spider-God of the Pacific.

  • Some people… throw her in a foxhole and see how long it takes for her to “get religion”.
    Maybe she can get a brain too. There is no “separation of church and state” in the Constitution, which, by the way, she swore to defend.

  • Eric Coddington

    So once again the needs of the one out weigh the needs of the many. So he does not

    like the food either every one stop eating. He really hates to hurt any one so use blanks
    fellows. Or put him on point on recon missions he will see a need for prayer!

  • Part of the majority

    I’m sick of these complainers already! Why should we change everything for an individual? Our troops are facing many trials and struggles so if they want to pray to have the strength to get them through then they have that right. She also has the right to just shut up and do something other than compalin. When this actually get tough what will she do, whine & cry? She needs to get over herself and do what needs to be done for the good of the group not her own need to be the center of attention. I feel she just wants people to pay attention to her apparently she doesn’t have any actual skills or abilities that make her stand out so she is doing this to make people notice her. A sad excuse for a soldier.

  • Mutley

    Give her a gun, send her to Afghanistan, put her cherry butt into a fox hole with other combat women, and when the lead starts flying and the enemy closes in, I have to wonder that as she as about to be shot if she does not cry out the Lord’s name to come save her sorry cherry ass. Anyone who has every been in combat knows that the first time is the scariest and if you were not afraid you were lying. Your first reaction is to call for God to help you. Then you start shooting and killing. Just saying. I have had enough of these whinny crying offensive %*#$% telling me that I can not say God, or Pray, or have a cross on my town’s green. If you do not like how we do things in this nation, try going to China or Russia. They will appreciate your protest.

  • There are no atheists in a foxhole, appears be some out of it. The highlight of my BASIC training was attending services with our CO.

  • oldMarine

    Todd, you should have his beliefs so he can be tolerant. In the old Corps he, “the complainant” would have been introduced to a scrub brush and Octagon soap shower to clear his mind. Guess that wasn’t tolerant either.

  • James Ekrut,SK1.USN,RET

    true BS. I don’t pray but i can not find any reason why others can’t. freedom of speech so get over it and let others live the way they wont….!

  • ‘Ric

    If she cannot be tolerant of the beliefs of others, I too think they should discharge her. Soldiers over all else need to be unified and act together, not
    be divisive. Her selfish attitude complaining about voluntary prayers
    which have long since been established and play an important role in the
    military culture. Life or death on the battlefield is no place for
    Political Correctness baggage.

  • God fearing believer

    Being a staff Sargent in the Army she has been in their for some time. She knows that there is praying. If your against God, walk away, or don’t listen. But don’t punish all the believers!

  • Ira Schafer

    If the prayer itself was voluntary, then nobody was “forced” into a mass Christian prayer. In America, we have freedom of speech. Because of this, I may hear speech that “offends” me. However, my right to protest that speech through the courts is limited to being able to prove that the speech caused some harm to me or the nation. No sane judge can conclude that a Christian prayer will harm this atheist any more than I can prove that the “all-inclusive” prayer spoken by a Muslim cleric at Rahm Immanuel’s mayoral inauguration hyarmed me.

  • Ted

    TOTAL BS! When are we going to acknowledge that the MAJORITY is what determines the wants and needs of the country? They’ll let one person dictate for millions… You have a choice to believe as you see fit, but not to expect others to do the same. Just graciously bow out or at least keep your mouth shut with that understanding and respect for others. Oh, wait a minute, that went out with the “ME Generation” didn’t it!?

  • marineh2ominer

    The communists like the ACLU and the SPLC seek these whack jobs out just to create turmoil in the American justice system and constitutional issues for the sole purpose of destroying them , and filthy sleazy lawyers that are also communists are capable of ANYTHING that eliminates and/or destroys morality .


    since it was voluntary she could have gotten up and left before the prayer was given.

  • Nam Vet

    As a ‘Nam vet, I say let her get in a situation where her life is in jeopardy. She’ll find religion real quick!

  • rmrmsix

    Maybe the Heavenly Father and Lord can turn a blind eye when this individual is deployed.. That way she can have her anti-Lord watch over her when the bullets fly!!

    • Alex M

      When one reflects on the millions upon millions of war casualties in the last few decades, it does look like the Heavenly Father and Lord has a permanently blind eye, no matter what your faith.

  • rmrmsix

    I watched a Mayan blessing done by a Mayan individual in Cazumel. I am a Christian. Watching that ceremony did not offend me or threaten my faith. If you don’t want to hear it,don’t listen.

  • ERA

    Equal rights only pertain to minority groups, the needs of the many don’t matter, its just a matter of time when the “many” start kicking back for their Equal Rights

  • Ron

    I am offended that you are offended. One person out of 10,000 is offended about something all the time and they want to sue somebody. Drum her out of the service for being stupid.

  • Mary M

    One of my son’s CO’s is an atheist. When he was gone on his month leave, my child (the proverbial smarta$$ that he is) wrote ‘Jesus Loves You’ and ‘God is Watching You’ among various other versions on post it notes and stuck them everywhere!!! Drawers, computers, files, chairs …. I thought I was going to pee on myself laughing. Last I heard …. THIS particular officer has not lodged a lawsuit against the military and I’m betting he has been there much longer than she has.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Queers, women in combat units, anti-Christian moves, lack of funding: step by step, the libs are destroying the morale and combat effectiveness of the military.

  • Funny thing. In Afghanistan, should could be killed by people who are doing the will of their God.

    I wonder how she will write up THAT EO complaint…

  • DeDe

    What a selfish, foolish woman. If she did not want to pray, then she certainly didn’t have to. I cannot imagine going through life without God, but if that’s her choice, so be it. She could at least be respectful and zip her lip.

  • Jesus said Because of me Offences will come. So it is just fullfilling the Bible.

  • Alex M

    It is somewhat disappointing that, for all those condemning her on the basis of their own Christian convictions and religious fervour, there should be such a lack of Christian charity, forgiveness, and turning of the other cheek. I guess Jesus himself would recognise the venom here, having spent a lifetime counselling against it.

  • BigD9105

    Send her to the front line in Afghanistan.

  • enrambo

    Leave it to some stupid ass moron to complain, that is why we have so many problems in this country people just can’t let other people alone, seems everyone want’s to push their ways on you,I don’t care what anyone’s religion is and I don’t care if they know what mine is just don’t try and tell me what to do because you don’t like mine,you people that try to make other people do thinks your way need to get a life,and leave everyone else alone..

  • Charlie

    What a bunch of manure.

  • crispus attucks

    So why is that offensive if you don’t believe??? Shouldn’t you be laughing at all those silly people that you are so much SMARTER than because you know the truth that this life is all there is and then you are done?!? What is UP with people now a days when they can’t listen to something and NOT BE OFFENDED??/ I wish I could do the same after listening tot he SOTU address last night…I was offended that the President would outright lie to the American public!!


  • A Christian

    Hey we have religious rights too so if you didn’t like it you should of left.. Tired of you athiest sueing everytime for someone saying prayer in our military. They said it when my husband was in the military and no one was offended. Your prayer day is April Fools day!

  • Buddy

    Too bad for her, she is just going to have to get the hell over it!

  • I’m offended by aitheist so we are at a stand off . That makes it a even call. Personally if I’m wrong about God that he Does exist (which I believe) nothing will happen when eternity comes after death . But if you are wrong ………………………..

  • jd1958

    I am offended by your religious belief, you must stop praying to Jesus it makes me upset because I have a guilty conscience. Hey lady; don’t worry about it. Come judgement day you’ll wish you NEVER said a words against this.

  • southtxcowboy

    Nowadays you can’t poke ones nose, scratch ones ass without offending someone and getting sued! I’ts freaking ridiculous, what the hell is happening to society.

  • me… special me!

    Just WHO is saying we cannot pray? Aholes out there anyway… PRAY ANYWAY WE WILL !!

  • me… special me!

    Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be his name, his kingdom come, his will be done, on earth as it is in heaven, give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespassers as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from the evil ones, for though are the kingdom and the power and the glory FOREVER and EVER AMEN

  • me… special me!

    Jesus wins anyway!

  • ladyride2001

    where was her tolerance of others it was voluntary !! This country was founded on Christian beliefs &tolerance of others.
    Sorry sweetie if your offended then suck it up &walk away after all others have tolerance of your nonbeleif.

  • If she didn’t like it she could have walked out so suck it up biotch.

  • Ra Tional

    So many butthurt Christians getting rabid over a serviceman. Do you have no honor or respect? She feels her rights were trespassed and this is what you give her. You all should eat your own words and suck it up yourselves. The Founding Fathers are disgusted at what this nation has become.

    • That honor and respect goes both ways. No atheist gives a damn about Christian’s rights and beliefs. Her rights were not violated. It was voluntary, she could have ignored it. She was the only one offended.

      • Ra Tional

        It was voluntary but it ended up into a prayer. We have a “moment of silence” in public schools so this doesn’t happen. Just because the majority favors it doesn’t mean the minority should be discriminated if they feel it diminishes their rights. The Founding Fathers took great measures so wouldn’t happen.

        If you are a true American, you wouldn’t try to shame this soldier who took a chunk of her life to protect your rights because she feels like hers are violated.

  • Chuck

    The fact that she was “offended” indicates some subjective personal problem with this woman that should never, ever be granted any status whatsoever.

    • Alex M

      Up to thirty-eight complaints have been received, including from other Christians and some Jews.

  • KenJones

    No atheists in foxholes.

    • Alex M

      If praying to God worked, there wouldn’t be foxholes.

  • 2egypt

    Majority rules. If she didn’t like it she should have gone straight to hell and take Obummer with her….why should we cater to her? Go to hell sweetie.

  • bigB

    “… so help me God.” She used Him to enter the service. It was not a mandatory prayer, so she needs to let it go. No one made her pray. And if she was truly an atheist, who was she praying to?

    • Ra Tional

      >Implying “God” is referring to the Christian God when it could mean anything in reference to what a person believes.

      I am a pagan and “God” to me is referring to any one of my gods and not your God. Also, if I am not mistaken, that is a script and most people do not know any better to alter it to THEIR beliefs out of fear to be discriminated against and hinder their chances of enlistment.

      This is what our nation has become because one sect of people feel entitled that this nation is to be of their faith when its origins is to allow many faiths prosper. This is how it should be but many people here fail to educate themselves and live in their own ignoramus world and live in contradiction to their faith just to make sure their faith is top dog.

      Don’t get me wrong, I think Christianity is a wonderful religion but the followers of the faith is what irks me because so much hypocrisy and ill-will is bred from fear so there to not let any true form of enlightenment come forth as your faith wants you all to have.

    • Alex M

      “”… so help me God.” She used Him to enter the service” — You may need to check this a little more thoroughly. If you are not a believer in God, you not required to swear a religious oath. You have the alternative of a secular affirmation. It is a breach of the Constitution to have a religious qualification for an office to the state. A surprising number of people seem to be unaware of the content of the Constitution they are invoking.

      • bigB

        Regardless – it was voluntary, not mandatory. If what you say is true, in this instance, the offense is not the problem and does not exist and should be thrown out, as to not waste the courts time or our tax dollars. The only problem that does exist here is her.

        • Alex M

          The burden of her complaint – which remarkably few have acquainted themselves with – is that the prayer session was launched at an otherwise mandatory meeting, where a number of those attending were not made aware that the prayer session was voluntary, and that no appropriate notice was given to this effect that would have allowed them to leave. Not only was she aware of this inappropriateness, the chaplain should have known this too. In her report, around thirty-eight other people have complaints about this, and the majority of them are Christians and a couple of Jews. This is clearly because it is a constitutional matter, not a religious matter. And despite the mis-reporting and frequent mis-representation of her complaint, she has not sought to prevent anyone from praying who wants to.

          • bigB

            Everyone is so “me, me, me” and everyone is so offended by something that someone does…at this rate (and it is happening as we speak) no one will be able to do or say anything without someone or group breathing down their neck crying “foul!!!” Someday soon, everything you may say or do may have legal repercussions, thus the elimination of the First Amendment. Then, everything that has been protested or fought for will not mean a thing. This is a big problem with the societal well-being of the country and is severly impeding on the progress of this nation as a whole. If you don’t believe in something, do not participate. Ignore it and move on. If she started her own chant, prayer to her gods or whatever she does to worship or not – it would not offend me, and life goes on. Regardless, military or citizen – you still pledge your allegiance to the flag and the United States of America. And if you don’t, the United States is a nice place to visit, but there is no room for you here.

          • Alex M

            “If you don’t believe in something, do not participate” — She didn’t participate, but she expressed the concern that others felt they were obliged to participate.At no time, contrary to misrepresentations, did she seek to prevent anyone who wanted to pray taking part in prayer. At no time did she seek to force non-religious views on anyone. It may be worth while looking at the response this has generated here : villification, demonization, being labelled a lesbian, threats of physical violence and sexual violence on her, desire to have her shot to death. And all this from people protesting their Christian values, who have clearly only the most limited concept of what Christianity is or what being a Christian entails.

  • Being an athiest I have to say this: This country was founded on, and by Christian views. I see nothing wrong with this, they made this country in the way they wanted it. I have no problem with real religions such as Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism etc. What I DO have a problem with is people getting all butt-hurt when someone else practices their religion, and ALSO when someone gets all butt-hurt that I have no religious beliefs. What really bothers me about this article is that this girl is suing over what others were saying in her presence. She is suing the government because someone exercised their right to speak and their right to religion. She is suing over something she swore an oath to defend. Sounds like she is violating her oath and should be court martialed.

    • bigB

      Finally – someone who gets it !!! And as a christian, I respect this man !!!

  • AthiestJoe

    Wow. I decided to browse the comments and all it is is a bunch of bible thumping bigots that
    believe its right to have their beliefs shoved down other peoples throats. Its called separation of church and state you idiots. If the meeting had been voluntary and it was made known that there would be prayer services then that would make her complaint irrelevant, but that’s not what happened. Its the army of the United States, not the army of your imaginary god. As for the idea that this country was founded on christian values, you should pick up a history book and check the facts for yourself. None of the found fathers ever said that we are a christian nation or that our nation is founded on christian values and ideals. The Treaty of Tripoli, which George Washington signed, explicitly states the opposite. Learn your history and try to keep your bigotry in check. People like you make me ashamed to call myself a citizen of this country.

    • bigB

      So in turn – christians should complain that because when we want to pray to our God, why should we have to put up with your values being shoved down our throats? Values and morals are interpreted differently by each individual and freedom of religion WAS one of the reasons people did come to this country and establish the freedoms that we have today – that too is in the history books. Maybe you just conveniently overlooked that, but one of the great things about this country is that we can theoretically worship (or not) side by side without repercussions. Your comments and name calling make you no better than the people that you criticize…so what do you thump, Joe?

      • Ra Tional

        He’s not complaining about your way of worship. It is the fact that Christians are seeking to turn this nation into a Christian nation by exiling all the Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Pagans, etc.

        It is the fact that most Christians who are voicing themselves are the ones who are seeking to have public prayer instead of a moment of silence for which we can use it at our discretion.

        Instead of providing options, the voicing Christians are wanting forced assimilation of all the faiths in this nation to converge in a prayer to their God. That is the issue and it is one you obviously don’t see.

        Christians are only discriminated against because they are the ones doing the discriminating first. I left the faith because of the hypocrisy in it and found a more suitable one in paganism since I can get behind worshiping the Earth and what she has given us but it also gave me a new light to the Christian followers and it disgusted me even more.

        You can do what you want as long as it does not interfere with me. What we have in public schools as a “Moment of Silence” is perfectly suitable for everything else. God is still there because you believe in him but forcing an Atheist or a Buddhist to go through a prayer to your God is irritating because they could have used those moments for something for them rather than praying to a deity they do not believe in.

    • David Carte

      First of all there is no such thing as separation of church and state, this is a myth by liberals. What is there is really not to have a state run religion. Belief or non belief is your personal choice, however you should respect others. If you feel offend then do not believe, otherwise keep it to yourself. I am offend by many things, but I keep it to myself and just think it the source. Personally I believe in “GOD”, you do not that is your choice, not mine. We all have to travel through life together, get over your own self importance and let other have their believes also, quit winning and get on with your own life and I will with mine, in the end we will see who is right, if I am wrong it my personal issue, if you are the same with you. Nowhere in the article did I see anyone trying to convert you or change your Beliefs, except you are trying to change mine and this is where I draw the line. Each of us have personal freedoms of choice, yours are just different then mine, as stated above we will see in the end who is right and who is
      wrong. Grow up and quit winning about everything. Be an Adult and not a child
      who does not get him/her way and wants to take the football home.

      • Alex M

        “there is no such thing as separation of church and state, this is a myth by liberals” — It is, in fact, the precise words used by President Thomas Jefferson, President of the United States : “Believing with you that religion is a matter which lies solely between man and his God, that he owes account to none other for his faith or his worship, that the legislative powers of government reach actions only, and not opinions, I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should “make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,” thus building a wall of separation between church and State.”

      • Lol Lololol

        Look’s like you’re the uneducated one. They teach this back in grade school. Maybe you should go back.

  • Charles of Waveland,MS.

    So the other troops should sue the atheist, because I am sure he offended them just by stating that he was offended. I know he would have offended me………………………. Charles of Waveland,MS.

  • Their are no athiests in foxholes.

  • violater1

    Someone outside should contact the other troops in attendance amd have them file a lawsuet against this Satanistic liberal communist bitch personally for infringement upon their constitutional rights to participate without undue harrassment from other soldiers!
    This bitches ass can be cooked also I would file against her for sexually harrassing me in barracks! Let her proove otherwise!

  • If she does not like this CHRISTIAN COUNTRY…THEN SHE CAN GET THE HELL OUT OF IT! I am sick to death of the atheist, they make up only 6% of our population, they are all going to HELL….She should read her Oath!!!!!

    • Ra Tional

      Fun Fact: This is NOT a Christian nation. As mentioned before, this nation has not state enforced religion and the Founding Fathers would never want to embody a FREE nation with one religion because our ancestors came here to seek religious freedom to worship their faith as they please.

      You should be the going to Hell as you’re the one who believes in it, not her mind you, and you are the one wishes ill upon another person. Isn’t that something that goes AGAINST your Christian teachings? Against what Jesus Christ himself preached in the Bible? Hypocrisy. You reek of it.

      • Ra Tional

        **Revised for grammar**

        Fun Fact: This is NOT a Christian nation. As mentioned before, this nation has no state enforced religion. The Founding Fathers would never want to embody a FREE nation with any one particular religion because our ancestors came here to seek religious freedom to worship their faith as they please.

        You should be the going to Hell as you’re the one who believes in it, not her mind you, and you are the one wishing ill upon another person. Isn’t that something that goes AGAINST your Christian teachings? Against what Jesus Christ himself preached in the Bible? Hypocrisy. You reek of it.

    • Alex M

      “If she does not like this CHRISTIAN COUNTRY…THEN SHE CAN GET THE HELL OUT ” — Which branch of Christianity do you represent?

  • Lol lololol

    So many Christians displaying “UnChristian-like” behavior up in here. You all are a disgrace to the faith you follow.

  • Bad Seed

    Now that women are allowed in front line combat and my end up in a fox hole, she needs to realize that there are no atheist in a fox hole. I would not want anybody beside me in a fire fight who does not believe in a higher power. She needs to grow up. I will be honest with you, It is my belief that women have no place in the armed services, and I have have felt this way since I served in the Corps back in the ’70s, but this is my opinion.

    • Lol Lololol

      And your opinion is sexist. Women have proven their worth in the battlefield and religion should not matter in it either. You are all there for one reason and you all want to get back just the same.

      • Bad Seed

        Sexist, I don’t know what that means. As for religion she is the one that brought it up. Women putting themselves in combat are nothing but a distraction to men, like it or not men care about women and don’t want to have to look down on a comrade let alone look down on the dead mutilated body of a women, not to mention what will happen to them as a POW, there are no Hollywood GI Jane’s. Men will go out of their way to protect women putting themselves and others at risk, it’s the way it has been since the beginning of time. Again this is my opinion, like it or not.

  • KenNamVet

    Perhaps the Army should changes it mandatory status on these events such as suicide prevention Not make it mandatory for atheist or muslim. They wont be missed.

    • Ra Tional

      Or just make the prayer a moment of silence. Easier and allows Atheists and Muslims to get help they probably need.

  • James Maxwell

    I wonder how long it took her to become an athist? At what point in her life did this suddendly strike her between her moronic eyes and say shazamm you is a child of belzebub
    and can whine to your lesbian hears desires.

    • Alex M

      You have deduced her sexual orientation (as if it matters) from nothing at all? You have remarkable powers of deduction. Use them wisely.

  • I’m not a Christian but fully agree that she is shockingly ignorant of my America.

  • Jeff 1-503rd IN

    I believe that we all have the right to worship as we choose. If you don’t want to believe in a god that is your thing. Being a atheist should give them less reason to complain about religion, No one force’s them to bow there head. I spent twenty years in the military an knew a lot of other people that had other gods. Trust me we said a few prayers before missions. They never complained, In their mind they knew who they was praying too. Our country is founded on the Christian faith is a fact that some have trouble with. Since female soldiers can now be on the front line I would like to take her to the fight and let her see some real fights. When it gets bad, everyone finds a god to pray to. It is my opinion that she is out to make a name for herself and try to make some extra money off the army. When her enlistment is up she should not be allowed to reup and given a negative rating so she can’t get back in. Let her not forget some of the first words she said when she was joining. So help me God.

    • Alex M

      She doesn’t appear to be arguing that people don’t have the right to worship, but that some of those there were not aware that the prayer session was not mandatory, and thought they were obliged to remain at a religious event. Of the thirty-eight or so complaints in parallel with hers, most were from Christians or Jews, not atheists.

  • Jeff 1-503rd IN

    Oh one other thing, The second paragraph of the NCO Creed First line,Competence is my watchword. My two basic responsibilities will always be
    uppermost in my mind — accomplishment of my mission and the welfare of
    my soldiers. She needs to remember that a lot of the time spiritual health alone will boost the welfare of a Soldier. Maybe she also needs to go back to PLDC.

  • richcarro

    She just might get fragged by putting all those soldiers in trouble. You never no what can happen in a cases like this. She’ll have guns all around her when they go into action. These things happened in every war. What do they call it, I think it;s called friendly fire.

  • Infidel

    How in the world did she make it to E6 without having been exposed to prayer before? She gets promoted to E6 and now feels like prayer unacceptable?

  • Infidel

    I, (state your name), do solemnly swear that I will
    support and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies,
    foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same;
    and that I will obey the orders of the Proesident of the Unites States and the
    orders of the officers appointed over me, according to the regulations and the
    Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me GOD.

    • Alex M

      “So help me GOD.” — There is an affirmation alternative to the swearing, for those who are not religious. It is not mandatory to swear any oath to God. Indeed, it is unconstitutional.

  • Harvey

    Those feelings are your own. Get your mind right!

  • Juanita

    My question is who did Madalyn, Jon and Robin O’hair (heads of the American Athiests) pray to while David Waters was cutting them up into little pieces and burying them in an unmarked grave?? This little lady may regret the path she has chosen also.

    • Alex M

      Would it have made a difference if they had prayed to anybody?

  • We DO NOT force them to pray or even listen. They have NO right to prevent us from praying. This is where this entire thing first began…with Madelyn Ohare in the 50s.

  • Dan in Colorado Springs

    For her to prevent other from praying violates their rights so the only logical solution is that those that wish not to participate leave the room or just stand quietly as the others pray. Very simple solution.

    • Alex M

      If you read her complaint carefully – which sadly many are not doing, in the rush pell-mell to villify her instead — you would see that she did not want to prevent anyone at all praying, who wanted to pray.


    I am so tired of these God haters, that it makes me sick. No one is telling any of them to pray or believe anything. They have free will to think and believe as they wish. Please leave the rest of us alone who want to pray and worship our lord and savior Jesus Christ. We’re not telling you to think or do anything, don’t tell us what we can or can’t say especially when it comes to praying… butt out of our lives. Oh by the way they don’t give a damn about the oaths they take, once they’ve taken it they forget it, its only words which mean nothing to them. They only want to tell everyone else what to think and feel. They will all get what they deserve…HELL!

  • Joe1938

    The government at all levels, bureaucrats and politicians, have been killing us slowly for many decades. Now, with the drones, they can speed up the process. Maybe the obamaCare death panel will have several.

  • That’s what Chaplains do, you stupid HO.

  • Ed