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Some Eastern cultures revere the elderly to the point of ancestor worship. In our society, once they have outlived their usefulness, the elderly are often relegated to retirement communities or nursing homes. The unborn are no better off than the aged. Unwanted babies are aborted and disposed of like garbage. Animals are also not immune to our “throw away” mentality. Shelter employees hear myriad complaints as unwanted pets are dumped at shelters: “He’s too big, too old, he ate my shoes….”
So what do we value? Celebrities, actors, celluloid heroes, of course! A little nip, a tuck, and some Botox create “the look”. An army of personal chef’s, trainers, make-up artists and stylists perfect “the look”. They memorize their lines, and perform on cue. Is this the stuff of heroes? I think not.

Recently, I watched an Animal Planet special called “Hounds of Glory” .The program followed military dog handlers and their military ward dogs (MWDs) into combat in Afghanistan. It was apparent how much our military personnel have in common with their K9s. Both are brave, devoted, intelligent, and loyal until death. I loved watching the skill of the handlers, the talent of the K9s, and the bond between dog and handler. I was ill prepared, however, for the stark realities of combat. Although the gore was edited out, I saw a German Shepherd killed by a grenade, and his devastated handler dealing with the aftermath. I saw an Airman on patrol. I saw the explosion when he stepped on an IED. I saw medics whisk him away. I wondered if he’d survive. He did. Surgeons saved his leg, but he lost several fingers.

When the Airman returned to the states, they showed his homecoming reception. They did not roll him down the Red Carpet in his wheelchair; they rolled him off an elevator. He was not thronged by hordes of paparazzi. People did not swoon over him, intoxicated by his very proximity. He was greeted by a small group of friends and family in a quiet, non-descript ceremony. The closest thing to paparazzi was the film crew recording the event for the documentary.

Real heroes don’t seek fame, fortune, glory, or adulation. They face death because it is their duty. They don’t parade around on stage preening, and basking in the limelight and feeding their insatiable egos. Celebrities are only play-acting when they work. The fear they emote is conjured up, the danger they face is imaginary, the product of a writer’s imagination and a special effects director’s skill. Then they congratulate themselves on a job well done with hedonistic self-indulgence. This is a far cry from a boy and his dog dodging enemy fire in the heat of a hostile desert a half a world away.

In our society everything is disposable. Our elderly, the unborn, our pets, and yes, even our used up military personnel who are left to languish in under funded VA hospitals. Largely ignored, they are imploding from untreated psychological wounds suffered in combat and are committing suicide at a rate of two per day. Never mind those appalling statistics, the Oscars are on TV!
Make no mistake. I am not maligning the celebrities who are shrewd enough to parlay their good fortune into ever expanding wealth and influence. I AM, however, directing my ire at the ignorant hordes that worship plastic people at the altar of pop culture. The dissonance between what is worthy of attention and what we actually bestow our adulation upon is as glaring as it is incomprehensible. The extent to which Americans idolize celebrities disgusts me. There is no movie star I know of who is fit to shine a soldier’s shoes.

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  • fedfreakinup

    This is 100% true. If you are too old or too young to produce money and more children and you need instead of put into the system then you are no longer needed

  • Joseph B Campbell


  • Obozo care is death to the elderly, also full of abortion crap, time to say no and take our country back.

  • I applaud you on your content, and the text, in full!

  • Of course with Obama following the Stalin method of government we can expect anyone that competes with him or his wookie to be over shadowed or eliminated that goes for troops or members of his own administration. As for the elderly he will follow Stalin in this to and kicking them not to the curb but, into the sewer. But, people will tire of this treatment and those that can will do.

  • Clint

    Ms. Visser I applaud you for speaking the truth especially concerning our veterans. I am a veteran from the 60’s and I’ve witnessed this since that time. Unfortunately, it seems to be getting worse as the years go by. Thanks again.

  • marineh2ominer

    Real true values scare the liberal progressives to death and they are doing EVERYTHING they can to destroy them , because if people were to develop values it would lead to principles that they could not withstand , remember , demonrats can’t stand against honor , integrity and decency because they are all hollow demons .

  • To Ms Visser. Best damn article I’ve read in a long time. Admire your vocabulary. I too watched with knotted stomach the episode of Glory you mentioned. It broke my heart to see the broken body and the broken man who lost his four legged hero. His friend had saved many lives previously and was gone in an instant. If our politicians would all be required to dress out in BDU and hump an 80 pound pack and drag their wounded and dead friends from the field of battle, cover their wounded friend to shield them from the storm of dust before loading them on an evac helo, then maybe, just maybe, the bastards up there wouldn’t be so quick to finance asinine engagements around our globe. We need to learn to pick better allies.

    By the way, your bio cracked this ole man up. Good writing, good perspective, good on ya.

    Keep em coming.

  • Junk Bin

    Ms Visser,
    I am an old vet and the disposable mentality to horrible. At a certain point , I knew I needed to make a change so I went out and adopted a discarded and very mistreated dog. Both his and my life has changed. It is especially enjoyable to go over to the VA with Gus and have him visit with some of the new Veterans. The seem to find there is a bit of enjoyment in life they had not thought about.
    Someones disposed of person is a joy on earth when matched with a rescued dog

    • Caroline_Visser

      Love your story Junk Bin! I am involved in rescuing dogs myself. It seems you rescued Gus who rescued you, so who really rescued whom? And to share Gus with others at the VA is such a wonderful thing to do. Thank you for sharing your story, it’s quite inspirational actually! It proves that even though you can’t start over and create a new beginning, you can start over today and create a happy ending.

  • hongryhawg

    Semper Fi!

  • Thank you so much for your respect to our military members! Military personel past, present, and future are definitely heroes in my book and deserve more respect than most give them. Thank you for this article!

  • coastx

    @CV You have an eloquent way of describing a human preoccupation with fantasy. Man covets the lie, and the lie thus coveteth man. Modern man is a blissful idiot. He’s a party animal, and his favorite parties are the celebration of the macabre and the outrage protest. Their isn’t much thought on either, which is why they are so popular. Take Karl Rove, for example. He’s insane, but people celebrate this monster nonetheless by patronizing his services. You don’t get health and well being on genocide, but people haven’t yet figured this out. Then there’s the celebration of outrage. The queen of England gets caught sacrificing children (1964) and the Vatican eventually collapses around her taking the blame for nightmarish molestation and child sacrifice sorties (McCann/Dowler), the latter of which are swept aside in favor of the lesser charge of child rape. People holler and scream for a while, the outrage settles into resignations and early retirements and the system is restored. No accountability, but the parties have been rewarding, and they still are.